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WordPress Plugin to Redirect Old Pages to New Ones and Why it is a Good Idea to Have Categories in your Permalinks


For this I used the plugin Redirection by John Godley. If you place all your posts into carefully selected categories which contain important keywords for that subject, you can set the Permalinks (through Settings) to include the category name in the web url, ie:


in the Custom Structure on the Permalinks page. This is primarily beneficial if you have many posts covering a broad range of topics and want to focus the topics according to certain keywords. The redirection itself is important so that you can instruct google of where the new pages are. In about a month google will percolate the changes and transfer all page rank and rankings to the new page, otherwise this very important SEO stuff will get lost, to a large degree.

The procedure how to redirect is as follows.

Install the plugin XML-Sitemap. This is also very important for SEO.

Once you create your sitemap, after installing the plugin, download sitemap.xlm from your website and open it in Word.

In XML Data Views choose sitemap.xsl. This should convert the format into a table, with the links on the far left column. Select that column, copy it, erase the entire contents of the file and paste it back in Text Only mode. Save the file as txt format, open it in Notepad and copy its contents into the far left column of a blank Excel file. It should be one per line.

Now update your Permalinks to include the Category name (make sure all your posts are first assigned to the correct category).

Download the sitemap.xlm again and this time it should have the new addresses. Do the same for the second column. Make sure the post addresses are lined up correctly (old site left column, new site second column but with category name in the url address).

If this process will be taking too long and you are afraid your dead and unredirected (old) pages will cause you harm in the eyes of google, you can simply remove


from the Permalinks structure and put it back once everything is set up properly.

Now save your Excel file as (Windows) comma delimited CSV format. Before you upload this big file, I would suggest you open the csv file and erase all but one line, so that you can test it first (save it with another name so as not to lose all your data). It should look like (when viewing in Word or Notepad)

old_page, new_page

Now go to Tools > Redirection > Options and upload your test file in the Import section.

Once done, copy the old web address, paste it into your browser and test if it in fact does redirect. If it has worked successfully then you can upload the whole list/file.


More SEO Tips concerning this matter (instructions to customer)

took me a few hours to figure out how to do it but successfully redirected all the old pages. You can test it by removing the category name from the url/page address and see that it redirects automatically to the new one.

Attached you will find your new list of files. I noticed that you have a lot of files similar to:


This is not good because google considers it spammy and downgrades them. If you are looking for ideas how to title a blog you can look at the Tags section in the editing window. It is a good idea to add all the tags, because that is the new thing with google and it might not be paying attention to the Meta Keywords anymore. Or if you want a more detailed report of the most common words used on one of your pages, you can use that SEO Quake plugin I suggested to you a while ago.

All pages should have a unique title, preferably based on the most frequent words on the page, and the Description and Keywords should use the same words, but the Description should be a bit different, so make sure to add a few more words. This combination will have the greatest affect for raising your rankings of that page in those keywords.

If you add any pictures, it is a good idea to use the Title in the picture’s Alternate Text (with each successive picture using slightly different alternate text – I usually just add a number, or add the name of the picture file), which you will find in the window once you select which picture to upload from your computer. Don’t forget that you can embed pictures into the text, such as on the right or left side. Right now you have it in the center and the text does not wrap around it.

If you decide to change the titles of those repetitive pages first wait for my additional instructions.


Now we can proceed to an import step: go to Setting > SEO Smart Links. It’s pretty straight forward, and this system creates automatic links between your pages just like wikipedia does. Wiki is often the first page on the net and this is one of the main reasons for that. Whenever I play around with WP I have the admin account open in one tab, and the online version in another tab. In Chrome you can ctrl pageup or pagedown to bounce between tabs. In other browsers it might be ctrl tab or ctrl shift tab. You update a page, jump to its online version and press F5 (refresh) to see the changes.

To create a list at the bottom of this plugin, first start with one page and test it. For example, every time the word Czech Republic is mentioned in an article, the plugin can be set to create a link to your page/post specialising on that. Once you see how it works you can create your list. You can also do the same for external/third party pages. Google likes it when your pages occasionally do that, as opposed to just interlinking with your own pages, which it would consider a deadend site. I often link out to wiki pages because they are stable and well respected by google. If making such manual linkouts make sure to use one of the keywords you are focusing on with that page.


And when linking to some of your pages from third party sites, which is very important (it’s like a vote for your site and gives it more credit in google’s eyes), you can use the attached file as a guide. For myself I always wrote the Title of the page in the column to the left so that I know what keywords I’d like to link from.

I know that you think the situation has now changed and that it is bad to link back to your site, but I am sure the world of SEO experts have not been fired and they are still busy building backlinks, just being more careful about it. This is a very important part of ranking up in google, but it’s obviously your choice. What I do is if I read some website where I notice I can post a comment on the bottom, and I see that other comments were allowed to link out to their website (or from their name – try to add “Geneology expert” or other important keyword to your name if so), I try to think of a good comment, after understanding the article, so that the moderator will be likely to accept it.

If using the plugin to automatically link to your pages, try to link to only important or interesting articles, to give your reader a good experience and keep them around.


Okay, should take about a month for your new pages to get indexed properly in google, after which I can uninstall the plugin.

More computer tips.
More SEO discussions.
My Search Engine Optimization service.

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Team Building Games and Ideas


As part of my travels I once got involved in a help exchange project in a Malaysian rainforest, one of the last untouched few in South East Asia, to develop a team building program for local factory and other workers. The below notes are what I have compiled so far, as that project ended. They are a synopsis of many webpages, much of which I have saved in this team building folder for your perusal, which I have also saved as a compressed zip file (37MB) for your offline perusal. This all should give you many ideas for games and how to organize such a project yourself.

HelpX approach letter:

we operate a Rain Forest Island Resort which is 7 acres in size. Our island is in the middle of a 15000 hectors man made hydro electric dam in the state of Perak, our island is part of the 150 million years old rain forest of Malaysia.

we have chalets on our island and also has 3  houseboats parking close to our island, kayak, sailing boats ( catamaran ) and power speed boats are some of our recreational facilities.
Our business is running an eco lodge providing meals and outdoor adventures activities to our guest.
we are embarking in several conservation projects with the intention to enhance the eco system in and around our island.

