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The reason I made these pages is because I seem to get a lot of ideas, but not enough time in this life to apply most of them. So I decided to publish them on the internet. Perhaps someone else will be able to use them and they won't go to waste. I even submitted some of them to companies, thinking they might use them and offer me some small commission, but no one ever seems to respond to their emails these days, and my proposals probably just evaporated into thin air, or were casually erased by a disinterested secretary.
The ideas can vary from various inventions, like my portable volleyball net, to movie scripts and stories, to ideas about how the world should be. So I'll just start throwing all my ideas on these pages (it will be a gradual process, as I have many of them), categorising them properly for your navigational convenience.
I'm also doing search engine optimization work for my translation agency, so putting down all these ideas is on the one hand an experimentation in webrankings, and on the other hand is putting up on the internet hopefully interesting original content material which could increase traffic on my websites and hopefully drive some work in my direction.
If any of you uses any of my ideas to their benefit, I would appreciate it if you remembered me when the going gets good and scratch my back in some way. Enjoy!

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