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Translations email archives - January 23-25


no it's ok. I translated it but not so that I wanted to send it. Just wanted to prove it, but I will not do it now. So can you tell me when you have more informative translations?

the below might shed some light on my present situation. Otherwise, I haven't received that much informative translation work from German into English, but I'll grade your sample and contact you as soon as something comes in. concerning the Panasonic project and other possible work, Panasonic said they’d like to start end of January with some of the languages. They are basically trying to find another vendor for their translations, because their present one is too expensive. The first year or two they could give us work mostly from their Malaysian plant (about 300,000 words a year, all languages combined), with 10 times that volume from their Japanese plants after that. But they are negotiating with a lot of translating agencies and no agreement has yet been reached. Otherwise, right now I am entering a major marketing campaign. My last marketing push was about 7 years ago, but since then I was too busy dealing with large projects to have time to do anything else. When I did find some time I would focus on improving things to increase my capacity. The last two years I have focused heavily in this area, and now I am ready for a major expansion, so hopefully it will not be too long until I will be able to start to send you some work. I will use the Panasonic tender to test translators in general.

> Do you handle Kazak translation? What is your rate?

a pretty meagre list in my database, as you will see below. I can also have some from my older database, but not sure how many of those email addresses would be still active. Not very promising, but I can approach them if you like. My prices for these translators range from 0.05 to 0.1. -1 means "yes".



I have a M.Sc. in Chemistry & Physics.



3rd year studying translation at Damascus university



Our employers are at least university students.

I am the head of Brad group.  I am a senior studnent of Bog Uiversity, Turkey. What we do is finding the best jobs for university students in Turkey.  Most of our employers are from Bog University and ODTU which are the best universities in Turkey.

We have all translators of the languages that I marked above. All of our translators have a fluent use of English beside their native languages.

So plese if you want to work with us just let us know. We would be glad to work with you.




I have my Bachelor's degrees in Accounting and Business Administration, currently I am in my first year of master's program.



Please translate the document i've sent in English and Russian. You can translate into document, not online! French will be in a second step. Please start as soon as possible.

I've been emailing with the German to English translator and I have some unfortunate news in that she says she is quite booked at the moment and will not be able to get the translation done before Friday. Better quality translators usually have lots of work, and I could not find anyone else I was happy with. I do not get a lot of work in this language combination and subject. A larger agency could, but would probably charge more. Trying my best but this is the best (affordable) resources I can offer you. I told her you are stressed for delivery, so she will try her best. After that I will proofread it. Both my best Russian translators are ready and waiting, so I would guess I can get all of it to you around Monday. I still need about half a day to check that nothing is missing in the translation and that the formatting is correct.

Please, provide information about the nature of your project to make a decision

it is about 1700 words and I should get it on Friday. The original translation is in German, so I cannot show you anything until it is translated into English. Would you be interested in proofreading it this time? How is your Russian marketing pizaz?

sorry for the late reply and have been swamped with some projects, so trying to catch up to old emails again. I checked out the job links on proz but generally I have never been successful with getting work through there. I guess because I am an agency and charge more than the translator. Even by myself as a Czech to English translator, offering what I felt were very competitive prices, I did not get any success, so I usually only use Proz to post ads myself. Eventually I want to hire someone to peruse for work, as I don't have time for such things myself.

I've sent you a page with an urgent English Czech open job because I thought you might be interested... I'm sure you're checking open jobs yourself but don't know are you registered with If not, you perhaps should, because I receive notifications from them day by day (not an exaggeration), and also receive through them messages (and jobs) from those who found my address at directory of translators. I simply don't understand what's going on - why would anyone decide to offer me collaboration when my profile is so poor! Beside I receive notifications from, linguistfinder, translatorscaffe, globtra... If this can help you, please be free to submit a quote for any English Croatian job related to medicine, pharmaceuticals, health (I'm not competent for automotive, IT, technical) and ask for a rate higher than mine (0.06 Euro/source word or 0.05?) -

My rates start from around 0.08 USD/word and I probably do not have enough good Croatian translators to actively pursue work in that language. Anyway, I have a Rumanian girl who is surfing the net for email addresses and I am slowly into my first and largest marketing push for customers. I hope to make this a full time job for someone, as I am finally ready for expansion. The system is set up. Now all I need is some work, so that I can invest back to find more customers, and let the system snowball itself larger. Or so the strategy goes.

I'd be happy to work with you, of course if you can profit from our collaboration. From my current experience with USA-based pharmaceutical companies (e.g. PAREXEL) and some translation agencies I'm sure they are willing to pay at least 0.08 Euro (but I don't ask more than 0.06 which is ok with me when I'm in a familiar subject area).

You said you had someone to do those proofreads for you, so I guess this has been answered. As for proofreads - I can do them for you if necessary and if you need some quality, but I will not re-translate those texts from scratch for 20% of the regular price. It is really better to sit in a chair and smoke a long cigar... :-) 

I think my cooperation with this customer might be ending. Or i will be much more careful of work I take from them. With the job you did last, they sent me that file I forwarded to you and said they needed it "Bulgarian also". But they meant Bulgarian "only", and are not interested in paying for the other languages. So I told them I think they are sniffing too much glue. I think they are doing gumby work with this proofreading. For example, I wrote them a long letter asking how on earth they want a proofreader to whip through the translation like that, under the assumption that 85% has been translated before and should be fine, when they give no indication to the translator WHICH is the previous translation. I think they just take the work, do a bullshit job, and Kodak is satisfied that they can put a stamp on it that the translation process has actually been done and so they are not liable for lawsuits due to wrong translations. Gumby work from start to finish, and maybe I'll take such work from direct customers in the future, but I feel that this customer is turning into a big gumby. It has expanded and often hires people who just don't have good organisational skills and are airheaded in their decisions.

