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Think Category Database When You Link to Text on a Lumber Page


holy moley, fantastic-arooni!!


not really sure what this is, doesn’t seem to have anything with me? (stupid question?)

* trying to figure out how to best respond to your Hotmail formatting so have copied into Word then back again, and using a star.
That was just the first index.html page I found and for the purpose of waiting until the subdomain percolated through the web’s DNS, or something like that. Took a couple of hours and needed some index file there to see once it became alive. Eventually I’ll convert the html file to php, as I like to, and then add some script to change the entry page on a regular basis (fresh and sexy again). Perhaps you could rummage this through your mind occasionally until you figure out a good thing to automatically update it. Such as the “French quote of the day” as I have on my F2E page. It rotates through the list every day and I have about 30, so google would never be able to compare it against its cash to see that it’s rotating through some list and always the same – it will always seem like new content. Alternatively, perhaps I could hook into some external database so that it will always show the day’s latest lumber prices or something. Or it could hook up to the actual database and display the number of registered users, as I see you update that from time to time. I do the same for my page, showing how many users there are and the number of comments etc. Since I get about three new people registering every day, this automatically updates the page and keeps it changing.


super awesome! this is a crazy blast-from-the-past . . . I can see in the future it becoming a really valuable tool, people will see their own names in there as sources and stuff, their own companies and what happened, . . .. etc.

* I found that my most successful pages would also connect OUT. So what you could consider is special outlinks from certain text. As usual, it is always best to link out from important keywords, so perhaps occasionally from the word lumber to some important lumber page which is high on google. In WP I would have to do this manually, so perhaps you could put the link in <brackets> to the right of the word(s) you want to link out from and instruct me this when you send me the file. Otherwise, if you do not link out occasionally to important, third party pages, google sort of perceives the site as a selfish dead end and does not value it as much.

> – tell me what wording you want, such as what to replace “old reports” with

I like “Old Reports”. i don’t really want Madison’s name on there, for sure for now until I see what kind of interest/traffic it gets. You can change it to “Lumber Market Archives” or something like that if you think the description should be more official-sounding.

* Okay, just give me a complete list of suggestions and I’ll implement them.

> – I can remove the Polls on the left hand side, or you can replace them with your
> own poll(s). Let me know the details/questions.

are the polls automatically generated? are polls better to drive traffic? I don’t need them, I don’t really pay attention to them when I see them on other peoples’ stuff. I don’t really want to worry about that: If they are automatically generated (change reasonably often) then just let it run with whatever comes up, but if I have to come up with ideas all the time then let’s just take it off.

* no, you just come up with the ideas once and then they are automatically added to the pages, and change if someone decides to vote on something. All you need is to prepare me a list of questions like I have there now. Can be a yes/no answer, or a list of possible answers. If there are actual real people who will eventually be digging through these archives, I think an interesting poll could make it more interesting a active for the reader. Get them involved, instead of just passively absorbing a site.

> – essentially anything can be put on the left and right sides, such as your
> logo/pic/link/flash etc. This will appear on all the pages that are created.

shouldn’t there be a link to my database, or I guess not my database because that’s just a log-in page, but a link maybe to my Directory information page on the Madison’s website

* of course, that is the entire purpose. Also from within the introductory section at the top of the entry page. The links that are there are simply from my previous WP setup, as I just copied. For me I think two links will be sufficient: one to my SEO page and one to my database programming page, possibly to my webdesign page. Or perhaps I could link out to that from within the text. How frequently do you mention the word web or design?

. . .
oh shit I made a page but haven’t put it up yet. crap crap crap, will have to do that this weekend when I update the website. For the time being the address will be
. . . oh crap I didn’t make one yet thats why its not up. This weekend then!

> – the title of the first page I uploaded (the Word files I sent you, cleaned version)
> is drawn from common keywords found in the text. I use software to show me the
> most frequently used keywords, then I pick out some and use them for the Title,
> Description and Keywords. If you click on the title it will take you to the
> permanent page, and you can see that the address of the page uses the date and
> keywords of the title. This maximises the keyword effect. Otherwise, the main
> entry page ( works like a blog roll,
> always displaying the last added articles.

wonderful! no problemo.

> – the links on the left obviously need to be changed. Let me know what you want
> me to link to.

oh oh oh! OK, I thought you had that there because you were using this to also promote your SEO work. Um, yeah, it should be lumber and lumber info. I’ll get you six or seven links, obviously Madison’s will be the first one (It’s Thursday morning so I have all my writing and weekly ka-blammo work to do)

* okeydoke. Perhaps there could be some “register for full version” or something and link to a page where you explain your prices to access the full database, and what other services that might include. Like a Services page or something. I’d say that and a link to the main page, perhaps a News section or something would be the most important, and if you have any concept specific pages, then link to those from within the article text, as I explained (SEO Smart Links is the name of that great WP plugin).

> So you can see that you can also use phrases. Therefore, if you have an important
> page about shingles, then you would want to point to it every time “shingle” or
> “shingles” is mentioned (or other related words or phrases, always separated by a
> comma).

so I need to make a list of words and corresponding pages on my site to link to. OK! more work for the weekend or Monday morning.

* yup, as I just wrote. Keep in mind too that you can add or tweak this over time and it will affect ALL the pages, whether they be uploaded in the future or already uploaded in the past. Occasionally changing this will not be very damaging and google might like it because it actually changes all the pages a bit, but this should not be done very often.

> – the calendar doesn’t have to be there and I just added it for pretty effect. You can
> put pictures or whatever you want in these strips, possibly colour the background
> as you have on your pages, or perhaps you could find your own plugins you want
> to try

Those calendars are everywhere. I remember when they first started cropping up and everyone was adding them to their blogs, I was like, “whatever man! I know what day it is.” but they are used so often we may as well keep them up, for pretty effect as you say. i might decide to play with that sometime in the future, we’ll see how much traffic this stuff draws.

