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Super Diarrhea and Hemorrhoids


[Forward: Each spring I like to do my annual fast, and each time I do it I like to research more and improve on it. Last year I decided I was going to precede my next fast according to the liver cleanse recommendation of going on a parasite killing program beforehand. So during the year I got my mom to send me the special ingredients to kill parasites <link to, and move all to me.kenax? - check out cost of IBM plan...> , so that the subsequent liver cleanse (<also explained in the previous link) would be more effective. The parasite killing program said that diarrhea can occur and suggested a certain diet to prevent this and help along the parasite cleanse. I didnít really pay attention to the prescribed diet, and you can read further (emails I wrote to a dear one) to hear the results. Primarily that the period of super diarrhoea aggravated an already lingering hemorrhoid problem to produce one of the most inconvenient and painful periods of my lifeÖ]

Anyway, it is interesting that such a relatively chipper and happy day [the day before] can be followed by one which must be one of the worst in my life. But Iím not depressed or anything, but have to chuckle at the ludricrous twists in my life. It all started out relatively innocently, going for a stroll barefoot along the sandy beach for my morning dump, but today it came out some serious mustard coloured diarrhea. And then my butt hole seriously burned and hurt. I checked the ParaGone parasite killer instructions (the stuff you got for me in Vancouver) and it said that taking it could lead to diarrhea, and that it was a normal reaction to cleansing and getting rid of the evil parasites. The fact that it was burning so much made me think  that perhaps the toxins that my body was getting rid of caused that. I went for a squirt at least one more time, almost nothing came out, so it occurred to me that I might try an intestinal flush, to empty the intestines of whatever was burning. I looked in my records and verified my memory that I need sea salt and water. Couldnít think of any health food shop where I could get such special salt, and certainly was not in a condition to drive to the centre and ask around, when it occurred to me that I could just use normal sea water. It is interesting that sea water covers about 85% of the planet, our bodies are about 85% salt water (taste your tears sometime), and sea water has the same specific gravity as blood, meaning the kidneys cannot pick up the water and the blood cannot pick up the salt, so it just shoots straight through the intestines and cleans them out nicely. You can apparently do this as often as you like and that it is totally safe.

So I grabbed an empty 1.5 litre plastic bottle, filled it up with sea water, and drank it while strolling my way to my regular dump area (behind various bushes etc.).

I got there, lay on my back, waited about ten minutes, and then heard a slight gurgling sound and felt it was time to do the vicious duty. But there was simply no time to unbuckle the belt and remove the shorts, and a big load just sprayed through my clothes. Well, unfortunately, it seems that the rest of my day was spent like that. I lay with my butt naked and on my back in the sand, always trying to get into the squat position whenever the rumbling began, and did this for about an hour. Finally I felt safe and made it back to the truck, stopping only once for a quick emergency. It was still coming out mustard yellow, but now diluted with water.

I changed my shorts, read the instructions again, it said I should drink lots of water, so I started doing that. But for some reason that too shot straight through my system, made an unfortunate mess in the truck, and spent the rest of the day lying by the shore, waiting for the next rumbling so I could inch my way into the ocean and do the evil deed. By this time I was wearing my swimming shorts and I didnít even care. I might stand up and slowly saunter my way into the water while diluted mustard coloured stuff would flow down my legs. Was not so sunny and eventually had to put on a wool sweater, and eventually get out my wool blanket, so I could huddle shivering by the lapping waves waiting in trepidation for the next rumbling sensation. Meanwhile continually drinking water in hopes that I would flush what I had to flush out and get this annoying predicament over with. Fortunately not too many people were strolling along the beach that day, and when they did come by, I would try to look casual, propped up on one elbow while bundled up in my sandy and now wet blanket.

But the worst of all this was the extreme pain in my butt. I guess all this diarrhea pushed out my dormant hemorrhoids, and I lay there like a dying whale on the beach, shivering cold, in agony all day long. So eventually I stopped drinking the water, because I was fed up with it, forced a shower, got out my last clean shorts (they werenít clean for very long), and drove in pain to the centre. Must say it is not easy driving a four tonne while standing, but I returned movies I rented the day before, bought and ate a bunch of white yogurt (should stop the runs) and made my way, in great pain, to the local hospital.

