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(January 11)


can you translate the attached text into English? Can you take a harder part of it and show me a small sample? They want it into native English, and I can proofread it afterwards, but I just need to know how hard the proofread will be, or if I should look for a native English speaker instead. After that I will want to translate it into some other language, such as Russian and French. Perhaps you could take the Russian as well, since it will be proofread. But again, it needs to be a good enough quality, because this is marketing oriented text and the final outcome should be very good. Perhaps you could provide a small sample into Russian as well.

So okay, I should not worry at the moment about the desknow account as it is a situation you are aware of. Also, I am confident that all my questions will be answered as soon as you have the time. I read the instructions on Transit PE (the initial ones, not the large ones from the more instructions link), set it up, and had some questions prepared but guess will leave them for later, just give me green light when is okay. I would also have questions about the current CZ to EN project, but of you consider we do not have time for this as I will not be effectively working on it, we can leave them apart as well.

You can go ahead and send your questions. I will answer soon or when I find the time. I quickly get bored of translating, so I enjoy these deviations. Don't forget that it is expensive through the mobile, so if it is not super important, first I might download your emails the next day at the internet cafe. If they are not so important, I do not answer them right away, while paying by the hour in the cafe, but later when offline, meaning they will not be sent until the next time I am at the cafe, like the next day. So a two day delay could be standard, for issues that are not burning.

I am pretty sure my pc can handle fast stuff, it is a AMD Barton 2600+; 1.94 Ghz; 768 DDR RAM and as I said many times, the net connection is very good. So as I am a bit confused about what I should be doing now, I am further analyzing Transit (though I have not figured out yet how I could import a file there of my own and then make all sorts of tests on it, the reason of course that I am somehow limited in these tests is that as far as I understood, once I press ALT INS, I alter the text, make it seem translated, which I surely don't want :)..).

That is not a problem at all, because I would not be importing your changes. So it is the same as if you download a Word file my translators are working on and made all sorts of changes to it. Furthermore, if I DO import your changes, if I import the translator's changes after that, your changes will get erased/written over. So go ahead and practice all you want. It is important you fully understand this program, because I hope to use it on a regular basis and you can expect translators to ask you lots of questions regarding it.

At the same time, as I cannot run tests on desknow/pegasus because of the server issue, when I feel I got fed up with Transit, I go collect some email addresses.

Why can you not test the emailing? The delay is only temporary. Your rw1 account should download emails every time I log on, as I wrote in the previous email.

All this of course if you don't give me other sorts of work, I am waiting for instructions on any work type you need me to do.

The collecting emailing addresses is important, and I will try to give you other work to make your work more varied and interesting. If I keep getting projects like I am now, I will be able to give you lots of interesting work. Okay, hour is almost up here in this internet cafe, so I will leave soon, and maybe come back later. After the Cz project I will try to fix my mobile problem, so I will be able to respond more frequently from my mobile.

I am writing from my gmail account because I am afraid the ones from Desknow/Pegasus don't get through fast enough. Yesterday I sent 3 messages from gmail account to desknow/Pegasus, I know the time, it was 11:53 PM RO time and these messages do appear now on desknow but as arrived at 7:16 and 7:17 AM. Enormous delay which I'm worried about. I don't know the reason this happens, but I would very much like to know if you got the email I sent to you, the test one "Re: US to UK Queen's" because there are some important issues specified there I must be sure of when responding to translators.

Dear Alexandra,

at the internet cafe now but should be offline again soon. Maybe online a bit later. I need to work on the Cz to Eng project, as it will give us needed cash. Concerning Desknow, the spam filter is not working at the moment, so everything is not working properly. It only downloads email when I log in to Desknow, hence the seeming delay. Otherwise, the spam filter would usually check every one minute, so there should be no delay at all. I will finally try to fix this once I find some time, hopefully soon after this Cz project. When you write to me generally, it is better to do so from your usual account. If you are responding to translator questions, and I am sent a copy, or you may ask some questions regarding that, my inbox will have many emails from RW1, so if there is something important you want to ask me, write it from your usual address so that I can recognise it and anwer that first. I can't find any other email address from you. Can you send it again? When sending from your desknow account, make sure to send to and not to . But if sending to the second, I think you will receive an error report. Not sure about this though.