* yah, I mostly put it there for the heck of it, prettyfickation, and to make the site appear more useful and dynamic. Simply bells and whistles. Hmm, or perhaps we could put a little “Latest lumber prices” table with a list of about five important figures. That could appear quite useful, and would help make every page changing on a daily basis. Or add that below or above the calendar or something. Anything is possible, as you see there is a lot on the left and right hand sides, depending on the length of the article. And ofcourse, eventually, room for advertisers…

> – the pictures at the top header are automatically rotating, but if you prefer we
> could probably remove all of them and replace them with only one – the header
> you have on your main pages. But personally I think the variety makes things
> more interesting.


* Maybe replace the pencil thing with your M logo?

> – what do you want for the Category names? For now I created Report 01 and I
> think there should be a maximum of lets say 20 pages added per category. This all
> depends on how much text you have to add. Do you have more than 350,000
> words you can think of adding? For example, if only this 350,000 and you don’t
> want to add your old emails, for example, since each post/article is about 2,000
> words, that makes a total of 175 articles. If we have a total of 10 categories it
> would make it less than 20 (17.5) articles per category. This means there would
> eventually be 10 category links on each page, plus whatever number of links we
> decide on in the left hand side, plus the links out from within the text. You don’t
> want too many linkouts from each page, which is why I like to shoot for a total of
> ten categories. But if you find more text in the future, we could add the number of
> articles per category (I’m shooting for 40 for mine, because I’ve got a shitload of
> text).

Um, do I have to write out ten categories then? Does it know how to archive things? or does it generate its own category names automatically?

* Check out as an example. I use this site (the first of these templates) for others to submit their own articles. As a way of adding text to my site without doing any work. It’s all experimentations. I created the different categories ahead of time, where some categories were nested within others (subcategories). Whenever someone uploads text for a new page they can choose which category to add their article to. The category name helps with their seo. So whenever submitting to me an article to upload, you could always specify at the very top of it, lets say in <brackets>, which category you want to add it to. With nested subcategories etc eventually it will look like an interesting and well structured navigation menu. If its set up in an interesting way and people actually read it, google will know and it will help push it up further.

I think the best is to make the categories using the names of the lumber products that are covered every week, so:
MSR ( = Machine Stress Rated if you feel it should be spelled out but everyone calls it MSR)
OSB & Plywood
Cargo & Reload

These names appear in the article headings every single week. If you need more, common topics include:
Transport (or Lumber Transport)
Timber Harvest
Softwood Lumber

* okay, lets keep talking about all this until you know what you want to do, then tell me exactly what you propose all at once, so I do not have to keep changing things. Good to have a good plan for a good overall structure, and then move forward from there. It’s still not live yet so no great rush. Let’s start on a good footing.

> – below is Views, which shows the number of views per each page. Probably
> bullshit but the good thing is that this is dynamic and always changing, so it will
> make every page change over time and appear fresh and sexy in the eyes of
> google.

yeah yeah, let’s keep that there. “come back to my fantastic page of lumber industry information archives! come back often”

> – work on the main index page ( What
> do you want to do with the text and pictures you sent me before all the pdfs? You
> want to use that for the main entry page? Perhaps at the bottom or something, but
> the top should introduce the database and what its all about (demo version, if they
> want to see the full version they need to write to you etc.). You want to write that
> or should I? This first page should be real juicy with all the important keywords,
> so once the top introduction part of the page is written, you can flood the rest of
> the page with keyword blabbery. Up to around 2,500 words would be good. Once
> that is set up I’ll move the demodbase there or at least link to it and then we can
> publish the page and see how long it takes to start getting hits etc.
OH Ok, this is the page I didn’t know why you were showing it to me.
I thought the text+pictures would be my keyword blabbery. I added pics because I thought I saw before on one of your super-long “translation” pages a bunch of photos (of maps and stuff, and photos your friend sent you from Thailand).

* yup, I like adding pics to long text. Especially the first page, because you want to make it interesting for the reader. The longer one stays reading a page it also pushes it higher on google. No harm in making things visually appealing. Obviously the keyword rich alt tags for the pics will always add a slight bonus. What I always do is I choose some keyword string and then add a number, such as “lumber directory database 01”. *

I would write the intro thing, one paragraph, to drive them to my lumber demo. I’ll do that at the same time as I add the “Lumber Directory” page to my website.

* Yes, think attention span of the average moron. You want the very first sentence or whatever to completely hypothesise what it’s all about and quickly send the reader the direction they want to go. if they want to read the archives, by all means. Whatever they want, but make things concise and to the point and clear to understand as quickly as possible. The first page should be visually appealing and set up so a person can quickly decide where they want to go. *

So I guess I need to add almost 2,000 words to my text file + pics I sent you? I’m going to go out to the internet and grab a bunch of related stuff. I think if I copy & paste it with discipline it will come out as reasonably original.

* The more original it is the better. Like when I wrote about the history of France while reading it elsewhere on the net. All in my own words. If you use you will see that my f2e pages is 100% original, and that will always score better with the search engines. They have the same technology as copyscape and it is easy to see these snippet copy things. But if you’re running out of ideas, sure, I guess it won’t harm it, but better if fully original. You could put the blabbery later down the page once you’ve linked out to the most important things. For example, there could be an H2 (heading2) titled “Other Information About Lumber Database Directory”, after you’ve explained the basic core. By this point the reader gets the message that it’s probably just some blabbery and has already decided where to go further, if anywhere. But such titles and continued blabber will certainly affect the search engines. *

Exciting times indeed, thanks again for all this! Its a good time to raise the profile because the lumber industry is coming back and people are starting to call (freaking finally).


Think: Water and Food is Everything, Doctor Does Not Want You to Eat Good


yah, reminds me when I was in Prague and trying to get my money’s worth for all that I had been investing into health insurance my entire life but never went to the hospital. I chose my ears, cause of the ringing sound, and sponged the crap out of them with all sorts of test. They finally said I wasn’t getting blood to my inner ear and suggested some drug which would thin my blood so it could reach it. Sure, worked for a couple of weeks but then back to “normal”. But while there I started thinking about it and asked if it could have anything to do with my wrong posture in front of the computer, and if some sort of exercise to straighten my back etc. could help. In both cases they just rolled their eyes like, “of course”, but for the first ten days I was there no one mentioned anything like this. They’re just trained to prescribe and I’m sure they must get some kickback from it. In the days of old Chinese doctors got paid if you DIDN’T need them. Could be a better system – preventive medicine. So far I’ve managed to solve everything by research and natural means, and prefer to keep it that way.

