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or should I say Huan? I have another potentially interesting translation for you. But a little background on it first. For many years I have been setting myself up for an expansion, never really looking for customers because I always stumbled on enough work from my existing sources to keep me busy. And occasionally I would receive very large translation projects which would keep me extremely busy. They would pay my rent for a very long time, but I would also spend a lot of time afterwards recovering from the stress and setting things up so that I have a higher capacity. Now I have attained a much higher capacity and, for the first time, Im like to make a serious marketing push in search for customers to fill up that capacity. I intend to maintain this search for customers and expand simultaneously, now that I have finally developed the platform for it. My favourite way of looking for customers, because it is interesting learning and I want to sell this service in the future, is to improve my web rankings. Meaning SEO work, getting lots of traffic to my website in targeted keyword searches, and a form of passive advertising. Another way is to approach companies by email. Right now I have a girl in Rumania who is collecting email addresses of companies around the world, with their contact information, so that we can approach them with an email directly targeted to their name. We are trying various types of companies in different industries, and lately she is trying Chinese companies. I hoped to find a Chinese person to do this instead, but everyone I communicated with so far has not followed up on my offer. Anyway, my Rumanian girl has accumulated 450 addresses so far, busy finding more, and I hope to address them soon. But both her and myself feel that the original email letter should be in Chinese (perhaps the English version at the bottom). And that is where I would like to ask you for your opinion, or to help me with the translation. Attached you will find the approach letter (simplified1) I would like you to translate. It has been reduced from my original approach letter (translating), because my marketing help convinced me that short is better. I would also like to consider translating some of my website ( into Chinese. Eventually I would like to translate my website into many translation languages, because it will look good for me. Anyway, before we start with this, first I would like to ask if you are interested, and second to discuss it further. For example, if I write to them in Chinese, I certainly will not be able to respond to them in Chinese. So the approach letter will have to explain this. On the other hand, on my website ( I am also looking for country representatives. Eventually I hope to have people looking for customers in other languages, and be ready to answer their emails if the customers cannot communicate directly with me in English. I would pay them for their time communicating, plus some percentage of profits if I get work through them. So Id also like to know if youd be interested in helping me on this end, the translation of some of my website, and your opinion in general. Otherwise, I have other Chinese translators I can approach, who are not as good quality as you, but do not need to be for this job, and perhaps are less expensive or less busy. I thought Id approach you first. Of course, I will want your translation proofread by some of the other quality translators as well. I was told that my prices are competitive for the Chinese market. I know that my prices are competitive in general, but never considered that they would be competitive for the Chinese market as well. But after reflecting on it a bit, it occurred to me that the Chinese are possibly or definitely the largest manufacturers in the world, and if they want to sell their manufactured products throughout all the countries in the world, by law in those countries and for practical reasons, they have to translate their user manuals and promotional material into all those languages. And I doubt they will have an easy time finding Chinese to Czech, and Chinese to Zimbabwe etc. translators at home. So in all probability, they are translating their documents first into English, and then from that into all the other languages. And this is what I basically do, and at a competitive rate. Anyway, its certainly worth a try, eh? So Id like your general feedback on this.

Dear Karel: I sent you maybe four years ago my resume' and a sample of my translation work. I was happy to finally hear from you after all this time. Yes, I definately am interested in doing translation work. If you need some further translator information please write me regarding what you need. I look farward to hearing from you.

as usual I got side tracked from that project by some large paying ones that came around. Now I am set up much better and have a higher capacity. There is the project below, and now I am also working on penetrating the Chinese market, and other markets in general, so hopefully I will have lots of work for you soon.

so not only am I still bidding on all of Panasonic's work, but in my general desparate spree in search of customers from the inside of my lovely tin box, I got my Rumanian chick to start collecting email addresses of Chinese companies (diverting her attention from collecting email address from western companies for the time being). I never thought that my prices could be competitive for Chinese companies, but was told otherwise by one of my people behind the last iron curtain. Or should we say the banana curtain, them being yellow and all? Hardy har har. But I guess it makes sense that my prices would be competitive for them, because they are competitive in general, and the Chinese being the biggest manufacturers in the world would have to translate all their user manuals and promotional material into all the languages they are exporting to. And I doubt they will readily be able to find Chinese to Czech, and Chinese to Zimbabwe etc translators at home, so they are probably translating their documents first into English and from that into all the other languages, which is basically what I do and have a competitive price at. So now my Rumanian girl is collecting email addresses of Chinese companies, and I approached one of my quality Chinese dudes if he wants to translate my approach email letter, possibly my website, and stand by ready to respond to Chinese emails, cause I'm certainly not THAT linguistically proficient! So since you seemed to so much like my story about how I moved my database into Russia so as to have access to the Chinese, I thought I'd tell you this story. And that you might start seeing some wong, bong and chong on the Kenax corporate headquarters website. And maybe, just maybe, you might wanna get some new soil and a larger pot? Hope pooch aint peein in it. laterbaby

Thank you very much for your offer. We usually do our foreign language editions via licences, which means that the partner (for example in the Czech Republic) chooses and pays for the translator himself. Only translations into English language are done by ourselves. Here we take only medical, bilingual doctors, usually with a specialist degree (ophthalmologists for translations of ophthalmology books and so on), who translate into their mother language. We are thus not interested in your offer.

okay, thank you for your response, and if you need any help with any of the other services I offer, feel free to write.

