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Description: Green-Tea-Shop dedicated in providing you with the greatest loose-leaf teas and tea products to all over the world.

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Tea, a traditional beverage made from steeping the processed leaves, buds, or twigs of the tea bush (Camellia sinensis) in water. After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. It has a cooling, slightly bitter, astringent flavour which many people enjoy.

Different varieties of teas only vary by the region it was grown, the time of year picked, and the processing method. Teas can generally be divided into categories based on how they are processed. There are at least six different types of tea: white, yellow, green, oolong, black, and post-fermented teas, of which the most commonly found on the market are white, green, oolong, and black. Some varieties, such as traditional oolong tea and Pu-erh tea, a post-fermented tea, can be used medicinally.


Green-Tea-Shop dedicated in providing you with the greatest loose-leaf teas and tea products to all over the world.

Different from the site name, we source not only Green teas. Our teas range from Green, Black, Pu’er, White & Yellow, Flower & Herbal, Fruit and Coffee.

West Lake Tea House was founded in 2009, based in West Lake, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, by a group of tea enthusiasts from university, we eager to share with you the very healthy beverage and taste.


A group of Russian travelers asked to buy online when they leave Hangzhou, so we started the e-commerce in 2011.

Our teas are guaranteed fresh as we collect from the tea gardens and pu’er factories. We ship directly to you from China.

We sell Green Teas like Xi Hu Long Jing(Dragon Well); Black Teas like Keemun Black Tea; Oolongs like Tie Guan Yin(Ti Kuan Yin), Da Hong Pao, Tie Luo Han(Iron Arhat), Rou Gui Wuyi Rock Tea; Pu’ers like Pu-erh Brick, Pu-erh Tuo Cha, Pu-erh Cake, Loose Leaf Pu-erh; White Teas like Silver Needle (Bai Hao Yin Zhen), White Peony (Bai Mu Dan), Shou Mei; Flower Teas like Jasmine Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea, Rose Tea, Herbal Tea, Flower and Herbal Powder; Fruit Teas like Blueberry Blends, Strawberry Blends, Cherry Blends, Peach Blends Fruit, Lemon Blends Fruit Tea; Teawares like Lock&Lock Tea Bottle, and other Tea Gifts.

More and more teas are beening selling on-line.


Flatrate Air Parcel $3.99. Worldwide Free Shipping on Orders Over $50 for now. Customers’ satisfaction are our top priority! If you feel unsatisfied or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to tell us.

We invite you to try our teas. You’ll find the exclusive blends and unique flavours here.