Wrote to simona about it but she practically blew up and insinuated I’m stupid. She must be a believer in the official 911 story and doesn’t make sense to talk to people like that, but I read an article around the time I started seeing these problems and it made sense. pfft, doctors and their western medicine brainwashing. One time a long time ago I was sick and I actually went to the doctor, before she even finished listening to my symptoms she had the prescription pad in her hands! I was like, “Um, isn’t there something else I can do, something I can eat or whatever to make me better?” she looked at me, seriously, she looked at me like I was fucking crazy. And she’s a good doctor. I think in the end I didn’t fill the prescription, I just was slow and careful until whatever it was left my body. I don’t like dosing up on anything and everything, sometimes you just have a virus and that’s it! it’ll go away in a week or so. Taking too much medicine is bad because in the future it won’t work. I take stuff if I absolutely need it, like if I feel like I’m gonna die, it doesn’t happen often, and I always ask for the low dose. “Drugs really affect me, even Neo Citron and Tylenol is really strong for me so don’t give me the powerful stuff”. They just think I’m nuts, seriously. One thing about Simona, I heard a thing about doctors a super long time ago and I live by this: never tell the doctor what you think is wrong with you. Like if you have headaches or whatever, never say to the doctor “I think I caught this thing” because it totally influences their judgement. Just tell the doctor what’s wrong with you, and if they can’t seem to figure it out or say something that you think is wrong THEN give them your theory. Personally I’m not so sure about your idea of the added chemicals in the vaccine or whatever you said. I don’t know anything about that. I do know that when people come to a completely foreign environment there can be reactions just to everything around you, the plants the water the food everything. I agree that for example the water used to make beer could be questionable, I could totally see that. I think there could be other things, what you breath and such. Bacteria are totally different in that biosphere, there is not that much difference between Czech andCanada, or the parts ofEuropeyou have been in until now. Still fir trees, still north, still winter, etc. where you are now is like tropical fauna that you’ve never been around before, a completely different species of insects and stuff like that. Getting down to basics and natural food is of course a very good idea. I’m surprised you were eating crappy noodle packages, those things are shit no one should EVER eat palm oil its in a lot of packaged food and its not really possible to digest so causes a huge amount of problems. Anyway, you said its getting better so that’s good. I would think it would be environmental, because if it was the vaccine you would have been having a reaction before you even got off the plane, not months later. ——————————-

I’ve read some articles that convinced me that the body is much better at healing itself that we credit it for, but we just need to treat it right. When I was at that retreat this guy lent me this book (although we weren’t supposed to read) about Jesus’s words written by the Essenes and not long ago unearthed, where he placed great emphasis on eating raw, LOCAL fruits and veggies, “food of life”, which have soaked up strength from the sun, water and air, and if we eat bread then to put it out in the sun in a special way but never to cook anything, cause we are killing the food by fire and death, and if we eat that then we are killing our bodies. Heard pretty well the same from many organic eaters lately, hence trying it. But I sure can’t miss up a good ol’ red curry chicken soup hot hot once a day! After that we need to perk our ears and listen to our bodies, no matter how faint the squeek. If I see something is wrong I’ll research it and then maybe see a doctor for an explanation, but I never thought of going for some annual checkup. Teeth maybe, but I think i’ve done that only three times since I leftCanada. I don’t eat so much meat so it  doesn’t get strips under my gums. I now use sensitive toothpaste because of all the acid from the beer I drink, or lemon/lime when I’m fasting. That’s the worst and I gotta smear my teeth with the PHP neutralising toothpaste after every dose, but perhaps there is some natural food which does the same. i found munching on sesame seeds is good, as it is full of calcium and vitamin C, and apparently our teeth were the strongest when we mostly ate nuts, so I imagine it is coating the teeth with something.

And lastly, a new experiment, based on the Water documentary I wrote to you a while ago. By the way, did you continue with those experiments? If you’re too lazy perhaps you could try one that seems totally crazy: write “hate” on a piece of paper and put it under one of your plants, wait a few months and observe. But what I do now is I meditate a little while holding a bottle  of water I just filled up, giving thanks to the water and saying “let the universe pour its healing energy and loving power into you”, and I imagine that while I’m meditating, breathing with my diaphram and imagining this energy passing through me, my hands and into the bottle of water. So I drink “live” and life giving, healing water, instead of the dead, processed shit water I purchased. A few other goofy articles I read from testimonies of psychics or other people people who have been communicated to by aliens. Several times they touch on water. One said the aliens told them to go over the hill there and fetch a bucket of water. When they came back the aliens were dissappointed and said, “Not  enough”. The guy speculated it was some sort of test, as if to test humanity’s capacity for love, which the water would have soaked up during their journey. In another case the alien said, once they will kick out the evil aliens, expose themselves and help us, that they will teach us the amazing qualities of water and how to make special pipes which can transport it while keeping its life, as opposed to the system we have no that totally kills it by the time it comes out of the tap.

In both cases they just rolled their eyes like, “of course”, but for the first ten days I was there no one mentioned anything like this.

EXACTLY!! I get so mad about stuff like that, if its so fucking obvious why didn’t they say it FIRST!! the thing is that there are some things, basic things, that we must have doctors for. Like I can’t do my annual exam on myself, if you know what I mean. So for me I think its a balance between having your basic physical self checked out once a year for the things they are good at: heart, blood pressure, lumps, . . . and also educate yourself about how to be healthy so you DON’T NEED to go to the doctor. Because once they have you, boy, you’re in for the rest of your life. Once they have you, it never ends. Its so rare that I go to the doctor between my annual checkup, the last time was when I was bit by that feral cat and my hand swelled up like insane, that was in E. Van so like ten years ago. I haven’t been to the dentist in like six years though and I’m kind of worried about that. there’s totally nothing wrong with my teeth or mouth, that I can tell, but they can find things that matter to your general health, like heart stuff. Its so crazy expensive though . . . I gotta figure that out I think because its been too long.