Stood there in great pain, got examined, and then heard the magic words: "Ayayay. Stage four hemorrhoids. Looks like a thousand Euro operation my friend". So now Iím lying on my stomach in the truck parked next to the hospital writing this letter. Took all the pills and creams he threw at me, and will see him again in two days on Saturday.

[Note between letters: one of the pills the doctor prescribed to me was a powerful anti-inflammatory. He said that was the most crucial of all the pills he gave me, but he said it had to be followed twice a day by a hearty meal, otherwise it could cause a stomach ulcer. Since I wasnít about to give up on my annual fast, I decided instead to endure the sheer pain and not take those pills. The other pills and creams helped a bit, but not so much. Many times Iíd have to fall asleep in the ostrich position with my butt in the air trying to cool the area down, so the swelling would subside a bit. Iíd say it was one of the most painful ten days of my life <link to the other>.]

Yesterday I drove to the hospital in Lanarca, on the south, Greek side of the island. Mainly because I needed some magnesium sulphate for my annual liver cleanse, so I thought I'd do it all at once. The day before I muscled out of my doctor here an official statement that I need an operation. When I got to the hospital, they said I needed to get an appointment with a doctor, and based on that a potential decision for an operation, which I would have to pay for. So I quickly got into my "bank mode", which is like a bulldozer where I do not accept no as an answer, after which she said I had to go to the emergency accident window and try my luck there. Forced my way in and seems that I'll get an operation in about a month, and I guess the Czech insurance will pay for it. I certainly don't have the money to, and don't feel I should, since I pay for so much health insurance and nothing is ever wrong with me. And this seems serious enough that it should get paid. We'll see in a month.

Drove back and the next day was my liver cleanse. With the parasite cleanse program already accomplished, this must be my best body cleaning yet, and for next year I will try to follow the instructions closer and in advance get some more ingredients I couldn't, even though the south side of Cyprus has much more stuff than the north.

But doing the cleansing was a bit complicated, because it called for lying on my back, while the hemorrhoid treatment called for lying on my front. The frequent diarrhea the fasting imposed greatly aggravated the hemorrhoid problem, and seemed to kick that whole catastrophe off in the first place. But I'm glad I'm just going to get rid of it and hopefully come back to a normal existence again. As I was driving back yesterday, I realised that I was struggling with it for the past 4 to 5 years, hence its been with me 10% of my life so far. It will be nice to get back to normal again. And next year to be able to do the cleanse better, without all these complications.

Anyway, compromised it by lying the first 20 minutes on my back, and then shifting to my side. The instructions say that, after drinking the olive oil potion, for about 20 minutes you can hear the stones loosen like marbles working their way down a hose. And that's certainly what it sounded like. I could almost feel them shifting through my system.

This morning when I continued, at one point felt a little pressure on my hemorrhoid, like a little hard crap that was lodged in, so I got up to get rid of that, put the pressure on, and out popped something, making a little popping sound. I later checked and was amazed to see it was the size of my thumbnail. Like about 4 times the size of a large red kidney bean, or slightly smaller than a small peach pit. Examining everything I saw (disgusting yes, but I had to take a picture), I was calculating how much cholesterol that must have added up to. It is apparently 100% cholesterol and starts to form when a dead parasite gets lodged in your liver, with the cholesterol building up around that over time. Last year I took my largest chunk, which was about the size of three or four peas, and cut it in half as the instructions suggest. Had roughly the consistency of light cheese and was dark green in the middle. Haven't researched this yet, but wondering what direct relation this has on the body's overall cholesterol levels. Logically I'd imagine a fair bit.

Yah, I know, it's absolutely revolting (this is a view into the bottom of a regular garden pail with plastic garbage bag inside - usually the hard stuff fills up about a coffee mug), but don't you think it is more revolting keeping these cholesterol balls in your body? Stuck in your bile ducts constantly feeding your body with more cholesterol? Because this was at about day 6 of my fast, there is no crap to crap out. I don't crap when I'm deep in my fast. So what you see is strictly olive oil, perhaps a few watermelon seeds from the kidney cleanse the day before, perhaps a bit of grapefruit pulp, but mostly cholesterol balls! And that big mother I heard pop out!! They recommend to do this liver cleanse < twice a year. I do it thoroughly once a year. Imagine what it must look like inside the liver for those who never do it!


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