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How to organize music on your phone


I like to move certain songs into specially named folders to organize my music. If you do this you can use a freely downloadable program, such as TagScanner (, open up the contents of an entire folder, select all (ctrl+a) files in the folder and type in or select something for Genre. Takes a few seconds to change the tag of all. Once you transfer the songs to your phone the software should be able to make a playlist of all songs of the same genre. If it uses “categories” or some other name, you can find another way to bridge the gap using TagScanner (or other software – you should be able to find lots at

More of my computer tips.

How to Search Engine Optimize your WordPress Blog and Transfer your Existing Blogger Account


The following were instructions for a client after his google blogger account was transferred to WordPress, regarding its new search engine optimization and transfer of SEO from his blogger as well.


Here are some initial notes on your new WP:

– what is the purpose of the blog? I’ve been learning a lot about increasing conversions and if you want these submitted articles to lead to some sales, this needs to be evident on every page.

Looking at your existing plugins:



WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

I activated yours with my code. This helps stop spammers (SEO trollers) from posting garbage comments on your site. Less to deal with. I assume you will be the only one posting articles and suggest I can set it so no one else can become an author (increased security) and that commenters do not need to register to leave a comment. The comments will come to you by email, and if you see one that’s useful you can press the weblink to approve it. Good comments are good, because they add useful info, shows interaction, and updates the page occasionally with new comment. Someone else working for you. Google likes fresh and frequently updated pages, so it boosts your rankings.

Blogger Importer and Categories to Tags Converter Importer

My guess is your guy used these to import and no longer needs them. Better to uninstall (I can do all this but just need your approval for each point – above and below) any plugins you no longer use, because they can slow down the server/your pages loading, which is not good for google.


Pictures of my travels: Coastal-rock-formations-near-Paphos-Cyprus_0070

Configurable Tag Cloud

Maybe ask your guy what this is for. Seems unnecessary and I may have better options.

Hello Dolly

I always delete this. Comes as default with every installation and I see no point to it (slowing down server..).


Again, useful?

Registered Users

Seems unnecessary and can replace it with better plugins.

SEO Blogger

If it does what it says, perfect. Can you give me your blogger address so that I can check? Once its been switched no more need for the plugin, so would suggest uninstalling it.

Under Construction

Suggest uninstall.



WP Google Maps.

Do you plan to have maps on your site? If not I’d recommend uninstalling this. Besides, you can put in maps using normal html techniques (I can show you how) and don’t need a plugin, especially if it will be a rare incident.


Attached you will find a Word file called “WP Text” which I wrote for some Africans I was making webpages for as part of my charity project. I set them up an Author account in the WP so that they could make new pages easily (on top of the main one I made for them). You should follow the same principles.

Continuing from that, the below explains the following plugins I installed:

All in One SEO Pack

Refer to attached file I mentioned whenever making a new post. You can go back to old posts and add these. Will help with SEO. Best to open up the output pages in another tab and use the SEO Quake I mentioned to find out the most common keywords, and preferably use those in some combination within your page’s Title, Description and Keywords. The Description should not be exactly like the title but a few more extra words added, different each time. For Keywords use the important words in the title, separated by a comma.

Before I activate the plugin I need to know what you want for Title, Description and Keywords for the main entry page.


For this and other security plugins, refer to How to Set up and Properly Secure WordPress.



Contextual Related Posts

Adds “related posts” links at the bottom of each post. Good to give readers an option to surf the rest of your site. If you don’t like any of these just tell me and I’ll uninstall them.

Custom Headers and Footers

Useful but also because I need to put a google analytics script (and possibly others) into the header (not seen by the viewer) so we can get these important stats.

Enhanced Linking

This is by Zemanta, which I have been informed of recently. Seems good. One of their tools (another explained below). Makes it easy to link to important third part sites (most of the time wiki pages – as I explained should be good and safe). Best to interlink most (explained below), but a few links outside of your site (per page) is good in the eyes of google. They want the traffic to flow and you not to be so selfish and closed pointing only to your own links.

Google XML Sitemaps

Very important, as now every time you add a new page or post this widget will inform google and other search engines of it.

SEO Smart Links

A great plugin and automates the interlinking of your pages automatically, just like wiki does and which really helps with rankings. Check out the plugin under Settings and make sure you understand. For example, lets say you had a post talking about names, and the post was focused on the keyword names. With this plugin you can set it so that, for example, every time “name” or “names” is mentioned in some post, it will automatically link from that word (or words) to that particular post. You can play with over time every time you write an important page like this that you would like linked to.




I have not activated this plugin but something you might consider to get your viewers interacting more. The more they interact the more they are likely for an eventual conversion/sell.


Easy tool to help you add pictures to posts, link out to third party pages (a few per page is good), and add tags that relate to your site.

Some Notes


If you go to Settings > Permalinks I would suggest choosing “Day and Name”, in case you accidentally choose the same title twice. But I see the guy changed it to Custom as the post title, which is good enough if you never use the same title. As

permalinks is good because it uses the Title for the web address, strengthening the keywords boost.

Use Headings, when you can, in your post



In Word you can go to Tools > Customize > Keyboard button > Styles, then choose a shortcut key for each of Heading 1, 2 and 3. I like to use Alt 1, 2, 3. Make different heading levels when starting new sections, and focus on the usual keywords for that page. Proper use of keywords in headings helps with rankings. Much of the formatting in Word transfers well into WP, and often easier to write your posts offline in Word. The attached file < explains some points about formatting in Word and which formatting gets lost when transferring to WP.

