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(January 16)


okay, I would prefer this. I can do rush translations as well, but they're just a different ballgame, not to mention that I often have to charge more. If we can just focus on your translation at ease, I'd feel more comfortable about the final quality. The translator I want to use is presently busy with another project for us and should be finished with that today. I'm shooting for around Monday of next week. Would that be okay?

Yes, I think the test translation of the five languages will do this time. As I probably told you, what we care most is the price and quality. If only you can provide good quality of translation at a competitive price, we could work together, so no worry about the format this time. Regarding the excel file that indicates the amount of work for Malaysian office, it is for 2006, which means finished work. Unfortunately, the expected project that was going to start from the end of this month was canceled, so we have no idea when the first project will start. But we are sure that the translation work for the Malaysian office will get larger this year. Anyway, we look forward to having your test translation soon.

Dear Masami Ota

okay. I'm shooting for around Monday of next week. I'd like other translators to look at the samples and give their opinions. I think you'll be happy with the quality and price, and if you are satisfied, I can more aggressively pursue translators in some of the more exotic languages for me, like Urdu, Malaysian and Persian. I would need to advertise in those countries, as I have not found enough translators from my usual sources. I prefer to have at least 30 applicants in a particular language combination, or preferably at least 100. And we can sort out all the technical issues too. I'm very good on the computer, but for your two programs it requires the purchase of expensive conversion filters.

Yes, I'm quite willing to help you with the final translation sample, whether to translate or to review. Please let me know which you'd like me to do. Meanwhile, all the best from windy France!

okay, please go ahead and translate the samples. Instructions in the previous email I sent you, or you can find the big samples in the usual Panasonic folder through

Could you please send your files directly by email. It's very easy and fast. Your translation process is very complicated and time consuming for us.

Dear Leo

sorry, I'm communicating with too many people to have time for such individual requests. I often work this way, but sometimes send files individually. Sometimes people accidentally erase emails, or lose them, or cancel a job and I must find someone else. By having these files online it saves me a lot of time. If you want to work with me you simply have to download them most of the time. It is a weblink and it takes about as much time for you to click on it and download it as it does me to find the file amongst the millions on my computer and send it to you specifically.

still don't even know what statutory fine is. It means "and"? After doing two projects with this, I will try to use Transit PE from now on, except for literature type text. Good for contracts and user manuals with a lot of repeating text. If the customer will not request it, I'll go ahead and us it, and split the savings with the translator, to make sure they always make more money than if translating all of it in Word etc. That way I hope to build up a massive translation memory and eventually perhaps 80% of a translation will already be translated for me, for free, hee hee. A happy prospect for a capitalist pig like me. Presto told me they will try to do the same with all their work, and definitely a good idea for an agency with a lot of turnover. Probably the way of the future. I studied economics and its called tendency towards zero profits, where zero profits is the point where a person makes enough money to make it all worthwhile, but nothing more. Anything above that is called fallout profits. That's extra and juicy profits. Some technology comes along, people use it to their advantage, make a killing, others follow suit, then because more people are using it they start to reduce their price for competition, and the price slowly drops till it reaches zero profits again. And those agencies who do not use this software or have the built up translation memory cannot afford to charge the cheaper prices and are eventually forced out of business. So I believe it is definitely a thing of the future, and I don't mind juicy profits, and I don't want to go out of business eventually. Concerning the small windows, I simply resized mine. For example, I work in the target window maximised. When there is a fuzzy match, the fuzzy match pops up maximised. At the end when I proofread, only then do I make the windows smaller, so that I can see the original text at the same time, if I choose to do that. I've better written up my instructions for translators because I've finally had a chance to work in it, and discovered a bunch of secrets. But it is definitely not the program for literature or marketing/style type of stuff, with few repeats and where I often like to combine sentences, or break them up into smaller parts. Thanks for the tips below and I'll check them out. laterman I do not use these TM programs unless I have to. A simple reason is that I have tried it before and it fucked up all formatting and I did not know how to fix it. However, Vaclav Balacek has been using it to full satisfaction for years. The basic difference is that you work with a Word, Pdf, Excel, html and other files in the original format. I do not know if you can imagine how strange it is to work with five small windows. It is much better to see the original and be able to read the next paragraph without scrolling down and back all the time. Plus, I hate the Transit interface. As for project management - I believe it has all the functions you might ever need. Plus, it is compatible with all other TM programs.

Here's a sample of the German to English translation. As a matter of fact, this is the kind of text that I am really comfortable with and with which I have the most experience. So if you get your hands on this project, it would be a pleasure to work on it. Do you need a Russian sample too right now, or is that more for the long-term?

