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I made this page for my friends who kept asking me for my computer tips help. Hope you find them useful!


Various link and tips for your computer:

  • computer tips - how to make your computer faster, leaner and free of virusescomputer tips 1

  • more computer tips - a continuation of the previous link but covers tips how to make yourself work faster on the computer, how to type quickly, beautifying your work environment, safe computer practices, how to surf, safe emailing and many other tips.

  • how to format in Word - originally written for my translators, but you might find it useful as well. Certainly easier than reading the extensive help files with the program.

  • Total Commander help - a great, free file management program and some quick tips how to put it to powerful use

  • how to resize digital camera pictures - maybe you have a great new camera but when you send pictures to your friends some may have too slow of an internet connection to receive 6MB large files. Here's how you can quickly resize many pictures in minimum time.

  • how to put your pictures in easy web pages - Google's Picasso and other free services like Flickr are generally good but if you want to take things a step further and make it more pleasant for your friends and viewers, it is easy to make your own webpages. For example, for services like Flikr I generally find it slow and annoying to look at little thumbnails and then wait until the full picture loads into the browser after I click on it. Personally I prefer that the large pictures all load while I am viewing them or reading some text.

  • how to use search engines - may seem easy and straightforward but there are certain tricks how to quickly hone in on exactly what you need, with the proper key words and other factors.

  • how to choose between products - want to buy some fancy new electronic hardware, such as a laptop or digital camera, and don't know where to start? Use the power of the internet to help you make a sound decision.

  • computer virus protection - dont be caught with your pants down!

  • How to Set up and Properly Secure WordPress - a content management system for blogging.

  • protect your computer and Windows - and why get a virus in the first place if there are simple steps you can take to build a fortress around your system and prevent any penetration whatsoever?

  • how to Download Videos to your Computer from a Digital Video Camera - why don't any of the manuals which come with your fancy new video camera seem to explain this? Anyway, now you'll know.

  • how to stop email spam dead in its tracks - there are several ways for different programs, but one of them stops them dead in their tracks, although it costs 30 bucks a year.

  • search engine optimization - have some beautiful webpages but no one knows about them because they are not near the top of search engine results? Well, I won't tell you all these secrets because that is one way how I earn my bread, but through the email correspondence section you will certainly find a lot of secrets.


And speaking of search engine optimization, that is what the following text primarily concerns. Yes, one of the secrets of getting to the top of search engines is to 

to offer lots of original text. Anyone can copy a bunch of text from other webpages and add it to their own, but not only is that stealing, but if it worked, everyone would do it. So the search engines have figured out a way to know who was the first contributor of such text and give them all the credit, possibly penalizing all the others who plagiarize the original. So what does that mean? Well, if you type fast and are an avid blabber like me, you can spit out lots of original content and it helps your webpages! And what does this mean for you? Well, it means that you probably want to stop reading now because it's probably not going to be very interesting. Although who knows.


Anyway, how did I become a computer expert? computer tips 2Basically I started my own translation agency and was forced to. Why was I forced to? Well, running a translation agency requires surprisingly more computer skills than one might first think, and because I was starting, didn't have much money, and possibly because I'm a part Jew, I just couldn't stand departing from my money! Occasionally I would ask for the help of a computer expert friend, but most of the time I scoured the help files and internet and taught everything I know about the computer myself. From graphics design, to making web pages, yes, even SEO (search engine optimization). You'd be amazed how many things you can learn on the computer just by solving a simple problem. It certainly does not seem simple though when you first try to solve it. Like those magic tricks that seem so elusive but you can only smack yourself in the head and proclaim "DUHHHH!" once it is explained to you. Or those little wooden blocks like toys that you are supposed to take apart and put back together.

While scouring the help files to solve a computer related problem I usually learn ten other things about the computer in the process. And over the years I have covered so many bases in the computer universe that many now call me a computer guru which I gather should be at least one notch above a computer expert. Or perhaps a computer expert is educated and his/her knowledge confined to one particular segment of the computer universe. But one can truly have a good overview when they can cover more bases. Even setting up computer networks for my office. I would find a computer expert through the local newspaper and always gaze over their shoulder watching everything they did, occasionally asking them questions. After all, I was paying for their time, so why not milk the donkey while its there? And why would they object? I can't imagine little ol' me could pose a competitive threat to their profession. Other times I'd roll a big fat Bob Marley and we'd become the best of friends. A great way to get the layman's price for anything you need. In fact, I almost can't imagine why anyone needs a university education these days, since practically all knowledge is becoming available on the internet. Even MIT is starting to put its entire curriculum online. In this way a caring person in Africa with an internet connection can learn the latest in medicine and help save lives. Of course, a fancy hospital in the west will not hire someone without a diploma, no matter how much they know, but information should be free, and is hopefully the way of the future.

On the other hand, many people I talk to admit they don't have enough motivation to teach themselves in this way. They need to go to a school, with a regimented schedule and be told what to learn so that they could eventually find a job and be told what to do. Not me though. In fact I quite enjoy my freedom and have no problem motivating myself. My greatest motivation is the fear of failing and having to get a "real job", so that someone could breath down my neck, tell me what to do, and I'd be forced to fight in traffic twice a day like everyone else.


Anyway, hope you enjoyed my blabbing about computer knowledge and I guess that's enough of it for this page.



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