Social Share

Noticed you had this at the bottom of each post. Good but could not find the plugin for it. Would suggest changing to an AddThis widget as I have, for example, at

It includes the new G+ google social sharing button and I have a feeling that this will become increasingly important, as google has started heavy with this not long ago, after a long beta phase.

Update frequently



For security measures good to update once in a while – both the WP itself and the individual plugins. I find that sometimes updating the security problems can cause problems, so best practice is to backup the database first. I installed a Backup widget to facilitate this but have not activated it yet, as I have not used it myself, but it has a good rating among other users. If something happens, you can always use the backup to go back to a previous state.

Copyright Content

And lastly, please do not post this text or the attached file, as I would like to post it myself eventually. If you have interesting email communication with anyone on the subject of your site, you can post that as well. All original content is a big plus in google’s eyes, which logs who posted the site first and credits them more. If a high traffic site nabs it quickly they can potentially take it from you, but hopefully the Sitemap plugin will resolve that. Otherwise disabling feeds is an option.


Okay, will add some google analytics script now and let it sit for a few days. I’ve given you plenty of homework and feel free to ask me questions. These points are all important for SEO or whenever adding new posts. Good that you left blogger and moved to WP, because you can really get down to custom nitty gritty and the blogger tool is quite limited. Used it for a while, but kept my pages there, as they do serve some purpose (was experimenting).

Happy playing!



Followed the footsteps of someone who had converted a google blogger account to a WordPress blog – good idea, since blogger is quite limited for SEO purposes. He used the following plugins:

Select Blogger Importer Blogger ImporterActivate | Edit | Delete Import posts, comments, tags, and attachments from a Blogger blog.Version 0.4 | By wordpressdotorg | Visit plugin site
There is a new version of Blogger Importer available. View version 0.5 details or update now.
Select Categories to Tags Converter Importer Categories to Tags Converter ImporterActivate | Edit | Delete Convert existing categories to tags or tags to categories, selectively.Version 0.5 | By wordpressdotorg | Visit plugin site


Further correspondence with the client and explaining certain points in greater detail.



Oh yah, and forgot Post Ratings plugin where readers can vote on articles. Could be good for interaction. Want that?

*Akismet* — Yes, I will be only author. Fine on the non-registration of comments too.

Okay, made all these changes. People who want to post comments do not have to register but you have to approve their comment, which you receive by email or can see in the dashboard. All thse settings can be changed any time.

*Jetpack — *I used it for looking at visits, views, stats, etc. If there is a better option, fine with me!

Checked it out and would suggest removing it. Already got hooked up with google analytics [GA] and that shows much more powerful and knowledgeable stats. I can give you access to peruse it. I also set up google webmaster tools, for further stats, research and problem reporting.

For the site itself you might consider using the Views widget/plugin, available on all my blog pages (I use it to easily post new content), such as on



Like the Recent Post, just another way people might click on an article (most read). The widgets/these menus would appear according to the style of the theme, and you can place such content anywhere.

*QUESTION:* * * *1) You asked about what words I want in the title, Description and keywords for main entry page. Not sure where this is or what exactly.*

With any page you right mouse click on and select View Page Source, you should see the title, description and keyword METAs at the top in the header. These appear in the search results on google, and are used for searching, so rather important. We should probably brainstorm over what keywords you are really after (although I think we already did do this, so I can dig up my previous notes). The strategy all grows from there. You need to know what keywords your customers are using to find you. Did I already mention to you this free service?

<oops, can’t reveal all my secrets for free!>

Good to study and play with to get an idea what keywords people are using to fnd your service.



*2)  Update frequently?  update what?*

When you log in as administrator to WP you will see little statements or signs that things need to be updated. Such as the version of WordPress, which they update frequently, also for security reasons. But better practice to backup first, if possible. Then plugins should be updated too, and you will see little warnings in their places. Also next to the Plugin menu. You can update a bunch at once.



*Finally:* * * *Love the idea of the WP Polls. I use them on FB a lot and folks like them! Cool.
Activated, so play away. You can put in posts or into the frontpage. The frontpage can be easily changed.

*Go with Social Share is fine with me. I am on Google+, but don’t use a lot yet.*

Okay, so keep this as is. Looking forward to watch it grow! Karel


I reset permalinks to day and name.

Looks like you switched it yourself. Keep in mind that this loses all the previous pages and you are basically starting at the very beginning of everything. Which would be fine considering the small amount of your traffic, but WAIT! Now I fear the referral links from blogger will be pointing to nothing, so I guess you should reconsider this. The script he had in custom is now gone and would need to be replaced if you want to go to the previous system. It might be better to go back to the previous and just make sure never to duplicate. Or you can try to duplicate on purpose and I imagine it will inform you of the duplication and require you to use something else.

Which do you suggest?  The plugin or XX?

Plugin is easier but with XX you can hit a lot more people, but will require you set up accounts at all those services and give XX your username and password for each of them. Not absolutely painful but for 40 services could take roughly 8 hours.

Please feel free to contact me concerning my search engine optimization services.
I can also help you set up WordPress, Web Design, programming, databases and so forth.


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A German Would Never Work for the Price of Czech Translators


Email correspondence on the subject of translations among translators.

Could you handle Czech <- German pharma text translations for 300 CZK/NP?

