We take pride in our ability to perform large multi language projects in a short period of time. It takes careful planning and organisation to coordinate a large pool of translators, chopping up large files to farm out to several translators, only to put them back together while taking care of formatting, to intermediate discussions between translators and the lead translator concerning choice of terminology and other localisation issues, or to manage large projects using translation memory software. But we enjoy the challenge, and below you will find testimonials from some of our more prestigious customers, with details of the customer and the project concerned.

Monster Technologies
  • The technical branch of Monster.com responsible for programming and web management. Their Prague branch has 200 employees and represents their main office for handling programming and technical issues of their global presence.
  • Monster Worldwide, the parent company of Monster.com, has annual turnover of almost 1 billion USD and employs more than 4,000 personnel in 36 countries around the globe. A leading global concern in career management, the company is also heavily active in advertising and marketing.

Project Details

Monster wanted to translate their web presence from its original English into other languages. Because they had developed their web pages over a long period of time and did not necessarily anticipate wanting to translate them into other languages at some point in the future, and because they used different programmers over the years, creating new modules as their site's functionality developed, it was a difficult task to extract the text which needed to be translated and separate it from the programming scripts.
For this they developed an Excel file, with the occasional html and other script embedded into the text. It would have been easier to use TM software to translate their entire website directly, but they did not know of this option and prepared the Excel format prior to approaching translation agencies for the tender.
So we had to custom create a complicated filter to sort out the scripts embedded into the text and deal with the Excel file so that we could return it to them in the same format but in the other languages, as they had prepared macros to convert the translation from the Excel file back into their web format.
Because of the size of the project (about 220,000 words per language) and the fact that 20% of the text was repetitive, we suggested we translate it using translation memory software (Transit). We created a dictionary glossary of important terms beforehand, farming each language to about 7 translators, with a lead translator overseeing choice of terminology, while we supported an open dialogue with the other translators for localisation and other issues. Each language (Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Russian and Mexican) needed to be translated within a one month period.
For the Mexican, since they had already translated the material into European Spanish, we suggested translating it directly from that, as a sort of proofread, and offer them a sizeable discount on the final price.

Customer Testimonial

Kenax served my company well as part of a website expansion initiative into three countries of Eastern Europe, Russian and Mexican. While the project sounded straightforward enough, it was no easy task given the complexity of our technical integration points and this being our first time having organized a relationship with an outside vendor in the Prague office on such a large scale effort. We chose Kenax as a personal reference and as a solid candidate for cost-effective non-legal translations. While our project was not easy, the company proved flexible enough to work in the non-traditional environment we presented them and developed custom tools to improve the process as we went through several iterations. For this reason we chose them and they performed well for the projects we presented them in 2006.

Project Director,  Monster.com

  • Was actually through another agency. It was a large project which the agency could not handle, so it was looking for other vendors for help. We ended up translating 75% of the project.
  • Dupont is a 200 year old mega large global corporation operating in 70 countries and in such fields as agriculture, nutrition, electronics, communications, safety and protection, home and construction, transportation and apparel.

Project Details

The share we ourselves handled was 5 million words, due within about one month. The project was from 7 languages (Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, French, Turkish, Persian) to English. They were large (about a hundred pages) often poorly scanned PDF files with lots of tables and graphs, translated directly into Word by the translator. About half the project concerned construction plans for manufacturing plants, while the other half concerned a labour agreement with the future employees. Because of the sheer volume, we focus mostly on the translation end while the customer focused on the vetting, final formatting and proofreading end, while translating about 25% of its volume.

Customer Testimonial

Because Dupont was not our direct customer, we cannot ask them for their testimonial, but the translation agency we helped with this large project was very greatful for our contribution and they have been sending us regular work for many years.