Right now we are in need of people with teambuilding experience, as we would like to incorporate this service with the eco-tourism concept.
We are also seeking experienced nature guides who could help us set up such a program.

Additionally, we need volunteers with knowledge and experience in building fresh water marine reef around our island to create an environment for the native fish species to multiply. ( marine biologist ) is preferable.
we also need volunteers who is knowledgeable in organic agriculture, to carry out organic planting.
we need volunteers ( biologist )to assist in specific program like birds feeding, creating artificial nesting site for hornbill, improving our island land scape and expand our fleet of non motorise water sports like sailing and kayaking. training our foreign staff as nature guide.
The exact location of our island resort is Tasik Temengor Latitude 5,48109 Longitude 101,35849 on the google map.
The minimum duration for this volunteer programme is 2 months. please feel free to contact me if interested,

Thank you,
Steve Khong


5 Critical Issues


Social cohesiveness refers to the bonds of interpersonal attraction that link group members.

– developed with fun games

Task cohesiveness refers to the way in which skills and abilities of the group members mesh to allow optimal performance.

– To develop task cohesiveness, activities that allow the group members to assess one another’s talents, strengths and weaknesses are useful

(continue reading from “Roles and Norms” at _articles\fiveissues.pdf – below file references will always be preceded by ” c:\Users\goof\Documents\Downloads\erase\rainforest place in Malaysia\_TEAMBUILDING\”, whereby the contents of this folder have been uploaded to the above-mentioned team building folder.)


– explains rules of game well, but in a nurturing and not autocratic way. Important that everyone understands what’s at play and that it is all fun.

– ME: if get a group, try to get a report by its employer etc. to identify what weaknesses/problems it has (certain individuals or anything) in order to plan for a strategy and pick out appropriate games etc.

– for emotionally troubled or sensitive cases or bruised groups/relationships, teambuilding might be detrimental and cause people to bottle up and become defensive, cause teambuilding implies they have some problem. Better to help them or apply workshops or other means: If you focus on the problem it will become a battlefield. Instead focus on fun, new positive experiences and self-fulfilment. Encourage them to suggest their own fun things to do.

General Notes onTeamBuilding

– trail up to tower, they have five minutes to devise a strategy, then they are timed to see how long it takes until all of them are at the top of the tower. Make a spreadsheet for each team: how many people, average age, oldest person, time, number of guys&number of girls, special notes like if someone is in a wheelchair etc. Compare all this at the end against previous groups, print it out as part of package at end

– create groups of four for certain events. At the beginning ask everyone to answer the top four people they’d like to be in a group with, and the bottom four. Then shuffle it up appropriately. Tell them the story of when I was planting and got closer to people in smaller camps, and with people I wouldn’t normally hang out with. Learned to be less judgemental on first impression. Goal of weekend is for them to find some important things they didn’t know about members of this group and try to get to know them better. At end there can be a prize for the group that improved the most. Take picture of them as a group just as form them, and at the end, to show a comparison in the end video.

– team must decide on a name for themselves at some point

– think of conferences as well, since they have the projector upstairs. Perhaps can combine with my or another’s computer somehow. More pleasant environment for business people to generate creative thoughts, and can relax during the daytime with pleasant activities.

– throughout the weekend or whatever encourage people to offer their feedback to help me improve it. Bottom line is they should enjoy their time here while being challenged, develop and learn something valuable. Need to have a tightish schedule to pack in the weekend, but have enough R&R periods so people can do own shit and enjoy themselves.

– consider reading up more on the psychological aspect of all this <Jung’s Man and His Symbols>, and perhaps offer some brief seminar at the beginning so that everyone knows what is at play and the overall purpose of the exercise (to increase productivity at work and personal work enjoyment of every member of the team).

– for each group, add to Excel file their names, age, their company, and the games applied to them, if they ever decide to come back. Perhaps some brief psychological profile of each person. Mention this in the sales website as part of promotion, and to convince the employer to send them back, so that can “continue with their development”.

– will obviously need to bring with me a notepad and pen etc. to make notes for further development of each person and other ideas (also for future teams). Consider getting a nametag for each person??

To do:

– clear an area at the top of the island by the water? Need room for a lot of this stuff.

– work on making a trail etc. on another island etc.

– put a lot of this stuff on the web later, to show what we offer???

– check out games and stuff at




– think of one with roles, props and a task. People must vote to decide who takes which role/function, and then work together to accomplish the task. Think about looking up some murder mystery games for that purpose? Voting forces groups to agree on some consensus – need to come to some agreement and learn how to work together etc.

– can expand into some sort of a play, people choosing roles that help them develop their weakness, dress up for, create their own script? Or supply them with some script ideas to help save time (give them time limit to prepare..).

– look up “survival games”. Learn how to think together to decide. Some examples here: c:\Users\goof\Documents\Downloads\erase\rainforest place in Malaysia\_TEAMBUILDING\\01_activities and exercises\_Survival Scenario Exercise\

– group decision exercise where each member first decides on their own and then group comes to a consensus and then can compare the two to show everyone the power of group decisions to the extent of each person has some knowledge, so combined is stronger. Illustrate this advantage to teach them to value the group more.

Possible Debrief Questions

  • How were decisions made?
  • Who influenced the decisions and how?
  • How could better decisions have been made?
  • Did people listen to each other? if not why not?
  • What roles did group members adopt?
  • How was conflict managed?
  • What kinds of behavior helped or hindered the group?
  • How did people feel about the decisions?
  • How satisfied was each person with the decision (ask each participant to rate his / her satisfaction out of 10, then obtain a group average and compare / discuss with other groups’ satisfaction levels)
  • What have you learnt about the functioning of this group?
  • How would you do the activity differently if you were asked to do it again?
  • What situations at work/home/school do you think are like this exercise?

– look up “problem solving puzzles” for groups, where they are provided with certain props and a problem to solve. Learn to brainstorm and work together. If fail or whatever open up discussion later to analyse it all and learn from it.

