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People Think Money Powers the World


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Global Warming Website


Working with a friend on his global warming website, which offers various solutions how to deal with the problem.

I spent a year helping a friend with some of his reconstruction projects throughout Europe(I also helped look for construction chicks to help us). He’d find some property in the mountains ofBulgaria or other place throughoutEurope, buy it from the owners as it was rather deserted, but because he is a structural engineer he can tell if the old, stone house has good structural integrity on which to build.

He sold his business to invest in this instead, but since he previously helped governments organize their mega projects, he worked to help the world global warming problem on the side as a pet project. I helped him with that as well and below is some correspondence concerning it.


cau dude,

in Letna beergarden working on your stuff and its nice out here.

Was thinking that it would be a good idea if you could provide me with a resume and info about your previous consulting company, so that it could give some credibility to the ideas you wanna sell, and a little blurb explaining that the ideas once sold can be provided with detailed plans etc. I could whip up a webpage(s) based on the text you send me. I think it would help sell it, otherwise it sorta just looks like a website talking about how things should be or something.

I’d also like to make some changes to the navigation structure. For example, I’d like to add some text “Read a story about this project in realisation!”

Some eye catcher and marketing stuff to convince the people to read further. Now the “Vision forPolynesia” etc. doesn’t really sound enticing or give a hint what’s behind the click. I think my sister could put some good input regarding this once I make some of my own changes. So basically asking if you’re okay with that, or if you have some other wording you would suggest etc. poop

Carbon offsets  – where the money goes

Emissions since 1750 comprise of just over half a trillion tonnes of carbon (you can keep track of the number, and the countdown to the release of the trillionth tonne, on the website).

This is estimated to have caused just under 1C (1.8F) of global warming (other things affect global temperature as well but, as it happens, their effects more-or-less cancel out over this period).

So if we release another 500 billion tonnes, we commit the Earth to a most likely warming of about 2C, which is widely regarded as the threshold for dangerous climate change, and a rubicon that governments of G8 countries and other major economies pledged this year not to cross.

If these trends continue, which is a relatively conservative “business-as-usual” scenario, we will release the trillionth tonne sometime in the 2040s – a date that is steadily advancing, as the underlying trend is for faster growth in recent years.

If governments are seriously committed to limiting global warming to less than 2C above pre-industrial temperatures, then must preserve the “trillionth tonne”, not just until 2020 or 2050, but until the whole issue of climate change is ancient history.

Questioning the carbon credit scheme:
Questioning Al Gore and global warming caused by humans:, and

check out:
My Climate

Global Warming – lot of interesting comments at bottom which call it a hoax (little correlation between global warming and CO2 emmissions)


hey dude, an idea popped in my head and thought I’d mention it. Hope it will not anger you.

In your Word letter to everyone you mentioned that no one was interested in helping you with your global warming idea, so you dropped it for the time being. I’d like to point out that I spent a lot of time making your website more seo friendly and studying the ebay idea, and didn’t charge you anything for any of that. I also sent you many emails with proposals etc. but I can’t remember you responding to any of them.

I also remember how you once reduced my labour wages retroactively but said you will continue to pay me the same rate for computer related stuff, even though I wasn’t doing that work for you.

Anyway, after these thoughts rummaging through my head, it occurred to me that perhaps you would like me to continue. If you do, I would propose continuing with the same agreement whereby a percentage would be used to pay back my debt to you, and the rest would be chump survival change for work which I could do in my spare time. Overall, work is picking up for me and I’m managing well enough, and slowly paying back my even greater debts now, but I could always find the time to squeeze in a little work for you. But, after carefully studying the ebay concept and reading other people’s experiences, I became rather convinced that this wasn’t the correct approach. But I could try whatever approach you would like to shoot for. In any case, kind of doubt that there will be funding in the world for such grandiose ideas. I see another bubble in the making and my conspiracy birdies tell me a second, even larger and more catastrophic crisis is in the making. Nevertheless, I can tweak your pages and help generate more traffic for them, or look into what is necessary to get funding from Richard Brandson, or whatever. Just to mention, recently I bought a book how to generate traffic to a website and picked up a lot of tricks, which I will slowly apply to my own pages. It’s rather labour intensive but effective. Anyway, just a suggestion. adio

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How to Set up and Properly Secure WordPress


I once struggled to remove a virus from my website and in the process learned much about WordPress security.


WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

There are a few simple things you can do to greatly increase security. The most important is to update frequently (there are plugins which can automate this process, including backing it up somewhere), install a few security plugins (listed below), and if possible change the table prefix from the default ‘wp_’ to something else (explained below). I prepared the following for myself every time I set up a new WordPress and is compiled from several sources. Happy blogging!

On this page:

Installing WordPress
Securing wp-includes
Basic .htaccess Rules
Rename the database prefix pre-installation only!
Hide version info
Don’t allow search bots to browse your directories
Disable user registration.
Delete the readme and any unnecessary files.
Change the database prefix on a live site
Synopsis Written Out
Security Plugins


Installing WordPress

Note that if you are on a shared-server the permissions of your wp-config.php should be 750 [although WP itself says 400 or 440, which makes more sense]. It means that no other user will be able to read your database username and password. If you have FTP or shell access, do the following:

chmod 750 wp-config.php :

Stoliv Montenegro How to Set up and Properly Secure WordPress

Pictures of my travels, Stoliv, Montenegro

Adding server-side password protection to /wp-admin/ adds a 2nd layer of protection around your blog’s admin area, login, and files. This forces an attacker or bot to attack this 2nd layer of protection instead of your actual admin files. Most of the time WordPress attacks are carried out autonomously by a malicious software bot. But simply securing the wp-admin/ directory might also break some WordPress functionality, because the Ajax handler wp-admin/ajax-admin.php and other files can’t be accessed without the password. See the #Resources section for more documentation on how to password protect your wp-admin/ directory properly.

Securing wp-includes

A second layer of protection can be added where scripts are generally not intended to be accessed by any user. One way to do that is to block those scripts using mod_rewrite in the .htaccess file.

# Block the include-only files.
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^wp-admin/includes/ - [F,L]
RewriteRule !^wp-includes/ - [S=3]
RewriteRule ^wp-includes/[^/]+\.php$ - [F,L]
RewriteRule ^wp-includes/js/tinymce/langs/.+\.php - [F,L]
RewriteRule ^wp-includes/theme-compat/ - [F,L]

BEGIN WordPress
Note that this won’t work well on Multisite, as RewriteRule ^wp-includes/[^/]+\.php$ - [F,L] would prevent the ms-files.php file from generating images. Omitting that line will allow the code to work, but offers less security.

Basic .htaccess Rules

Some basic rules that you can add to your root .htaccess file, more advanced rules are covered in the advanced guide as messing around here can break your site, but these won’t do much other than protect you.

//limit indexing of directories
Options All -Indexes

//protect the htaccess file,
//this is done by default with apache config file,
// but you never know.
<files .htaccess>
order allow,deny
deny from all

//disable the server signature
ServerSignature Off

//limit file uploads to 10mb
LimitRequestBody 10240000

// protect wpconfig.php.
//If you followed step 6 this is not necessary.
<files wp-config.php>
order allow,deny
deny from all

Password protecting with .htaccess

Rename the database prefix pre-installation only!

Stoliv Montenegro 2 How to Set up and Properly Secure WordPress

Stoliv, Montenegro

This is for PRE-INSTALL ONLY. We cover doing this to a live site in the advanced guide as doing this wrong will kill your site. If your starting with a fresh new install, you have an option during the install screen to change the database prefix. All default WordPress installs use the database prefix of “wp_”which makes any exploiter’s job much easier, change this prefix to something unique.

<really? Don’t think Fantastico offers this – there is a manual explanation below.>

Hide version info

Hiding the WP version info is a small step to prevent bots from crawling your site, it does not prevent fingerprinting, but every little bit helps. In your theme’s functions.php add the following:

// remove version info from head and feeds
function complete_version_removal() {
    return '';
add_filter('the_generator', 'complete_version_removal');


Don’t allow search bots to browse your directories

Google search can crawl unwanted urls and expose them to hackers. It’s best to prevent Google bot and any other bots that follow robots.txt ( not all of them do) from indexing anything but your content. The robot.txt goes in your site’s root folder and is just a text file.

User-agent: *Disallow: /feed/
Disallow: /trackback/
Disallow: /wp-admin/
Disallow: /wp-content/
Disallow: /wp-includes/
Disallow: /xmlrpc.php
Disallow: /wp-


Disable user registration.

Yes you can disable user registration in the Admin, so if your running a small blog or CMS and don’t have multiple people sharing, go ahead and disable user registration completely under your General settings.


Delete the readme and any unnecessary files.

WordPress has a default readme.html, and many plugins and themes also come with one. It’s best to just delete them as they can be used for fingerprinting or general snooping and often contain version info. Also keep your folders clean of any junk files.

