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A Good Body Will Flush Water in Time


Health Related Correspondence

okay, here’s the package of information.

YOu can go to

where I’ve been putting down all my ideas every year, as I tweak and improve my fasting every spring. This year I’ll add my artichoke diet (good liver cleanse preprep) and the bowel cleanse.

The point of fasting is to rid your body of toxins, that get built up over a year, or in yours and many other cases, over a lifetime. They just build up and build up and eventually lead to cancer, or neurological breakdowns, etc. etc. A good spring cleaning every year is a very good idea. You often seem a bit frazzled, and I guess you go to your Raiki person to try to vent out the stress. That is another option. There are many ways you can skin a cat. But it is better to deal with a symptom at the roots rather than at the surface. Deal with it at its cause rather than try to do some patch job after the damage is done. A patch job like lying in a mud bath to release all stress, rather than avoiding the stress buildup in the first place, for example.

Your excessive smoking is constantly feeding your system with more toxins, which could add to your stress, as you yourself mentioned. I cannot imagine that the bureaucratic stupidity of the campus can be contributing so much stress or be the sole cause of everything. Perhaps just a trigger or an extra straw on a camel’s back. By itself it should be easily solved by meditation, playing squash, or other simple exercises which relieve and flush out any built up stress.

Now you asked me to think about WHY you might be concerning yourself with certain issues, which are only adding to your anxiety. I did think about it and had to conclude that I simply do not know enough about you and your deep inner workings to make some sort of a psychological conclusion. Either you would have to be totally open and honest with me, but which might depend on you being totally open and honest with yourself, which is often not the case with people. And hence they have such problems, always trying to bury a problem, which simply does not happen. Your conscious mind consumes some 6% of your mind, and the rest is unconscious and very active. All that you can accomplish is to bury something from your conscious and aware mind, but the issue will remain like a seed buried beneath the soil, and it will continue to grow, fester and haunt you, no matter how many concrete parking lots you may lay over top of it. So by asking me to think about this, my only impression is that you yourself do not even know, and are possibly hiding or burying something. Is there something you did that you feel guilty about? Then you should resolve that, and free yourself of this torment. Jesus says that “forgiveness heals”. What it “heals” is your own soul, or your relationship with those and the world around you. If you do not forgive, than you are harbouring these angry thoughts within you, and they will only torment you, like a black and corrupted seed within the soil of your heart, soul and mind. You need to grab a pitch fork and overturn the soil, break and loosen it up so that healthy seeds can grow, and rake out the dead roots and rotten seeds. Perhaps you might consider going somewhere for hypnosis to dig into your mind and find out what it is that is really bothering you. I can only guess, but I did the next best thing and prayed to God that the root of the problem will be revealed to you, so remain open minded for thoughts which may come to you. Do not immediately shrug them off but carefully consider EVERY thought which comes to you, no matter how trifle it may seem. The greatest wisdom can often be very simple truths right under our noses which we overlook as irrelevant.

Personally, I like to reflect, and look inside, self-psycho analyse, develop a greater understanding of how the human mind thinks, with its interrelationship with our body chemistries etc. I don’t need to hindered by anything, including my own hangups, fears and pride. Which are big things and many people just blow aside as a simple matter of life. But these very things hinder us and can control our lives, for the worst. So it is good to spend time reflecting on everything. I do much more reflecting on Sundays, when I force myself not to work and just walk around and reflect. Good thing to do one a week.

Concerning the diet, perhaps a good bowel flush could help you flush out a lot of bad energy that has built up over the years. Because I’m assuming you will not be able to give up smoking, I thought up a potential diet for you.

The purpose of fasting is to get rid of toxins. If you’re pumping toxins in while your body is supposedly trying to burn them off, you are making the entire procedure useless. I would suggest you read what I sent you to get an overall picture how these cleansing periods work. I started slow myself, and every year it was easier.

So, to think up something which would be the least painful for you, you can try the following. If after doing this you feel much better, than you can consider a more serious fast the next spring, like I’ve been doing. I tried fasting once in fall and my body repulsed it. Spring seems to be a good natural time to do such things. In fall your body needs to store up for the cold winter months. Who knows.

Anyway, I guess smoke as much as you need, but if possible, try to limit it as much as possible. You can go on a ten day program. The more intense it is the more you will flush out, and then you can go back to polluting your body once you are a fresh and clean baby.

