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(January 26)


I have started getting e-mails just now that you have obviously sent over a week ago. Do you know why?

maybe my server went berzerk due to some smtp scripts I have started using. I reset the server, and asked my programmer about this, so let me know if it happens again. On another note, the agency is asking for a discount on the last project. I compared the documents to view their changes, and so far (I hope to make better comparison files in a few days) it looks like they paid some bozo American in Prague 11,000 Kc to add "the" in places where it wasn't necessary, or even wrong, and change titles to All Capital Letters, which I learned is also not necessary. And changed the spelling to American, when I believe the customer told me it wants UK English. So totally bozo work and I do not accept the 5,000 Kc deduction it is trying lay on me. I thought perhaps there were serious errors, but I would not think of asking you to share this with me and will have to absorb it myself. It just frustrates me to project management work for these idiotic agencies who operate like the have their heads totally up their a*ss. I can't wait to find some serious customers of my own and I am so tired of dealing with these bozo agencies who hire 9-5 bimbos to manage projects in this retarded way. I think we did a great job. I have another translation project management agency which I also gave a good piece of mine. Frustrating, but hopefully my recent big marketing push will eventually yield some good fruits.

Thank you for the good words. Now, here are the final Analysis reports, hope they do not get messed up on your mobile, it is plain text format so should be ok. As I mentioned in email, I ran for both EL and TR files both Wordfast and Trados Analysis (Repetitions only in Wordfast of course because we know Trados cannot do that on my side).

that's a lot of repetitions indeed, but the translation project customer does not want to use the TM. I think my cooperation with them is ending. Getting tired of working with translating agencies as so many of them seem to operate like morons. Sorry that you had to work on the translation management project so late and from now on I will always try to state the importance of each project and a deadline, and perhaps my expectations, because I really did not think you will need to spend so much time. Can you tell me how much time you spent on it and all the procedures? I assumed it would have been a 30 minute operation.

> ---------------------------------------------------------

> Repetitions 843 4530 31801 28%

Also, I got emails "vetting" and "files for Dutch project" from you, exactly the ones( that I have already vetted-project 7002 MULT, a project which as far as I know has been completed, files sent to customer and I even updated the Completed Projects folder with my revised files....So I am a little bit confused right now why you sent me that again. These 2 emails are sent today 10:41 and 11:40 am and again, they are exactly the same I got when the vetting task had to be performed for 7002 MULT.

Several people have told me something similar and seems the server went bezerk, so I restarted it. Might have something to do with a new mass email script I am using, and its possible effect on the server's smpt. Keep me up to date if it happens again, because this will need to be resolved if there is a problem.

Here are the files requested, the were a total number of 85x2 files(EL and TR), English and other comments were erased, analysis was run on the global resulting EL and TR files, then extraction and repetitions extraction, plus sorting in alphabetical order to keep things neat. As we know results may differ, I ran Analysis in Wordfast and Trados as well, you can find all the info in the attachments. Except the global EL and TR files I actually analysed, all the other files are .txt so you can read them easily.

thank you for your thorough job, but I believe it was too thorough. I just wanted an overview of the Repetitions analysis. I did not want a full analysis, nor even the Repetitions file. I was only trying to decide on a strategy, and was not even sure if the customer would want me to use the software. A definitely did not need it done in Trados as well, but only a rough approximation would suffice. So I will try to be more clear in the future. But I assume you will get a good feel for what is needed in time, or we will get into a groove together so we know what we want to say without so many words. Did you find me on Skype yet?

I hope I did everything by the instructions, the only reason I double-checked the instructions with you is that I know that many times you do not actually see the files and i am the one to report and feedback.

When I need you to do such stuff, it is precisely because I cannot see the files. If I get to a cafe before you manage to get to the files, and process the translation files myself, I will try to remember to cancel the request with you.

I have not been in bed for 22 hours now, as you can see I am available whenever you need it, I plan to sleep 5-6 hours this time though, so now is 6 am, if you do not get immediate reply from me for whatever sent until noon please do not take it offensively.

No problem at all. Not everyone can sleep scattered hours like me. I actually like it. Right now it is 4:56am and I am wide awake. But I'd like to reserve your all nighters for when there is a serious project and I need you, so hopefully we will get into a good groove to spare you such unnecessary torment in the future. By the way, how big is your hard drive on your computer? Since I will not need these files you prepared I did not bother storing them somewhere on my computer, but in general, I think it would be good for you to store, as a backup, such files you prepare for me. One never knows if something changes and it turns out I need them. Or if I accidentally erase something on my computer, so that you would not have to do the work all over again. Perhaps for a period of two months or something, if you have the capacity. Perhaps you could put these things into a folder named by date and then some description. Like in this case 2007.01.25 - Greek Turkish repetitions analysis Or without the 2007, but the month 01 first so that it sorts properly on your computer, and then you can easily delete them by date two months later after you read the folder name and decide we really do not need those files anymore.

I am attaching the Accounting.txt file which is now ready, I worked on this one first as you told me it is easier for you to read.

looked at the file and it looks very nicely prepared. Some comments though. First of all, expect that this system will be changing over time. It is still not super clear in my head, but I am formulating the necessity that I will eventually develop an accounting script for the online system. Anyway, the purpose of the .txt Accounting file is so that I can go online and view it on my mobile. The place where it should be on the server is directly accessible from the web, so if a customer writes me an email asking for something, I can refer to this .txt file, online, directly from my mobile, find out what it is looking for (for example, based on its project number I find what folder I should have it stored in), and then send it the files it requests. This actually happened once. So, this .txt file should actually be compact, so I don't have to pay for the kilobytes. Perhaps older jobs could be erased. I can always open my notebook if need. So I am just telling you the purpose of the .txt file. The more important one is the .xls one.

