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KENAX translation agency has been operating on the global market for more than a decade, during which time it has compiled a healthy resource of German to English translators. The agency is the backbone of a global consortium of translation branches located all over the world. These branches help find local resources, and with project management when necessary. Otherwise, most of the work is managed through a central server, or virtual office, where project managers located on different time zones can log in and keep the agency operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Since our translators and customers are located on the most varied time zones, such a constantly running central office provides the support necessary to service the needs of our clients, help translators with technical issues, and create the backdrop to provide a solid service capable of providing large multi-language projects under very tight deadlines. And because our project managers are often located in lower cost countries, working from the comfort of their home and on their own schedules, this system allows us to keep our overhead low and charge a low markup on top of whatever the translators charge. Meaning an extremely competitive, yet solid and high quality service. You will find here more details of our services, and below you will find out more information about our Czech to English translators, although such information was prepared mostly for search engine optimization purposes and may not be so interesting.

List of the Language Combinations We Offer

German to English Translations
English to German translations
German to French translations
French to German translations
German to Spanish translations
Spanish to German translations
German to Italian translations
Italian to German translations
German to Polish translations
Polish to German translations
German to Russian translations
Russian to German translations