– possibly a good idea to always sit down after every game and discuss how it went and brainstorm about what happened and how it could have been improved; everyone’s natural role and so on; weaknesses/strengths

– in certain games can try to set it up like a tender, meaning that the group has to guess how long it will take them (possibly other factors) and try to accomplish their estimate (to imitate bidding on a project). Can even try to think up scenarios where the different groups bid and compete against one another for a project. Afterwards discuss everything and compare bids. Perhaps think about preparing a presentation and give that in front of the other groups. Presenters can be voted in by each group. Don’t mention “price”. Group discussion later analyzing each presentation and offer. Get higher marks if their tender price is higher but presentation and arguments made are good enough to win. Groups must submit all their points in writing first and their presentation stick to that, so that other groups cannot steal their ideas.

– have one game which develops presentation skills. Perhaps like Sonya’s debating class thing. They choose their own topic and have to sell the group on it.

– see if can develop own “Zoom” game, where you hand certain pictures to people, each member (or small subgroup) holding the picture must conceal it, and then the rest have a discussion about what they saw to eventually decide what order the pictures should be in to complete the story. Try to make own and more interesting version of this and build on this concept.

– to get ideas, can ask groups to come up with their own team-building exercises. Explain that the purpose is to work on their weaknesses, develop certain skills, and build the team as a whole. Can use previous ideas they have heard of or took part in, but should try to develop it further. Will first want to discuss their weaknesses, and what they like etc. So can tailor-design the games/exercises for their group only. Afterwards present it before all the other groups and then open to discussion: criticism/suggestions etc., and if any group wants to try it. If like it make notes yourself for future teams. Can call it “milking your brain”, for fun. Groups get evaluated on: how well they identify their weaknesses; creativity in coming up with a solution; presentation of their concept. Perhaps ask them to present their concept in written form as well (so I can steal it for future teams, heh heh).

– (sub)groups should get assessed for each activity and then the relative total scores compared at the very end. At this point can open up discussion of why they won, what everyone learned, ideas for improvement etc. When forming groups should match up people to address their weaknesses, such as person A doesn’t get along with person B etc., so will need a period of research beforehand. Get input from the employer, than combine with some personality tests etc. Issue prizes at the end based on landmark accomplishments, as already mentioned somewhere on this page (most personal development; most advances in overcome relationship obstacles with certain people etc.)

– in addition to some game where each person identifies their weaknesses (could be good at the beginning for me to get an idea what I should focus on, but to introduce those weaknesses to others – help in group bonding) with suggestions how to deal with it (always get them to write up a report so that I can analyse and use it later, but also about weaknesses concerning others and how they might solve this (perhaps allow this second part to be submitted anonymously – or people can check a box if they would be happy to mention it themselves, or me). For the report about themselves, the written one can be deeper and more extensive than what they present later…

Strings, washer, ball, cup

– good game but needs space – best if groups can compete against one another at the same time

1. Form the participants into teams of 5 –7 each.
2. Give a washer with strings to a team and instruct each team member to hang onto a string.
3. Place a ball on the washer. If the ball falls off the washer they must start again.
4. The team must work together to place the ball in the cup, can, etc. on the other side of the room.
5. One or more teams can do this at the same time as a timed event or one team at a time with observers. Teams can try again if they want.
6. Observers should watch for communication, leadership, and team work skills.

Grapefruit Neck Race

Good acquaintance game where you have groups in a row who pass grapefruits down the row, racing to see which group gets it to the other end first. Needs to be equal boys/girls.

Asshole – the card game – call President and Coffee Boy

– puts different people in different roles/hierarchies of the company to get a feeling what its like. Download < instructions. The president can tell the bottom dude to bring coffee etc?

– think about having different chairs with different roles/hierarchies and play around with a bit

– for example, one role in the company might be the psychologist or something who has to reveal something embarrassing about themselves at the beginning of each hand

The Tallest Tower

standing tower they can with the supplies given.

The Tallest Tower helps illustrate the importance of collaboration and communication and often ends with an aha! moment when teams realize they are not collaborating as well as they could be.

You will need some low-cost building supplies such as: paper cups, plates, popsicle sticks or coffee stirrers, and tape, and there is some setup required before you begin.

For details on how to lead this activity with your team, see the full instructions at: The Tallest Tower Team Building Activity

Lowering the helium stick :

a group is required to use they’re index fingers to lower the stick to the ground. It is a rather tricky as the stick tends to rise rather than go down. It requires team work and strategic planning in order to achieve the goal.

I guess try to get the stick to touch the ground, along its entire length, at the same time.

Under attack by aborigines

ME: take them on a nature walk to neighbouring island. Make some sort of scenario with actors and story, and after horrifying ordeal and back at comfortable, safe surroundings, have a discussion: who instinctively acted as leader; discuss strengths and weaknesses of each person. Give them some sort of task to resolve on the adventure island. Make it fantasy and get them to live it. Perhaps dress them up in certain ways. “Warn” them about potentially scary animals on the island etc (also seriously).


Split into teams etc.

Blindfold hunt :

This can be executed as an indoor or outdoor activity. In this various object are scattered around and one participant is blindfolded and his/her partner is guide him/her to the objects, verbally.


Short, fun, physically engaging energizer and laughter-generating activity
Pick your time, place and group.  e.g., works well half-way through a backpacking trip with female adolescents
Everyone lays down so that their head rests on another person’s tummy; the group should all be interconnected by heads and tummies.
Set a mock “serious” tone
Optional: Eyes closed
The challenge is NOT to laugh
The other part of the challenge is for the first person to say out loud “Ha!”  The second person says “Ha-ha”, and so on
The groups tries to see how far the “Ha” gets along the line before someone laughs
After a few attempts, this generally descends into a crescendous wave of uncontrollable laughter

Multi-Way Tug-of-War

Refer to

– important that teams can cooperate to gang up against other teams etc. Change tact at any time. Tell them they can have secret codes for themselves and plan in advance. Best of three or whatever, and let them rest and strategise in between.