– add xml sitemap to root robots.txt once done
– page navigation:, for which the Sitemap plugin is handy, but this only concerns Pages and not Posts.
More advanced security: (danger of disabling site)

Change the database prefix on a live site

Stoliv Montenegro 3 How to Set up and Properly Secure WordPress

Stoliv, Montenegro

As mentioned in the basic guide WordPress installs with a default database prefix (‘wp_”) which can be used by bots and attackers to gain access to your database by easily guessing your database names. Changing the prefix on a live site can be a scary task so proceed with caution. There are many methods to do this and even some plugins, it is advisable to do some research and testing before hand. Below I have outlined the steps for a manual change where you download the dump and change the text with a text editor as a “safe method”, alternatively you can do this directly in MySQL.

1. Make a complete database dump through MySQL ( not through the WordPress admin).
2. Copy the dump into 2 files, one back-up that you don’t touch, and 1 for editing.
3. Use a solid text editor to find/replace all instances of “wp_” with your new prefix on the dump you want to edit.
4. De-activate your plugins.
5. Turn on maintenance mode at an hour when traffic is low.
6. Drop your old database and import your edited one with the new prefix’s
7. Change your database settings in wp-config.php to the new prefix.
8. Re-activate your plugins
9. Refresh your permalink structure by hitting save ( even without changing structure)
10. Cross your fingers.

            Of these above instructions exact ones are written here:

Synopsis Written Out

For easy initial set up can use Fantastico. If your server does not offer that then refer to… How to Install WordPress (if setting up manually yourself, make sure to choose a different username and password than the standard suggested by WP – that one which hooks up to your MySQL database). Make sure that your administrator nickname is not the same as your Username for the Admin area, and choose a complex password, with lower and upper case letters, mixed with numbers. Write this down somewhere for your own records.

Once done first thing is to change your table prefixes, to protect yourself from hackers:

1. backup your wordpress database to a sql file (you can use phpmyadmin)

– when you click on your database from the list on the left, then click on the Export tab
– not zipped seems to work better, make sure all the tables are selected

2. open that *.sql file (make another copy first) using text editor, then find and replace all “wp_” prefix to “something_”.

– change .sql to .txt so that you can open it in, for example, NotePad or Word. If you cannot see your extensions (.sql, .doc etc) refer here to how to view filename extensions
– make sure that the “something” is rather strange, with numbers, to make it hard to guess by hackers, such as jkor7JK3_ (mix of capital and small letters, with numbers is good)

Stoliv Montenegro 4 How to Set up and Properly Secure WordPress

Stoliv, Montenegro

3. now, drop all tables of your wordpress databases (don’t drop the database)

– in phpadmin click on your database, should show the Structure tab, at the bottom click on Check All and “With Selected” to the right choose Drop. Confirm yes.

4. import the *.sql file which has been edited before into your wordpress databases.

– click now on the Import tab to import your changed sql file (after you change the .txt back to .sql)

5. and lastly, edit your wp-config.php file and change the $table_prefix = ‘wp_’; to $table_prefix = ‘something_’;

– the file wp-config.php is found in the root directory of where you just installed your WordPress. I find HTML Kit a good free software for editing php files.
– for ftp down/uploading files from your server I like to use Total Commander. Download the file to your computer, change it, upload it.

6. you may find that your plugins are deactivated automatically when this happens, so you’ll want to activate them again if that’s the case… I’d recommend deactivating them prior to doing this anyway as a precaution.

– When working in WP (WordPress) I like to have two tabs or browsers, one of the Admin and one for what it looks like to the world. Whenever I make a change I jump to the world view one and refresh the browser (F5) to see what the change looks like.

Now before you get all excited lets first better secure your WP against hackers.

  • Disable directory browsing , attackers will know what u got on your site [files etc] , so just write this to your .htaccess file (you can create an .htaccess file simply by creating a simple text file (New menu in open space with Windows File Explorer or My Computer) and rename it to .htaccess. Open it in Notepad or whatever and add the text, save. You want to apply these files to your online folders, and each such .htaccess file always applies to the folder it is in)
1 Options All -Indexes
  • Also write this code to your robots.txt file to prevent bots from indexing your sub-folders contents (the robots.txt file is always in the root directory of your online account, where it instructs the search engines where to go or not to go. You would replace the “wp-” with whatever the folder name is for your WP.)
1 User-agent: *
2 Disallow: /cgi-bin
3 Disallow: /wp-*
  • Protect your wp-config.php file, wp-config.php file contains all your database login information, it should be protected well, this code will prevent anyone from looking at it, write it to your .htaccess file
1 # protect wpconfig.php
2 <files wp-config.php>
3 order allow,deny
4 deny from all
5 </files>

or u can just move it, the wordpress has the ability to check for wp-config.php in your root directory,
which will make it harder to find or access your wp-config.php file
So you can change the location of your wp-config.php file from




Alternatively, you can try the plugin Better WP Security but it said I did not have sufficient authorization to do all this (and it does much more).

coastal-rock-formations-near-agia-nappa-cyprus_0232 How to Set up and Properly Secure WordPress


To protect your config file further, since it has your passwords and everything in it, chmod it 400, which makes it readable only to the owner and no one from the outside. To change the chmod, in Total Commander click on the online version of the file, click Files > Change Attributes, and then type in 400, press Enter. It may change to something else but the important thing is that the World cannot see or change it.

Now in the Config file you want to change the secret keys to something really beally crazy. Use this website [] and copy/paste what it randomly generates for you and replace it in your Config file if your installation has not already changed it to something wacko. Just ctrl+f search for


to find where this section begins.

– After Activate my plugins, Update them before screwing around with them (can do bulk Activate and then bulk Update).

– For the plugin Better WP Security, requiring “secure connection for logins or for the admin area” might slow down things for you, but it will be better. Your choice. The rest fix as per your choice (“Non-administrators can see all updates” might not be so important if you do not allow others to register: Settings > General > “Anyone can register” is not checked, the default).

– Aksimet – need to register them but can use the same key with all your sites. Cuts out a lot of spam comments, which can be a headache, but comments added occasionally can be good because it keeps your page fresh and changing, which google likes.

– update Plugins whenever you see the message to do so. You can update many at once.



coastal-rock-formations-near-agia-nappa-cyprus_0270 How to Set up and Properly Secure WordPress


Once you got your WP installed and secured, plugins installed and set up, you can start to pretty things up with a different theme (WP’s many free ones, or you can search the web for many more), if you are not happy with the default. I mostly use the same one (example – although this site uses a different theme), since it is simple and does basically what I want. The left and right sides are strips which you can set and which appear the same way on every page or post. Press F5 to refresh the browser and it will circle through pictures in the /wp- content/themes/atahualpa/ images/header/ folder. You can replace rotating pictures in the header with whatever you want, such as the ones I’ve collected (example link above), just make sure they are sized the same for it to work properly (How to resize digital pictures).

There is an update for this Atahualpa 3.2 theme but I prefer this older version. Don’t worry, if you have secured your WP using all the plugins above, you will not need to update your theme for security measures. They should be found in wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images/header, unless you changed the name of wp-content as per one of the Better WP Security plugin.

For my own tastes I made the following changes to the theme, which you can access by going to Appearance > Atahualpa Theme Options (once you’ve Installed and Activated it – to install it just click on the Install tab when in Appearance > Themes and put Atahualpa in the search box):

Under Body, Text and Links:

– Link Default Colour: 63A8E6
– Favicon is the image that will show in the tab of most browsers, when viewing any page of yours. Follow instructions on this resize digital pictures page and save any image you want as .ico but first resize it (ctrl r) to 20 by 20 pixels.

Style&Edit Header Area: Configure Head Area: %logo %bar1 %image %bar2

coastal-rock-formations-near-agia-nappa-cyprus_0271 How to Set up and Properly Secure WordPress


RSS Settings: RSS Box Width: 400

– Show Post Feed Icon: No
– Post Feed Link Text: <blank>
– Comment Feed Link Text: Press F5 to Refresh page and view more pics

Style Widgets > Widget List Items:

– Link Text Weight: bold
– Link Color: 63A8E6
– Link Color – Hover: CC0000

In the atahualpa/images/ folder you can then replace logo.png with whatever image you want to replace the logo pic at the top left. Make sure the height is 68 when resizing.

Of course you can play around with this forever but at least you’ve seen how a few things work and you can customize the rest yourself. I put the above information here so I have a record somewhere.

– for Categories look under Posts.



That concerns the left and right hand strips on the side of the window, which show up the same on every page. You can start playing with this once you choose your theme. If you change themes later you will probably lose a lot of this that you set up. Go to Appearance > Widgets, click on the down arrow beside the Left or Right Sidebar along the right to open it up, and simply drag what widges you want where. For my Links section at the top left, I dragged in the Text widget, gave it a title of “Links:” and then copied in standard html links code, such as:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Contact</a><br>
<a href=””>Africa Charity Project</a><br>

“<br>” means new line in html speak. Just replace the links and the text with what you want.

Security Plugins


After setting it up properly you can increase security by installing the following plugins. In the Install New Plugin window you can run a search for the name of the plugin, take a mental note of its author, then look for that author in the search results. Usually it should be the first result.

The below snippet includes all my favourite plugins.

