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my account is kenax and I’ve been a satisfied customer for many years, but recently my account was suspended, without warning, because I was using up too much space. Certainly not over the 300 gigs I’m paying for, but apparently I’m not allowed to store videos, movies or files etc. The terms and conditions I was referred to even mentions “pictures of any kind”, which is, frankly, ridiculous, because what is a webpage without picture.

My main complaint is that I was not warned about this, or even informed about it, and my account was simply suspended (a few people had to tell me about it). This of course can have dire consequences for my page’s rankings and SEO, not to mention that it looks bad. I was told that the amount of space I was using could adversely affect other users. I’m an IT expert and I consider this a total BS statement, only possible if you don’t have the space you advertise and cannot actually offer the 300 gigs I’m paying for. Which should be your problem and not mine.

So even though I technically violated the terms and conditions, I feel it could have been handled differently. You cannot expect everyone to read pages of small print every time they press OK. Furthermore, I was approached by email that I could upgrade my account. I took the offer. Maybe somewhere there was a clause that I should read the terms and conditions, but I really doubt I was endangering any of your other users and feel that this was handled really poorly.

I suggest that my account should be for free for one year as compensation, otherwise I’m seriously considering taking my account elsewhere. I’ve had to erase some very important files which I use as backup for my business. Now I will have to take painful measures to upload it to a new account elsewhere. You should have given me time to download it. You have caused me a lot of problems and I am rather upset about this. I asked for some time to do this but I was simply ignored, and was forced to erase the backup files to remove the suspension. Your 300gig offer is bogus. What kind of website has 300 gigabytes of text only? I cannot even imagine BBC with all its text getting close to this.


Hi, I recently received a letter that I can take advantage of some special offer until the end of July, with a 40% discount. So I approached the Sales department, I paid an invoice and they gave me the three year plan at 4.95$/month. Yet they didn’t upgrade my account to the Executive package as I had intended. On your webpage you advertise the Executive package for 4.77$/month if paid three years in advance. Why did I not get this package when I actually paid MORE? I’ve been emailing about this with someone from Sales and they just don’t seem to grasp this simple concept. I mean, what if I demand my money back, cancel my account, and open up a new account at the cheaper rate of 4.77 just so I can get the Executive Package? I hope I will not have to resort to something as retarded like this. The woman from Sales is asking me to pay an ADDITIONAL 166$ just so I can upgrade to the Executive package. This is not making sense at all and I hope someone can help me.  My account with you is kenaxx or Karel


Our servers were misapproriated and used for outgoing Spam. These attacks originated from service providers in Eastern Europe andAfrica. This forced us to to block outgoing mail from the offending IP ranges…

I checked a certain website and it says my IP address is:

It’s a cafe I would like to use while I’m here in Prague for about three weeks. East Europe and Africa is a pretty large area to block and I think it would be good if your system could tell I’m sending the mails from my computer or something like that. I don’t have another smtp server I could use.

I don’t know which IP addres you are using. The only way that I can tell, is if you send me an email through a different email service. (You must use a “traditional” email program like Outlook, Eudora or Thunderbird — and not a web mail service). Even if we can isolate your IP address, it is not clear that we can eanble outgoing mail for very long. Please tell me if you have another SMTP server that you can use.


heydo, those dicks at Rapidshare dropped my account limit from 500 gigs to 25 and are now giving me less than a month to sort this out. Asked some questions and found the following which might interest you. Unlimited storage space for 55 bucks a year. If I’m in a tight pickle and they cannot transfer the contents directly from Rapidshare to the new one, do you have capacity to help me with it (download and upload)? I have about 62 gigs I need to transfer and it is basically an entire backup of my big fat corporation (backups of two computers, and important files etc.).

I can do it but it will take a while. Send me your details and I’ll at least start the download so we can figure out the upload when you’re closer to it. how soon do you need this btw? I am out ofpraguenext week.

I have about 62 MB there and they said they will erase everything above 25 gigs by around the 20th of October. It would be great if you could download a bunch of files, perhaps a bunch of the server backup files (I think there is about a hundred in total and works out to a total of around 50 gigs – but you wouldn’t have to download all of it; just get it down to a bit less than 25 gigs in all). I think the system comes with some download program for Vista, if you have that, so you could just give it the command to download a bunch of files and let it run on its own while you are gone. If I can’t manage to get enough stuff downloaded in time they showed me how I could open up one or two more accounts and then transfer some files directly to there. Will write the new backup company now about the possibility of transferring the files directly to their server from Rapidshare. Since I won’t be needing the rapidshare account anymore, want to have it? I don’t get enough internet to download movies etc., so it would be unused (about a year left on it). I can show you what sites I use to download movies from Rapidshare (to get a list of them etc.).