Stop eating all meats, and go heavy on leafy romaine salad to help loosen up the debris lodged and clogged in your intestines over a lifetime of thoughtless eating. Lots of brans, fruits, take whatever laxatives you can, experiment. If you’re a coffee drinker, you can try the coffee flush which I briefly glanced over in the file that I sent you. There is a weblink there for it. Experiment and try flushing it out in different ways, but always very carefully listen to your body and respond to it, as everyone is different. I find that munching on sesame seeds makes the shits harder, so if one approach is leading to super duper diarrehea, you can up the intake of sesame seeds (basically Tahini paste). Make sure you munch it to a pulp or paste, otherwise its sorta useless. Examine your shits. I like the Czech toilets cause you can actually smell and closely analyse your shits. Very important actually, even though people think its “gross”. There’s nothing really gross about it. It’s just dead red blood cells which have served their last function by soaking in grease. If you regulate your body like me, your shits wouldn’t even smell. Maybe a little, but if it smells a lot it’s a message that you’re “eating shit”. I gauge my diet in this away, and avoid certain foods when I see the bad results a few days later. Your body is not some bottomless pit you can just keep throwing garbage into – it is a very complex machine that should be carefully monitored for optimal results.

I don’t think you’ll find a good parasite killing kit on the island, but you can always try that. My mom sends me mine from Vancouver. I found one super health food shop in Larnaca that could have it. We can go there to checkem’ out. The guy seems into this stuff. So if you could combine a parasite and bowel cleanse at the same time, more powerful. Drink lots and lots of quality clean water during this process. The water is like a tap pouring over a dirty rag. It just helps flush out so much shit. Take different laxatives and experiment. If it is too powerful, take a day’s break and then resume again. If your shits really stink, then you know it is good cause you’re getting it out of your system, where it sits, ferments, and seems diseases and toxins back into your blood stream through the walls of your intestines. I really do find the entire process fascinating and can almost only chuckle at how people constantly pig out obliviously and wonder why they have all these problems later in life. It’s very simple.

And the water flush is pretty awesome. You should find a link to it from both my page and the one I sent you. Very simple, but make sure you use natural sea salt, and “spice” your clean water so that it tastes like the sea or your tears. I would suggest you do this after about a week of eating salads etc. and taking the laxative. Really loosen up the contents of your bowels and break down the caked on walls, and after about 7 to ten days, drink a litre and a half of this potion within the span of five minutes and hang around, very ready, near the toilet. You can lie on your back, raise your legs and move them around a bit. Opens and loosens things up. As soon as you hear some growling sit on the toilet. Should go right through your system within about ten minutes and you’ll be amazed at the outcome. Totally harmless.

Okay, so if I don’t see you in ten days, next time I see you I expect to see a fresh pink face with improved complexion! Watch it yourself. It really is like a dirty rag held under a tap of flowing water. Good luck!


On way to gym right now, trying to at least cancel out all my bad habits, seems like I can’t replace them quite yet. Think it’s cause I have no real responsibilities like kids so I am really indulgent, however I am kicking ass at work and at the moment am very appreciated plus I am helping poor families get insurance in the big picture so it’s not all bad. At times would rather have a product I could travel with but I do like my bi weekly paycheck.

sounds like things are going well on certain fronts.

For bad habits, as we all like bad habits, perhaps you could think about doing an annual spring cleaning to get some of the crap out of your system, which builds up over the year (and lifetime), and eventually leads to horrid diseases if not removed once in a while. Don’t have to go all out drastic like me (I’m in my annual fast now, 6th day of water only, although last night I allowed myself 2 grapefruits as part of my “climbing out period) as there are different kinds of fasts. Like all fruits and forage, or the special lemon juice, which give you enough to sustain without pain, yet enjoy a certain amount of cleansing. You can combine it with various cleansing techniques to flush out different organs. Like the liver for example, which is the body’s primary filtration. If that is operating at half throttle you are much more likely to catch diseases etc.

Then there is walking, using the thighs, which are the body’s biggest muscles. Wherever you go just try to walk as much as you can, walking through nice parks etc. Perhaps get on or off the bus three stops earlier/later. Or walk up three flights of stairs and then take the elevator the rest of the way. This way you don’t have to do something “official” like set aside certain time and go to the gym, which can be pretty boring. Or find some cool club, friends, of really cool dude to set up a volleyball net etc. Sports is so much more fun than the gym, and pick one you can handle and enjoy. With little tricks like that the process can be pretty well painless, effortless, and eventually enjoyable. Could take you a few years, but at our age I find those tend to whip by pretty quickly. I can send you some material I’ve collected if you like. Such as the recent article explaining about cleansing the bowels and all the “shit” that can get stored for ten years in the pockets and bleed back into your bloodstream, constantly polluting your body. As people get older all this abuse starts to take effect, but you can easily avoid it, and look and feel better about yourself at the same time. Signing off – Doctor Charlie


