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It seems that to open your account you have to come to Bulgaria. Your presence is needed in order to get an electronic signature to operate the account from abroad. But before that, you first need to register and get a certificate for Internet banking in their virtual site: Of course, I can open an account for you, but it will be useless if you don't have that electronic signature and can not make transactions online. Wish you luck!

how does one get an electronic signature? In my Czech bank they gave me some diskette and I installed something on my computer, but that was necessary only if I wanted to make mass payments from a database, which is very cool but I havent had enough work all these years to warrant such a requirement. Otherwise they had three other means of enabling me secure online access to my account through a web interface: I would login using either a little calculator which would always produce for me a special code; another means was using my mobile phone; and then there was a third option. Perhaps you could ask again. I find a lot of times that bank tellers aren't the brightest people and at the bottom of the banking empire, who have to deal with customers all day long and just spew out some knowledge without giving it much concern. I find that when I push them harder, or force them to ask their superior, I often get what I need. But I understand it's just a hassle for you.

On a promising note just yesterday I realised that my Czech translator CV page is 8th on google for the keyword search "Czech to English translator" and that I am fairly high in "Czech to English translations" etc. as well. I've already been approached by new customers, and now that I know that my new strategy works, I will keep working on this page and assume it will keep inching its way to the top. I am also advertising on google adwords, taking the roughly 30 bucks I make a month from google adsense and send it right back to them for adwords. If I start making enough money translating I will increase this budget appropriately. In any case, my sponsored ad is usually on the first page of google searches in the US for keywords like “Czech to English translator”, so together with my now high natural ranking in these keywords, I’m hoping that I will start to get regular orders (most importantly not from Czechs, who are morons and who often do not pay). Although I do not enjoy it, I can make a lot of money translating, with my know-how and translation memory tools especially, and once I’m making a lot of money and paid off all my debts, I want to pay others to make similar pages but for every other language combination, like French to Polish etc.

Anyway, together with this construction job offer in Greece (hey, that’s not far from Bulgaria, is it!?), which will serve as a good revenue earnings backup, I’m feeling increasingly confident that my financial situation will finally turn around. After all, I’ve been surviving on 10 dollars a day for the past two years, so I cannot imagine it would be a great problem. And since I will cancel my server service, which has been costing me around 2,000 dollars a year, I’ve brought my annual costs to something rather negligible.


I found information regarding your company on the internet. Morningside currently specializes in patent translations, as well as highly technical and legal translations. As our business is growing, we are currently looking to find new resources that can assist us with our client's translations needs.

I offer a custom service to my customers and don’t really have a standard “schedule of rates”, as I like to address each request and need individually. I charge a low flat rate on top of whatever the translator charges. Therefore, if you need highly trained translators educated in specific fields, I can test my translators and send you a translation sample with a price list for each of them (including my own markup) so that you could choose who you’d like to use. If I use several translators in a particular language combination on your projects, I can always state which one I am using, so that together we can work towards an effective stream of work and cooperation, on all levels.

I’ve handled many large projects in the past and am good at overall management, the 24hour a day workings of which I can explain to you if you like.

For many of the languages you mentioned I can charge around 0.08 USD/word, but I would need to see what material you need translated so that I can approach the translators and give you an exact quote. I would also need to know what volumes you can offer and what deadlines, to arrange a possible discount from the translators. Chinese could be a bit lower than the above price, Korean, Japanese and probably German more. If you want a proofread by a separate translator the additional markup can be as high as.

I also have some very good translators who are not native in the target language but produce very good quality and have a lower price. So I can only give you my exact rates once we discuss this more. These are only guidelines.

I am hoping to learn a little bit more regarding your company so that we may establish a long-term relationship with you. We are specifically interested in working with a company that can offer us translations in language combinations including, but not limited to, French, Spanish (LA and EU), Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. < German and English. We are also looking for translators with academic degrees in highly technical fields and experience with patent/intellectual property translations. I would appreciate if you could send me your schedule of rates as well as some more information about your company (language combinations, fields of specialization, etc.).