Select Add Post Footer Automatically add the ad code, related post, optional custom paragraph or technorati tags to the end of every posts. All options can be fully customized though Add Post Footer tab in the option panel within wordpress admin. It’s also possible overide the setting for specific post by adding custom field key and value. Please refer to the tips and addtional info provided at the Add Post Footer Page.Version 1.1 | By freetime | Visit plugin site
Select AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget Help your visitor promote your site! The AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget allows any visitor to bookmark your site easily with many popular services. Sign up for an account to see how your visitors are sharing your content–which services they’re using for sharing, which content is shared the most, and more. It’s all free–even the pretty charts and graphs.Version 2.3.2 | By The AddThis Team | Visit plugin site
Select Akismet Used by millions, Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from comment and trackback spam. It keeps your site protected from spam even while you sleep. To get started: 1) Click the “Activate” link to the left of this description, 2) Sign up for an Akismet API key, and 3) Go to your Akismet configuration page, and save your API key.Version 2.5.6 | By Automattic | Visit plugin site
Select All in One SEO Pack Out-of-the-box SEO for your WordPress blog. Options configuration panel | Upgrade to Pro Version |Donate | Support | Amazon WishlistVersion | By Michael Torbert | Visit plugin site
Select AntiVirus Security solution as a smart, effectively plugin to protect your blog against exploits and spam injections.Version 1.3 | By Sergej Müller | Visit plugin site | Flattr plugin | Follow on Google+
Select Block Bad Queries (BBQ) Version 1.0 | By Perishable Press | Visit plugin site
Select Contextual Related Posts Displaying a set of related posts on your website or in your feed. Increase reader retention and reduce bounce ratesVersion 1.7.4 | By Ajay D’Souza | Visit plugin site | Settings | Support | Donate
Select Custom Headers and Footers This plugin adds custom header and footer for main page content.Version 1.2 | By Daniel Fru?y?ski | Visit plugin site
Select Google XML Sitemaps This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and to better index your blog.Version 3.2.7 | By Arne Brachhold | Visit plugin site | Settings | FAQ | Support | Donate
Select Login LockDown Adds some extra security to WordPress by restricting the rate at which failed logins can be re-attempted from a given IP range. Distributed through Bad Neighborhood.Version v1.5 | By Michael VanDeMar | Visit plugin site
Select RSS Feeds Disabler Disables RSS Feeds from a WordPress Installation.Version 1.0 | By ppiekarc | Visit plugin site
Select SEO Smart Links SEO Smart Links provides automatic SEO benefits for your site in addition to custom keyword lists, nofollow and much more.Version 2.7.4 | By Vladimir Prelovac | Visit plugin site
Select WordPress Firewall 2 This WordPress plugin monitors web requests to identify and stop the most obvious attacks.Version 1.3 | By Matthew Pavkov | Visit plugin site
Select WP-PageNavi Adds a more advanced paging navigation to your WordPress blogVersion 2.82 | By Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan & scribu | Visit plugin site
Select WP-Polls Adds anAJAXpoll system to your WordPress blog. You can easily include a poll into your WordPress’s blog post/page. WP-Polls is extremely customizable via templates and css styles and there are tons of options for you to choose to ensure that WP-Polls runs the way you wanted. It now supports multiple selection of answers.Version 2.63 | By Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan | Visit plugin site
Select WP-PostRatings Adds anAJAXrating system for your WordPress blog’s post/page.Version 1.63 | By Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan | Visit plugin site
Select WP-PostViews Enables you to display how many times a post/page had been viewed. Modified by David Potter to include options for when and where to display view counts.Version 1.61 | By Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan | Visit plugin site

Protect your Computer and Windows
More on my Computer Tips pages.


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Prague Business Services


Need to do some business in Prague and looking for some contacts? I’m an entrepreneur who lived in Prague for 15 years and know a lot of people and places where to place free advertisements, and perhaps I could help you. Please contact me if there is anything you would like to accomplish in the Czech Republic. I own a translation agency and have thousands of Czech translators in my database. You can also read my reflections of the Czech Republic for my insight into the character of the people. My favourite way of finding customers for my various business ventures is through search engine optimization, so the following text will be just an endless ramble serving the purpose of getting this page near the top of google in appropriate keywords. Endless rambling, although it could still be interesting and insightful reading, from the perspective of someone who has lived in the Czech Republic during its transition from its suppression under a centrally controlled communist regime to western style capitalism. Please feel free to contact me with any request you might have concerning the Czech Republic, because I enjoy dabbling in any business venture. Or perhaps I could just help you out.


I actually like venture capitalism. It is interesting to operate a Prague or Czech Republic business, or any business for that matter, because it is a creative way to earn a living. Through such venture capitalism and Prague or Czech Republic business dealings, not only does it give me an opportunity to meet Czech business contacts, but I can often learn something new. That, after all, does make life more interesting than just going to some job in a business, being told what to do, and doing the same job from one day to the next. Getting involved in a Prague based business service or as many Czech businesses as possible, or in any other country for that matter, is also a way one can secure their own survival. With the world financial crisis and occasional economic downturns, I prefer to spread my survival net on a broader basis than simply to depend on a single employer, who can make me redundant one day and force me to scramble for work.

When I first moved to Prague and the Czech Republic, one of my first venture business concepts was import and export. I was seeking products to import to or export from the Czech Republic. It gave me the opportunity to meet many business people and contacts, travel around the country, and learn many things. Every country offers certain skills, has certain resources, supports many kinds of businesses, and through free and fair trade we can all benefit. On the other hand, too much trade and import and export, not only with the Czech Republic, can be a bad thing because it just ends up burning more fuel and harming our increasingly fragile environment. For this purpose, I would suggest an international tax per kilometer on all import and export goods and which would go towards protecting nature. However, many import and export business services can be provided through the internet, which would not have any negative consequences on the environment. Another positive effect of import and export services, or any cross border business transaction, not only those with the Czech Republic, is that it gives the opportunity to spread wealth around the world. But such foreign business transactions and trade should be fair, if you take into consideration how native people around the planet were exploited of their natural resources to generate profits for the greedy venture capitalists who have little qualms about their unethical business practices. There are too many of us on this planet and things have gotten to the point, not only in the Czech Republic, where we should work towards an equitable world order serving justice and fair treatment for all. A world body should be set up to manage trade and cross border business dealings, not only concerning import and export services with the Czech Republic, but all countries, to ensure that weak countries and poor people around the world are not exploited. If a region of the world is economically depressed, the local inhabitants will naturally have lower wages, which should attract business investments. This can be a good thing, but not when such business investments take advantage of the desperate nature of the locals. Some sort of international rules should apply across all borders, not only concerning business transactions and import export services with the Czech Republic. It is good that the lower wages in some regions of the world attract business capital, because this can create translation and other jobs or work, whereby those employed locals will spend their money and spread the wealth locally. But it is important that the people are treated fairly and have similar minimum standards of decency as we enjoyed in the rich west. The Czech Republic was economically poor after the fall of Communism. Between the world wars the Czech Republic was the sixth most industrial country in the world. The Czech people can be hard working, creative and industrious, but the cold war and Russia’s fears of the west led it to take control of Eastern European countries following the end of the Second World War. The Russians wanted to create a buffer zone against the west, which had attackedRussia throughout history. Because the communist system is centrally managed and bureaucratic, it is not as efficient as a capitalist system, where people are free to experiment with different business concepts and work for themselves. Countries, like the Czech Republic, which were enslaved under this bureaucratic, centrally controlled system, were repressed and could not develop as quickly as business services operating in the west. After the fall of communism, investment capital flooded into the Czech Republic, import and export services boomed, and the Czech Republic climbed out of the repressive regime to slowly catch up to the west. This is a natural process if we allow for free and fair trade through fair import and export services, and fair investments. If wages are lower in a certain country, the goods and services such people produce are less expensive, and become attractive to people from richer countries. They buy these goods and services through import and export, employing these people, and in this way wealth is distributed around the planet. But the Czech Republic has the advantage that it is nestled neatly into the heart of Europe, right next to Germany,Austria, and many countries of the rich west. It follows that the Czech Republic, of all the post communist and repressed countries, would climb out of its poverty faster than other countries, such as the Ukraine. Tourism also plays a large role in helping theCzechRepublic catch up to the west. Prague is a beautiful city, and when tourists come to visit, they are just spending their money, whereby tourism is a great form of business in general. Import and export services can be good to help poor countries catch up to the rich west, but import and export implies that something needs to be exported. Usually poor and undeveloped countries can export little more than their raw resources. It takes time to build up an industry. Which is why tourism, not only to the Czech Republic, is a great business because locals are just receiving money for practically nothing. The tourists have to stay in hotels, eat in restaurants, visit sites, pay for transportation, and then they leave. Most of this expended money is then distributed locally. The hotel needs to hire local staff, the restaurant buys local food. So countries which are not like the Czech Republic and geographically located so close to the rich west will find it takes longer to catch up to the rich west. Especially if they are locked in a war with their neighbours. This is one of the greatest reasons whyAfrica is suffering so much. The Czech Republic fell far behind the west because it was forced to operate under a repressive regime which did not allow its people freedom to experiment with venture capitalism and various import export ideas. Tourism was repressed as well. But the Czechs are peaceful people. This fact, together with the country’s close proximity to the rich countries of Europe and the industrious nature of the Czech people made it inevitable that the country would climb quickly in its wealth towards catching up with the west. This same principle applied to Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, and the three Baltic states of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. All these countries have benefited from foreign investments, venture capitalism, increased business services and import and export services. Poland, Hungary and Slovakia even formed a trading block with the Czech Republic to support a good business environment. All these countries enjoyed peace and benefited from their close proximity to the rich countries of western Europe. Romania and Bulgaria are now coming into the loop and beginning to catch up as well. But countries which are locked in war end up spending precious financial resources towards destruction rather than investing it into needed infrastructure and creating a healthy environment for businesses to operate in.