Chair Game

Active, physical engaging variation on “musical chairs”; can entertain a group for hours
Place chairs in a tight circle, with the chairs touching  each other.
Have 1 person stand in the middle – there is now a vacant chair
The person in the middle tries to sit in an empty seat
The group prevents the person by someone moving seat, creating a new vacant seat
The game moves fast — due to the strategic “bum-shuffling” by the group, the place of the empty seat is in constant movement, like a Mexican wave, changing directions, tempting, then moving fast – or instantly appearing on the other side if a bold cross is made by someone
Eventually the person in the middle makes a successful lunge for a seat (it can get very dramatic), the group member who was aiming for the seat (group consensus) now goes in the middle
And so on….

Wobbly Broomstick

Dizzy shit dude! file:///C:/Users/goof/Documents/Downloads/erase/rainforest%20place%20in%20Malaysia/_TEAMBUILDING/

Giants, Wizards & Elves



– can think up some games where people are put in teams of two, one is blindfolded and they try to achieve some tasks. Perhaps several such teams compete at once, all going in one direction to get a certain object for their team, crossing the paths of the others, and get back to their partner (or other destination) as a finish line. Give everyone a certain amount of time to work out commands. When you say “go” perhaps each seeing person can turn over a card so they know what object their team needs to get. Perhaps the card will also state the end destination, different for each team (the distance traversed should be the same for each), always trying to cross the paths of others. An alternative is to do it in a circle, crossing from one end to another. Can put objects in the way, possibly make the minefield like a penalty (glass bottle that when knocked over must be put back up and person must hop on one leg and count to something etc. Less if just touch it?).

– could combine with obstacle course type thing where have to crawl under/over horizontal ropes and other stuff.
– hanging ropes or things can also serve as mine (don’t touch) etc.
– will obviously want to switch roles between walker and controller at some point.
– when teams are preparing, tell them they need special signals and to recognize each others voices, assuming will have everyone jumbling at once, heh heh.
– perhaps could combine it in some way with strings on the ground and obstacle course. If someone is so fast that they catch up and touch the person ahead of them, they have to switch place with a certain gap (so that the person behind has to work a bit to catch up).
– when blindfolding, might want to wear shades or something to protect eyes from poking sticks etc.

Bamboo Ball Obstacle Course

– cut a bamboo lengthwise in half and then into smaller segments. Give each smaller segments to each member. Then there is a small ball which rolls down this half pipe and the members must roll the ball along an obstacle course. Each person must plant their feet firmly and not move them while they are in control of the ball. The members must take turns in succession, so a line is formed and they go to the other end of the line as soon as they’re done with their turn. Maybe make a big circle obstacle course so that each team starts somewhere else and all teams must complete the circle, making it fair. Or one team does it and the others watch, to make it more fun. Perhaps do it to follow some string in the forest, over various stuff. If the ball falls the person how made it fall must walk five feet lengths backwards along the path and continue from there. Another person of their team (the previous person in succession) must always drop the ball into the bamboo gutter pipe.

– for added fun, perhaps the other teams could try to distract them and stuff.

String Spokes

– say the strings cannot touch the ground, to prevent the less competent from not taking part and letting the more competent to steer everything.

– make up some task that have to pick up something and move it somewhere else. Maybe a separate string closes something in order to pick up an object, and then release it elsewhere.

Group Mandala

– a psychological exercise in placing personal objects and moving them around and discussing how each person feels about the position of their object within the group (of objects). More at file:///C:/Users/goof/Documents/Downloads/erase/rainforest%20place%20in%20Malaysia/_TEAMBUILDING/, where should download< the links from within for further reading.

– interesting psychological study of dynamics of people within a group environment and should be studied further.

Balloon Frantic

Two to three inflated balloons per person are needed and a stopwatch.  Each person has a balloon, with the rest in a nearby pile.  Everyone begins bouncing their balloons in the air.  Every five seconds, another balloon is added.  See how long the group can keep the balloons bouncing before receiving six penalties.  A penalty is announced loudly (to create stress!) by the leader when a balloon hits the floor, or once on the floor, if is not got back into play within five seconds.  The leader keeps a cumulative score by shouting out “one”, “two”, etc.  When the leader gets to “six”, time is stopped.  After some discussion, the group tries to better its record with another attempt.

– can also have fun when blowing them up. More ideas at file:///C:/Users/goof/Documents/Downloads/erase/rainforest%20place%20in%20Malaysia/_TEAMBUILDING/


Survival Games

– The purpose of this is to show people that there is greater strength in a group working by consensus than as individuals choosing their own way. We all have some knowledge and if we pool that all together, we stand a better chance of survival in tough conditions.

– As you might imagine, decision by consensus is usually difficult to attain and will consume more time than other methods of deciding an issue. (As a group, try to make each ranking one with which all group members can at least partially agree. Learning to ‘give and take’ about the decision is also an important outcome.) As the energies of the subgroup become focused on the problem at hand (rather than on defending individual points of view), the quality of the decision tends to be enhanced. Research indicates, in fact, that this approach to problem solving and decision making results in a significantly higher-quality decision than by implementing other methods such as the use of majority power (voting), minority power (persuasion), and compromise.

– give 10 minutes for each individual to decide what order, 20 minutes for each group to discuss and choose the best option. Then use a point system to see how far they deviated from the US Coast Guard’s recommendation (one point for each that is away from their choice – so the lower the score the better). Show all and compare the individual scores against the group scores (assume group scored better) and have open discussion on the benefits of group discussions/consensus.

In the decision-by-consensus process, each subgroup member is asked to:
1. Prepare his or her own position as well as possible prior to meeting with
the subgroup (but to realize that the task is incomplete and that the missing
pieces are to be supplied by the other members of the subgroup).
2. Recognize an obligation to express his or her own opinion and explain
it fully, so that the rest of the subgroup has the benefit of all members’
3. Recognize an obligation to listen to the opinions and feelings of all other
subgroup members and to be ready to modify one’s own position on the
basis of logic and understanding.
4. Avoid conflict-reducing techniques such as voting, compromising, or giving
in to keep the peace and to realize that differences of opinion are helpful;
in exploring differences, the best course of action will make itself apparent.

