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Working with a friend on his global warming website, which offers various solutions how to deal with the problem.

I spent a year helping a friend with some of his reconstruction projects throughout Europe(I also helped look for construction chicks to help us). He’d find some property in the mountains ofBulgaria or other place throughoutEurope, buy it from the owners as it was rather deserted, but because he is a structural engineer he can tell if the old, stone house has good structural integrity on which to build.

He sold his business to invest in this instead, but since he previously helped governments organize their mega projects, he worked to help the world global warming problem on the side as a pet project. I helped him with that as well and below is some correspondence concerning it.


cau dude,

in Letna beergarden working on your stuff and its nice out here.

Was thinking that it would be a good idea if you could provide me with a resume and info about your previous consulting company, so that it could give some credibility to the ideas you wanna sell, and a little blurb explaining that the ideas once sold can be provided with detailed plans etc. I could whip up a webpage(s) based on the text you send me. I think it would help sell it, otherwise it sorta just looks like a website talking about how things should be or something.

I’d also like to make some changes to the navigation structure. For example, I’d like to add some text “Read a story about this project in realisation!”

Some eye catcher and marketing stuff to convince the people to read further. Now the “Vision forPolynesia” etc. doesn’t really sound enticing or give a hint what’s behind the click. I think my sister could put some good input regarding this once I make some of my own changes. So basically asking if you’re okay with that, or if you have some other wording you would suggest etc. poop

Carbon offsets  – where the money goes

Emissions since 1750 comprise of just over half a trillion tonnes of carbon (you can keep track of the number, and the countdown to the release of the trillionth tonne, on the website).

This is estimated to have caused just under 1C (1.8F) of global warming (other things affect global temperature as well but, as it happens, their effects more-or-less cancel out over this period).

So if we release another 500 billion tonnes, we commit the Earth to a most likely warming of about 2C, which is widely regarded as the threshold for dangerous climate change, and a rubicon that governments of G8 countries and other major economies pledged this year not to cross.

If these trends continue, which is a relatively conservative “business-as-usual” scenario, we will release the trillionth tonne sometime in the 2040s – a date that is steadily advancing, as the underlying trend is for faster growth in recent years.

If governments are seriously committed to limiting global warming to less than 2C above pre-industrial temperatures, then must preserve the “trillionth tonne”, not just until 2020 or 2050, but until the whole issue of climate change is ancient history.

Questioning the carbon credit scheme:
Questioning Al Gore and global warming caused by humans:, and

check out:
My Climate

Global Warming – lot of interesting comments at bottom which call it a hoax (little correlation between global warming and CO2 emmissions)


hey dude, an idea popped in my head and thought I’d mention it. Hope it will not anger you.

In your Word letter to everyone you mentioned that no one was interested in helping you with your global warming idea, so you dropped it for the time being. I’d like to point out that I spent a lot of time making your website more seo friendly and studying the ebay idea, and didn’t charge you anything for any of that. I also sent you many emails with proposals etc. but I can’t remember you responding to any of them.

I also remember how you once reduced my labour wages retroactively but said you will continue to pay me the same rate for computer related stuff, even though I wasn’t doing that work for you.

Anyway, after these thoughts rummaging through my head, it occurred to me that perhaps you would like me to continue. If you do, I would propose continuing with the same agreement whereby a percentage would be used to pay back my debt to you, and the rest would be chump survival change for work which I could do in my spare time. Overall, work is picking up for me and I’m managing well enough, and slowly paying back my even greater debts now, but I could always find the time to squeeze in a little work for you. But, after carefully studying the ebay concept and reading other people’s experiences, I became rather convinced that this wasn’t the correct approach. But I could try whatever approach you would like to shoot for. In any case, kind of doubt that there will be funding in the world for such grandiose ideas. I see another bubble in the making and my conspiracy birdies tell me a second, even larger and more catastrophic crisis is in the making. Nevertheless, I can tweak your pages and help generate more traffic for them, or look into what is necessary to get funding from Richard Brandson, or whatever. Just to mention, recently I bought a book how to generate traffic to a website and picked up a lot of tricks, which I will slowly apply to my own pages. It’s rather labour intensive but effective. Anyway, just a suggestion. adio

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