But proximity also plays a role. The Ukraine, not as geographically well placed as theCzechRepublic, is in a bit of a vacuum. It’s main trading partner used to beRussia, but once the communist regime collapsed, Russia had enough problems of its own during its transition to capitalism, in which case trade and export and import with the Ukraine collapsed and the country had to scramble for new business dealings with the west. The Czech Republic already had traditional business ties with Germany and other western countries, so its transition to venture capitalism was hardly as painful. I have faith thatRussiawill catch up to the Czech Republic and other wealthy countries, but it will take time. Another advantage of the Czech Republic is that it has a good social system. The transition to venture business capitalism and entrepreneurial services was hardly as brutal and painful as it was inRussia. The communists at the top – for they certainly remained in power (they just changed faces and appearance) – were not so concerned about the plight of their poor folks but mostly in embracing capitalism as quickly as possible so that they could catch up to the west. It was becoming apparent that communism and such bureaucratic, central and inefficient planning was failing against the west. The strategy of the communists was to expend as much of their resources on military might. They were not interested in supporting business, free enterprise, and imports and exports. Furthermore, they had to spend much of their economic resources repressing such countries as the Czech Republic in order to maintain their buffer zone against the west. But the principle of free market and business is that the ability to make profits creates incentive and rewards ingenuity. A centrally planned and repressive regime can never be as productive. In the west, as is now becoming apparent in the Czech Republic, 60% of government tax revenues comes from small and medium sized businesses. Small and medium sized businesses are the staple of success of capitalism. This is because it engages people on every level, if they so choose. People are free to experiment with business ideas, and successful ideas are rewarded with profits. The communists eventually realized they could not maintain the inefficient status quo and keep repressing countries like the Czech Republicforever, so they began to plan a transition towards capitalism. And those who would plan for such a transition would obviously be in a good position to prepare for it. The Communist in power, who had been repressing their own people and those of the Czech Republic, had access to financial resources and were embedded in the bureaucratic loop, so it is understandable that they would be the first to benefit from a transition to capitalism and business services. The poor at the bottom would have to wait decades to benefit from Reagan’s famous trickle down theory, when the filthy rich Russians could throw their money around and spread the wealth slowly to the rest of the population. Czechs care for their people and, while adopting new business services, opening the floodgates of foreign investments and working towards increasing trade and import and export services, they were careful to keep a cap on rents. In Moscow, which has become the most expensive city in the world, old grandmothers were simply thrown out of their apartment windows by mobsters and thugs who wanted to capitalize on extremely high rents. The Czechs, on the other hand, made it difficult for rents to increase too fast. The rent controls required that the tenants remain living in the flat, otherwise there was incentive to move out and rent the flats at a much higher rate to foreigners. This was often done illegally, but those profits should technically go to the owners of that Czech accommodation. Because the transition to a capitalistic and business environment was more careful and controlled than inRussia, Czech grandmas were fortunately spared the fate of being thrown out of their windows.

In any case, Prague was an interesting place to live in during this transition. I came to the Czech Republic shortly after “the fall of the wall”. Everything looked grey and bleak. People looked at me with a sparkle in their eyes as if I was a gallant saviour with money oozing out of my pockets and willing to help them out of their poverty. Or if I was not willing, they were certainly willing to swindle me out of my money in any creative way they could find. The Czechs felt robbed because of the repression they had to suffer under the Russians, and felt fully justified in swindling anything out of me, since I was so blessed to have grown up in the west. Where businesses and import and export services were free to operate, and where capital investments would be channeled in the efficient way that a free market economy can nurture. I couldn’t even buy bread in the Czech Republic without the cashier raising the price somewhat. But changes towards the better were inevitable, and it was interesting living through the transformation that the Czech Republic underwent and to witness the process in person. Or to be active in my own business dealings and take a crack at import and export services myself. The Czech Republic has gone a long way towards catching up to the west. Many large car manufacturers have invested heavily into the local industry and set up their own manufacturing bases there, which has inevitably supported many spin off industries. I am glad that the Czech Republic has been successful in adopting business services, but with development also comes stagnation. The transition to venture capitalism is complete, imports and exports are flowing, and business services are successful, but the transition and the old days of the “wild east”, as they used to say, are over, and it was time for me to move on to more interesting pastures. I’ve always wanted to travel, and one of the greater reasons I moved to the Czech Republicwas because of its central location in Europe so that I could travel around Europe. Unfortunately, my business kept me pinned to my desk, but since my business is primarily internet based, I devised a system whereby I could take my work with me, and now I can travel freely around the world at will. I would love to help develop businesses and support import and export trade in other poor countries of the world, and I am active on many levels – this makes life interesting for me. But I wrote this page because, through my translation service, I occasionally get approached about setting up business operations in the Czech Republic. Therefore I wrote this page with a focus on the Czech Republic and to help attract business partners who are interested in importing from or exporting goods to the Czech Republic. Hope you found my endless ramblings moderately interesting, and hope you have a nice day!

Czech to English Online Translations Translator
Translate Slovak to English Translations Translator

Introduction to the Zeitgeist Movement


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Power from Zeppelins and Solar for Laptops


A Few Electrical Oriented Inventions I Toyed With

don’t have much faith anything will come out of these ideas, but in the least some interesting discussions, hopefully.

Back to my electrical storm harnessing, they’re now coming out with ways to charge cell phones etc. wirelessly, so if that’s possible, I assume it would be possible to throw up into the atmosphere a bunch of zepellins. I imagine that there would be fewer at the top, they would be layered, with more at the bottom, so that the electricity would be distributed into smaller and smaller currents. Like little lightnings which would get smaller and smaller as they get down to the ground. On the ground there would be a whole bunch of lightning rods on the highest office buildings, so that the voltage and current would be the smallest at that level. As the positive charge would build up in the clouds, perhaps the highest zepellings could get super negatively charged or something and somehow attract the lightnings or draw the positive energy in as frequent and small lightnings as possible. Suck off the positive charge as it develops, and funnel it down to the ground in pyramid fashion, so that it becomes the smallest and most consistent stream of energy on the lowest level. Then it could be distributed into the network and possibly other cities as a means of overfill etc. I guess one of the largest problems is what to do with the excess and the requirment to have sufficient breakers at every possible junction. Guess the battery technology isn’t developed enough yet, but I assume at some point this will be possible. It only makes sense. harnessing the positive energy buildup in the atmosphere somehow.

On another note, after chuckling while watching some guy try to parallel park, not a big money idea, but maybe at least a funny stoner idea, but I assume there is a certain class of people out there who would be willing to spend one or two thousand bucks to help them parallel park. Morons with a lot of money and who just don’t have spacial understanding. I’m told that women generally don’t have the spacial knack like guys do. Anyway, my vision is some remote control device. They are given simple instructions to park parallel and next to some vehicle, perhaps two feet away from it or something. then they get out of their vehicle and press Park. The computer kicks in and knows what to do. If they did not park correctly next to the vehicle, there is a Stop button and some adjust buttons. For example, they could press the + sign twice, meaning a two step adjustment in the “right” direction or something. Then the computer would kick in, drive forward a correct distance, and then backup with the correct adjustment. I’m sure this could be figured out. With the person outside, they can see how close they can keep driving without banging into the next vehicle, making the parallel parking so much faster. There would obviously be a Speed Up and Slow Down button on the remote, and they could always stop it to get back in and finish it, or just use the remote, perhaps with a little thumb wheel or something, after which they press the Lock button, the car beeps, and they walk along their busy way looking reaaaal cool. The bistanders will of course want one too so that they can show off.


Hey, wanted to run an idea across you which I had recently. I like to call it my one laptop per village idea. I know about this “one laptop per child” project, but I think mine might be more practical. As you might know I’ve been living in a truck the last two years, basically surviving on the sun, and with my two solar panels and one battery my laptop can last until the morning. During the day if its sunny or even bright enough I can charge all my mobiles and plug in tons of stuff at the same time, but once the sun goes down there’s enough juice to keep the laptop going till the morning. So my idea was to try to deliver one package to each village. Probably a used laptop would be sufficient and people around the world could donate that. The thing I heard bad about the one laptop per child idea is that it doesn’t even run Windows, so it just turns out to be a big calculator or something and not useful for real work. I also survive through the internet, so the idea would be to help these villages hook up to the net and give them a means to feed themselves. Worst case scenario they could drive somewhere with a memory stick and blast off the work through an internet café, until the government gets around to setting up wifi for them. Heard there are several projects going in the world to get cheap wireless going in Africa, so hopefully in time. In the meantime, I myself find myself doing the usb stick transfer thing, which works, since most of my actual work is offline. Worst case scenario they could use it to learn English or programming or whatever. I could figure out some useful configuration and just copy that to every donated/purchased computer, so they would have a ready made package. It could be running 24 hours a day and the kids could share it to learn, adults to work whatever, and once they actually get some work through it, they could focus on that and eventually buy a second computer etc. And more solar panels, if they don’t have electricity, and eventually put the entire village to work, and the next village etc.