– c:\Users\goof\Documents\Downloads\erase\rainforest place in Malaysia\_TEAMBUILDING\\01_activities and exercises\_Survival Scenario Exercise\ – Prisoner’s Dilemna – interesting case where two groups are separated and must decide if they will tell the truth or not, after they are told that their accomplice fully testified and that both will be let off easier if tell the truth. Pg. 10 – interesting case of order of importance of survival gadgets. The next case is also interesting but not so much. Two good survival tests.

– for the first survival test, after the group chooses the order of importance, if it is far from what order the US Merchant Marine chose, tell them how far off they were and then to do it again, but this time to analyse each item and think of what it could be used for, besides the obvious or what they are used to using it as in civilization; after discussing about that then think of what is the most important survival factors and consider which item would best serve those goals. Think out of the box… Prepare a speech before starting that some people are natural leaders, with confidence and it is easier for them to assert their assert their will; while others may be shy and rather step aside and let others make the decision, and not make waves. But “might does not make right” and it is better to pool ideas. Every idea and perspective counts to increase the chances of a group’s survival. Just because someone is confident does not mean they are right. In fact, their confidence can be a cause of their blindness, and asserting their opinion means they are serving their own pride than the interests of the group. So explain to them that it is in the interests of theirs and the group’s survival for such natural leaders to encourage the more shy to speak their minds (which applies in the work environment as well), while it is better for the shy people to try and assert their opinions more, because the increased chance of the group’s survival inevitably means the increased chance of their own survival (and asserting their opinions more at work will improve their chance of career advancement, as well as help the company be more competitive – ingenuity of thinking, more productive group work). Explain how it is not about competing against one another, or simply voting or stepping aside not to make waves, but about everyone working together as a team, encouraging one another, so that all ideas are put on the table to help the best decision to be made. Maybe take them out in the jungle somewhere to provide a setting to create an environment of survival and help them get into the right frame of mind. {This can also be mentioned for promotion – the fact that we have such environment at our disposal.}

– A function structure chart might be a “middle-of-theroad” approach to function analysis for many people. It is a good motivator because it directly demonstrates the usefulness of function analysis for completely understanding and solving a problem systematically, front to back, back to front, top-down and bottom-up. Talked about more in …

– c:\Users\goof\Documents\Downloads\erase\rainforest place in Malaysia\_TEAMBUILDING\\01_activities and exercises\_Survival Scenario Exercise\MoonExercise.pdf – another survival test, ranking 15 objects of what need most and decided by NASA

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What is Good for Fasting, Eating and Body Hair


Health Related Correspondence

So, how was your lent? How many days did you do the water-only fasting? How have you recovered from the lent? I haven’t received your e-mail regarding the republishing of your fasting article. Can it be placed here without links back: And here with 6 links back? May God bless, P.S. This Friday I am planning to take my first water-only fast – for one day only.


Pictures of my travels, Koh Phangan, Thailand

I believe I already answered this question but you did not respond back.

I asked from what pages will your six links out to me come from.

I can update the fasting page to include the latest information, as I always tweak and research information every year while fasting.

For your fast, I would suggest you try the lemon juice fast mentioned on my site. You can go 40 days of that without a problem. Then occasionally do a water only day, or a few days, sprinkling it like spice, if you like. It takes your body a while to get into fast mode and I don’t think one day of water only would really make a big difference, but it’s a nice start!

My fasting this year was relatively painless and managed about 6 days water only. I could have kept going but just didn’t feel like it. Maybe next year I’ll try to push that up higher.


Everything was fine except that I became rather weak… Especially sometimes when I abruptly stood up after sitting I had strong dizziness.

okay, will try to update my fasting page soon and then I’ll send you all the links.

Koh-Phangan-Thailand-1_CIMG0024Concerning dizziness, it is normal, because your body is switching to other resources for fuel, since it does not have glucose anymore. Glucose is quick energy, fat and other stuff which shouldn’t be there takes longer to process. You can work on the computer no problem, but physical stuff requires quicker energy. I learn to stand up slower and stuff, but my body has gotten used to it over the years. Another possibility is that your body is releasing toxins, and you get a flood of that. Each year you fast I find it gets easier, because I believe the body has gotten rid of lots of toxins, or perhaps it is becoming programmed and knows what to expect. It’s amazing, but what works well is to start your fast exactly the same time every year. I find my body expects it and is already making preparations!



heh heh, yah I do that once in a while – my hair treatment program. Used to do it every year during fasting, but I like longer hair and try to get it blonde. Rub pig fat and herbs into my scalp, heh heh. Was starting to fall out too much recently, so needed the treatment.

Pig fat & herbs!?!! Are you trying to grow hair or make a roast?? Hahahahahaha, I am funnnnnnny.

yer lucky I burst out laughing, otherwise I’d be forever upset that you teased about my o-so-sensitive hair!

Koh-Phangan-Thailand-1_CIMG0030I had to start using this Japanese syrum to stimulate the whatcha-ma-call-it in your scalp which produces hair pigment. Too much grey! Its ginger & chili . . . Pepper? Can’t remember, makes your scalp warm for about half an hour. Its expensive but you get a lot, in the end its less per year than dying it all the time. It says to use it twice a day, which I did at first but now I’m down to about once a week.

Yah I remember you mentioned something about that and wanted to ask you about it, but I thought it was some natural shit you could make in the kitchen?

Think my eyebrows are showing some grey and I definitely wanna nip my hair before it starts to do that. k

I’m a marvel of cell regeneration! (I think I caught it just in time, almost no grey at all now . . . Total improvement)


Time to time i have a problem with my kidney. Sometimes when i catch a cold and my immune system gets weaker this bacteria which lives in your body attacks the kidney and causes the pain. I finished the antibiotics, but i am eating probiotics (some 4millions of living organisms! in one capsule) and vitamin B. And for next 3 months I shouldnt be eating chocolate, sugar, yeast and cheese which means that i cant drink martini i love so much nor wine. I cant eat bread i love, although we didnt find a GOOD bread here yet. I dont think i can do that. Enough, i dont like talking about my health issues!