I should still count how much you should send me - now the question is whether you have some cash to send me. I could definitely use it, I will have to send the state quite a lot of dough, plus I have ordered that quitar synth and looper.

I just did a horrible construction translation for Presto so I think I can squeeze out another couple of thousand crowns for you. Not much I know, but I'm paying alimony, and I don't know when the next work will come, so I must play it carefully. Made about 30,000 this month, but sometimes I don't have work for several months. Anyway, hope that will change soonish. A Rumanian girl is surfing the web collecting email addresses of potential customers, and she said she can get paid when I have the cash, so I'm trying to get work on several fronts.

I am afraid your idea is wrong - the plan of using the translation memory only works when you put in quality translations in it - and preferrably when they are from one field. But even then you do not get a good translation automatically - it always needs a good brain which will succesfully evaluate if everything fits the context and is appropriate etc. And I am telling you - it is a lot of work and it is very easy to overlook something. Not to mention the cases when the translator does not really give a fook about what he is translating and leaves everything in because "it was pretranslated and he does not get money for it". I have seen quite a few of these translations. Fuj! Anyway, it is a new trend and I will start using it sooner or later, too. It does have some advantages.

Well, just finished the horrible construction project for Presto and I see good hope for this software, but only for technical and legal stuff. For example, I noticed it has an "extract terminology" feature, creating a list of often repeating words. Those can be translated beforehand, and then asked to automatically translate when creating files. This is good for technical and legal documents, where certan words are always translated the same way. I create different dictionaries for different subjects, and I can do the same with the translation memory. Have learned a lot of tricks with the last few projects. But definitely not good for literature, marketing or stylish type translations, where I would often break up or combine sentences when translating. Needs to be rigid text. I think it was applicable for a large part of the Monster project, but I did not have a chance to analyse the text like I do now. What kind of translations do you usually get?

Please translate the document i've sent in English and Russian. You can translate into document, not online! French will be in a second step.

responding to your last email about getting the English and Russian done by this Friday, it occurred to me that, worst case scenario, I can send a first or second draft by that time, or even before, so that you start putting the text on the web. Then, if the translator or through the vetting process we decide on further changes to make everything more perfect, in Word it is easy to show the changes through the Revisions too, so you would be able to see any modifications we make, and make the appropriate changes on the web. Would you like to try something like that? First English file already in and forwarded to the Russians. If you are interested in French, I can already start showing my translators the files and get their feedback. I have many people tested into French.

> Is it a translation or proof-reading task?

I wanted to try Arterm as a proofreader, but just remembered that he shyed away from that task, I think. I already handed it to the other translator and will ask him to send a sample once he has achieved a certain part, which I can forward to Arterm. Do you think Arterm will be willing to help me with the proofread or should I look for someone else? The translation should be quality, but I'm not sure about the marketing style.

Sorry. I have told you in last mail, I would like to proofread the test translation this time.

okay, can you take a look at the translation and give me your opinion? In the usual folder, or the exact full link is The customer said it would usually want a proofread by a separate translator, so I can go through this procedure this time and pay you for it. I will be approaching several translators to proofread, so just give me your opinion for now, before I choose a proofreader for this.

We can handle the big sample translation. Moreover, for the technical details of FrameMaker and InDesign you worried about, I want to tell you that we can also handle documents in these formats. We can convert documents in these formats into the format for translation and after translation we can convert them back into FrameMaker or InDesign. That is DTP work which I mentioned before in the email to you. Our rate for DTP work like that is US$ 15 per page for PC and US$ 30 per page for Mac. And if you would like us to work directly on documents in FrameMaker or InDesign format, please inform us whether the DTP for PC or Mac before the job starts. Let us go back to the big sample translation job. We will run the full TEP (translation, edition, proofreading) process to ensure the quality of the big sample test. Our rate for the job is US$ 0.05 per source English word. Please send me PO of the job, listing words involved, total fee and delivery date. I will start the job after receiving PO. We hope you can pay for the job within 45 days after delivery of the job. I am looking forward to your confirmation for the job. Hope this is a good beginning between us!

can you take a look at the translation and give me your opinion? In the usual folder, or the exact full link is nguages/Big%20sample/Translated/ The customer said it would usually want a proofread by a separate translator, so I can go through this procedure this time and pay you for it. I will be approaching several translators to proofread, so just give me your opinion for now, before I choose a proofreader for this.

Oh, I've already sent the answer before. Probably there was something worng witht the server.... Those sentences below are the original massage of Jan. 17.

my main translator said there was not difference between the two, especially what concerns technical text. I'll ask a few more people. All five samples are translated and now they are being proofread and vetted (made sure nothing is missing and that the formatting is correct, which is always included in my service). Seems like my server has gone bezerk, so I have restarted it and hopefully it will not keep sending out mail like this.

Oh, we didn't know there's a difference between Saudi Arabian Arab and Egyptian Arab. If you find anything regarding the difference, could you advise us how they are different. Thanks.


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