On an alternate note, when I was in Prague I opened an account with mbank (no monthly charges), and they apparently sent my debit card to a friend of mine, but he has turned out to be so useless I will have to try and send it to someone else. Probably registered delivery, so maybe to your work, so you don’t have to pick it up from your local post office? Then I would need it forwarded to me, wherever I may be. Not a big rush though.


i never figured out how to make the pictures smaller in mcintosh. i

Oh yah, mac, well my advice wouldn’t help you. Harder to get free stuff for the mac. Basically you have to open the picture in some graphics program, size it so that it fits in your window, then save as .jpg or .jpeg but find the compression settings somewhere, and try something like 70% quality. After you save it open it up again and see if the quality looks okay. If not you can save the original one again at a higher compression. Play around with the compression until you are satisfied with the size and quality, and then do all the other ones. Hopefully the program will retain your savings each time. You can do “batch conversions” too. Todays digital cameras spit out 6mb pics easy, which is silly to send by email.

would appreciate any suggestions… p.s. the translating girl just may be in a traffic or such. i am sure she will get to you.

nah, it’s absolutely standard with what I do. I have to approach at least 30 people, out of only one will not be totally useless. Finding a good translator is like finding gold. Fortunately I approached more than a hundred and am communicating with several, and hopefully will find a nonreject. Still struggling.


can’t remember if you asked me to send you updates of my travel blobs. I certainly realise that you have little time to read such goofball stuff. Anyway, if you’d like to receive updates just read below.

Concerning the Rapidshare thing no need to buy an account for me – its part of my business needs. I’ll just buy two more accounts for a month and try to sort it out. One problem is that the guy who was gonna continue on after you didn’t quite understand from where to continue, cause the list you sent is in alphabetical order and the files on my server are not. So when you said “I downloaded up until file xxx101.rar”, that is according to the alphabeticised text file you sent me? So what is required is to cherry pic from my Rapidshare account according to the list you sent? That would make logical sense, but better to just make sure.

When are you getting back? I’ll get the guy to casually download over the next month so hopefully I wont have to pay for two accounts again. It’s crazy but I got fired a day after last payday (the foreman is an aggressive drunk and I don’t need to be subjected to such behaviour) and after when I paid more debts, so I am down to breadcrumbs, but still surviving. Funny use of creativity to survive, but I like it cause it “keeps things crisp!” (my latest travel saying).

How’s the travelin goin with sis? Take care bro.


well, probably one of the most boring news updates, but I’m so excited that I just had to tell someone.

Not long ago I installed some security software to help protect me from hackers and viruses while traveling, and it has inevitably used up more of my computer resources. Before I got fired and felt confident of incoming money, I finally got around to going to a local computer shop, where things are relatively much cheaper than anywhere else I’ve been traveling, and got some more ram (active memory). But when I installed it I got the horrible screen of death. I read the instructions, put in my old ram, downloaded the latest BIOS for my computer (which took some time cause I had to research it carefully, because if I did it wrong I would totally screw up my computer – BIOS is what Windows runs on..), installed the new stuff, and tried again. Still didn’t work but I fidgetted and fudgetted and it seems that I now doubled my total ram, more than I expected. I don’t know how that happened but I’ll just take it, yippee. Now my computer is back to being a power horse and nice and juicy fast. I’m glad for my computer skills, because almost everyone around me with a much newer computer is much slower, cause they don’t know what they’re doing and just download crap and viruses and all that, or installing the wrong software. My laptop should be good for another 10 years, if the hardware holds up. Anyway, if ya ever need help fine-tuning a PC, even an old one, just ask. I’ve been writing all my knowledge down into webpages. latergators


hmm, I would guess it was the fan? Does it sound like the fan, which cools the computer, is rubbing against some metal or something? When you put your hand on the sides of the comp does it seem too warm? That might bend the shape and cause the rubbing. ALternatively, if it is cold and you turn it on, the case reshapes because of the low temperature and the same thing happens, but then it goes away after a while, once it heats up enough. The same happens to my laptop cooler and other stuff in my truck when I turn them on in the big cold.

Anyway, I can help you keep the computer running, but most important to me is the backup files. Think I may have found a solution though, and was just checking. The next time I get so much business that I need to set up such a server, I figure I could buy a new one and just download the files to get it up and running in a few seconds. Hope the comp serves you well for some time still!

Have a good one bud. k

Hey, no files have been deleted, theyre all still there and i have no reason to delete any of them. Your cuntputer was making a funny noise last nite though. 

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