That is the whole trick about the translation industry: finding a customer who pays more. For local translation agencies in Prague it is almost impossible to get paid more than 0.0625 USD a word, but everything depends on standards of living. There are many Spanish translators on the global market, so they compete against each other, including translators from Argentina, whose economy was suffering for a while and tended to drive down global Spanish translation prices. If you live in Canada, where the costs of living are a lot higher, you can approach local translation agencies and offer a local rate, as many agencies might prefer to deal with a translator in person than through the net. I have a Swedish translator who lives in Bejing China and offers half the rates charged by his peers in expensive Scandinavia. But he is quite happy with the rates considering his low costs of living. It is increasingly becoming a global market and I have written in this webpage

my perspective as someone who's farmed out a lot of projects over the internet, showing at the bottom the average price range (although a few years old) offered by quality translators. Some may be shocked and doubt that they are quality, but I can assure you I produce quality translations for prestigious clients. The spectrum charged by translators in the industry is quite broad, and if you want to increase your rate you need to be aggressive about finding higher paying customers. My webpage offers some tips regarding this as well.

Good luck!

I am a Spanish translator from Spain who translate from English, French and Italian into Spanish, and I think I am a very good one (sorry for the lack of modesty, but they have told me that often). My problem is that I only get 0,04, 0,05 cents per word, (as a literary translator 4,8 euros per 1000 espaces) and I have read here several times they are some very low rate. Could someone tell where I can get find some agencies who pay me the higher rates you speak about? Honestly, sometimes I think I am wasting my time for so few money, even though I enjoy so much doing my job. Thank you for your attention


Well, there's "mother tongue", and for me, at least my understanding of the translation industry, is that "native quality" is you write like a native and it doesn't feel foreign whatever. I certainly do not write Czech that way. At least among the translating community, it is often important to translate "natively" into the target language, as opposed to hiring some cheap Russian or Indian to translate between two foreign languages. But I can understand that for the average layman who is just looking for some translation service, they don't know all this.

I know my pages are long, but all that text at the bottom is mostly for the search engines, to get to the top (am now very high in many important keywords). If people actually want to read all that baloney they certainly can, but not important for me. I put the most important stuff at the top, and tried to use marketing dazzle and keep it short. Mostly I think if they get a good enough impression and think they got what they need, they write me an email and then quickly move on to the next service. They approach many people and the real salespitch comes in the email response, after which they have long forgotten what the webpage might look like.

The href# you are talking about is like a bookmark on the page. Some programs call it an anchor. We can call it a Jump To on the page. Was thinking of a jump to to the reading part, but don't want to clutter up the top of the page. If people have the time or interest they can keep scrolling down and read whatever they want. I was mostly interested in your visual impression of the page. Or how about just the basics info at the top. I don't like to be loud and advertising, but perhaps you have a point that I should enunciate the key points more?

But like you said, most people spend about 30 seconds. I think they just wanna get a feel if I'm worth approaching in the first place. then they just write an email and move on to the next service in the google search results or whatever they are using. k


Rather misleading of you to stand there in a tie and suit when you go about all day in the same shorts and no shoes, isn't it!!!? hahha" native English speaker with more than 10 years of experience translating from Czech into English" Hmmm, when the Census called and asked me what was my first language I wasn't sure what to say, they said the criteria is "any language that you spoke as a child and still understand now" which means Czech. I think you should say that you are a native Czech speaker, it will make the stellar English seem even more impressive. Your pages are always so long, I recently found a new code (you may know this already) and think its very useful. Now I put a bit of an index at the top of my long pages with the title of the article or section, its clickable directly to that section. all you have to do is put<a href="#Mountain" Mountain Pine Beetle</a around the headings at the top of the page and<a name="Mountain" id="Mountain" Mountain Pine Beetle </a around the heading of the actual article or section. then people could quickly click to the section of your page they care about rather than having to scroll through the entire page reading each heading to see if it exists. The amount of people that spend less than 30 seconds on a page astound me, if they don't immediately see what they want they move on.I wouldn't describe your translation of Czech as "loosely", I would say, "accurately" or something that reflects actual usage (rather than some intellectual concept as Czech's seem to see it).The rounded corners do look a bit chunky but I'm not sure I would have picked it out if you hadn't said it. That yellow text against the pale green is a bit hard to read though. Otherwise looks pretty good.


Yah, I think you're wasting money spending a full thousand a month on adwords. More effective ways of spending advertising money. Recently put up an SEO page at

and hope to make some money providing that service at some point. Still need to complete the page, in between this and that.

