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Power from Zeppelins and Solar for Laptops


A Few Electrical Oriented Inventions I Toyed With

don’t have much faith anything will come out of these ideas, but in the least some interesting discussions, hopefully.

Back to my electrical storm harnessing, they’re now coming out with ways to charge cell phones etc. wirelessly, so if that’s possible, I assume it would be possible to throw up into the atmosphere a bunch of zepellins. I imagine that there would be fewer at the top, they would be layered, with more at the bottom, so that the electricity would be distributed into smaller and smaller currents. Like little lightnings which would get smaller and smaller as they get down to the ground. On the ground there would be a whole bunch of lightning rods on the highest office buildings, so that the voltage and current would be the smallest at that level. As the positive charge would build up in the clouds, perhaps the highest zepellings could get super negatively charged or something and somehow attract the lightnings or draw the positive energy in as frequent and small lightnings as possible. Suck off the positive charge as it develops, and funnel it down to the ground in pyramid fashion, so that it becomes the smallest and most consistent stream of energy on the lowest level. Then it could be distributed into the network and possibly other cities as a means of overfill etc. I guess one of the largest problems is what to do with the excess and the requirment to have sufficient breakers at every possible junction. Guess the battery technology isn’t developed enough yet, but I assume at some point this will be possible. It only makes sense. harnessing the positive energy buildup in the atmosphere somehow.

On another note, after chuckling while watching some guy try to parallel park, not a big money idea, but maybe at least a funny stoner idea, but I assume there is a certain class of people out there who would be willing to spend one or two thousand bucks to help them parallel park. Morons with a lot of money and who just don’t have spacial understanding. I’m told that women generally don’t have the spacial knack like guys do. Anyway, my vision is some remote control device. They are given simple instructions to park parallel and next to some vehicle, perhaps two feet away from it or something. then they get out of their vehicle and press Park. The computer kicks in and knows what to do. If they did not park correctly next to the vehicle, there is a Stop button and some adjust buttons. For example, they could press the + sign twice, meaning a two step adjustment in the “right” direction or something. Then the computer would kick in, drive forward a correct distance, and then backup with the correct adjustment. I’m sure this could be figured out. With the person outside, they can see how close they can keep driving without banging into the next vehicle, making the parallel parking so much faster. There would obviously be a Speed Up and Slow Down button on the remote, and they could always stop it to get back in and finish it, or just use the remote, perhaps with a little thumb wheel or something, after which they press the Lock button, the car beeps, and they walk along their busy way looking reaaaal cool. The bistanders will of course want one too so that they can show off.


Hey, wanted to run an idea across you which I had recently. I like to call it my one laptop per village idea. I know about this “one laptop per child” project, but I think mine might be more practical. As you might know I’ve been living in a truck the last two years, basically surviving on the sun, and with my two solar panels and one battery my laptop can last until the morning. During the day if its sunny or even bright enough I can charge all my mobiles and plug in tons of stuff at the same time, but once the sun goes down there’s enough juice to keep the laptop going till the morning. So my idea was to try to deliver one package to each village. Probably a used laptop would be sufficient and people around the world could donate that. The thing I heard bad about the one laptop per child idea is that it doesn’t even run Windows, so it just turns out to be a big calculator or something and not useful for real work. I also survive through the internet, so the idea would be to help these villages hook up to the net and give them a means to feed themselves. Worst case scenario they could drive somewhere with a memory stick and blast off the work through an internet cafĂ©, until the government gets around to setting up wifi for them. Heard there are several projects going in the world to get cheap wireless going in Africa, so hopefully in time. In the meantime, I myself find myself doing the usb stick transfer thing, which works, since most of my actual work is offline. Worst case scenario they could use it to learn English or programming or whatever. I could figure out some useful configuration and just copy that to every donated/purchased computer, so they would have a ready made package. It could be running 24 hours a day and the kids could share it to learn, adults to work whatever, and once they actually get some work through it, they could focus on that and eventually buy a second computer etc. And more solar panels, if they don’t have electricity, and eventually put the entire village to work, and the next village etc.

Another thing is I use LED lights for my truck and they practically consume no energy. So probably you could light an entire village while also keeping the laptop going. One LED light is enough to read by and heard that a lot of kids found studying difficult because they didn’t have enough to read. The battery runs on 12V and each LED takes about 1.5 volts. Anyway, I’m sure you could have at least 20 to 30 bulbs going at a time with negligible strain to the system. You think such an idea could work? I could put together a website to attract investors, but I never did anything like this before. Any pointers?

My other ideas and inventions
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