Hey gal, great to hear from you. I think one think you might add to your diet is to buy a geiger counter and measure everything before you buy. Heard Fukushimais a major disaster and hitting the west coast US hard. But yes, recently have read that local raw veggies fruit the best. Such as:
About 2/3rds the way through Jesus describes what we should be eating to avoid any sickness. Amazing stuff. Answering more below.

> Cau Kajo!
> How are you? What is new over there in Asia?
> So here we go… just found out yesterday I am pregnant with baby
> #2, yaaay! Also, Stephanie Vyborny is pregnant with her second baby
> and Lily (Czech Dan’s ex) is expecting her first one… baby booming
> happening indeed!

Coolness. Praying that everyone is happy and that everything will work out, because I’ve always felt in the bones of my conviction that things can get crazy in these times. Happy for you all. 🙂

> My husband and I have just started this new eating trend and I
> thought you might be interested in it. I remember you writing to me
> about your super bean soups/stews you used to cook when living in
> your van and travaling along the coast. We basically started
> juicing. We juice everything. Our juicing adventure was based on
> this documentary called “sick, fat and nearly dead”. Watch it if you
> have some free time. Interesting to watch. Really cool concept. So
> we basically juice everything, mostli veggies and drink it and feel
> pretty good. I eat other foods (healthy though) since I still nurse
> my little baby Zohar and since I am prego now. My husband only
> juices. Well.. we started to also be interested in raw food diet.
> Made some new raw dish today (pesto zucciny pasta) and OMG – so
> freaking delish! We only buy organic stuff. I was thinking since you
> live in a tropical area with tons of fresh fruits and veggies, you
> might benefit from this.

I eat mostly only salad, sometimes a coconut which fell off a tree recently, a little bit of red curry chicken soup, to which I have my knife and chop in garlic, tumeric and ginger. Fill it to the brim and add as much hot chilli peppers as they can cut for me. The Thais just shake their head in disbelief when they see me eat. And I was warned about their hot food!!

Here is a link to
>  our favorite guy who reminds me SO MUCH OF YOU!!! He is a health
> freak and seems pretty smart, just like you. Watch this short
> youtube video .. he made over 1,000 videos and they are all fun to
> watch! He is basically
> talking about everything we believe in. My husband is a chiropractor
> and we never vaccinate our child/ren and do not use any drugs
> whatsoever (well.. a bit of good old stinky weed hasn’t caused harm
> to anybody yet, huh? 😉

on this island where I am now there are a lot of what I like to call “yoga heads”. They don’t even walk but drift through the air. Strange breed indeed, but I’m learning from them and they talk a lot about alkaline levels. One suggested I add baking soda to my reverse osmosis water, as that by itself supposedly drains me of minerals. Water is apparently a super wonder.. Check out documentary called Water. I now super bless any water bottle before I drink it (and add zine and vit c for immune system, honey, and the baking soda…). It’s a war out there. The big pharmies want us all sick for their profits! Need to focus on our immunse system and the loving energy of life.
Great chattin with ya gal!
ok, just wanted to share this with you … Take care of yourself, Misa PS: we also love highly alkaline diet which raw food diet and juicing is 🙂
Check out this page, if you have the time, inspired by this great weed rebel who came to visit me long story in bg:
He apparently heals people of cancer and other crazy stuff with this hemp oil. It also makes you lose weight and he has muscles showing on his belly, at some 50+ years, and he doesn’t exercise at all! At one point his ab muscles burst out when the fat layer became too thin, because they were not used to the blanket cover.

Try a Day of Water and Vitamin and Think Keep Good Blood, Heart and Body


> sauer cabbage, not sterilized is very god for detox plus extremely
> high amount
> of vit C.

Sounds good. Just keep experimenting and try to stay natural! Your body is natural, so don’t pump chemicals into it. Will only deposit in your cells somewhere and eventually lead to problems, like cancer. Cancer is probably formed from all the chemicals around us, causing cells to mutate.

For my juice I get a 1.5 litre bottle of water. If possible use quality water and not some crap from the tap. Then ten tables spoons of maple syrup, I think 5 sqeezed lemons, and then sprinkle with chilli or cayenne for flavour. Should all be on my site. It’s actually quite tastey! If I had two 1.5 L bottles a day I found I was almost full! Then in the evening you can make yourself delicious garlic soup from chicken or vegetable broth. Delicious and the water fills up your belly, so you feel full. Just not too much hot stuff, otherwise it’ll burn your bum once it comes out after a few days (try not to read my horror story website about the Ultimate Burning Ring of Fire).

If you’re still hungry, you can probably chomp on an apple or fruit. See how long you can go on like this. Maybe 5 days or more? Then, if you want to crank up the steam, try one day of water only, or as long as you can handle it, then back to the juice, and then bring your body back slowly, meaning one day of a hearty salad. Ya gotta go in slow, and out slow. Don’t shock your body. Not good for it. If you do it right you shouldn’t feel any pain at all, but feel light and energetic (cause your body isn’t working hard to break down meat and garbage). I often cant sleep more than 4 or 6 hours a day. Animals instinctively fast when they are injured. Your body has much more energy and it uses it to heal yourself. Good luck! K

can you please advise when you have a moment how do you mix the juice for the fasting… the lemon, maple sirup and chill? what are the measurements. it sounds good to drink it even not being on detox. i think i may try the three day one at the beginning. and i will try to prepare myself for that 3-4 days ahead. i need a discipline! not sure if i manage three days on water only but i will try. when i was sick i didnt eat much at all, just apples and tea and water for about 5 days. i couldnt eat anything how sick i was. Sorry to bother you with this. and thanks for being patience with me. Hope your trip went well and that you are safe and sound wherever you wanted to be. keep in touch. hugs,k p.s. i saw the green stuff of yours …yack!o/


was nice to talk to ya.