Another thing is I use LED lights for my truck and they practically consume no energy. So probably you could light an entire village while also keeping the laptop going. One LED light is enough to read by and heard that a lot of kids found studying difficult because they didn’t have enough to read. The battery runs on 12V and each LED takes about 1.5 volts. Anyway, I’m sure you could have at least 20 to 30 bulbs going at a time with negligible strain to the system. You think such an idea could work? I could put together a website to attract investors, but I never did anything like this before. Any pointers?

My other ideas and inventions
Running a diesel engine on French Fry Fuel (cooking oil)

Converting Diesel Engine to Run on French Fry Fuel (used cooking oil)


I wanted to convert my 3.5 ton Mercedes beaut into a French Fry Fuel guzzling monster, so I could just tank up at restaurants and save on costs as I traveled cheaply around Europe in my Caravan, but after much research decided against it cause I was told that the impurities and gunk in the used vegetable post-cooking oil will halve the life of my engine. The engine was awesome and could apparently last up to 2.5 million km, but I felt bad halving all that to save myself some coin and wanted to give greater respect to this long love of mine. Hope she will reach her 2.5 while parked in the Bulgarian mountains waiting for a buyer, while I tour around Asia on a motorbike with sidecarcaravan continuing another chapter in my goofy life traveling.  Below is some correspondence and contacts I compiled while I was researching this. Many people do this and there are many companies providing manufactured components (it requires a second fuel tank. The regular tank starts on diesel, energy heats up second tank of used cooking oil, that heats up enough to raise its viscosity (fluidity, runningness) to spark the fuel (diesels don’t have spark plugs and work on pressure alone). It is a thriving industry. Diesel engines started on peanuts and eventually moved to petrol. Going back to nature is good. Enjoy the read and I hope you find something useful!


I own a 1988 3.5 ton Mercedez 709D diesel truck and I’d like to convert it to WVO (so it runs on French fry fuel – FFF as I like to call it). I live in it and travel around the world ( At around the end of May I plan to arrive and stay in Bulgaria for a few months, and was wondering if it would be possible to send all the necessary hardware there, how much would everything cost, and if you think some Bulgarian car repair shop would be capable of performing the conversion.

Above approach letter to the following:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
– doesn’t seem totally related
[email protected]
[email protected], [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected], [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]


I own a 1988 3.5 ton Mercedez 709D diesel truck (VIN: WDB66906210804372) and I’d like to convert it to WVO (so it runs on French fry fuel – FFF as I like to call it). I reconstructed the interior as a caravan so that I can travel in it around the world ( One WVO specialist stated that the engine of this vehicle is not suitable for such a conversion. Can you confirm whether this is correct?

More people (asking about possible harm to engine):

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Mostly Czechs, so sorry the response is Czech below, but very beautiful. The guy is a bicycle rider and said my lifestyle “dycha pohoda” (breathes relax).

key words in subject: konvertovani diesel motor na prirodni olej

Dobry den,

vlastnim 1988 3.5 ton Mercedez 709D diesel nakladak (VIN: WDB66906210804372), registrovany v cechach a chtel bych zkonvertovat motor aby bezelo na kuchynsky olej. Je to mozny? Prej je to mozny s diesel motory ale jeden expert mi rikal ze ne s timhle motorem. Cestuju po svete a chtel bych byt hodnejsi na prirodu.


dekuji za odpoved. Precet jsem to a vsiml jsem slovo “vznetove motory”. Teprve se jenom ucim ale zda se mi ze “znetovy” je “combustion” nebo “ignition” engine, co znamena ze ma “spark”, jako normalny benzinovy motor. Ja jsem myslel ze mam normalny stary diesel motor co nefunguje na princip “spark” (blesk, jiskra – ze je to normalni diesel co pracuje na princip komprese besk jiskra).

Tu technologie o co mluvim neni primichat rostlinny olej, jako nejaky 10%, ale normalne 100% odpadni kuchynsky olej co normalne restaurace vyhodej. Tu technologie ohreje ten olej aby zvysylo viskozity aby komprese normalne funguvalo. Puvodni diesel motor bylo vymysleno aby normalne fungoval na orech olej, a prej vsechny diesel motory fungujou na podobny princip. Staci aby ten olej byl predem dostatecne ohraty. Vyzaduje to dve nadrze: zacit s normalni diesel a prejit na kuchynsky (neni to “biodiesel” co se kupuje) az se ten dalsi nadrz dostatecne ohreje. Je to pomerne jedoduchy technologie, co prej dobre funguje na stary dieselovy motory. Doufam ze se rozumime. Tady je jeden webovy stranky s kym teprve diskutuju: Stale to vice lidi delaji. Jedna nemecka firma je: Zajima mi: je moje motor normalne diesel co nefunguje bez jiskra? Nechapu proc bych to nemohl takhle predelavat.


A diesel engine is a “compression-ignition engine” v. a petrol engine,  which is a “spark-ignition engine.” Any diesel engine can be converted  – how complex and expensive the conversion is does depend on the  engine in question, and some of the new engines are more expensive to  convert, but none are impossible. I’ll let Ed explain why there are some in the industry who are anti- biofuels.

sorry I meant “combustion” and not “compression”. My truck takes regular diesel fuel, and is 1988, so an older one. One of the conversion companies suggested a newer model – a Mercedes Sprinter as opposed to the Mercedes Vario that I have.

I can understand why some in the industry would be against this in general.

Here is an excerpt from the pdf file Mercedes sent me (translated from Czech):

“biofuel… converted to corresponding mixture of methylester oily acids (FAME)… Chemically unchanged vegetable oils (such as rape seed oil, sunflower..) must NOT be used in Mercedez Benz combustion engines. The use of chemically unchanged vegetable oil can in a short time damage such an engine, for the following main reasons: formation of carbon on the spray nozzles; in the piston ring grooves; in the oil channels and so on – due because of high viscosity; high boiling point (incomplete preparation of mixture); partial decomposition of carbon (during overheating).

Anyway, I’m skeptical, but also want to be careful and don’t want to damage the engine. I’ll do some more research, but if there’s any chance, I definitely want to move forward with this.

Ed doesn’t seem to be responding to my emails.


some of the conversion companies (after studying my model with vin number) and the manufacturer itself (Mercedes) are saying that I have a “combustion” diesel engine which is not suitable for vegetable oil and have listed some reasons (which I can forward to you if you like). My diesel engine is 1988, so an older model. Perhaps they are thinking about SVO and not WVO? I wouldn’t want to damage the engine. What is your take on this? I’d really like to convert, but I now live in my truck and definitely wouldn’t want to damage the engine.


I have a VIN number for the Mercedes engine, based on which the manufacturer and several conversion companies said that this engine was not suitable for such a conversion. I can send you the VIN number if you like.

The conversion companies which said the engine was not suitable for conversion, mostly after getting the VIN number from me (some just based on the data I originally submitted at the bottom of this email), are the following:

– – I believe a German based company, same as Mercedes


Will be glad to compensate you for your time and efforts.

I am not sure that I am familiar with the particular engine in your truck. Do you have a shop manual for it? Do you know what model engine it is? I don’t know of any manufacturer that will advise their diesel engines be run on SVO or WVO except for the new stationary engines by MAN and CAT.  Which conversion companies suggested that it should not be converted?

I do not supply conversion parts.

some conversion companies and the manufacturer (Mercedes) itself say that I have a “combustion” engine (although it takes regular diesel) and say that my model should not use vegetable oil (perhaps they were thinking SVO and not WVO). Others are saying it is definitely possible. I can send you some money by PayPal for your consultation but I definitely want to convert to WVO, while I definitely do not want to damage my engine. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi I have been traveling and was at a meeting and presenting a submission yesterday for government for a feed-in tariff program for renewable energy. Ignore the stuff about not using vegoil in your Mercedes, they are sending you the party line and it does NOT apply to a two-tank heated approach which is what we do and we do it to AVOID the issues mentioned. Your engine is in fact much MORE suitable than a newer common rail, like a Sprinter has and you will not have any problems.

Hi Edward,

that is what I thought. I any case I will research some more, because it is my house and without it, well, I’m poopoo, so must be careful. Definitely look forward to materialising this. If possible please answer some of the other questions I sent you before. Have the cash in bank and would like to have all the parts inBulgariaaround the beginning of June.


thank you for the inquiry and your interest in ATG products. Meanwhile there are over 8.000 vehicles/motors worldwide equipped with our veg oil systems. Please find attached our current price list for ATG Vegetable Oil Kits. If you like to order we’ll send you a proforma invoice with shipment costs in advance. The sipping costs are depending on the size of the fuel tank. For a Mercedes 709D we recommend the kit P121012 + EK1210 fuel pump (not on price list, costs 68 EURO) + tank up to your choice. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hi Franz,

sounds good. Perhaps I could get a custom-made or used tank inBulgaria. Will research further. In the meantime, some conversion companies, including Mercedes itself, are saying that my engine is not suitable for such a conversion. Please tell me your opinion concerning this. I live in the truck and it would be catastrophic for me if something happened to the engine. I spent three years converting the truck into a caravan, and I run my business through an internet connection while I live in it.