Dear Andrey

looks like it will be difficult to proofread, considering it is marketing oriented and style is very important. I will have to think about this more.

I have decided on a change of strategy. The translator I was thinking of using sent me a translation sample and I am not very happy with it. I studied economics in Canada and also feel I have a good feel for marketing, and for this type of text, the best approach is to find a translator who understands what you are trying to say and put it in the target language with a certain marketing feel. Afterall, marketing works on feelings and not only on information. The person who reads it should be wowed in some way and be impressed by the language, and hence the product. For such a translation, the translator should do most of the work, where the proofreader should just check for mistakes, or generally improve things a bit. As a proofreader it is difficult to rewrite entire sentences, and usually does not happen. So I would prefer to find translators who have a good marketing feel, and leave only fine tuning for the proofreaders. This should attain the best quality, which I assume is what you want. Now for Russian, Ive had more work from English to Russian in the past and Id rather use those tested translators than try to find German to Russian translators. There are simply less Russians who learn translations from German as opposed to English, so I feel it would be better to depend on my broader pool of tested translators from English to Russian. It is rather simple text, so I feel nothing will get lost if not translated directly from German to Russian. I will now approach my German to English translators and test them for this marketing text (because it is different than user and technical manuals, which I usually get) to pick a good one, but I fear I may have to charge more for this language combination. I will let you know the results. Once it is translated into quality marketing English (for you, possibly the most important language, simply for the sheer size of its audience), it will be easy to translate into Russian, and also into French, as once again, there are more French people who know English and I have that language combination tested already. We could even get philosophical and argue that English, being a looser language, is a better medium for such text than the more rigid German language. Anyway, I guess what I am trying to say is that translating marketing text is like brewing a fine wine, and should not be rushed. I could wow you with claims that I can get it done the next day, and I certainly can, but I prefer to focus on quality and feel confident with the outcome. Would this be okay for you?

Hi, Karel, we can work with many different programs. Also we have experience in work with Transit and TRADOS (about five years). I know that FILTERS costs very high, but also I know that filters not always work properly. There are many different programs, ask me what you need and I'll answer to you...

Dear Eugene

this is for Panasonic and they primarily use InDesign and FrameMaker, but they also mentioned QuarkExpress, PageMaker and other programs. I assume they are DTPing in MAC. Certain languages can also become a problem. They are interested into 25 languages. Right now I am submitting translation samples to them in Word and we have some time to sort out the technical issues. Personally I would prefer to get the filter and use Transit, but if you have any other suggestions, I am all ears.

Seems like you have got it wrong ma'm, im not an Indian, im from Srilanka, our native language is Sinhalese, that's why i have mentioned that im only fluent in English and Sinhalese. Even though SriLanka is located as an island in Indian Ocean, It's an independant country. A small populated country which is ruled by a government, totally elected by people's votes. Our country and India is separated from a very narrow strait and it is our neighbouring country. So once again, im sorry if i have given you a wrong impression, Im a Sri Lankan, not an Indian, ok?


okay, sorry about that and thank you for the clarification. For a mutual clarification, I am not a ma'am but a guy, as Karel is the Czech way of spelling Karl. I just thought that being so close to India you might be aware of where to find Urdu translators. But I have your details on record and will contact you as soon as I get translation work into your language, which I have not yet, but I am starting a major marketing campaign now, so hopefully that will change.

> Here are all the .pxf files for the 4454_03 file. 4454_05 coming up.

Dear Andrey

you did not seem to export the English at all with these files you sent me, so I could not use them so far. In any case, as I already wrote, make sure to always only Send me the .txf files. Also, concerning your translation, one complaint I would have is that English is opposite to Slavik where the name is always before the noun. For example, it is not the device RP7 driven by the car Mercedes but rather the RP7 device driven by the Mercedes car. I have been spending a lot of time cutting and pasting such things to fix them. Technically an English person would understand, but it sounds horrible, and it is often difficult to understand, not to mention simply wrong. Otherwise I'd say your translation was quite good and I will try to get you more such work from this customer (mostly from German and French etc.).

I'd like to coordinate with you finalisation of the remaining parts I could not do myself. You will be able to get to them quickly using the ALT INS key, which should zip you to the remaining Untranslated segments. Before I send you those remaining parts, I will look at the file status and Transit will be able to tell me how much remains to be translated, so that you can get paid for those translation work parts. I still need to get the correct .txf files from you for the first _03 file. Once I finalise and proofread that file, I can send you the remaining parts and move onto the second _05 file. Once I proofread what I can of that, I'll send you the remaining parts of that, and then go back to 03 to export it to Word and do a final check. The customer is pressuring me to have it all finalised by Friday, so we should coordinate ourselves tightly so as not to lose any precious time.


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