Hi Petr I’d have to approach my translators, as I haven’t had translation from or into German for a long time. But over the years I get an increasing number of applicants. Looked in the database and found the following: German to Czech 23, last applicant end of 2008 Czechto German 5, possibly only one of them native German So certainly zadna velka slava. Doesn’t look very hopeful that I’d be confident about producing quality at this price, but one never knows. I also know places where I could advertise for more translators. If you have a lot of work I can go through the procedures of approaching everyone and testing them etc. cau dude, not exactly sure what you are asking but I’m always up for some cooperation.


beautiful-Czech-girls_HTX3 (Photo credit: tree planting)

Concerning translations from Czech to English of pharmaceutical stuff, I can do this myself for 250 Kc/page but doubt I’d be able to find other translators for this price and still make it interesting for myself. Especially if you want quality. What language combinations were you interested in? If there is a lot of repetitions (of sentences and/or phrases), using my software I can bring the price down. For my travel truck I believe I could accommodate all of you, or help you get cheap accommodation. Best would be to talk about it a bit and work out the details. Karel

Hi Karl! What’s up? No, I apparently wrote the references in the Czech section and I seem to be there the only one… Vacation on Cyprus – sounds great, I have a family though – can you accommodate 2 people and 1 two-years-old? Karl, what are your nowadays activities? I would be glad if we could again get together and perhaps find some cooperation. FYI, I still want to focus on analytic chemistry; guess what, I will have a co-funding for a European project called Oligosynt (you may find info on– just type in “Oligosynt”). This project is related to DNA-microarrays. The finances are relatively small but it is a start – wanna go into more European projects, so if you have an idea, I’d be glad you considering me as a partner. Karl, I am still occasionally doing translations for the chemical university in Prague. Its my minor activity but recently I had been asked to translate approx. 100-150 pgs. I think I would manage it if I could do it full time but I’m afraid of my capacity, since I will parallelly have work on the Oligosynt project + other.


beautiful-Czech-girls_62774 (Photo credit: tree planting)

In the same time, I may get translation work from a pharmaceutical company and I wonder if you’d be willing to cooperate. I.e. you still have a database of translators throughout the world that could translate for a reasonable price, correct? In particular, translators specialized to pharma/medical/chemistry fields? In the same time, you mention some translating technology, which I did not fully understand (you have many links on the web that I really get confused) – you wanted to “license??” to prospective agents, correct? Frankly, translations have never been my major focus, but as the time evolves, I do it and I do want to keep on to some extent. Nevertheless, I do not want to get involved in the development of all the IT and organization (one has to really dedicate to it to be successful) and since I know you have been good in it why not joining forces? Now, I believe it is not a question of capability but will, capacity and price. Can you comment on whether you’d be interested and what capacity you’d have? As for price, I believe I could offer you 250 CZK per NM (I know you used to be more expensive but trust me obtaining work now from the pharma company requires to be competitive (meaning to have a lower price than the competition)). Can you respond whether this is interesting to you. And another question – what languages could we reliably manage? Karl, I am sincerely looking forward to your quick response (I should be submitting my offer to the pharma company asap – the best tdy – I have already procrastinated 1 week as I was doing other things) How are you? Back in Prague?

English: Knowledge of German language in EU wi...

English: Knowledge of German language in EU with Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland and Turkey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

nope, still on Cyprus. Just setting up bogus local branches for google through my friends’ addresses around the world. If yer ever up for a cheap vacation, we could have beer at my place. Right now though may possibly make a move to Greece for the winter, working on a friend’s house. Did you write a review on the English or Czech google ad? I don’t think I saw a review from you on the English one. Since I seem to be the first bird on your google ad, you better check whether this is the sort you expected. If you’re based near Riegerovy sady, perhaps, we could sometimes have a beer there. What do you say?

I see, I like your goals. What are the tax rates on Beliz?

well, I once got this job which earned me about a hundred thousand bucks in a month, when the dollar was worth 36 Crowns or something. My accountant said I can go ahead and give about 60% of that to the Czech government, to which I responded, “Yah, right.”

I think the annual taxes in Beliz are about a hundred bucks, no matter how much you make. Rather amiable. The problem is you have to go through a middle person to set it up, and I went through another middle person before that middle person, so I was paying about a thousand a year. But I’ve had so little work the last two years I couldn’t pay anything, and eventually they told me the company no longer exists. But I keep using the number. It all seems like a joke. Especially since I travel around in a truck, use either my Canadian or Czech passport when it’s convenient (now even when crossing borders), have bank accounts in various countries… in short, I’m quite the criminal. k

OK, thanks, let us see. I will meet with my friend, who’s active with pharma companies and let you know. Your company KENAX/you are no longer registered in CZ, correct? Where is your tax registration nowadays?

I’m now registered in both Czech and Beliz. Czech taxes were killing me. But once I pay off what I owe them, I’d like to start bidding on EU translation tenders. Requires that all my taxes are paid up. I usually use my Beliz registration and my Czech one is sleeping peacefully at the moment. k

For a great translation service, web design, programming and the works, check out KENAX!

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How to Set up and Properly Secure WordPress


I once struggled to remove a virus from my website and in the process learned much about WordPress security.


WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

There are a few simple things you can do to greatly increase security. The most important is to update frequently (there are plugins which can automate this process, including backing it up somewhere), install a few security plugins (listed below), and if possible change the table prefix from the default ‘wp_’ to something else (explained below). I prepared the following for myself every time I set up a new WordPress and is compiled from several sources. Happy blogging!