You will want to purchase a manual for your engine/truck no matter what. Having one is usually a very good idea when long distance travelling and can easily save the cost of the manual with one use. If you plan to install your own conversion it is mandatory. They are often available on CD which is best for our purposes. If you cannot find a manual for your engine/truck I would not advise converting it.

all the companies offering conversion kits say it will come with instructions and a manual etc., but I will probably find it worthwhile to get more information etc. What do you suggest? I’d also like to research if it is possible with my truck. Perhaps some Mercedes forums or something. Know of anything you could suggest?


Hi Franz,

I think your offer is the best and I will go with yours, but I need some time to save up the money. In the meantime, one issue occurred to me: I gather the heater runs on 12V? My truck runs on 24V, but I have a separate 12V solar system for my mobile office etc. Also I think the truck’s alternator is rather week (it may even be kaput at the moment). I was thinking that perhaps I could buy a better alternator, and then a 24 to 12V converter and figure out some combined system to heat up the grease. If I use solar and heat it up before I start the truck, I gather I can use the grease right away and not start with diesel?

Thank you, and looking forward to eventually realising this conversion.


oh yah, and I wanted to ask you if you know anything about WVO or SVO, where WVO (what I’m interested in) is converting my old diesel truck so that it runs on used cooking oil. There’s a second tank which heats up to the proper viscosity, and you only switch to/from the diesel tank when starting or stopping.

Want to research it more but many seemingly smarter about cars dudes I’ve mentioned this to said I will trash and get about half out of my engine if I go this route. The engine has already gone 600k and sounds fantastic. Wouldn’t wanna hurt my truck’s heart. k


Haven’t done any bio-diesel research at all, since none of our cars are diesel. I have seen it a couple times, one thing is that goop gets everywhere – imagine heating up a bucket of grease in your trunk and the assorted slops, drips, leaks and such. I had a tour guide with that set up stop by to get a boat so I checked it out but it was messy as hell, all over his stuff. Maybe he was a slob, but there was a lot of hoses and you have to pour the stuff in each time and anyway…he liked it but now idea if it was WVO or SVO.

Yah, I think SVO is when you make your own biodiesel, which can be sloppy and time consuming. WVO is when you have a second tank which heats up the used stuff to the proper viscosity. Perhaps there is some filtration required but not sure. A fascinating subject and will have to research it thoroughly once I have the cash to convert (about 1500 Euro). Cheaper in NA though I think (found a good company if you need). later

Electrical Hookup in Caravan – DIY
Internet Connection While Traveling
Witchburning in the Czech Republic – with Led Zepelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” at half speed – scary shit!
Wherever I lay my hat, or park my truck, I shall KEEP TRAVELING

A Good Body Will Flush Water in Time


Health Related Correspondence

okay, here’s the package of information.

YOu can go to

where I’ve been putting down all my ideas every year, as I tweak and improve my fasting every spring. This year I’ll add my artichoke diet (good liver cleanse preprep) and the bowel cleanse.

The point of fasting is to rid your body of toxins, that get built up over a year, or in yours and many other cases, over a lifetime. They just build up and build up and eventually lead to cancer, or neurological breakdowns, etc. etc. A good spring cleaning every year is a very good idea. You often seem a bit frazzled, and I guess you go to your Raiki person to try to vent out the stress. That is another option. There are many ways you can skin a cat. But it is better to deal with a symptom at the roots rather than at the surface. Deal with it at its cause rather than try to do some patch job after the damage is done. A patch job like lying in a mud bath to release all stress, rather than avoiding the stress buildup in the first place, for example.

Your excessive smoking is constantly feeding your system with more toxins, which could add to your stress, as you yourself mentioned. I cannot imagine that the bureaucratic stupidity of the campus can be contributing so much stress or be the sole cause of everything. Perhaps just a trigger or an extra straw on a camel’s back. By itself it should be easily solved by meditation, playing squash, or other simple exercises which relieve and flush out any built up stress.

Now you asked me to think about WHY you might be concerning yourself with certain issues, which are only adding to your anxiety. I did think about it and had to conclude that I simply do not know enough about you and your deep inner workings to make some sort of a psychological conclusion. Either you would have to be totally open and honest with me, but which might depend on you being totally open and honest with yourself, which is often not the case with people. And hence they have such problems, always trying to bury a problem, which simply does not happen. Your conscious mind consumes some 6% of your mind, and the rest is unconscious and very active. All that you can accomplish is to bury something from your conscious and aware mind, but the issue will remain like a seed buried beneath the soil, and it will continue to grow, fester and haunt you, no matter how many concrete parking lots you may lay over top of it. So by asking me to think about this, my only impression is that you yourself do not even know, and are possibly hiding or burying something. Is there something you did that you feel guilty about? Then you should resolve that, and free yourself of this torment. Jesus says that “forgiveness heals”. What it “heals” is your own soul, or your relationship with those and the world around you. If you do not forgive, than you are harbouring these angry thoughts within you, and they will only torment you, like a black and corrupted seed within the soil of your heart, soul and mind. You need to grab a pitch fork and overturn the soil, break and loosen it up so that healthy seeds can grow, and rake out the dead roots and rotten seeds. Perhaps you might consider going somewhere for hypnosis to dig into your mind and find out what it is that is really bothering you. I can only guess, but I did the next best thing and prayed to God that the root of the problem will be revealed to you, so remain open minded for thoughts which may come to you. Do not immediately shrug them off but carefully consider EVERY thought which comes to you, no matter how trifle it may seem. The greatest wisdom can often be very simple truths right under our noses which we overlook as irrelevant.

Personally, I like to reflect, and look inside, self-psycho analyse, develop a greater understanding of how the human mind thinks, with its interrelationship with our body chemistries etc. I don’t need to hindered by anything, including my own hangups, fears and pride. Which are big things and many people just blow aside as a simple matter of life. But these very things hinder us and can control our lives, for the worst. So it is good to spend time reflecting on everything. I do much more reflecting on Sundays, when I force myself not to work and just walk around and reflect. Good thing to do one a week.

Concerning the diet, perhaps a good bowel flush could help you flush out a lot of bad energy that has built up over the years. Because I’m assuming you will not be able to give up smoking, I thought up a potential diet for you.

The purpose of fasting is to get rid of toxins. If you’re pumping toxins in while your body is supposedly trying to burn them off, you are making the entire procedure useless. I would suggest you read what I sent you to get an overall picture how these cleansing periods work. I started slow myself, and every year it was easier.

So, to think up something which would be the least painful for you, you can try the following. If after doing this you feel much better, than you can consider a more serious fast the next spring, like I’ve been doing. I tried fasting once in fall and my body repulsed it. Spring seems to be a good natural time to do such things. In fall your body needs to store up for the cold winter months. Who knows.

Anyway, I guess smoke as much as you need, but if possible, try to limit it as much as possible. You can go on a ten day program. The more intense it is the more you will flush out, and then you can go back to polluting your body once you are a fresh and clean baby.

Stop eating all meats, and go heavy on leafy romaine salad to help loosen up the debris lodged and clogged in your intestines over a lifetime of thoughtless eating. Lots of brans, fruits, take whatever laxatives you can, experiment. If you’re a coffee drinker, you can try the coffee flush which I briefly glanced over in the file that I sent you. There is a weblink there for it. Experiment and try flushing it out in different ways, but always very carefully listen to your body and respond to it, as everyone is different. I find that munching on sesame seeds makes the shits harder, so if one approach is leading to super duper diarrehea, you can up the intake of sesame seeds (basically Tahini paste). Make sure you munch it to a pulp or paste, otherwise its sorta useless. Examine your shits. I like the Czech toilets cause you can actually smell and closely analyse your shits. Very important actually, even though people think its “gross”. There’s nothing really gross about it. It’s just dead red blood cells which have served their last function by soaking in grease. If you regulate your body like me, your shits wouldn’t even smell. Maybe a little, but if it smells a lot it’s a message that you’re “eating shit”. I gauge my diet in this away, and avoid certain foods when I see the bad results a few days later. Your body is not some bottomless pit you can just keep throwing garbage into – it is a very complex machine that should be carefully monitored for optimal results.

I don’t think you’ll find a good parasite killing kit on the island, but you can always try that. My mom sends me mine from Vancouver. I found one super health food shop in Larnaca that could have it. We can go there to checkem’ out. The guy seems into this stuff. So if you could combine a parasite and bowel cleanse at the same time, more powerful. Drink lots and lots of quality clean water during this process. The water is like a tap pouring over a dirty rag. It just helps flush out so much shit. Take different laxatives and experiment. If it is too powerful, take a day’s break and then resume again. If your shits really stink, then you know it is good cause you’re getting it out of your system, where it sits, ferments, and seems diseases and toxins back into your blood stream through the walls of your intestines. I really do find the entire process fascinating and can almost only chuckle at how people constantly pig out obliviously and wonder why they have all these problems later in life. It’s very simple.