been thinking that I might try and make it a routine to take vitamins every day. Read that it helps slow down aging, and maybe my wrinkles and stuff. Waddayatink? Wanna stay young and beautiful looking y’know. Do you think the stuff you sent me is expired by now? Occasionally, or rather rarely, I take some, when I’m feeling like perhaps I’ll catch a cold, but I’ve found that this is practically nonexistent. Except perhaps if I’m in Prague, a city of winter climate inversions, where people drink too much alcohol and take antibiotics with the slightest sneeze. It is a breeding ground for mutated viruses. So I really do not need to take vitamins for prevention of colds or sicknesses, but to help slow down aging and for my face. Waddayasuggest? Did some surfing and found some natural strategies. Recently purchases a new stove, with dials on each burner, so it is good for making small things as well, like tea for example. Perhaps I might get ambitious enough and make pots of green tea. It’s so nice to be making cash again and to be able to buy things I need. Did I tell you my big dream this summer is to convert my truck to run on french fry fuel? Perhaps around 1,500 Euro, which should quickly pay for itself and I’ll be able to drive around all ofEurope without worrying about gas money. Exciting time.


good news, good luck to continue for you. What is french frying fuel????

Thought I already mentioned. It is absolutely amazing and doubt you will believe me, but I’ve been told about it, pretty unbelievable, there are many people doing it, I’ve researched it on the internet, and plan to move forward with it. Basically diesel engines were invented by some guy a long time ago who designed it so it can run on peanut oil, and apparently the design has not changed much since then. It does not have sparks but it compresses the oil enough so that it ignites itself. FFF (as I like to abbreviate and call it) uses a separate tank which heat up this “fuel”. You start the car with diesel and end with it, but once the main tank heats up enough, you switch over. So I can drive around the world for free, HA HA HA HA! I will laugh my head off when I accomplish this and practically cannot believe it. Another amazing project. I will be so green and environmental it is not funny. Just pull up to some greasy restaurant and tank up, ha ha. I am sure there will need to be some filtration process, but if it’s basically for free, I look forward to driving all over the place. Hope to get it done this summer inBulgaria.

enough money to hire?  good. 

Guess I’ll just keep translating, wait till I save up some cash first. Right now I’m working on migrating to French, cause I realised I’m so sick of translating fromCzech.The language is so bureaucratic and backwards, and it is choresome to convert it into smooth sounding English. Plus the subject is usually industrial, as the Czech economy. I’m hoping that from French I will get paid almost double like from Czech, in time it will be faster because the languages are more similar, I will enjoy perfecting my French (very useful and a beautiful language), and from what I see available, I hope the subjects will be a lot more pleasant (lately it has all been about shit – from Czech). So a win win, hope to be making a lot more money, and hire someone cheap to help my business grow, so I never have to suffer in poverty again.

Lately been more careful about my face and see it has been working. Researched some tricks on the internet, such as spraying mineral water on it once or twice a day, olive oil, will try milk and honey (as Cleopatra), and then got some natural vitamin E etc. cream. I generally have pretty dry skin. Can’t imagine the salt water being so bad. People on this island generally look pretty young for their old age, but I do take sun in smaller doses. Will try the vitamins now.

Well, talk to ya later and good luck with the house.

as for vitamins. what I gave you is not expired by now, eating just sometimes is not very effective for long time prevention. your lovely face needs creams and moisture to keep looking good. vitamins helpo but I am not sure for face and wrinkles. you love sun and water. it is a killer. keep it covered by good sunscreen as the sun is more harmful then when you were a child. I see the damage on mine now and it is too late. I still look great (of course) better when I am not stressed. now I am covered by dust, house is a mess, lots of workers finishing touch ups, painters, so whatever furniture we have is pulled away form walls, floor covered by plywood to safe the beautiful floors, no doors anywhere since they are being sprayed in the garage, garage taped off so I can not go there for my stuff,, glass railing being installed, terrace stone being installed, lights beit=gn fixed and replaced……… lots of fun. LIving on the construction site is off my list for next time. lucky for everybody that I am such a scout. I am even cooking salmon for all the guys today, lots of czechs and slovaks and polaks here. We are not planning any trips now especially to Prague. but we did not plan the last one either, we just went to save money and it worked. but all depends on sale of this house. If you go, enjoy and see everybody, they all like you. have to go. Vlad was sick yesterday and had to stay in bed whole day, which was very hard on everybody. I fed him antibiotics from czech and today he functions. but I have to watch him, he is crazy. go to se Keta Friday and talk about your blackberry and my account. lets see. have to run, painterswant tomove myalready moved desk.

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