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After managing a translation agency for more than ten years, I decided to move myself and my business into a caravan so that I could travel freely around the world. The warm temperature of Cyprus should find me here during the months of September/October and March/April, during which time I'd like to offer my various skills as an opportunity to meet locals.

Computer Related Skills

  • Computer Consultant - extensive knowledge of many programs, on both PC and Macintosh. I also have an extensive database of remote programmers to help me in other areas. I have experience in network administration and some programming knowledge (designed my own accounting system in MS Access, among other languages).

  • Website design, with php programming and online database skills. My database of remote graphics designers and programmers can help fill in the gaps.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - how to get your webpages to the top of google and other search engines

  • Logistics Consultant - I have spent ten years using my computer knowledge to automate many of my company's tasks. I can do the same for any organisation


my life in Prague

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Bachelor of Honours in Economics at Queen's University, Kingston Ontario, Canada

Language Skills

English (native level), Czech (fluent, as I was born in Prague and translated from Czech to English for ten years), French to English translation translator (12 years of study in Canada, including one year in university), German (basic - self taught), Spanish (read only), Turkish (enough to order a beer and accomplish whatever I need)


Other Skills

  • Open mic/karaoke/DJ organisation - I play 11 musical instrument, compose my own music, and would be interested in organising open mics in restaurants during the evenings. I have a 200W PA amp with four inputs and enough equipment and musical instruments to power an entire band. I can combine this with karaoke and DJ (thousands of party MP3 music).

  • Organising outdoor parties - I can power the above from my truck, which has its own solar power and a 1400 W stereo system. Portable volleyball net, various other sports material, and portable propane grill. I'm also a renowned chef among those who know me.

  • Video and editing - have photographed during most of my life, enjoy filming and making movies, editing them on the computer (simple sample here, my Mexico travel movie available on DVD upon request). I have recorded and edited music on the computer.

  • Setting up solar panels - since I wired my truck myself, perhaps I could help set up homes in Cyprus with solar power.

  • Carpentry, painting, general repair - did all the carpentry work on my truck's interior, which I designed myself. Am a general jack of all trades and have painted many homes, involved on many levels of reconstruction.

  • Have bartended for 6 years during university.

  • Planted half a million trees in Canada, so I'm not afraid of labour, and rather enjoy the exercise.

  • Can teach conversational English for interesting company and free beers.

  • Am great with kids and would enjoy getting involved in local charities.


Job Requirements

Because I continue to manage my translation agency but have some spare capacity, I'd be primarily interested in a consulting position with flexible hours, during which I would be able to check my email through my mobile phone about once an hour. I am looking to supplement my income and to meet locals, but need to be flexible in case some projects come in.