On this page:

Installing WordPress
Securing wp-includes
Basic .htaccess Rules
Rename the database prefix pre-installation only!
Hide version info
Don’t allow search bots to browse your directories
Disable user registration.
Delete the readme and any unnecessary files.
Change the database prefix on a live site
Synopsis Written Out
Security Plugins


Installing WordPress

Note that if you are on a shared-server the permissions of your wp-config.php should be 750 [although WP itself says 400 or 440, which makes more sense]. It means that no other user will be able to read your database username and password. If you have FTP or shell access, do the following:

chmod 750 wp-config.php :

Stoliv Montenegro How to Set up and Properly Secure WordPress

Pictures of my travels, Stoliv, Montenegro

Adding server-side password protection to /wp-admin/ adds a 2nd layer of protection around your blog’s admin area, login, and files. This forces an attacker or bot to attack this 2nd layer of protection instead of your actual admin files. Most of the time WordPress attacks are carried out autonomously by a malicious software bot. But simply securing the wp-admin/ directory might also break some WordPress functionality, because the Ajax handler wp-admin/ajax-admin.php and other files can’t be accessed without the password. See the #Resources section for more documentation on how to password protect your wp-admin/ directory properly.

Securing wp-includes

A second layer of protection can be added where scripts are generally not intended to be accessed by any user. One way to do that is to block those scripts using mod_rewrite in the .htaccess file.

# Block the include-only files.
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^wp-admin/includes/ - [F,L]
RewriteRule !^wp-includes/ - [S=3]
RewriteRule ^wp-includes/[^/]+\.php$ - [F,L]
RewriteRule ^wp-includes/js/tinymce/langs/.+\.php - [F,L]
RewriteRule ^wp-includes/theme-compat/ - [F,L]

BEGIN WordPress
Note that this won’t work well on Multisite, as RewriteRule ^wp-includes/[^/]+\.php$ - [F,L] would prevent the ms-files.php file from generating images. Omitting that line will allow the code to work, but offers less security.

Basic .htaccess Rules

Some basic rules that you can add to your root .htaccess file, more advanced rules are covered in the advanced guide as messing around here can break your site, but these won’t do much other than protect you.

//limit indexing of directories
Options All -Indexes

//protect the htaccess file,
//this is done by default with apache config file,
// but you never know.
<files .htaccess>
order allow,deny
deny from all

//disable the server signature
ServerSignature Off

//limit file uploads to 10mb
LimitRequestBody 10240000

// protect wpconfig.php.
//If you followed step 6 this is not necessary.
<files wp-config.php>
order allow,deny
deny from all

Password protecting with .htaccess

Rename the database prefix pre-installation only!

Stoliv Montenegro 2 How to Set up and Properly Secure WordPress

Stoliv, Montenegro

This is for PRE-INSTALL ONLY. We cover doing this to a live site in the advanced guide as doing this wrong will kill your site. If your starting with a fresh new install, you have an option during the install screen to change the database prefix. All default WordPress installs use the database prefix of “wp_”which makes any exploiter’s job much easier, change this prefix to something unique.

<really? Don’t think Fantastico offers this – there is a manual explanation below.>

Hide version info

Hiding the WP version info is a small step to prevent bots from crawling your site, it does not prevent fingerprinting, but every little bit helps. In your theme’s functions.php add the following:

// remove version info from head and feeds
function complete_version_removal() {
    return '';
add_filter('the_generator', 'complete_version_removal');


Don’t allow search bots to browse your directories

Google search can crawl unwanted urls and expose them to hackers. It’s best to prevent Google bot and any other bots that follow robots.txt ( not all of them do) from indexing anything but your content. The robot.txt goes in your site’s root folder and is just a text file.

User-agent: *Disallow: /feed/
Disallow: /trackback/
Disallow: /wp-admin/
Disallow: /wp-content/
Disallow: /wp-includes/
Disallow: /xmlrpc.php
Disallow: /wp-


Disable user registration.

Yes you can disable user registration in the Admin, so if your running a small blog or CMS and don’t have multiple people sharing, go ahead and disable user registration completely under your General settings.


Delete the readme and any unnecessary files.

WordPress has a default readme.html, and many plugins and themes also come with one. It’s best to just delete them as they can be used for fingerprinting or general snooping and often contain version info. Also keep your folders clean of any junk files.

– add xml sitemap to root robots.txt once done
– page navigation:, for which the Sitemap plugin is handy, but this only concerns Pages and not Posts.
More advanced security: (danger of disabling site)

Change the database prefix on a live site

Stoliv Montenegro 3 How to Set up and Properly Secure WordPress

Stoliv, Montenegro

As mentioned in the basic guide WordPress installs with a default database prefix (‘wp_”) which can be used by bots and attackers to gain access to your database by easily guessing your database names. Changing the prefix on a live site can be a scary task so proceed with caution. There are many methods to do this and even some plugins, it is advisable to do some research and testing before hand. Below I have outlined the steps for a manual change where you download the dump and change the text with a text editor as a “safe method”, alternatively you can do this directly in MySQL.

1. Make a complete database dump through MySQL ( not through the WordPress admin).
2. Copy the dump into 2 files, one back-up that you don’t touch, and 1 for editing.
3. Use a solid text editor to find/replace all instances of “wp_” with your new prefix on the dump you want to edit.
4. De-activate your plugins.
5. Turn on maintenance mode at an hour when traffic is low.
6. Drop your old database and import your edited one with the new prefix’s
7. Change your database settings in wp-config.php to the new prefix.
8. Re-activate your plugins
9. Refresh your permalink structure by hitting save ( even without changing structure)
10. Cross your fingers.

            Of these above instructions exact ones are written here:

Synopsis Written Out

For easy initial set up can use Fantastico. If your server does not offer that then refer to… How to Install WordPress (if setting up manually yourself, make sure to choose a different username and password than the standard suggested by WP – that one which hooks up to your MySQL database). Make sure that your administrator nickname is not the same as your Username for the Admin area, and choose a complex password, with lower and upper case letters, mixed with numbers. Write this down somewhere for your own records.