Okey dokey, so for my heart I believe the following could help:

– dextrose, ginger root, mutlivitamins, but I think I remember the doctor mentioning in particular B12 and B2 or something like that. I guess just some good multivitamin should do it, as I also read on the internet.

Just did a research on the internet and found the following, the third paragraph after the previous two which said vitamins E and C are important (I remember my Chinese doctor also mentioning C):

But it’s not just the antioxidant vitamins that can play a role in keeping our hearts healthy and strong. The B vitamins are important too. There is some evidence that taking sufficient amounts of folate, or folic acid, every day may help to reduce the risk of heart disease in some people. Folic acid, despite its unusual name, is actually one of the B vitamins. It’s worth considering your intake of vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 too. That’s because, though there is still scientific debate in this area, it seems that people with a low homocysteine level, which is linked to heart disease, also have low levels of vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 in their diets. Find your vitamin B6 in fish, chicken, wholegrain cereal, liver and eggs. Vitamin B12 is in fish, dairy products, meat and yeast extract. As vitamin B12 is not found in foods deriving from plants, very strict vegetarians or vegans sometimes suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency. If this sounds like you, try to develop a taste for yeast extract. Try it on toast, or add some to soups, stews and casseroles.

Found another site and I guess I’ll have to try harder for fish stuff, although I do eat canned mackeral almost regularly. I try to buy vacuum sealed and smoked mackeral when I see it.

Then, for my fasting, the standard Paragone, but each time I forget to mention: Black Walnut Tincture and 4 ornithine capsules.

What am I a doctor prescribing myself? Certainly sounds like it doesn’t it! But if you saw what comes out of my liver every year, you might even yourself consider gooping down cup fulls of olive oil! Tastes pretty gross, but this year at least I have the cold around, which is suppose to make it more bearable. But out of it comes 1 or 2 coffee mugs full of cholesterol balls, which only clog your liver and make it much less efficient. Your liver is in charge of filtering the body. Recently I’ve compared it to driving 1.5 million miles in a car and never changing the gas filter or oil. People seem to understand this concept better than their bodies. It’s the same as an entire lifetime without cleaning the liver/filter. It just gets dirtier and dirtier, and then it doesn’t clean much but the dirt just circulates through your body, like dirt in the oil that ends up between the piston rings and causes all sorts of other problems. Supposed to be done at least twice a year and cannot possibly harm you. But the way I do it is much more powerful. Anyway I think the orinthine capsules are supposed to help me fall asleep faster or something, which is supposed to be quite important. In the past I use to just lie there for hours trying to sleep (I don’t sleep well on my back with my head slightly raised, as per the instructions). Have absolutely no clue what’s the purpose of the tincture, but will let you know if it’s more powerful than previously. I improve it every time and this time I want to try meditating and not working during the 8 day water-only part. A new experiment to see if I can make the experience more spiritual rather than strictly for health reasons. Will be interesting experimentation.

Anyway, thanks a bunch, have a happy Christmas, say hi to all da folks, and sell your house! k


okay, just spent my time researching Atrial Fibrillation or Flutter. The latter is milder and not sure which one I got, but I think the vitamin thing and stuff I previously recommended could be the way to go. In short, if the heart flutters like that, it does not pump blood effectively, in which case it can stagnate and possibly form blood clots. Blood clots once created and circulating through the veins can eventually get stuck somewhere and cause problems. Such as in the brain and lead to stroke. Luckily I started noticing this and will start concentrating on this now. Nothing to get worried about cause it only happens occasionally and for very brief moments, but now I’ll keep my attention on it and see if making my heart healthier and stronger (athough it is supposed to be quite strong) will reduce these instances. Aspirin is also a possibility, as it can reduce the chance of forming blood clots, but has other possible negative affects which I’d rather avoid, so will try the natural approach for a while and see the long term affects. Just don’t get worried! I gauge my body and listen to it carefully, unlike most people. So prevention and listening to one’s body is the best approach and I believe I’m catching this at the very beginning, so no probs. Don’t get stressed!


well, know I’ve been getting lazy since I moved into the truck (before that I was highly active in Prague with different types of sports almost every day), but still manage to maintain it a bit. Jog on the beach often. It depends. Recently with the contruction job I was busy all day, so not sure if this is the problem. Anyway, will try the vitamines, ginger and dextrose and see if that makes a difference. Don’t think I have too many impurities due to my cleansing every year. Thanks for the tips!

Salted butter doesn’t need to be in the fridge, but I suppose in some of the places you are it would turn into a puddle if not, so . . . Gross!

The flutterby heart feeling is what I had, usually when I was sitting & studying. Yeah, super many years ago. Turned out to be nothing. Ivo had a lose valve in his heart his whole life, had to get it fixed a few years ago. That’s the kind of thing that is hereditary but you are also born with it so they would have detected it.

There are two easy things you can do to feel better right now: activity and drinking water. Plain water. As we get older everything is harder on the body and the heart bears the brunt of it, trying to bring good blood to the other organs. 8 regular sized glasses of water a day plus one for every cup of coffee or drink of alcohol. Beer is easier on the kidneys than other booze but is very high in fat and calories.

One way to keep tabs on how well your body is filtering is to check your skin. Its the body’s largest organ and sustained impurities will show up in skin problems.

My blood also clots quickly but I’ve never worried about that happening inside an artery. Stroke however is a concern but not yet. You said you had low blood pressure, me too, so stroke is not likely. Keep the salt down and the water up.

I think activity is critical for this, above all else. And since your physicality seems similar to mine I would say you need a lot of it. Even at 30 I could go on some serious hike or other day-long big activity without even feeling anything, now I do the next day! Less than other people but still. It takes longer for muscles to recover, used to be able to sleep it off. My breathing is good so I know muscles are getting oxygen (not starved).