> 1. TEL stands for Telelingua, correct?

Yes. But we can just stick to the abbreviation in all cases.

2. In order to maintain accuracy, in the cases where the translation was done per page, here in the .txt file wrote "pg" next to the number. I did so because we have the case of 7004 PHX where actually there are 10 words to translate/language and this way it is clear that in 7004 PHX we have words not pages.

I could not find "pg" next to the number in this .txt file. Also, for 7004, I would only have one line. The most important is the customer's order number(s), if it wants something, and you can write "22 languages" or something.

3. Back to 7004 PHX what conclusion have you reached with the customer? Did they accept project management translation of those 10 words in 21 languages? Asking because in Completed Projects I can see translation into 12 Languages, project still present in Active Projects too, but deadline is/was today. If deadline/languages/customer order no. changed please let me know.

They only want to pay for the Bulgarian and I am very angry with them. I sent them many angry letters, telling them they should check their gypsumboards in their office for the possibility of leaking glue, because they are "obviously sniffing something", and enjoyed myself insulting their intelligence in my humorous fashion. I can't wait to get real and direct customers so that I can stop dealing with these agencies. The 7003 translating agency is also trying to get a discount and for unjustified reasons. Just now I wrote in the calendar to approach the first wave of emails you sent me. Hopefully something will come out of that.

4. 7003 PRESTO took the .pxf file 03 and 05 ALL and looked at the word count and it appeared to be 35.052 so this is the info I introduced, correctly hope.

.pxf is in Transit and I handled the word count for this job. The only time I need you to do a word count is usually when you vet a project (not translated through Transit) and I ask you to.

5. Projects 7005 MULT and 7006 TEL. Do not have word/customer order no./deadline info on them, only suppose it was today for 7005 MULT so wrote it with an "*" as I did with all the info I listed but was not 100%

I set these up on my computer directly, but perhaps I should get into a groove of sending you the latest data occasionally. Other times, when I need you to process incoming files, the deadline could be written in the customer's email I am forwarding to you. But this whole accounting thing is still in development and will continue to be slowly over the long term. Will require a complex online system.

6. I guess "German to English and Russian translation" from Active Projects is only a potential

It's officially been upgraded to a real job and I think I sent you that information in a previous email.

one, that is why we do not have order no. yet. If it becomes real one we will have 7007, I think that is the most important conclusion I have to draw :)

Yes, turned out to be 7007 indeed.

Slept only 4 hours last night because I was frustrated because of this email smtp thing Asked many people in the meantime and surfed the net for a solution and I found it. The solution is an email account at which lets me use smtp in the way we need it, that is, sender shows up as [email protected] So huh, it finally works!

sounds like you found an external smtp service and I will check out your email now. Usually one has to pay for such a service, but if it is free, it may be exploited by spammers, in which case the service could end up on black lists and your emails sent through such a service would end up in people's spam boxes, which we definitely do not want either. I guess we should test if this is the case. If so, worst case scenario I can change the password on my Desknow and let you use that smtp server. How much does your internet provider want to charge you for using theirs?

Thanks for your email. As for your inquiries regarding the cost of services is as follows: - price per hour is USD 3.00 - extra price, if any, to internet costs while surfing is USD 55 per month - internet speed is DSL with 200MB transfer rate - i am have a working knowledge of Excel having used it in payroll computations I am available for full time internet secretary and have my own computer.

I have been going through some old folders and found your email. We are launching our first major marketing campaign and at some point I'll need to hire more project managers than I already have. You can check out the various positions I am offering at the moment through For the project management/remote worker position, I am beginning to test people so that I am ready when the workload starts increasing. You can either perform that test now or I can write you once there is an actual need to fill new positions.

are you available now to do a small vetting job? I will be proofreading it now and the customer would like delivery today, so while I am proofreading it please check if there is anything missing or make comments in < > brackets and send that to me so that I can finalise the file based on your comments once I finish proofreading. You can find it online and it is the 7007 job. Translation in Completed Projects and original in Active.

As far as I have seen, there is a 30-day trial-period for some of the runbox's services though I am not very sure if for email as well. Anyway, it does not affect me so much because I can always change my data after 30 days, etc. Even if they could recognize me by IP, that is not a problem because in Satu Mare I have Vodafone Mobile Connect net connection, and the IP address is dynamic, never the same with each time net is connected.

I'd rather not rely on the above. I need something consistent and trustworthy, and not need constant switching. Because when the big jobs come in, I don't want you to worry about such trifle things, because you might forget, and then some of the emails you send out will not get to their destination, and potentially cause big problems, which will cost a lot more than coming up with some reliable and stable system.

My own net provider in Bucharest does not have SMTP access in such a way that my email address that they would give me did not appear as the email of the sender, which we do not want of course.

I still do not understand how they could affect this. If you send out email directly from Pegasus, the identity and header should look as Pegasus set it, and not depend on some smtp server. I could be wrong, but I'd rather see it before I believe it.

I have also learnt about other emailing services, similar to runbox which do not require advanced authentication when logging in to SMTP, but those use the POP3 authentication principle first and as my POP3 is not their server, but the Desknow, when I try SMTP with they they of course do not grant me access.

I think there could be ways around this as well. Worst case, to use one Pegasus identity for sending and one Pegasus identity for downloading. Anyway, I have asked my programmer about setting up an smtp service on my server just for you (and other RW if necessary). I can probably have as many smtp services as I want, but I do not want to give you access to the one I am using because I would have to give you my username and password to my own Desknow account. I looked at it today and there is no other way around it. So a second smtp service running on my server should work. If it doesn't, it means the whole server might be down, in which case you would not even be able to download Desknow mail. Well, another project for me to figure out. You can continue playing around with the above three, and I'll try to figure something out on my end.


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