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How Search Engine Optimization Works

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of getting one's pages to the top of google and other search engines [list some - or create page of list and link to them..> . For example, you could make the most beautiful web page or pages about frogs, but if your page comes up at position 300,000 out of 3 million, nobody is going to find your page through the search engines. In fact, most people most of the time don't even bother looking past the first page (first ten results). Just ask yourself how often you look even past the first one to four results. So if you want people to find your page, you really should be on the first page (of ten results), preferably at the very top.
To achieve this you must "optimize" your page, which is referred to as "onpage" manipulation. Meaning that you make changes to your actual page to help it get higher in the search engine results for your desired keywords (in this case "frogs" and related words [ mention in tools section about how to find out about related words> ).
Another tactic is referred to as "offpage" manipulation, meaning you perform actions and changes to other places in the internet.
There are many things one can do, both on and off the webpage, to get it higher up in the search engine rankings (not to be confused with Page Rank). You can find much information regarding this on the internet and you can spend years reading it all, but there are also many deep dark secrets that the SEO masters will not reveal and which requires years of experimentation and creative thinking.

The following list shows some of our accomplishments what concerns getting our pages or those of our clients high up on google (the most important search engine used by 65% of surfers. Note that rankings tend to fluctuate over time and also varies depending on your location, since google's system is based on computers located all over the world [link to explanation> . Note also that you should not be logged into your google account when assessing the rankings because of google's new system whereby the search results are influenced by which websites you have visited most frequently in the past. The below table (data last compiled on November 29, 2008, using in Turkey - where I am presently located and no way to use another google) shows our most important pages and why we chose to get high in those particular word searches. Hold your mouse over the Yellow marked text or sphere to view comments.




1, 2 and 3
1 and 2
1 and 2

1.4 (million)

You can tell the third party client pages are ours because they always have a link back to us.
Hold you mouse over the [ > coloured text to see an explanation that page and keywords.

As explained below [ , since I am a one-man show it is difficult to get to the top of google in every language combination that my translation agency [ offers, but after studying and experimenting on this subject for several years, I now know what it takes to get to the top and it is simply a matter of time before I achieve this for all my languages and pages. Right now I am focusing most keenly on Czech to English translations and some of the other pages mentioned in the above table, because that is my strongest language combination and because of the important purpose the other pages provide (as explained when you hold your mouse over the [ > coloured text). But since I now know what works, I will employ my various resources to take on this great task and expect that, over time, my different language combination and other important pages will be ranked near the top.
I have been translating and managing projects for more than a decade and have managed some very large projects for some very prestigious customers, as you will find here. With more than 7,000 translators in my database, I have the resources to handle more than 210 language combinations. All that is needed is to pair up those resources with new clients, which will require lots of time and resources to get each relevant language combination to the top of google.
If you have some pages you would like to optimize on the search engines, I also have more than a thousand human resources in the same database who can invest the time into your webpages. Simply write me and I will be glad to give you a free quote and analysis for what it might take to get your pages to the top and to increase valuable revenue earning traffic to your site.

How to Get to the Top of the Search Engines

There are many tricks I have learned over the years, and one thing I have learned is that a war is being waged in the industry between the search engines and the search engine optimization (SEO) marketers. The SEO marketers want to get their pages and those of their clients' to the top of the search engines, and they will often employ all sorts of tricks to achieve this, since their livelihood depends on it.

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SEO is not only about increasing web traffic but very much about increasing targeted web traffic. Would it do your frog website a lot of good to be visited by those in search of porno sites?

However, the problem is that the search engines make their money by producing useful results for their users. This is the main reason why google became more popular than the previously dominating Yahoo or MSN - because it came up with a system and algorithm to produce more useful and accurate results. The major search engines have a large budget hiring the best mathematicians [link to story> to tweak these algorithms (mathematical formulas) so as produce the most useful results for their users. Meanwhile, the SEO marketers keep a close watch on these changes and respond appropriately, often employing deceiving tactics to make sure their pages get to the top. But because the search engines want to produce honest and useful results, and because they have the budget to hire the best mathematicians, they eventually catch on to these nasty tactics and penalize the marketers for such practices.
That is why it is important for you to be careful when choosing search engine optimization marketers who promise immediate results and all sorts of bells and whistles, because dishonest practices can result in your pages getting penalized and it could take months or years before they recover. When the search engines catch onto dishonest tactics, they change their algorithms to penalize such practices, in which case such pages and sites could get tagged and blacklisted, and it is very difficult to fix your reputation once you have tarnished it.
Google goes to great efforts [ to convince SEO marketers and webpage designers on the benefits of producing honest and interesting pages. After all, such endevours will only make the internet more interesting and rewarding for the final user. In any case, there are certain "tricks" that can be employed and which I know that the search engines will never be able to police against. Mathematics was my best subject in school and, after researching and experimenting with search engine optimization for several years, I have developed a good understanding of how the internet works. Certainly honest and interesting pages is a cornerstone of search engine optimization marketing success, but that alone will not achieve guaranteed results. After all, the search engine optimization marketers are competing against one another, and there are hundreds of thousands of them out there, busily working in countries ranging from China to Russia, and from India to the US.
To get your pages to the top requires careful strategy and planning, then a lot of work and time - depending on how competitive your category or keywords are. My free analysis [ would include a report of how competitive your field is. For example, there are almost 15 million pages on the web with the keyword "frogs" in it. It may not seem like a very competitive field, but this has to be analysed. The translation industry is definitely a competitive one, because most translators work from their home, and almost all of them have their own webpage. The largest translation agencies against which I am competing in search engine rankings are investing heavily into this form of marketing and advertising, in which case the competition is truly fierce. Yet you can see that I am succeeding, so you can have faith in my abilities. I will certainly charge you less than SEO companies who are near the top of the search engines for such extremely competitive keywords as "search engine optimization". But since I have studied this topic for several years, as my preferred method of finding new clients for my translation business, I would like to add this service to my growing list of offered services [ . And why I have put together this webpage, in the hopes that one day it too will rank high on the search engines in its relevant keywords. The SEO companies whose pages are presently near the top of the search engines in this category most likely have many pages on this topic, have purchased an internet domain for the specific keywords, and focus most of their pages on this subject. You can check out the rest of their webpages to confirm this. Which means that my little page has quite a battle to get to the top, considering it is pooled together with all my other translation pages (a unified theme and content helps with a website's overall rankings). But I've surprised myself in the past and we shall see!