Koh-Phangan-Thailand-1_CIMG0089You should definitely read what I’ve compiled. Did I send you the links? For example, I read that antibiotics weakens your body in a horrible way. It’s all on the internet. If you read and understand it I am sure you will stop immediately and go the natural route. You need to strengthen your body. Your kidneys could be filled with garbage and you need to flush the shit out. You do the kidneys and liver at the same time. You can do a juice diet. Its supposed to be done twice a year. I do it once. Every spring I shit out a coffee cup full of cholesterol balls. They’re kinda rubbery and you can cut them with a knife. They are solid cholesterol. They make your liver less efficient, so when you eat the garbage in today’s society, the chemicals and all the crap just start to store in different parts of your body, and lead to all sorts of sicknesses. The liver is the front line filter. It’s like if I drove my truck half a million miles without bothering to change the gas filter, oil filter and oil. It would simply get clogged up with gewey gunk and the engine wouldn’t even be able to run anymore. People shine their cars and look after it well, but treat their bodies like expendable garbage. Koh-Phangan-Thailand-1_CIMG0106Of course the government and pharmaceutical industry certainly do not mind that you they typical “managed sick person“, paying all sorts of bills to stay alive. Lots of info about this on the net, and keeping your body clean like your truck/car in order is an ancient science. The government should be served a class action suit because it is not educating people about this, but glad that they just go to work, keep spending money, and get kickbacks from the medical industry. You may think its some conspiracy, but just think about it. I’ve read tons of stuff about it. So I hope you heed my advice and let me save your body. I’m calling myself Dr. Karel now. With the help of witchdoctor Jana I help solve a problem the foreman had where a nerve in the side of his face would pulsate with pain. Probably because all the drugs and acid he took in his youth. More than half his teeth have already fallen out because of his body’s acid imbalance. But now that I helped him heal himself, which the doctors could not, he can drink alcohol again, and I actually helped turn him into a monster (although before he would overcome his migraine by drinking 8 straight shots of hard liquor, to numb his pain, so that he could start drinking beer).

Yesterday i had a very good onion soup! Which almost made my stomach to explode. And i had fish and chips. The cod was very good too, too bad it was fried but it was at least fried fish;o)

Onion might create gas in your stomach. I would suggest you do a search on google for “kidney cleanse” and read like a madwoman for an afternoon, and learn what types of foods you should be eating etc.

Koh-Phangan-Thailand-1_CIMG0108I am so spoiled from Brussels and Prague. I am facing a problem in the food shops as i dont know what to buy and what to cook. Stuff i would like to cook is impossible to find ingredients for. Cranberry juice is impossible to get here. So at least i got a swiss made bio cranberry concentrate or sirup or whatever you call it so i mix it with water. that is good for kidneys. i will check you page about the fasting. It sounds good. i tried once but only for 1 day. i was drinking just water and i felt terrible, week and hungry and grumpy :oD I am sureit is good for the body though.

You gotta do it properly. You just shocked your body, and it was probably releasing a lot of toxins, but because you’ve never done it before you’re realising a lot, of all the crap from car exhaust etc. that’s been piling up in your cells, suddenly released into your stomach. It’s like if you drank half a cupfull of battery acid. It’s better to go into it slow and easy, eating fruits and yoghurt for example. It doesn’t have to be painful at all. I go into 8 days of water-only only after I’ve spent perhaps 25 days preparing my body by cleaning it easy. Now pain at all if you do it properly – its just the temptation of satisfying your tongue. But even that I figured out how to get rid of. It’s a cool science.

Concerning local foods, I find there is always around it. For example, in one really cool place, all that I could find was cans of sardines, tomatoes, hot green peppers, good bread, and beer. On the weekends I would make some spaghetti or something. Or have the occasional quality salami stick. But when you think about it, it was giving me pretty ok in terms of what my body needs to survive. It’s amazing, but I even read that perhaps a third of your energy is drawn from the air you breath. Your body takes the nitrogen, oxygen and carbon and creates the proteins itself. Apparently one dude inAsiawas sitting under a tree for 6 months just surviving off the air. CNN and all started coming out so he had abandon his dream to accomplish 2 years there. Perhaps he found another dream. Guess he had to go to McDonalds for a snack and energy in order to get to the next tree, eh? heh heh


Koh-Phangan-Thailand-1_CIMG0112i m reading your fasting article. it is fascinating and i want to do it. as you say spring is probably best for it. but what do you think of that sea salt drink now. i just finished the antibiotics two days ago. i am eating probiotics and vit B. living with Juan will not help as he LOVES meat esp. beef, yes i know it is terrible. what do i eat here in Bucuresti? I wil try to find rice and the pita bread? still waiting there? i will figure the pics out. but later.

either find links out from my site, or do a search on google for “healthy eating” or “healthy balanced eating” etc., study it and find stuff that are available around you. Don’t just eat at the hotdog stand cause it’s outside your house. Sometimes you may have to go on a trip and stock up certain things for a year. I buy certain things as I travel, and stock up. Know what your body needs etc.

If your body is screwed up, than you have to change the balance to compensate. Total science banana!

Koh-Phangan-Thailand-1_CIMG0123I eat meat too, but try to only have good quality lean stuff. Perhaps meat is okay now. Study the kidney thing. You can learn everything on the internet – I love it!

If you cut out meat, replace it with protein. Beans are good for that. Look up “vegetarian diets”. There’s a billion sites out there. Almost running outa internet time and soon switch to drinking time, before driving time, heh heh heh.


thanks and forwarded your info on how to stop your hair from turning grey/gray. He said he was going to try and get the stuff made here or something. If he’s successful I can see about getting it sent to you. Would definitely be cheaper than from Japan!