And the water flush is pretty awesome. You should find a link to it from both my page and the one I sent you. Very simple, but make sure you use natural sea salt, and “spice” your clean water so that it tastes like the sea or your tears. I would suggest you do this after about a week of eating salads etc. and taking the laxative. Really loosen up the contents of your bowels and break down the caked on walls, and after about 7 to ten days, drink a litre and a half of this potion within the span of five minutes and hang around, very ready, near the toilet. You can lie on your back, raise your legs and move them around a bit. Opens and loosens things up. As soon as you hear some growling sit on the toilet. Should go right through your system within about ten minutes and you’ll be amazed at the outcome. Totally harmless.

Okay, so if I don’t see you in ten days, next time I see you I expect to see a fresh pink face with improved complexion! Watch it yourself. It really is like a dirty rag held under a tap of flowing water. Good luck!


On way to gym right now, trying to at least cancel out all my bad habits, seems like I can’t replace them quite yet. Think it’s cause I have no real responsibilities like kids so I am really indulgent, however I am kicking ass at work and at the moment am very appreciated plus I am helping poor families get insurance in the big picture so it’s not all bad. At times would rather have a product I could travel with but I do like my bi weekly paycheck.

sounds like things are going well on certain fronts.

For bad habits, as we all like bad habits, perhaps you could think about doing an annual spring cleaning to get some of the crap out of your system, which builds up over the year (and lifetime), and eventually leads to horrid diseases if not removed once in a while. Don’t have to go all out drastic like me (I’m in my annual fast now, 6th day of water only, although last night I allowed myself 2 grapefruits as part of my “climbing out period) as there are different kinds of fasts. Like all fruits and forage, or the special lemon juice, which give you enough to sustain without pain, yet enjoy a certain amount of cleansing. You can combine it with various cleansing techniques to flush out different organs. Like the liver for example, which is the body’s primary filtration. If that is operating at half throttle you are much more likely to catch diseases etc.

Then there is walking, using the thighs, which are the body’s biggest muscles. Wherever you go just try to walk as much as you can, walking through nice parks etc. Perhaps get on or off the bus three stops earlier/later. Or walk up three flights of stairs and then take the elevator the rest of the way. This way you don’t have to do something “official” like set aside certain time and go to the gym, which can be pretty boring. Or find some cool club, friends, of really cool dude to set up a volleyball net etc. Sports is so much more fun than the gym, and pick one you can handle and enjoy. With little tricks like that the process can be pretty well painless, effortless, and eventually enjoyable. Could take you a few years, but at our age I find those tend to whip by pretty quickly. I can send you some material I’ve collected if you like. Such as the recent article explaining about cleansing the bowels and all the “shit” that can get stored for ten years in the pockets and bleed back into your bloodstream, constantly polluting your body. As people get older all this abuse starts to take effect, but you can easily avoid it, and look and feel better about yourself at the same time. Signing off – Doctor Charlie


been thinking that I might try and make it a routine to take vitamins every day. Read that it helps slow down aging, and maybe my wrinkles and stuff. Waddayatink? Wanna stay young and beautiful looking y’know. Do you think the stuff you sent me is expired by now? Occasionally, or rather rarely, I take some, when I’m feeling like perhaps I’ll catch a cold, but I’ve found that this is practically nonexistent. Except perhaps if I’m in Prague, a city of winter climate inversions, where people drink too much alcohol and take antibiotics with the slightest sneeze. It is a breeding ground for mutated viruses. So I really do not need to take vitamins for prevention of colds or sicknesses, but to help slow down aging and for my face. Waddayasuggest? Did some surfing and found some natural strategies. Recently purchases a new stove, with dials on each burner, so it is good for making small things as well, like tea for example. Perhaps I might get ambitious enough and make pots of green tea. It’s so nice to be making cash again and to be able to buy things I need. Did I tell you my big dream this summer is to convert my truck to run on french fry fuel? Perhaps around 1,500 Euro, which should quickly pay for itself and I’ll be able to drive around all ofEurope without worrying about gas money. Exciting time.


good news, good luck to continue for you. What is french frying fuel????

Thought I already mentioned. It is absolutely amazing and doubt you will believe me, but I’ve been told about it, pretty unbelievable, there are many people doing it, I’ve researched it on the internet, and plan to move forward with it. Basically diesel engines were invented by some guy a long time ago who designed it so it can run on peanut oil, and apparently the design has not changed much since then. It does not have sparks but it compresses the oil enough so that it ignites itself. FFF (as I like to abbreviate and call it) uses a separate tank which heat up this “fuel”. You start the car with diesel and end with it, but once the main tank heats up enough, you switch over. So I can drive around the world for free, HA HA HA HA! I will laugh my head off when I accomplish this and practically cannot believe it. Another amazing project. I will be so green and environmental it is not funny. Just pull up to some greasy restaurant and tank up, ha ha. I am sure there will need to be some filtration process, but if it’s basically for free, I look forward to driving all over the place. Hope to get it done this summer inBulgaria.

enough money to hire?  good. 

Guess I’ll just keep translating, wait till I save up some cash first. Right now I’m working on migrating to French, cause I realised I’m so sick of translating fromCzech.The language is so bureaucratic and backwards, and it is choresome to convert it into smooth sounding English. Plus the subject is usually industrial, as the Czech economy. I’m hoping that from French I will get paid almost double like from Czech, in time it will be faster because the languages are more similar, I will enjoy perfecting my French (very useful and a beautiful language), and from what I see available, I hope the subjects will be a lot more pleasant (lately it has all been about shit – from Czech). So a win win, hope to be making a lot more money, and hire someone cheap to help my business grow, so I never have to suffer in poverty again.

Lately been more careful about my face and see it has been working. Researched some tricks on the internet, such as spraying mineral water on it once or twice a day, olive oil, will try milk and honey (as Cleopatra), and then got some natural vitamin E etc. cream. I generally have pretty dry skin. Can’t imagine the salt water being so bad. People on this island generally look pretty young for their old age, but I do take sun in smaller doses. Will try the vitamins now.

Well, talk to ya later and good luck with the house.

as for vitamins. what I gave you is not expired by now, eating just sometimes is not very effective for long time prevention. your lovely face needs creams and moisture to keep looking good. vitamins helpo but I am not sure for face and wrinkles. you love sun and water. it is a killer. keep it covered by good sunscreen as the sun is more harmful then when you were a child. I see the damage on mine now and it is too late. I still look great (of course) better when I am not stressed. now I am covered by dust, house is a mess, lots of workers finishing touch ups, painters, so whatever furniture we have is pulled away form walls, floor covered by plywood to safe the beautiful floors, no doors anywhere since they are being sprayed in the garage, garage taped off so I can not go there for my stuff,, glass railing being installed, terrace stone being installed, lights beit=gn fixed and replaced……… lots of fun. LIving on the construction site is off my list for next time. lucky for everybody that I am such a scout. I am even cooking salmon for all the guys today, lots of czechs and slovaks and polaks here. We are not planning any trips now especially to Prague. but we did not plan the last one either, we just went to save money and it worked. but all depends on sale of this house. If you go, enjoy and see everybody, they all like you. have to go. Vlad was sick yesterday and had to stay in bed whole day, which was very hard on everybody. I fed him antibiotics from czech and today he functions. but I have to watch him, he is crazy. go to se Keta Friday and talk about your blackberry and my account. lets see. have to run, painterswant tomove myalready moved desk.

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No Memory, Must Work, No Time to Think


Computer Tips Related Correspondence

don’t need a lengthy response, as I know you’re always busy, but if I can just ask quickly… Have been getting more into video editing but realising that my little old notebook is not made for such heavy processor use. Recently I researched on the net about a laptop operating in very cold temperatures, and the only thing apparently to worry about is not to turn it on from deep cold after you bring it inside, for worry of condensation. Anyway, it occurred to me today, if I was editing a video and then wanted to export it (the most demanding on the processor), what do you think about the crazy idea about putting the laptop into a cold fridge (just have to worry about condensation, so slow temperature change or something) and then press GO for a conversion which may take several hours at full processor speed. My guess is that it will not harm anything as long as the temperature is kept down. I gather there would be no moving parts in a processor to wear down but its just a bunch of electrons flowing through wires etc. Am I right?

On another note, just landed inAthensand soon ready to launch a month’s tour ofGreece. Next stop is the mountains in Bulgaria where one friend offered me work to help him reconstruct his house, but I don’t think I’ll have time to help him much cause I’m getting a lot of translation work, which pays a lot more. But it will be nice to hang with some folks and drink beer with some friends. Or to have his job as a backup in case my own work dries out. It has been nice to find a Czech translation agency who appreciates my quality and is not intimidated by the fact that I work while I’m traveling. Put up an online database for Keta, which is now supposed to be the best lumber database in the world, so I hope that through that I’ll be able to get more of such intelligent work. Translations are good to pay the rent but I’m so sick of it. I feel like a factory worker doing the same repetitive and stupid work every day: unscrewing some complicated and bureaucratic Czech sentence to rescrew it into some nice flowing English sentence. I feel like, with every sentence, I am struggling againt the bureaucratic Czech mentality and I’m really rather tired and uninterested in it. But I guess it’s nice to be doing important translations for the EU, and that my customer’s level of English is so good that she recognises and values my quality, as opposed to the other bozos who might point to a word and complain that I left it out.

How’s business going with you?