Once done first thing is to change your table prefixes, to protect yourself from hackers:

1. backup your wordpress database to a sql file (you can use phpmyadmin)

– when you click on your database from the list on the left, then click on the Export tab
– not zipped seems to work better, make sure all the tables are selected

2. open that *.sql file (make another copy first) using text editor, then find and replace all “wp_” prefix to “something_”.

– change .sql to .txt so that you can open it in, for example, NotePad or Word. If you cannot see your extensions (.sql, .doc etc) refer here to how to view filename extensions
– make sure that the “something” is rather strange, with numbers, to make it hard to guess by hackers, such as jkor7JK3_ (mix of capital and small letters, with numbers is good)

Stoliv Montenegro 4 How to Set up and Properly Secure WordPress

Stoliv, Montenegro

3. now, drop all tables of your wordpress databases (don’t drop the database)

– in phpadmin click on your database, should show the Structure tab, at the bottom click on Check All and “With Selected” to the right choose Drop. Confirm yes.

4. import the *.sql file which has been edited before into your wordpress databases.

– click now on the Import tab to import your changed sql file (after you change the .txt back to .sql)

5. and lastly, edit your wp-config.php file and change the $table_prefix = ‘wp_’; to $table_prefix = ‘something_’;

– the file wp-config.php is found in the root directory of where you just installed your WordPress. I find HTML Kit a good free software for editing php files.
– for ftp down/uploading files from your server I like to use Total Commander. Download the file to your computer, change it, upload it.

6. you may find that your plugins are deactivated automatically when this happens, so you’ll want to activate them again if that’s the case… I’d recommend deactivating them prior to doing this anyway as a precaution.

– When working in WP (WordPress) I like to have two tabs or browsers, one of the Admin and one for what it looks like to the world. Whenever I make a change I jump to the world view one and refresh the browser (F5) to see what the change looks like.

Now before you get all excited lets first better secure your WP against hackers.

  • Disable directory browsing , attackers will know what u got on your site [files etc] , so just write this to your .htaccess file (you can create an .htaccess file simply by creating a simple text file (New menu in open space with Windows File Explorer or My Computer) and rename it to .htaccess. Open it in Notepad or whatever and add the text, save. You want to apply these files to your online folders, and each such .htaccess file always applies to the folder it is in)
1 Options All -Indexes
  • Also write this code to your robots.txt file to prevent bots from indexing your sub-folders contents (the robots.txt file is always in the root directory of your online account, where it instructs the search engines where to go or not to go. You would replace the “wp-” with whatever the folder name is for your WP.)
1 User-agent: *
2 Disallow: /cgi-bin
3 Disallow: /wp-*
  • Protect your wp-config.php file, wp-config.php file contains all your database login information, it should be protected well, this code will prevent anyone from looking at it, write it to your .htaccess file
1 # protect wpconfig.php
2 <files wp-config.php>
3 order allow,deny
4 deny from all
5 </files>

or u can just move it, the wordpress has the ability to check for wp-config.php in your root directory,
which will make it harder to find or access your wp-config.php file
So you can change the location of your wp-config.php file from




Alternatively, you can try the plugin Better WP Security but it said I did not have sufficient authorization to do all this (and it does much more).

coastal-rock-formations-near-agia-nappa-cyprus_0232 How to Set up and Properly Secure WordPress


To protect your config file further, since it has your passwords and everything in it, chmod it 400, which makes it readable only to the owner and no one from the outside. To change the chmod, in Total Commander click on the online version of the file, click Files > Change Attributes, and then type in 400, press Enter. It may change to something else but the important thing is that the World cannot see or change it.

Now in the Config file you want to change the secret keys to something really beally crazy. Use this website [] and copy/paste what it randomly generates for you and replace it in your Config file if your installation has not already changed it to something wacko. Just ctrl+f search for


to find where this section begins.

– After Activate my plugins, Update them before screwing around with them (can do bulk Activate and then bulk Update).

– For the plugin Better WP Security, requiring “secure connection for logins or for the admin area” might slow down things for you, but it will be better. Your choice. The rest fix as per your choice (“Non-administrators can see all updates” might not be so important if you do not allow others to register: Settings > General > “Anyone can register” is not checked, the default).

– Aksimet – need to register them but can use the same key with all your sites. Cuts out a lot of spam comments, which can be a headache, but comments added occasionally can be good because it keeps your page fresh and changing, which google likes.

– update Plugins whenever you see the message to do so. You can update many at once.



coastal-rock-formations-near-agia-nappa-cyprus_0270 How to Set up and Properly Secure WordPress


Once you got your WP installed and secured, plugins installed and set up, you can start to pretty things up with a different theme (WP’s many free ones, or you can search the web for many more), if you are not happy with the default. I mostly use the same one (example – although this site uses a different theme), since it is simple and does basically what I want. The left and right sides are strips which you can set and which appear the same way on every page or post. Press F5 to refresh the browser and it will circle through pictures in the /wp- content/themes/atahualpa/ images/header/ folder. You can replace rotating pictures in the header with whatever you want, such as the ones I’ve collected (example link above), just make sure they are sized the same for it to work properly (How to resize digital pictures).

There is an update for this Atahualpa 3.2 theme but I prefer this older version. Don’t worry, if you have secured your WP using all the plugins above, you will not need to update your theme for security measures. They should be found in wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images/header, unless you changed the name of wp-content as per one of the Better WP Security plugin.

For my own tastes I made the following changes to the theme, which you can access by going to Appearance > Atahualpa Theme Options (once you’ve Installed and Activated it – to install it just click on the Install tab when in Appearance > Themes and put Atahualpa in the search box):

Under Body, Text and Links:

– Link Default Colour: 63A8E6
– Favicon is the image that will show in the tab of most browsers, when viewing any page of yours. Follow instructions on this resize digital pictures page and save any image you want as .ico but first resize it (ctrl r) to 20 by 20 pixels.

