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A site to help translators find translation jobs and work. Or send your CV to 15,000+ email addresses of online language translation companies to start receiving translation jobs and work from the comfort of your home!

We are always looking for more translators and would be glad if you could join our translator database (application form to the right). The application form is easy to fill, and we have a lot of jobs we can offer you. If embarking on a career as a translator, you can check out our own translation tips website, with extensive recommendations and links to useful resources. Good luck!

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 Useful Links Where Translators Can Find Translation Jobs

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Share | - the world's leading enabling and sourcing platform for language professionals.'s unique online workplace provides tools and opportunities for its members to network, collaborate on projects and terms, expand their businesses, do better work and have more fun. Plus enables companies and organizations to rapidly search, find, qualify, evaluate and interact with the translators, interpreters and linguists they need. - like proz above - a forum where translators can find translation jobs posted by translation agencies. - Translation jobs for freelance translators and translation agencies. - a convenient platform for contacting freelance translators, translation agencies, and interpreters! - an online database of translators from around the world, functioning in a few most popular languages. is owned by VerbumSoft, a global provider in translation solutions. We are determined to create a user friendly software applications for translators and those in need of translation services. Other translation agencies can post free ads. - Translation Jobs and Directory of Freelance Translators and Translation Agencies - a forum like proz above where translators can find translation jobs, but you may have to pay for an account with them to respond to job postings. - Jobs for translators and interpreters. - another forum where translators can find translation jobs and translation agencies post them. - We help freelance translators from all over the world to receive translation, interpreting, localization, proofreading, voice-over, typesetting and other freelance jobs in all languages. One of the best ways to receive translation jobs working at home is to register with translation agencies that use freelance translators. - focusing on translation jobs available in London England. - another forum where translators can find translation jobs and translation agencies post them. - another forum where translators can find translation jobs and translation agencies post them. - a forum where translators can find translation jobs and translation agencies - first 6 months for free, but then you have to pay. Translation agencies have to pay to post ads. - another forum where translators can find translation jobs and translation agencies post them. - links vetted by DMOZ, an important search engine directory vetted manually by people, where translators can find translation jobs. - more links where translators can find translation jobs. - a free subscription based job opportunity listing service started originally by Karin Adamczyk and now run by Janos Fazakas. It is hosted by, a very popular free mailing list hosting service, who make their money by attaching a short but not-too-annoying advertisement at the bottom of all emails they send out. It also has "read it on the web" and "digest" options so that you don't have to receive all the individual emails unless you choose to. Current volume is an average of around 7 messages per day (although this can fluctuate a lot) from many sources all over the place. Members post job listings that they have found. Only members can post to the list so it remains pretty much free of spam. There is also a searchable archive of past messages. - another forum where translators can find translation jobs and translation agencies post them. - a Yahoo Groups listing with almost 5,000 members. Get emails informing you of available translation jobs. - same as above but with almost 12,000 members. - another forum where translators can find translation jobs and translation agencies post them. - another forum where translators can find translation jobs and translation agencies post them. - a forum for freelance writing jobs.

 Information About Translation Jobs

Translation jobs can be rewarding due to the freedom it can offer you. You can perform your translation jobs from the comfort of your own home, cottage, on the beach, and on your own schedule. No need to struggle in traffic every morning, and you can take breaks when you want. Not having to struggle through traffic will free up valuable time, which you can spent with your loved ones. In fact, working at home gives you much greater opportunity to spend time with your family. If you are interested in launching yourself into the rewarding career of translation jobs, you can read our suggestions through the Translation Tips link at the top of this page. There you will find abundant information with links instructing you how to prepare yourself for this profession in all its facets.

 How to Get Translation Jobs

There are several ways how you can succeed in this. One is to submit your information to the translation web services listed above on this page. Some are emailing lists which send you information about available translation jobs (often only in your language combinations so that you are not bombarded by emails), while other services are job boards into which you have to log regularly and peruse posted translation jobs.
Another method is to approach many translation agencies and go through their application process. At the top of this page you will find a link to a list of many translation agencies, where you will also be able to purchase a list of email addresses to translation agencies. This can save you much time instead of manually approaching many agencies that you might find on the net. Only those agencies which are interested in your offered translation language combination will respond, saving you time from filling in an unnecessary number of translation application forms.

 How to Secure Onrunning Translation Jobs

Once you have established contact with a translation agency, by filling in their translation application form, they might ask you for a translation sample. By having your details on their file, such as which translation programs you use and other important information, they often want to determine your quality, which is most easily accomplished through a translation sample. This lengthier process will get you in the door with them, but once you actually receive work, especially in the beginning, it is important to provide a stellar job without delays or complications. You can afford the occasional mistake once you have established a good relationship with them, but any mistakes in the early part of a relationship can be detrimental and possibly end your cooperation right there. Our Translation Tips at the top of this page go into much lengthier detail how to avoid this.

 How to Get Paid for Translation Jobs

The first obvious answer to this question is to make sure you do a good job and provide a good translation. You can learn how to do this through our Translation Tips pages found through the link at the top. You should also maintain a polite, professional and friendly relationship with your client. After all, the happier they are with your services, the more likely they'll keep coming back to you, and keep you satisfied to make sure you will help them with their future projects. Without you they cannot offer much of a service.
Nevertheless, there are some bad apples out there and you can take certain steps to make sure you receive full payment for your hard translation work. Sometimes an agency does not get paid and they do not really have the money or desire to dig deep into their pockets to pay you. Or they are generally dishonest, keep setting up new translation agencies and exploit the wide web of freelance translators to earn revenues without paying for the expenses. To protect yourself against such dishonest people you can check out our Translation Payments Reputation page to freely view comments posted by other translators concerning the payment practices of the translation agencies they have worked for. Or you can check out our Getting Paid for Translation Work page which offers some tips by international lawyers concerning how to best extract payment from reluctant customers.
Hope this page has helped you and that you are well on your way to a rewarding career in translations!

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