My LA "affiliate translation office" is at Misha's. Translations are truly becoming competitive and I think it will be increasingly difficult as India hits the world stage and starts to win some credibility, which it is slowly doing. It can pay their little towel heads or whatever 5 cents a day (exageration of course) to do all their SEO work and project management, so for a long while there will be a shift on the global scene to their services. What's stopping them from buying a domain and masquerading their location there? Anyway, I wouldn't mind getting away from translations and more towards design work and SEO, but will keep plugging away at it of course. I think many people will simply not want to deal with Indians or trust them, at least for many years. Chinese are doing the same thing. Then there are all those free online machine translations, which can serve some purpose. I think for you you're advantage is that you are in LA and many will feel more comfortable about your presence there. Might require that you hit the pavement, who knows.

Nah, my theglobalservice site has not showed up and I finished the site essentially 6 months ago. I recently changed title, and continue to change title as experiment. I see the site I googled and found was your LA , Formosa street site. Who's your partner? Anyway, I turned Adwords off for holidays. A lot of customers this week also are nibbling but not biting in. How much lower prices do they want? Oh well, then there is my demand for ID# like a passport or DL, or then advance payment if they do not want to provide this. Who knows.... Some people also do not know difference here between certified translator and translation document itself. In the US,only court interpreters are certified. Documents are certified only by notarization.


I received another translation, due Tuesday, and was wondering if you'd be available. It concerns an IT company's internal working procedures and there are some things I'd probably need help with. Do you think you could help me with this subject?

Also, I often translate with Transit (similar to Trados), and for such consultation, if we will make it a regular practice, it would be good if you could download the free version of this program from

This way I can just send you the file and you could do a quick search for a certain character I would use to mark points I need help with. You would see the original Czech and the English at the same time, and you could peruse the rest of the document for context. Otherwise I have to copy/paste the individual sections into a Word file and it is rather time consuming.

On another note, recently made it to the top of google in "Czech to English translator" and similar keywords, so hopefully will have more work for us, including stuff into Czech.


I have been getting occasional work, now that my pages are near the top of google for such keyword searches as "Czech to English translator", and I hope to get an increasing amount of work. Occasionally I have been using some of you for consultation.

So that I can organize your data effectively I'd like to encourage you to fill in my translator application form, if you have not already:

or through the Apply/Login link found through

I occasionally get translation projects into Czech, or I might also need help with translations into English, so by filling in this application form I will be able to approach you for translation jobs as well.

If you are only interested in consultation, the advantage of having your details in the online database is that it is secured, as from time to time the harddrive on my computer crashes and I lose a lot of information.

Once you have put your details online, I'd like to put a comment next to your record and then I will be able to approach you directly from the online database, such that your information will never get lost.

I hope you are having a pleasant Christmas season.


hey dude, things are going okay. Trying to save up enough money for an expensive ferry to Greece, where I'll be helping a friend on one of his reconstruction projects. Then off to another one of his projects in Bulgaria, once it gets too hot in Greece. Should be good cause I can stop anytime when a translation project comes in.

For Spanish, Latin translators tend to be a lot cheaper than EU translators, and some/many claim that they can write in EU Spanish, although the EU Spaniards say they can dedect the difference. So if you want to go for price we can try that. Did you want a proofread by a separate translator, for extra ensured quality, or just one good translator, perhaps with a second quality translator to give a quick spot check to make sure everything is generally okay? Obviously the first option would be more expensive, adding around 30% to the cost. If I can use a single Latin translator I believe I could get it done for around 0.07 USD per word, perhaps less perhaps more, completed within about seven days. If that seems okay I can approach the people and give you exact costs.

Before I approach the people would need you to send me the document, so they can base their price on it. If you want it done faster than 7 days the price may have to go up. Give your deadline if so.

Hope you have nice holidays, k

kosmaniac what is the good word? in the next few weeks I will need a translation from English to Spanish, need a good job and want a decent price but no need for a deep discount. let me know if you want to do it, will be like +/- 4000 words , +/-30k characters with spaces going to Myanmar tomorrow for 2 week holiday over the chinese new year


I would need to see a sample of the original document to view the subject matter and give you a better response.

For our translation process you may look at:

Click on Multiple Translators after you press the play button once for a better description.