Style&Edit Header Area: Configure Head Area: %logo %bar1 %image %bar2

coastal-rock-formations-near-agia-nappa-cyprus_0271 How to Set up and Properly Secure WordPress


RSS Settings: RSS Box Width: 400

– Show Post Feed Icon: No
– Post Feed Link Text: <blank>
– Comment Feed Link Text: Press F5 to Refresh page and view more pics

Style Widgets > Widget List Items:

– Link Text Weight: bold
– Link Color: 63A8E6
– Link Color – Hover: CC0000

In the atahualpa/images/ folder you can then replace logo.png with whatever image you want to replace the logo pic at the top left. Make sure the height is 68 when resizing.

Of course you can play around with this forever but at least you’ve seen how a few things work and you can customize the rest yourself. I put the above information here so I have a record somewhere.

– for Categories look under Posts.



That concerns the left and right hand strips on the side of the window, which show up the same on every page. You can start playing with this once you choose your theme. If you change themes later you will probably lose a lot of this that you set up. Go to Appearance > Widgets, click on the down arrow beside the Left or Right Sidebar along the right to open it up, and simply drag what widges you want where. For my Links section at the top left, I dragged in the Text widget, gave it a title of “Links:” and then copied in standard html links code, such as:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Contact</a><br>
<a href=””>Africa Charity Project</a><br>

“<br>” means new line in html speak. Just replace the links and the text with what you want.

Security Plugins


After setting it up properly you can increase security by installing the following plugins. In the Install New Plugin window you can run a search for the name of the plugin, take a mental note of its author, then look for that author in the search results. Usually it should be the first result.

The below snippet includes all my favourite plugins.

Select Add Post Footer Automatically add the ad code, related post, optional custom paragraph or technorati tags to the end of every posts. All options can be fully customized though Add Post Footer tab in the option panel within wordpress admin. It’s also possible overide the setting for specific post by adding custom field key and value. Please refer to the tips and addtional info provided at the Add Post Footer Page.Version 1.1 | By freetime | Visit plugin site
Select AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget Help your visitor promote your site! The AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget allows any visitor to bookmark your site easily with many popular services. Sign up for an account to see how your visitors are sharing your content–which services they’re using for sharing, which content is shared the most, and more. It’s all free–even the pretty charts and graphs.Version 2.3.2 | By The AddThis Team | Visit plugin site
Select Akismet Used by millions, Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from comment and trackback spam. It keeps your site protected from spam even while you sleep. To get started: 1) Click the “Activate” link to the left of this description, 2) Sign up for an Akismet API key, and 3) Go to your Akismet configuration page, and save your API key.Version 2.5.6 | By Automattic | Visit plugin site
Select All in One SEO Pack Out-of-the-box SEO for your WordPress blog. Options configuration panel | Upgrade to Pro Version |Donate | Support | Amazon WishlistVersion | By Michael Torbert | Visit plugin site
Select AntiVirus Security solution as a smart, effectively plugin to protect your blog against exploits and spam injections.Version 1.3 | By Sergej Müller | Visit plugin site | Flattr plugin | Follow on Google+
Select Block Bad Queries (BBQ) Version 1.0 | By Perishable Press | Visit plugin site
Select Contextual Related Posts Displaying a set of related posts on your website or in your feed. Increase reader retention and reduce bounce ratesVersion 1.7.4 | By Ajay D’Souza | Visit plugin site | Settings | Support | Donate
Select Custom Headers and Footers This plugin adds custom header and footer for main page content.Version 1.2 | By Daniel Fru?y?ski | Visit plugin site
Select Google XML Sitemaps This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and to better index your blog.Version 3.2.7 | By Arne Brachhold | Visit plugin site | Settings | FAQ | Support | Donate
Select Login LockDown Adds some extra security to WordPress by restricting the rate at which failed logins can be re-attempted from a given IP range. Distributed through Bad Neighborhood.Version v1.5 | By Michael VanDeMar | Visit plugin site
Select RSS Feeds Disabler Disables RSS Feeds from a WordPress Installation.Version 1.0 | By ppiekarc | Visit plugin site
Select SEO Smart Links SEO Smart Links provides automatic SEO benefits for your site in addition to custom keyword lists, nofollow and much more.Version 2.7.4 | By Vladimir Prelovac | Visit plugin site
Select WordPress Firewall 2 This WordPress plugin monitors web requests to identify and stop the most obvious attacks.Version 1.3 | By Matthew Pavkov | Visit plugin site
Select WP-PageNavi Adds a more advanced paging navigation to your WordPress blogVersion 2.82 | By Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan & scribu | Visit plugin site
Select WP-Polls Adds anAJAXpoll system to your WordPress blog. You can easily include a poll into your WordPress’s blog post/page. WP-Polls is extremely customizable via templates and css styles and there are tons of options for you to choose to ensure that WP-Polls runs the way you wanted. It now supports multiple selection of answers.Version 2.63 | By Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan | Visit plugin site
Select WP-PostRatings Adds anAJAXrating system for your WordPress blog’s post/page.Version 1.63 | By Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan | Visit plugin site
Select WP-PostViews Enables you to display how many times a post/page had been viewed. Modified by David Potter to include options for when and where to display view counts.Version 1.61 | By Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan | Visit plugin site

Protect your Computer and Windows
More on my Computer Tips pages.