Enclosed please find sample translation as requested (first page of document has been translated into English). My rate for translations of this nature is EU 0.10 per word. Looking forward to hearing from you, Yours faithfully,

thank you for the nice sample and I updated your record in the database appropriately. Although I noticed that, when you were submitting your information to the Panasonic active tender, you did not also fill in the Translator Form. If you ever find the time, it would be good to do that as well, so that I have all your language combinations, and information on education etc., if possible. Attached you will find the situation so far and my proofread changes to the translator I chose, because the customer is stressed out about time. I put a < character pointing to the left words or entire sentences that seemed strange or not a lot of sense to me. What would you charge to whip through this and put it into shape a bit? Please do not start until I confirm. I am just trying to do well for the customer. What is your native language, and education?

Thank you for contacting me. I can understand and read Kazakh easliy, but honeslty I am limited to do translations from English into Kazakh. (I can do translations from Kazakh into English. That is not a problem.)

not sure where I dug up your information, perhaps from the old database, but I also found you in the new database, which I am mostly using now, and did not find your language combinations. Perhaps you submitted an application to the Panasonic tender. It would be best if you could update your details in the Translation Form below. Your username is <> and your password []. That way I would know exactly which offers to approach you with.

My name is Daniel Bosisio and we are very interested in representing your company here in Argentina. After reviewing your web site, we would like to know which is your idea of partnership in order to proceed with the business. I wait for your comments and additional information you could have regarding links in web pages, model of agreements and the like. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

right now I have enough Spanish translators, and imagine that my prices might be too high for Argentinian customers, but perhaps not. Do you have a website or online CV? Perhaps we can do a link exchange or something? Any other ideas?

YES, I confirm my interest in the mentioned proofreading assignment and don't think that this marketing type of text can impose any difficulties to me. In fact, I have extensive experience in writing press-releases in English and Russian as well as preparing and translating the product documentation for marketing purposes. Although, I did not understand from provided brief description whether the text is about the marketing as a term or the marketing of a particular product or service, but I am sure that in any way I can effectively and promptly contribute to the assignment. Thank you and best regards,

okay, sending you the incomplete originals (translation translated from German), which have been proofread by me but still need to be worked on, plus a sample of what the Russian translator has translated so far. Please tell me your opinion what concerns proofreading and improving on this text.

Here are some considerations that may be helpful for you to take the decision about proofreader: 1. I translated some marketing text concerning hardware and software products. 2. To my mind in translating marketing text the style of language plays the main role. It should be colloquial, fluent, brief, exact, and attractive itself, especially if only a few facts are included in the original. The main advantages of the product or the product itself should be played with by means of the language to force the customers pay attention or buy it. If there are mottos in the text, they must be translated in such a manner that translation would be pleasant for russian ear and remains in memory. To my mind thats enough for a successful translation of marketing text. In short, the style of language is as important as the idea it conveys. For example: "Whoever thinks a faultless piece to see, Thinks what ne'er was, nor is, nor e'er shall be." (Alexander Pope)

sounds like beautiful Shakespeare. Sending you the incomplete originals (translation translated from German into English), which have been proofread by me but still need to be worked on, plus a sample of what the Russian translator has translated so far. Please tell me your opinion what concerns proofreading and improving on this text.

In my opinion French 1 is much better than French 2. I've read through French1 it seems to be a very good translation. I didn't use the original version to compare, I just checked the language as if I was an end user and I thought it was good.

can you send me your CV please?

Do you need me to proofread the entire translation or just the marked segments? I normally charge proofreading at 0.008EUR/word. For the two complete files that would be about 15EUR. Otherwise, it just depends on the word count. There is no minimum fee.

the translator said she should send it by tonight or earlier. I'll forward it to you and please look at my file with the < marks. Those parts did not make great sense to me and the terminology did not seem correct. I am not sure which version to use, but her translation seemed rather rigid to the original, which is not very good for marketing translations. I know I changed things a bit, but in marketing I believe the important thing is the affect on the reader, not whether it is accurate to the original.


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