The Quality Control system section of this Flash presentation is not completed yet, but essentially the best quality translator is chosen as a lead translator. An expert in the field might be used to help with terminology choice. For a project of this size translation software is used to develop a dictionary, and every translator uses the same software so that the dictionary is available at their fingertips, dictionary terms are specially marked in the document they are translating (or already translated), and repetitious text is translated automatically to maintain consistency. For me to give you an exact quote I should view the entire document so that my translation software can analyse it for repetitions and thus I'd be able to pass on savings to you. I could give you a good volume discount for a translation project of this size, I imagine somewhere in the ballpark of 0.05 Euro a word or less, depending on the volume discounts offered by the translators (I imagine 3 or 4 would be enough) and any repetitions in the document which could result in savings.

For relevant and large technical documents we have completed in the past you may view

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.

To whom it may concern I am Jessy, one of the project managers at KCT I have potential job for translation, from English to Czech, The documents relating Technical Manual has approx 328000 words and this project should be done within 2 months. Please inform me the best price what your company will be provided, and turnaround time as well. And also, please inform me the relevant project what your company has done on the same area. (if you are feasible, please refer to the projects name) And the last, how your company ensures your results (translation processes and etc.)


still in nicosia the island's capital on the Greek side, trying to earn enough to get off the island. Went to the labour board/unemployment office and, as expected, want me to get some yellow piece of paper so that I could come back there and register to look for work. But when I asked, they told me they definitely would not have anything for a two month period. So my next strategy is to look online or something and approach a bunch of recruitment agencies, and see if I can find something that way. I'll just suggest to issue an invoice like I've been operating in Prague for 15 years and screw the endless bureaucracy. Maybe I could find some contacts as a consultant and keep working for them through the internet once I'm gone. Meanwhile I'm getting regular offers for work, but nothing is panning out. Seemed like I was almost to get 65,000 words from English into Turkish, got various other offers, and then one from a Korean agency of 320,000 words from English into Czech. That would have kept me well alive for about six months. Don't understand how I could not have even got a response from the Koreans because I feel my price is pretty competitive. May have to consider lowering my price further, but at operating costs of only 10 bucks a day I think I must be the most competitive translation agency on the planet, and cannot understand how someone can underbid me. Anyway, what's important is that I keep getting these offers, and assume that something should eventually pan out. Been getting occasional work and have about 800 Euro expected to arrive onto my account, so the figure is slowly inching upwards, and I've been promised another 250 Euro job in the next couple of weeks, so crossing my fingers. On a third note, my google enterprise failed because, as I feared might happen, they caught onto my little gimmick and shut down my account. They did not even respond to my appeal, so I guess my google ads are out the door. But i was only making about a buck a day. I got approached by one guy to put three ads on two of my pages, and he paid me a hundred bucks for each. And he is a middle man. So it a single sweep I made a buck a day for a year with direct ads (athough through a middle man). So, since google is being so snotty, another plan I have is to approach advertisers directly, and charge them around a 150 bucks a year per link. The more traffic I can get to my site and a higher PR (long story, but right now my PR - page rank - is three for my entry page and 1 to 2 for some other pages) the higher price I can charge per link. With a PR of 10 perhaps the going rate is a thousand bucks per link. Will have to research that, but this can be a good source of future income and it will be fun to start approaching companies directly. And on a last note, just yesterday I sent off an email to 70 treeplanting companies offering my software. If I sell only 7 I'll make as much as I did the entire summer tree planting. I'm also selling advertising space on my tree planting site for those looking for planters for the upcoming season. I'm also starting up a "service" whereby planters, for a modest price of 30 bucks, can be notified by mobile text message of any treeplanting jobs. I know that sometimes companies need emergency planters because their contract is not going well and they need help to finish it on time, otherwise there are big fines, and sometimes planters are between contracts or their season has ended, in which case they are sitting around desperate for work before they have to go back to school. I'll charge 50 bucks to companies to send these messages, so I'm hopefull that perhaps I'll make 3000 bucks over the summer for that idea alone. Who knows but its worth a try. I can use the service I used in Prague where I can send hundreds of smses directly from my computer. No time requirement at all, 3 Kc per sms, and I've tested it and it sends out to all over the world. No one is offering a service like this and too many people are clueless to figure out how to set up something like this, so hopefully it will catch on over the next couple of years. My pages are near the top of google for the keywords "treeplanting jobs" and "treeplanting companies", so hopefully something will come out of this.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the variety of my work as usual, and experimenting with various ideas, not just to get some cash rolling in!


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