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No Memory, Must Work, No Time to Think


Computer Tips Related Correspondence

don’t need a lengthy response, as I know you’re always busy, but if I can just ask quickly… Have been getting more into video editing but realising that my little old notebook is not made for such heavy processor use. Recently I researched on the net about a laptop operating in very cold temperatures, and the only thing apparently to worry about is not to turn it on from deep cold after you bring it inside, for worry of condensation. Anyway, it occurred to me today, if I was editing a video and then wanted to export it (the most demanding on the processor), what do you think about the crazy idea about putting the laptop into a cold fridge (just have to worry about condensation, so slow temperature change or something) and then press GO for a conversion which may take several hours at full processor speed. My guess is that it will not harm anything as long as the temperature is kept down. I gather there would be no moving parts in a processor to wear down but its just a bunch of electrons flowing through wires etc. Am I right?

On another note, just landed inAthensand soon ready to launch a month’s tour ofGreece. Next stop is the mountains in Bulgaria where one friend offered me work to help him reconstruct his house, but I don’t think I’ll have time to help him much cause I’m getting a lot of translation work, which pays a lot more. But it will be nice to hang with some folks and drink beer with some friends. Or to have his job as a backup in case my own work dries out. It has been nice to find a Czech translation agency who appreciates my quality and is not intimidated by the fact that I work while I’m traveling. Put up an online database for Keta, which is now supposed to be the best lumber database in the world, so I hope that through that I’ll be able to get more of such intelligent work. Translations are good to pay the rent but I’m so sick of it. I feel like a factory worker doing the same repetitive and stupid work every day: unscrewing some complicated and bureaucratic Czech sentence to rescrew it into some nice flowing English sentence. I feel like, with every sentence, I am struggling againt the bureaucratic Czech mentality and I’m really rather tired and uninterested in it. But I guess it’s nice to be doing important translations for the EU, and that my customer’s level of English is so good that she recognises and values my quality, as opposed to the other bozos who might point to a word and complain that I left it out.

How’s business going with you?


If your cooler has the usual temp between 5 and 10 degC, having the comp run in it cannot do any harm. It may actually help if its warm outside, such as 30 degC or higher. But I definitively would not cool the notebook in operation below +5 degC. Special computers such as automotive are designed for a wide range of operating temperatures, but typical notebook specs may be +5 to +45 degC. They recommend to let a notebook temper before turning it on, after being brought in from subzero cold, in order to reach operating temperature and let any condensation evaporate. I read somewhere that large companies are forcing translators to lower costs by using special software that remembers translated sentences, so if say an updated Czech manual is submitted for retranslation, the unchanged parts are copied automatically and not translated repeatedly. The finance business is tough as you can imagine: sale of our last remaining investment in the old portfolio has stalled due to industrial conditions, and closing a successor fund (for which we combined with another team) has been slow due to uncertainties in investment banks. Good luck, looks like you have a good plan in the circumstances. Dad

Thanks for your prefect and conscientious response as usual!

Yes, I know about the translation software and am almost a little bit of an expert with it. I believe I have the best software available and it’s pretty expensive, and I use it regularly. Many customers might not know about it and if I use it on repeating text I can translate quite quickly and make a lot of money in a short time. I’d like to use it if I were farming out a lot of translations. Talked about this to Jens a few years back that, if I had a lot of work in different languages, I could build up a lot of memory, eventually put it online, and create a sort of wiki translation site where customers could use the translation memory and pay 1 cent a word, while translators could contribute memory and get credit to use other translators’ memory. Rather complicated to set up but the way of the future. I think some major sites are starting to dabble in the concept only now. As usual, got some good ideas but haven’t been able to put them into practice.

Maybe my computer is getting clogged again and needs to be taken apart and cleaned with q-tips and alcohol (I do that once in a while). Think the sea salt air gets into it. Anyway, without my handy fan underneath the comp it seems to quickly rise to around 70C and turns on its own internal fan. With my fan I can usually keep it around 40. At full processor and in the fridge I think it would still be running at around 40, but I’ll experiment with it if I ever have a big video project, and a handy fridge!

Too bad about your work. Didn’t even consider “the crunch” when I asked you how it was going. For me I seem to be immune to economic swings. With globalisation the translation industry has been increasing about 20% a year I think (although, yes, moving towards software at the same time), I got customers all over, people will always need translations (especially the ever so bureaucratic monster EU). I came to the conclusion that I lost a lot of work because I let myself get arrogant (although the customers truly were total idiots and tried my patience beyond my abilities), and because Czechs can be idiots without imagination and were simply afraid that I am not capable of translating from a beach or somehow I lose my Czech because I am not Czech anymore. Other new clients don’t send me work because they like to phone their translators and find out immediately if they can take a job. I never communicate that way with my own translators. Many are online practically all the time, or receive an sms from their email account, so are capable of responding immediately, every time. But this is something that these bozos cannot understand. Anyway, often its nicer to find more intelligent customers, because then the cooperation is usually more pleasant and much less frustrating. In any case, I’ll try to keep my mouth shut with potential new clients and not explain my situation. With my new one I let the news seep out and she doesn’t seem to have an issue with it at all.