I just picked up a bottle of the refill, C$90! But it lasts a long time. It’s still cheaper than getting your hair dyed like four times a year. I’ve been using it for less than a year and it really works, I had like 12 grey hairs last year now I have like three and they are not as bright. I mean they have a little bit of colour in them. I swear by this stuff. The guy told me it’s Japanese but the company is Joico. It’s called re:nu Age DefyRe:nual Serum Oh, here’s the Japanese, “formulated by Shiseido” It comes with a dropper thing, you separate your hair and drop droplets on your scalp. Just enough to soak in, not like so its running down your head or anything. It gets kind of warm for about 20 minutes (there’s ginseng and some hot peppers in it). It’s not for your hair, it’s for your scalp. What it does is stimulate the cells in your scalp that are responsible for putting colour in your hair (melatonin? something like that, similar to the melanin that puts colour in your skin.) as we age these cells start to get useless, so this stuff kind of restarts them so they work again. The earlier you start using it the better it works. I was just barely starting to go grey so the cells were still working. If someone is already grey, they may find that 50 per cent of the cells can restart. I don’t think you can find this stuff in a drug store, I think you would have to go to a posh salon. It super duper good I think. I wouldn’t spend $90 on a refill if I didn’t totally see results in a year.


Koh-Phangan-Thailand-1_CIMG0136i know and thank you again for all this. i am a very lazy person when it comes to looking up things plus reading looong articals. i finished yours and it is amazing. another good friend of mine is telling me the same stuff. she is recommending me to use bio hemp or sunflower or pumpkin seed oil instead of listerine…i believe her but carrying mouth full of oil for 15minuts as it is recommended it is abit much for me….

Sounds gruesome, but perhaps better than the long term effects of a weak kidney or liver. I always experiment and ask around, research on the internet, and eventually find some natural way to heal myself etc. Perhaps take one thing out of my diet and replace it with another. I’ll always have McD’s bigmac, but just try to limit the junk and keep up the healthy. Eventually you’ll find good stuff that works for you. Definitely try to avoid antibiotics. I never use the stuff, and almost never get sick (occasionally only small cold). Look up “bowel cleanse” on the internet and I think you’ll stumble on some articles which talk about the horrible things which antibiotics do to your body.

i cant eat beans as it make my stomach upset, same with onions…

Just research “vegetarian sources of protein” and you should find stuff which works well for your body. The meat here inBulgariais crap. They milk from the cows until they are old and almost dead, then they use it for meat. Blah..

More correspondence on health.
All my tips and explanations on my General Health page.

SEO Tips: Text in the French Pages Doesn’t Work a Lot for English Google


Discussions Concerning Search Engine Optimization


If you’re ever running out of work, another side/backup job you could do is the following.

But it requires that you already know how to work with Expressions.

Basically, and consider this a secret, I save a lot of my correspondence and turn it into web pages. One of the secrets how to get one’s pages to the top of google is to have a lot of original text. Not plagarised from other websites. I have written a lot myself, but over the years I realised how much incredible amount of text I write in emails, not to mention the text that people write back to me. So I have been organising it into categories. It’s a bit of work to prepare it and create the outcome such as:

That’s just a random sample.


Pictures of my travels, Koh Phangan, Thailand

I set them up like wiki pages and point to my other pages from within the text.

I have a LOTof text I have not had time to deal with, and generally creating more pages on my site helps all around. It is important to keep doing this occasionally, and its been long enough, so this issue is getting a little bit important.
This is one of my main ways how I like to find work.

After that is the individual language pages, like I already wrote, but that is much more time consuming because you need to read and research a lot for each page, and then write the material from scratch.

With my way above all the text is already written so you can create the pages much faster.


thanks for the tips. Yes, I was thinking of getting my new proofreader to look over things once I’m done with the new French to English translation pages. From Czech to English I simply think there is not that much work out there.

My main entry page should be on the first page of google for “translation service” (about 25 million results). I plan to fix up that page so it looks a bit like translation-service-usa’s. For individual language combinations I need to make individual pages, which then all point to my main agency’s page.

I didn’t have to pay to get my pages high up, but a LOT of work was required, and certainly a LOT more than simply meta tagging.



Thanks Karel, I’m trying to build up my website using Joomla! which seems pretty good to create a professional design and manage the content easily, thanks to the templates. Anyway, I’m reading a lot of marketing books at the moment, trying to pick the best approach to attract direct clients. I’ll definitely contact you for some help climbing up the google rankings. I noticed your website is on the first page of results when typing “czech to english translation” on – Pretty Impressive!!! Did it cost you actual money to achieve that or is it just a clever use of meta tags? With such visibility, I honestly find it hard to believe that you don’t have more work that you can handle. I can see 3 ways to improve your CV webpage though: – I noticed a few mistakes, such as “database of more than 7,000 translators the world over” -“over the world”, etc. which might put off the customers. Maybe give the whole page a good thorough proofread, it cant hurt.

– definitely try “modernizing” the design, to make it look more “corporate”. This helps to build a solid, serious image and is very comforting for the clients.
– Finally, and this is just my personal opinion, I believe it might help a lot to offer your services as an agency rather than as a single individual. I would use these websites as templates :



This is what I intend to do, even though I only work in one language pair. You have the added benefit of actually representing an agency, so definitely use it as an advantage. Of course, these are just suggestions to help you out, I’m only a beginner in the field so what do I know. But this is the approach I would – and will – take myself.


glad that we can move forward with this. Is the Artisteer a free application? If so I can recommend it to the other translators. I think we can combine forces somehow. For the other languages and a markup I would suggest you just forward me the emails. You would have a record that you forwarded it to me, and I would save the email in a special “commission” folder. If some work comes from that customer, I would charge a little bit more to cover your commission.

I see that your page has a non-existent PR, so we need to slowly work on that. For a starters I would suggest you set up an account with google and go to their Webmaster Tools, and submit your site there. I would like to propose a link exchange, where you would link to my French to English Translations Page. I will link to your page as well and it will help increase PR (Page Rank – over time.

You also need to change your Title to something like “Alexandre.. – English to French Translations Translator”, and use the same words in your Description and Keyword meta tags. Right click on any of my pages and select View Source to see how it should look (at the very top). These “meta tags” are within the <head> </head> section.

For a free html editor I would suggest html kit, as it colours the text for you and makes it easy to edit. ctrl+s to save and then F5 refresh in your browser to see what the page will look like before you upload it from your computer.