Granted I was at a disadvantage because of all the extra weight, still got some of it, but now have built up my stamina so I can keep up intensity (get heart beating fast for a long time) AND not be sore the next day. Do you know how long it takes?? 2.5 hours a day, 4 days a week. That’s how much this body needs to maintain! I think maybe because we were so active when we were kids. Also my resting heart rate is low so it takes more work for longer to get it up and keep it up. Count you heartbeats when you first wake up, before you get out of bed. I think 70 is low, can’t remember, it wouldn’t be hard for you to find out for your age group.

Low blood pressure + low resting heart rate = no stroke probably.

I go 4 times a week to my exercise place for an hour, work up a gentle sweat; breathing heavy but not panting, can still talk. Another 4 times a week I walk a trail above the beach that has steep up & down hill parts. Takes about an hour and a half, depending on how many doggies I stop to pet. For this I really focus on going hard, breathe really deep to the bottom of my lungs. It counteracts all the other hours of the day sitting at the computer.

Breathing exercises are really good by the way, I did Pilates for a year using a book with pictures & descriptions, it felt like I had just had a massage when I was done!

They used to say 20 minutes jogging or cycling = 1 hour walking. Now they say one hour a day minimum, doesn’t matter what it is.

Think to Link to the Top of a Google Search Website Page


now that my big project is over and I’m back to looking for work, I decided to try a different approach and get my new “French to English translations translator” page high up on google. I succeeded with Czech to English, but it seems there isn’t that much google search work out there for that language combination. Perhaps most people just go across the street to their neighbourhood translation agency and asks them, because they trust a secretary they can “smell and feel” rather than some contact somewhere on the internet.

But perhaps it will be different in French to English. A lot more work and I am going to go for it. I think the actual translators start at around the fourth page, agencies at best around the second, mostly third. The rest are dictionaries and free, online machine translations. If people want the real thing they need to go further down the search results. I’ve been focusing on this page and am shooting to get it into the top 20. I’ve managed with everything else I’ve tried for so far (usually in top 1 to 10 or something), so I feel confident with this. I can make the website as an agency or a translator, and have a good proofreader helping me with that. Perhaps you might be interested in some output as well?

It’s a first quick draft, saved from my Czech to English page. I know I’ll be working on it but, for a start, I’ve started the backlinking etc. thing, as I know it takes a while until it has an effect on the search engines (SEs). I’m hoping that I can get to the top 20 in the next few months. I am going all out aggressive on this one page. On pages I’ve gone aggressive on in the past I’ve always succeeded, but I realise this is QUITE a competitive keyword area.

Anyway, sorry for the long wind, but while being aggressive about promoting this page I’ve discovered the importance of backlinking. For a while I’ve been following the below guy’s newsletter, as he was handing out lots of useful, free information. He has been quite for a while and just sent out this:

147 bucks and I’m gonna go for it. Since you’re the only person I share all my seo secrets with, I was wondering if you would wanna go halfer. Even if you don’t want, I’ll probably be willing to share this with you for free anyway. Lots to read but this guy has been doing it for 10 years and, after hearing such “bs” from his students, he decided to put out a book. Sounds like a good deal and I’ll go for it. I’m near the top of google for “translation service”, with competition of about 25 million, but I think that most people don’t search for that but rather something like “french to english translation document” etc. Czech to English is in low demand it seems.

Anyway, just a thought, but if you quickly skim through that website from this guy, you will see a lot of areas he is covering, and I think I could glean out a lot of tricks to get lots of traffic to your sites. k


yes, two way, direct exchanges became quickly popular, and subsequently abused and used by everyone, which is why google tweaked their algorithm to discount or negate them. When you think about it its pretty obvious and easy for google to remedy. But three way links are much more difficult for google to discern. I therefore always try to point to you from a DIFFERENT domain than you are pointing to me. I already proposed using my directory, as I have a category which seems to fit the theme of your site I would be pointing to. Having similar themes is also very important when linking. If you don’t like that proposal I can think up something else for you. There is lots to learn with seo (search engine optimisation) and it is constantly changing, because the spammers are trying every trick possible to get to the top, while google is adjusting its algorithms in a sort of war against the spammers/cheaters, to keep the search results honest and useful for the regular user.

I can link directly back to you, but I’ve been studying search engine optimisation for years and everyone says that direct, 2-way linkbacks are much less powerful because google can easily see that we are exchanging links and hence it is fabricated and not “organic”, so they are highly (or completely) discounted in their algorithms. I have PR2 links I can link to you from, if that is the problem. Let me know your thoughts.

thank you for the linkback. Trying to figure out where is a good place to put your link. Would something like this be okay?

 I only link to sites that link back to me from the same site that I’m linking to. If you cannot link back from the same site that I linked to please let me know … and I’ll remove the link to your site. Thanks so much, Luke  


Thank you for this wonderful step. I’ll send the PIN code as soon as it gets to up me here. Maybe I should consider having second thoughts about having a website? I must have heard you say you were a web designer too? From the pages I visited during the JD project I admit that you must be a very good one indeed. So, I would like you to tell me how much it may take for you to design an attracting and rich website for us. You can design it in English, and make available some tabs for 2, 3, or 4 other languages. I’ll then translate it into French, and have a translator for German (my third working language), Spanish…A dynamic and attractive website in short… I was actually looking for the contact of your fellow countryman whose name is Rotislav Kavan. He’s a very good web designer who happens to have taught me basics of web design using HTML and CSS…and some Computer Assembly and Maintenance…I saw him designing a website for a friend, and I really liked his patience and dedication, and sense of beauty. I could not find his contact at all, and you make me think of him, if you could do me that favor… The second request is the following: I’m still on SDL Trados 7x. Is there anything I can do to rely on you for a more recent version if you don’t mind? Such action could really improve our competitiveness as we proceed to create the website. If it’s a bad request, just forget about it…I feel so close to you that I always speak out my mind whenever you’re around. Again thank you so much for all you’ve done for me this far. See you later.