If your cooler has the usual temp between 5 and 10 degC, having the comp run in it cannot do any harm. It may actually help if its warm outside, such as 30 degC or higher. But I definitively would not cool the notebook in operation below +5 degC. Special computers such as automotive are designed for a wide range of operating temperatures, but typical notebook specs may be +5 to +45 degC. They recommend to let a notebook temper before turning it on, after being brought in from subzero cold, in order to reach operating temperature and let any condensation evaporate. I read somewhere that large companies are forcing translators to lower costs by using special software that remembers translated sentences, so if say an updated Czech manual is submitted for retranslation, the unchanged parts are copied automatically and not translated repeatedly. The finance business is tough as you can imagine: sale of our last remaining investment in the old portfolio has stalled due to industrial conditions, and closing a successor fund (for which we combined with another team) has been slow due to uncertainties in investment banks. Good luck, looks like you have a good plan in the circumstances. Dad

Thanks for your prefect and conscientious response as usual!

Yes, I know about the translation software and am almost a little bit of an expert with it. I believe I have the best software available and it’s pretty expensive, and I use it regularly. Many customers might not know about it and if I use it on repeating text I can translate quite quickly and make a lot of money in a short time. I’d like to use it if I were farming out a lot of translations. Talked about this to Jens a few years back that, if I had a lot of work in different languages, I could build up a lot of memory, eventually put it online, and create a sort of wiki translation site where customers could use the translation memory and pay 1 cent a word, while translators could contribute memory and get credit to use other translators’ memory. Rather complicated to set up but the way of the future. I think some major sites are starting to dabble in the concept only now. As usual, got some good ideas but haven’t been able to put them into practice.

Maybe my computer is getting clogged again and needs to be taken apart and cleaned with q-tips and alcohol (I do that once in a while). Think the sea salt air gets into it. Anyway, without my handy fan underneath the comp it seems to quickly rise to around 70C and turns on its own internal fan. With my fan I can usually keep it around 40. At full processor and in the fridge I think it would still be running at around 40, but I’ll experiment with it if I ever have a big video project, and a handy fridge!

Too bad about your work. Didn’t even consider “the crunch” when I asked you how it was going. For me I seem to be immune to economic swings. With globalisation the translation industry has been increasing about 20% a year I think (although, yes, moving towards software at the same time), I got customers all over, people will always need translations (especially the ever so bureaucratic monster EU). I came to the conclusion that I lost a lot of work because I let myself get arrogant (although the customers truly were total idiots and tried my patience beyond my abilities), and because Czechs can be idiots without imagination and were simply afraid that I am not capable of translating from a beach or somehow I lose my Czech because I am not Czech anymore. Other new clients don’t send me work because they like to phone their translators and find out immediately if they can take a job. I never communicate that way with my own translators. Many are online practically all the time, or receive an sms from their email account, so are capable of responding immediately, every time. But this is something that these bozos cannot understand. Anyway, often its nicer to find more intelligent customers, because then the cooperation is usually more pleasant and much less frustrating. In any case, I’ll try to keep my mouth shut with potential new clients and not explain my situation. With my new one I let the news seep out and she doesn’t seem to have an issue with it at all.

Take careo and hope the business picks up. k


in response to your suggestion to buy a BlackBerry, even had one purchased but perhaps I’m lucky cause these Greek boneheads said they didn’t have their system set up for this device. I think it was possible, but anyway decided to trade it in for an HTC diamond. Trust Windows more cause I know how to hack into that and get lots of free programs, and generally better support. Serves as a 3G modem for my computer as well, but lacks the fancy physical keyboard, boohoo. Oh well, can’t have everything. Found that the BB needed some exchange server and generally more restricted. Windows is open guts and I can always find a solution to that. Its different inEuropewith every piddly country having their own quirks. But I’m getting used to the phone and its not so bad. Seems my Turkish cheapo 3G modem is locked, contrary to what they told me, but in time I hope to hack into it and unblock it. latero


Still not rolling in the dough but the last few months were fairly good and it has given me the opportunity to chip away at some debts. If it keeps up like this, which it may, I will hope to have paid back all my debts within about 7 months. Concerning your communication script (CS), a friend of mine gave me an idea that I should offer it to other translation companies, which I think I will try. Charge a small fee per every word translated through the system but not actually sell the software itself. For this I’ll need to set up special administration rights that can do pretty well everything the administrator can except erase projects and only have access to the projects they set up. I thought I’d try this myself, because I still do not have enough cash, but it may become an interesting revenue stream. Anyway, I was wondering if you had any quick pointers. Such as a quick tip which files I should be working on, how to get mysql working on my computer so that I can test it, and anything else you can think of.

Glad to hear from you. About MySQL: you can setup “Denwer” – – sorry, it’s only in Russian. It’s package of Apache+MySQL+PHP. May be very easy installed on local computer. It starts virtual web-server. And with denwer I created all sites local. About files: honestly, I don’t remember. I tried to name files with sense. For examle: notify.php, login.php, delm.php (delete message). “u_” – as I remember – functions for users. “c_” – general functions.

sounds like we are doing similar things. I decided recently that I wanted to try the approach of Mr. Google and Mr. Facebook, meaning to make a living from some web project and not really have a boss. Even a customer is like a boss and can be tedious to deal with. But by setting up projects I am applying my creative mind in different ways and I don’t really have to deal with anyone, if I don’t want to. Or just respond to emails. I find the variety quite interesting. Once I find the time I think the project with your script could be quite interesting and looking forward to learning how you did it and working on it.

thanks for the tips. Already been looking at your scripts and things seem to be named pretty logically. Before when you or my Perl programmer would send me scripts I would enjoy skimming through them and following the logic. Now I download scripts from the net, study them in much greater detail, and enjoy learning even more. So it will be an interesting challenge! Think I may have found a “portable mysql”. I would suggest to you sqlite, as I remember you couldn’t set up the mysql database for me. sqlite is real easy and works well with php. I have a really small portable program that can work off a memory stick or CD, for portable presentation. I can send you that as well if you like.

Thanks for suggestions. Now all my projects I test at my hosting. Otherwise I have no many projects for programming – only my own. I try to create own sites carefully. One site had about 7000 visitors a day. 🙂 Almost all my time I spend on SEO. It’s more interesting for me. So I don’t use different local servers any more.  best regards, Yuri. P.S. I? you will have any questions about my scripts – I’ll try to remember the code and help.


just read your email that you don’t know how to add users. Quite important info. You don’t store this or what? You know it’s a really easy and quick process to copy/paste such info into a Word file and organise it (certainly a lot less painful and time consuming than spending half an hour perusing through a kzillion emails). I wonder how you can run your business if managing everything from your memory. Anyway, just to torture you, because that is more fun and deserving, heh heh, I’d suggest you go to your ftp account on my server and look at the folders and file names and figure it out that way. And if you forgot your username and password, I think I’ll shit in my pants, scoop it out with a spoon, put it in a paper bag, send it to you by post, but make sure to stuff it first with a hand scribbled note with your login details! (heh heh)


Hey bumblehead,

well, the problem is that the amount of time it takes me to dig up the information, cause I’m organised, is about the same as if you actually stored it yourself somewhere (even a simple bookmark for God’s sake), which is even less time than your beautiful groveling below. It’s not really fair for other people. I feel I spent quite a lot of extra time repeating myself in long emails, and it certainly didn’t seem to emblazen in your memory. Anyway, this was a small favour but at least I’ll know how to deal with customers in the future.

For example, with my Firefox I can export all my bookmarks into an html file, which I then put up on my server as a backup. After my harddrive crashed and I lost so much valuable information, I try to backup absolutely everything. This is an easy way to backup, and when I log into my protected folder, I can go to that exported html file and browse it, going to all my important links if I’m away from my computer etc. Or generally I’ve gotten into the habit of carefully storing tidbits of information somewhere because, in the past, it happened a few times that I was rushing, didn’t really know where to put something, so I just threw it somewhere and figured I’d find it when I need it. But six months down the road I found myself spending up to four hours looking for some stupid piece of paper I really needed, and cursed myself for not taking a bloody minute and think of some logical place to put it. Learned my lesson dattaway. k

Yes I am a bumblehead. Yes I work from memory. Yes I should have instructions, except that I know HOW to do it. I haven’t added anyone for so long (boo hoo) that the address fell out of my history. The Keta bumblehead way of operating in the big scary universe is to, once in a while, go through cumbersome and embarrassing questions such as this to whoever the magnificent, all-knowing genius that knows (in this case yourself). Its amazing how it gets emblazoned into my memory for all time after that!! I tried the looking at docs in the ftp yesterday (except I was using mine instead of yours). Just did it know, and you may call me a super-bumblehead but I went to there’s also a which seems to me what I want but am getting a “file not found”. I know it’s probably something retarded like the www. needs to be there (that didn’t work) or it has to say ftp. instead of http:// (which I also tried and doesn’t work) so I need your masterful reply as soon as you guy so I can sign this guy up. he is anxious to start work. As I said, you have sufficiently shamed me so that this tidbit will never, ever again fall out of my head, haha. Luckily I get to avoid your shit-scooping bag with hand-scribbled note. But not because i remember the password, my ftp client does! oh me oh my I am an incompetent boob. that’s right I said boob.

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