Then you will need lots of text. The more the merrier. Each page you create should have a maximum of between 20,000 and 40,000 characters. You might take a look at



for an example. Please keep these tips a secret. I use email correspondence for added text. You then link from keywords in the text to your other pages, occasionally (let’s say at most 3 outlinks per page) to an external, high PR site ranking high on google, but which does not compete against you (such as free translation or French dictionary websites). You can install Google Toolbar on Firefox or IE to see a page’s PR, or the SeoQuake plugin for Firefox. Perhaps you could use some source text for translations in the past (if you want to rank high in the French language, you should keep all those French language pages in a special folder, or in a subdomain might be better – keep the languages separate). Important is that it must be ORIGINAL CONTENT and not published elsewhere on the net. You can use to determine that. Then you need a lot of “backlinks” to you, to help push up your PR. The higher your PR, the higher you will rank on google. The bank links should be from such keywords as “English to French Translations Translator” or “English to French translations” etc. (not always the same – perhaps 3 different sets). For this you can try something like to submit your site to high PR directories. Don’t forget, probably the most important. Best is if you submit a domain (such as and not a buried link (such as Domains can cost about 10 bucks a year, so definitely worth it. Many directories will not allow buried links.

In exchange for all this and future help, I would like a link from your main/entry page to my French to English Translator page (it will only help your rankings, because it uses the same keywords – even though in the opposite direction), and to use your postal address as a sort of virtual office. To verify it google will send you a postcard with a pin code. We would both publish it as our office (you are allowed to connect as many as ten websites to this address). You do not need to worry about people coming to pound on your door. It’s just a little trick in the rankings. Even if someone did come to your door and ask for a French to English translation service, you can refer them to me and I’ll give you commission on the earnings.



Another backlink service I recently started using is It costs 17 bucks a month and I think it is worth it. Moneyback guarantee if you are not happy with the results after two months.

Another service I’ve used in the past is, where they can submit your site to 500 directories for some 50 bucks. Most of the directories are probably crap, but in time they could gain substance. In any case, it seems to have helped the pages I wanted to promote and a good bang for the buck.

These are some of the basics to get you started. I’ll guide you more as you progress. Have fun!



Okay, I thought about what you said about SEO. Since you mentioned it takes a LOT of time to get the website up the rankings in google I thought it might be wise to upload an index page as soon as possible to get things rolling, assuming that it’s enough for you to work your magic. I have uploaded a “front page” of what will eventually become my website. The address is http://www.allfrench Only the various “contact us” links pointing to my email work at this time. I will improve the texts and create the other pages when I have some more time on my hands. If you’re interested about the design, I recommend you check out an application called “Artisteer” (it’s a template builder). It took me 10 minutes to create the html template, a bit more to design the logos (I used The Logo Creator). Both applications are available on the “usual” download sites (wink wink). I welcome your advice regarding SEO and setting up referrals. If you scroll down, you’ll notice I put a “other languages” section, this is where I intend to create the referral to your agency. I have no idea what is the best approach with this. Is it better to sell it simply as “contact our partner” or to put a Kenax banner directly? I thought maybe I could create an email adress specifically for this on my server and automatically forward a copy of the emails that land there to your mailbox. That way we could both see the project offers and decide together how to handle them. I’m not sure about this though and open to your suggestions. Again, I am not interested in dealing with other languages at all and would rather focus solely on my own translations. If we’re taking referral fees on each other’s work though we’ll need a way to know which offers came from which page. My approach with this website is to look big like an agency while still remaining a freelance translator. I’ll send all the non English to French work to you and I’ll find some other qualified English to French translators to handle the subjects I cannot handle myself (law, pharma, etc.) I’d definitely rely on you too with projects involving software localization like Jade Dynasty to process the files and technical stuff like that. There should be plenty of work for everyone. I have taken a look at google’s first page with “English to French translation” and the current results are pretty weak. I honestly think that if we make it to the first page, we’ll get so much work that we’ll have to unplug the phones! Anyway, I really think we can pull it off, English to French is a huge market and, with good visibility and quality work, we’re bound to attract tons of customers. I look forward to hear your attack plan!




Artisteer isn’t free but you can get cracked versions for free. I am familiar with html and meta tags, I use KompoZer which is an open source editor offered by the same guys who came up with firefox/thunderbird. Thanks for the PR tips, though some of this doesn’t seem clear to me. How does the number of characters on the page influence the PR? If you type “English to French translation” in, on the first page you’ll see this:  

the only way that is possible is with a lot of backlinks, and they probably pay for a lot of them. It is difficult to build up backlinks, but without them the text on the page is a free approach and works, or at least helps.

No, do not hide the text because google can tell and will penalise your page for “black hat tactics“.

I know it can look a bit cheesey but most people won’t scroll down the page, and if they do, and bother to read the text, its not the end of the world. For my French to English page I wrote about the history ofFranceand the language etc. I cannot imagine that giving a very bad impression.



This for example has no text at all! Are you sure about this? I want a keep a professional yet simple website so that the information is displayed with clarity. Adding 20-40k characters seems somehow counterproductive. Does it have to be “displayed” or is it okay to hide it in the source code? I can’t let you use my postal address as a virtual office for the simple reason that I myself already use an address that isn’t directly mine. I am registered in France but currently live in the UK. I usually move to a different country every 6 months or so to discover new horizons.

Any postal address will help me/us. Without that it does not really make sense for me to spend the time to help you and the other translators push their websites to the top of google when I can spend the time focusing on my own pages. If you move every six months then we can use each address. They send you a postcard, site is verified, and no customer ever goes there. I have “offices” like this all over the world and no one has ever said they are approached by people.

I can put a link on the front page though but I don’t see the point since I already told you I would forward the non English to French work to you. Do you have a banner or something?

The point is that your link to me is a backlink and helps my pages. Hence profit for me to spend the time helping you push up your website. Without that there is very little benefit for me.

Anyways thanks for the tips, I’ll get started with this.

Feel free to contact me if you would like help with Search Engine Optimization.
For more discussions on SEO.

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