Also, as far as I noticed the 3 emails I got today in my gmail account(real live project, excel script and Czech to English translation project) were sent only to this gmail account, I double-checked on Desknow/Pegasus and did not see them there.

The desknow account is for you to answer questions from other translators. When I write to you I will always write to your usual address (gmail). However, if on my mobile I get a large translation project I need you to process, I will forward that email to your desk account, so that you can save the attached files to the server, as I previously trained you for. THEN I will write a second email to your usual address informing you of this.

Okay, off to your other email. I'm excited about this new Transit project. I'd like to use this system for all larger projects.

Dear Alexandra,

exciting news: just got another project! So I should definitely be able to pay you for some of your work so far. The customer wanted this translated into Transit, and I'd like to get into a habit of using Transit whenever possible. Before doing so we must decide if it is worth it. There are three factors which influence this decision: 1) if the project and cash savings is large enough to warrant the laborious procedure; 2) if there are enough repetitions within it to warrant it; 3) or if we can apply translation memory from previous projects to warrant it. I'd like you to start practicing the repetitions calculation part (number 2 above). You will find the new project in the 7002 folder at Please perform a repetitions analysis and produce an extract file and send it to me, together with your analysis. I may get a large project and ask you to analyse it before I decide what to do with it (send it directly to the translator, or pump it into Transit). Eventually I would like to translate most of my projects through this means.

I do not have Trados, but I can work in Transit. 10.000 words would take me 2 to 3 days, but I could send the files back as I finish them, of course.

Dear Jochen

okay, we got the job, hurray. Please go to and download your files from 7002. I should have already sent you the Word files. You can use those for reference. Now download the .pxf repetitions file and translate that first. In the Cz to English folder on the download site you will find instructions.html I have prepared for that site. Perhaps you could look at it quickly to familiarise yourself with Transit again (I have used it myself recently, and have learned some useful tricks). Please consider adding as many words to the dictionary as possible. On your request, I can automatically translate those words throughout the document when I send you the next wave of work, which I can do once you complete this first Repetitions file. I can do it tonight my time, so that you can keep translating today, or do it my time tomorrow morning, so you can resume tomorrow. Depends on when you get it done and how far I am away from the internet cafe. The customer would like it completed by Tuesday. Am curious how it will work out with Transit and I'd like to make a regular use of this system.

I looked in your record in the database and found the following combinations:   SOURCE TARGET English Russian Czech Russian Spanish Russian French Russian French English translation Czech English Spanish English Russian English You said you did translations from German as well? It would be good to know exactly what combinations you can handle. I'll try to get you some more work from this customer. For the project we are working on now, don't forget that I can get a lot of the individual words automatically translated for you if you help me with the dictionary. I would need to import your work and then recreate the .pxf files for you.

I don't believe you sent me the communication scripts yet. On another note, my other programmer made me a fancy system through which translators could upload translation samples, and others could assess them. This has saved me an incredible amount of time. The problem is that it is set to react to the code page of the browser the translator had when pasting the sample into the browser box. So the samples are apparently saved in different code pages. He said I could change it to code page utf-8 or something, but that all the previous samples will be lost, which I cannot let happen. I was wondering if you knew of a way I could convert all these samples so that I could reset the system and switch it to utf-8. The system is in his standard dbase3 and the samples are saved in a .dbf file. I'd also like a way to download and view the samples offline, perhaps converting them to a Word file so that I could forward them when necessary. He does not seem able to do this for me and just wondering if you knew anything about it.

Would you mind sending us some more information about your pool of translators? Which language combinations? I cannot promise we'll make use of your pool as usually we always test the translators we work with. But still interesting to know.

Dear Karine.

at the bottom you will find a list of languages I have recently been testing translators in for a few projects I am working on. More than 800 translators have submitted their samples and many of the languages are tested. I like to use at least three different assessors for each language so that I have a good spread of opinions. I'd say for most of the languages I can fit into 0.08 USD/word, sometimes less. Even Dutch in fact, for which I have found a great translator who can handle high volumes and is very reliable. With the Scandinavian and Danish languages it tends to get expensive. I also have translators who are foreign yet can translate at very high quality, although it may be perceptible that they are not native. They charge very good rates as well. I charge a low flat markup on top of whatever the translator charges, so it is best to ask me for each particular project, so I can approach the translators and find out who is available.


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