I think the best option is if I teach you how to do it yourself because it can be pretty time consuming work. You can then spend time on the details. I can help you in some ways. We’ll see. You can take any page you like on the internet, right mouse click, “View Source”, and then save that, with all the pics, and use it as a template – replacing their text with your own text. My pages are simple to copy. Other pages can be too complex.

Then there are sites you can use to create html pages, based on templates. Very nice stuff, sometimes you can find free services.

For other languages of your website, it is potentially problematic because google works on a per language basis. If you bought a domain and hooked it to my site, you can have, and then put a spanish page on (subdomain). You separate things like this for google, and the languages do not interfere with the search results. To get to the top you need a lot of text in each language, but it does look nice for visitors if you have different translations.

Don’t know the Czech guy you mentioned. Try a google search, or perhaps, or facebook.

I have an older version of Trados than you.

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No Memory, Must Work, No Time to Think


Computer Tips Related Correspondence

don’t need a lengthy response, as I know you’re always busy, but if I can just ask quickly… Have been getting more into video editing but realising that my little old notebook is not made for such heavy processor use. Recently I researched on the net about a laptop operating in very cold temperatures, and the only thing apparently to worry about is not to turn it on from deep cold after you bring it inside, for worry of condensation. Anyway, it occurred to me today, if I was editing a video and then wanted to export it (the most demanding on the processor), what do you think about the crazy idea about putting the laptop into a cold fridge (just have to worry about condensation, so slow temperature change or something) and then press GO for a conversion which may take several hours at full processor speed. My guess is that it will not harm anything as long as the temperature is kept down. I gather there would be no moving parts in a processor to wear down but its just a bunch of electrons flowing through wires etc. Am I right?

On another note, just landed inAthensand soon ready to launch a month’s tour ofGreece. Next stop is the mountains in Bulgaria where one friend offered me work to help him reconstruct his house, but I don’t think I’ll have time to help him much cause I’m getting a lot of translation work, which pays a lot more. But it will be nice to hang with some folks and drink beer with some friends. Or to have his job as a backup in case my own work dries out. It has been nice to find a Czech translation agency who appreciates my quality and is not intimidated by the fact that I work while I’m traveling. Put up an online database for Keta, which is now supposed to be the best lumber database in the world, so I hope that through that I’ll be able to get more of such intelligent work. Translations are good to pay the rent but I’m so sick of it. I feel like a factory worker doing the same repetitive and stupid work every day: unscrewing some complicated and bureaucratic Czech sentence to rescrew it into some nice flowing English sentence. I feel like, with every sentence, I am struggling againt the bureaucratic Czech mentality and I’m really rather tired and uninterested in it. But I guess it’s nice to be doing important translations for the EU, and that my customer’s level of English is so good that she recognises and values my quality, as opposed to the other bozos who might point to a word and complain that I left it out.

How’s business going with you?


If your cooler has the usual temp between 5 and 10 degC, having the comp run in it cannot do any harm. It may actually help if its warm outside, such as 30 degC or higher. But I definitively would not cool the notebook in operation below +5 degC. Special computers such as automotive are designed for a wide range of operating temperatures, but typical notebook specs may be +5 to +45 degC. They recommend to let a notebook temper before turning it on, after being brought in from subzero cold, in order to reach operating temperature and let any condensation evaporate. I read somewhere that large companies are forcing translators to lower costs by using special software that remembers translated sentences, so if say an updated Czech manual is submitted for retranslation, the unchanged parts are copied automatically and not translated repeatedly. The finance business is tough as you can imagine: sale of our last remaining investment in the old portfolio has stalled due to industrial conditions, and closing a successor fund (for which we combined with another team) has been slow due to uncertainties in investment banks. Good luck, looks like you have a good plan in the circumstances. Dad

Thanks for your prefect and conscientious response as usual!

Yes, I know about the translation software and am almost a little bit of an expert with it. I believe I have the best software available and it’s pretty expensive, and I use it regularly. Many customers might not know about it and if I use it on repeating text I can translate quite quickly and make a lot of money in a short time. I’d like to use it if I were farming out a lot of translations. Talked about this to Jens a few years back that, if I had a lot of work in different languages, I could build up a lot of memory, eventually put it online, and create a sort of wiki translation site where customers could use the translation memory and pay 1 cent a word, while translators could contribute memory and get credit to use other translators’ memory. Rather complicated to set up but the way of the future. I think some major sites are starting to dabble in the concept only now. As usual, got some good ideas but haven’t been able to put them into practice.

Maybe my computer is getting clogged again and needs to be taken apart and cleaned with q-tips and alcohol (I do that once in a while). Think the sea salt air gets into it. Anyway, without my handy fan underneath the comp it seems to quickly rise to around 70C and turns on its own internal fan. With my fan I can usually keep it around 40. At full processor and in the fridge I think it would still be running at around 40, but I’ll experiment with it if I ever have a big video project, and a handy fridge!

Too bad about your work. Didn’t even consider “the crunch” when I asked you how it was going. For me I seem to be immune to economic swings. With globalisation the translation industry has been increasing about 20% a year I think (although, yes, moving towards software at the same time), I got customers all over, people will always need translations (especially the ever so bureaucratic monster EU). I came to the conclusion that I lost a lot of work because I let myself get arrogant (although the customers truly were total idiots and tried my patience beyond my abilities), and because Czechs can be idiots without imagination and were simply afraid that I am not capable of translating from a beach or somehow I lose my Czech because I am not Czech anymore. Other new clients don’t send me work because they like to phone their translators and find out immediately if they can take a job. I never communicate that way with my own translators. Many are online practically all the time, or receive an sms from their email account, so are capable of responding immediately, every time. But this is something that these bozos cannot understand. Anyway, often its nicer to find more intelligent customers, because then the cooperation is usually more pleasant and much less frustrating. In any case, I’ll try to keep my mouth shut with potential new clients and not explain my situation. With my new one I let the news seep out and she doesn’t seem to have an issue with it at all.