Take careo and hope the business picks up. k


in response to your suggestion to buy a BlackBerry, even had one purchased but perhaps I’m lucky cause these Greek boneheads said they didn’t have their system set up for this device. I think it was possible, but anyway decided to trade it in for an HTC diamond. Trust Windows more cause I know how to hack into that and get lots of free programs, and generally better support. Serves as a 3G modem for my computer as well, but lacks the fancy physical keyboard, boohoo. Oh well, can’t have everything. Found that the BB needed some exchange server and generally more restricted. Windows is open guts and I can always find a solution to that. Its different inEuropewith every piddly country having their own quirks. But I’m getting used to the phone and its not so bad. Seems my Turkish cheapo 3G modem is locked, contrary to what they told me, but in time I hope to hack into it and unblock it. latero


Still not rolling in the dough but the last few months were fairly good and it has given me the opportunity to chip away at some debts. If it keeps up like this, which it may, I will hope to have paid back all my debts within about 7 months. Concerning your communication script (CS), a friend of mine gave me an idea that I should offer it to other translation companies, which I think I will try. Charge a small fee per every word translated through the system but not actually sell the software itself. For this I’ll need to set up special administration rights that can do pretty well everything the administrator can except erase projects and only have access to the projects they set up. I thought I’d try this myself, because I still do not have enough cash, but it may become an interesting revenue stream. Anyway, I was wondering if you had any quick pointers. Such as a quick tip which files I should be working on, how to get mysql working on my computer so that I can test it, and anything else you can think of.

Glad to hear from you. About MySQL: you can setup “Denwer” – – sorry, it’s only in Russian. It’s package of Apache+MySQL+PHP. May be very easy installed on local computer. It starts virtual web-server. And with denwer I created all sites local. About files: honestly, I don’t remember. I tried to name files with sense. For examle: notify.php, login.php, delm.php (delete message). “u_” – as I remember – functions for users. “c_” – general functions.

sounds like we are doing similar things. I decided recently that I wanted to try the approach of Mr. Google and Mr. Facebook, meaning to make a living from some web project and not really have a boss. Even a customer is like a boss and can be tedious to deal with. But by setting up projects I am applying my creative mind in different ways and I don’t really have to deal with anyone, if I don’t want to. Or just respond to emails. I find the variety quite interesting. Once I find the time I think the project with your script could be quite interesting and looking forward to learning how you did it and working on it.

thanks for the tips. Already been looking at your scripts and things seem to be named pretty logically. Before when you or my Perl programmer would send me scripts I would enjoy skimming through them and following the logic. Now I download scripts from the net, study them in much greater detail, and enjoy learning even more. So it will be an interesting challenge! Think I may have found a “portable mysql”. I would suggest to you sqlite, as I remember you couldn’t set up the mysql database for me. sqlite is real easy and works well with php. I have a really small portable program that can work off a memory stick or CD, for portable presentation. I can send you that as well if you like.

Thanks for suggestions. Now all my projects I test at my hosting. Otherwise I have no many projects for programming – only my own. I try to create own sites carefully. One site had about 7000 visitors a day. 🙂 Almost all my time I spend on SEO. It’s more interesting for me. So I don’t use different local servers any more.  best regards, Yuri. P.S. I? you will have any questions about my scripts – I’ll try to remember the code and help.


just read your email that you don’t know how to add users. Quite important info. You don’t store this or what? You know it’s a really easy and quick process to copy/paste such info into a Word file and organise it (certainly a lot less painful and time consuming than spending half an hour perusing through a kzillion emails). I wonder how you can run your business if managing everything from your memory. Anyway, just to torture you, because that is more fun and deserving, heh heh, I’d suggest you go to your ftp account on my server and look at the folders and file names and figure it out that way. And if you forgot your username and password, I think I’ll shit in my pants, scoop it out with a spoon, put it in a paper bag, send it to you by post, but make sure to stuff it first with a hand scribbled note with your login details! (heh heh)


Hey bumblehead,

well, the problem is that the amount of time it takes me to dig up the information, cause I’m organised, is about the same as if you actually stored it yourself somewhere (even a simple bookmark for God’s sake), which is even less time than your beautiful groveling below. It’s not really fair for other people. I feel I spent quite a lot of extra time repeating myself in long emails, and it certainly didn’t seem to emblazen in your memory. Anyway, this was a small favour but at least I’ll know how to deal with customers in the future.

For example, with my Firefox I can export all my bookmarks into an html file, which I then put up on my server as a backup. After my harddrive crashed and I lost so much valuable information, I try to backup absolutely everything. This is an easy way to backup, and when I log into my protected folder, I can go to that exported html file and browse it, going to all my important links if I’m away from my computer etc. Or generally I’ve gotten into the habit of carefully storing tidbits of information somewhere because, in the past, it happened a few times that I was rushing, didn’t really know where to put something, so I just threw it somewhere and figured I’d find it when I need it. But six months down the road I found myself spending up to four hours looking for some stupid piece of paper I really needed, and cursed myself for not taking a bloody minute and think of some logical place to put it. Learned my lesson dattaway. k

Yes I am a bumblehead. Yes I work from memory. Yes I should have instructions, except that I know HOW to do it. I haven’t added anyone for so long (boo hoo) that the address fell out of my history. The Keta bumblehead way of operating in the big scary universe is to, once in a while, go through cumbersome and embarrassing questions such as this to whoever the magnificent, all-knowing genius that knows (in this case yourself). Its amazing how it gets emblazoned into my memory for all time after that!! I tried the looking at docs in the ftp yesterday (except I was using mine instead of yours). Just did it know, and you may call me a super-bumblehead but I went to there’s also a which seems to me what I want but am getting a “file not found”. I know it’s probably something retarded like the www. needs to be there (that didn’t work) or it has to say ftp. instead of http:// (which I also tried and doesn’t work) so I need your masterful reply as soon as you guy so I can sign this guy up. he is anxious to start work. As I said, you have sufficiently shamed me so that this tidbit will never, ever again fall out of my head, haha. Luckily I get to avoid your shit-scooping bag with hand-scribbled note. But not because i remember the password, my ftp client does! oh me oh my I am an incompetent boob. that’s right I said boob.

My Computer Tips page