[This page is presently being constructed but already you will find most of the information you need.]

List of Search Engines - one important aspect of search engine optimization is making sure your webpages are listed and indexed on as many search engines as possible. This page lists many of the web's search engines and where you can submit your pages manually, or I can help you with that.

Search Engine Optimization - About Me

I'm basically a one-man show who runs a translation service and which I built up over the past ten years while translating from Czech into English. I've never liked working in an office environment, with rigid hours, where someone else is breathing down my neck telling me what to do. In fact, I dislike the office environment so much that I have devised a virtual office, whereby my employees can log in and help me with projects from the comfort of their own home or office, so that I am not forced into rigid hours and a suit and tie, even if I'm the one who is breathing down people's necks. In fact, so much have I grown to despise the office environment and concrete cosmopolitan jungles that I have moved myself and my business into a caravan truck to work on sandy beaches and surf the world. As you can see from how I put this truck and reality together, I am a Jack-of-all-trades, with a passion for learning and variety. While traveling I have learned much about hooking up to the internet while on the road (top of google for "internet connection while travelling" - I obviously have many other pages at or near the top of google not worth mentioning on these pages), so you need not worry whether I am able to service you properly from my mobile office. For a decade I've successfully run my business from the comfort of my own home, and realized that I can do the same anywhere else in the world, as long as I have an internet connection. In fact, I'd say I can better serve you from the beach than from an city office, because on the beach I do not have to pay for rent or electricity, meaning that I have low overhead and can offer you a more competitive rate for the same search engine optimization service as that offered by the world's best. Not only can I save you money for the same search engine optimization service, but you might receive greater pleasure assigning such work to someone who lives such an idealistic lifestyle, in a globally warming world where green is increasingly important. And you might receive pleasure from the fact that I do not aspire to horde wealth and rather enjoy giving as much of my earnings to charity as I can.
I can extend my competitive rates to the design of your webpages as well, as you can judge from my examples (but again, not all pages you find on my site will be Shakespearean, simply for the fact that I am busy enough working on all that I do, in which case page beautification does not have the highest priority and must be accomplished in my spare time). If my Flash, CSS, graphics and other skills are not sufficient for you, I have thousands of programmers and designers in my database who can help me. Because my costs are low, so is my markup, and since many of my programmers are located in less expensive countries, I can certainly manage your most demanding programming and presentation needs at a very competitive rate.
And lastly, the past decade that I have been translating has not only sharpened my English skills, but taught me how to type extremely fast. I enjoy writing and believe I can write interesting and creative articles, which is also important for search engine optimization. For example, did you know that the search engines can often tell how long you've stayed on a particular website? The more people that spend longer periods of time reading a website, the more votes that website is given, these votes incorporated into the search engine algorithm and pushing that page up in rankings. There are other ways that pages can be voted on, all part of these secrets of search engine optimization success, but creative writing is definitely an important element in getting your pages to the top. This too I can offer you at a competitive rate, or use my external but competitively priced resources if I am too busy.
Well, hope you enjoyed reading these pages and look forward to hearing from you!

Karel Kosman

Free Online Reciprocal Link Exchange Checker - An automated system which every day checks that your link exchange partners are adhering to your agreement, including not using such tactics as adding 'nofollow' to their link to you or 'noindex' on their webpage.
[ link to news article on google mathematicians - showing how difficult to analyse etc. (show the graphs..) [ in services section, synopsis of what I offer: seo, web design (update webdesign page to explain that I don't have time to beautify all my pages etc.), article writing... For services section state a price, like minimum business rate of 15 Euro an hour, or can consider some pay per click system for SEO stuff [ mention that can host website with domain for a 99$ a year [ mention where background flash pic is from, webdesign and mention Flash interaction
[ add neat diggit…
[ mention the stats thing and that you might find yourself first on google in some strange keywords by looking at your stats, but what is important is the number of times those particular keywords are searched for, and how relevant they are for your particular webpage
[ link to free online keyword tool…
[ requires constant piddling and work to stay up top, the amount of work depending on how much competition there is in that field or keywords
[ mention about tools that can tell you how high your page is on google or other search engines in a specific keyword search (instead of having to fumble through it manually. Make list of all the other tools I know (not link to of course), like a service I can provide for them if they need this information
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