Take careo and hope the business picks up. k


in response to your suggestion to buy a BlackBerry, even had one purchased but perhaps I’m lucky cause these Greek boneheads said they didn’t have their system set up for this device. I think it was possible, but anyway decided to trade it in for an HTC diamond. Trust Windows more cause I know how to hack into that and get lots of free programs, and generally better support. Serves as a 3G modem for my computer as well, but lacks the fancy physical keyboard, boohoo. Oh well, can’t have everything. Found that the BB needed some exchange server and generally more restricted. Windows is open guts and I can always find a solution to that. Its different inEuropewith every piddly country having their own quirks. But I’m getting used to the phone and its not so bad. Seems my Turkish cheapo 3G modem is locked, contrary to what they told me, but in time I hope to hack into it and unblock it. latero


Still not rolling in the dough but the last few months were fairly good and it has given me the opportunity to chip away at some debts. If it keeps up like this, which it may, I will hope to have paid back all my debts within about 7 months. Concerning your communication script (CS), a friend of mine gave me an idea that I should offer it to other translation companies, which I think I will try. Charge a small fee per every word translated through the system but not actually sell the software itself. For this I’ll need to set up special administration rights that can do pretty well everything the administrator can except erase projects and only have access to the projects they set up. I thought I’d try this myself, because I still do not have enough cash, but it may become an interesting revenue stream. Anyway, I was wondering if you had any quick pointers. Such as a quick tip which files I should be working on, how to get mysql working on my computer so that I can test it, and anything else you can think of.

Glad to hear from you. About MySQL: you can setup “Denwer” – – sorry, it’s only in Russian. It’s package of Apache+MySQL+PHP. May be very easy installed on local computer. It starts virtual web-server. And with denwer I created all sites local. About files: honestly, I don’t remember. I tried to name files with sense. For examle: notify.php, login.php, delm.php (delete message). “u_” – as I remember – functions for users. “c_” – general functions.

sounds like we are doing similar things. I decided recently that I wanted to try the approach of Mr. Google and Mr. Facebook, meaning to make a living from some web project and not really have a boss. Even a customer is like a boss and can be tedious to deal with. But by setting up projects I am applying my creative mind in different ways and I don’t really have to deal with anyone, if I don’t want to. Or just respond to emails. I find the variety quite interesting. Once I find the time I think the project with your script could be quite interesting and looking forward to learning how you did it and working on it.

thanks for the tips. Already been looking at your scripts and things seem to be named pretty logically. Before when you or my Perl programmer would send me scripts I would enjoy skimming through them and following the logic. Now I download scripts from the net, study them in much greater detail, and enjoy learning even more. So it will be an interesting challenge! Think I may have found a “portable mysql”. I would suggest to you sqlite, as I remember you couldn’t set up the mysql database for me. sqlite is real easy and works well with php. I have a really small portable program that can work off a memory stick or CD, for portable presentation. I can send you that as well if you like.

Thanks for suggestions. Now all my projects I test at my hosting. Otherwise I have no many projects for programming – only my own. I try to create own sites carefully. One site had about 7000 visitors a day. 🙂 Almost all my time I spend on SEO. It’s more interesting for me. So I don’t use different local servers any more.  best regards, Yuri. P.S. I? you will have any questions about my scripts – I’ll try to remember the code and help.


just read your email that you don’t know how to add users. Quite important info. You don’t store this or what? You know it’s a really easy and quick process to copy/paste such info into a Word file and organise it (certainly a lot less painful and time consuming than spending half an hour perusing through a kzillion emails). I wonder how you can run your business if managing everything from your memory. Anyway, just to torture you, because that is more fun and deserving, heh heh, I’d suggest you go to your ftp account on my server and look at the folders and file names and figure it out that way. And if you forgot your username and password, I think I’ll shit in my pants, scoop it out with a spoon, put it in a paper bag, send it to you by post, but make sure to stuff it first with a hand scribbled note with your login details! (heh heh)


Hey bumblehead,

well, the problem is that the amount of time it takes me to dig up the information, cause I’m organised, is about the same as if you actually stored it yourself somewhere (even a simple bookmark for God’s sake), which is even less time than your beautiful groveling below. It’s not really fair for other people. I feel I spent quite a lot of extra time repeating myself in long emails, and it certainly didn’t seem to emblazen in your memory. Anyway, this was a small favour but at least I’ll know how to deal with customers in the future.

For example, with my Firefox I can export all my bookmarks into an html file, which I then put up on my server as a backup. After my harddrive crashed and I lost so much valuable information, I try to backup absolutely everything. This is an easy way to backup, and when I log into my protected folder, I can go to that exported html file and browse it, going to all my important links if I’m away from my computer etc. Or generally I’ve gotten into the habit of carefully storing tidbits of information somewhere because, in the past, it happened a few times that I was rushing, didn’t really know where to put something, so I just threw it somewhere and figured I’d find it when I need it. But six months down the road I found myself spending up to four hours looking for some stupid piece of paper I really needed, and cursed myself for not taking a bloody minute and think of some logical place to put it. Learned my lesson dattaway. k

Yes I am a bumblehead. Yes I work from memory. Yes I should have instructions, except that I know HOW to do it. I haven’t added anyone for so long (boo hoo) that the address fell out of my history. The Keta bumblehead way of operating in the big scary universe is to, once in a while, go through cumbersome and embarrassing questions such as this to whoever the magnificent, all-knowing genius that knows (in this case yourself). Its amazing how it gets emblazoned into my memory for all time after that!! I tried the looking at docs in the ftp yesterday (except I was using mine instead of yours). Just did it know, and you may call me a super-bumblehead but I went to there’s also a which seems to me what I want but am getting a “file not found”. I know it’s probably something retarded like the www. needs to be there (that didn’t work) or it has to say ftp. instead of http:// (which I also tried and doesn’t work) so I need your masterful reply as soon as you guy so I can sign this guy up. he is anxious to start work. As I said, you have sufficiently shamed me so that this tidbit will never, ever again fall out of my head, haha. Luckily I get to avoid your shit-scooping bag with hand-scribbled note. But not because i remember the password, my ftp client does! oh me oh my I am an incompetent boob. that’s right I said boob.

My Computer Tips page

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