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KENAX Translation Agency began more than a decade ago in Prague, Czech Republic, the heart of Europe, and since then it has grown into a global provider of translation services, accumulating an extensive database of translators located all over the world, and servicing clients located in all corners of the globe.

Over time, since our customers are located in the most various time zones, it became necessary to service them on their time and for which reason we have devised a virtual office, whereby our project managers and various personnel can log in to the virtual office website to help manage projects on their own time zone and often from the comfort of their home so that, together, they can participate in an agency working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

One translator may be working in Asia, completing their translation at 8pm their time. They upload their file to the central engine, after which an email is automatically emailed to the project management team. This may be picked up by the project manager working in the Ukraine at 8 in the morning their time. During their day they could control the translation to make sure that nothing is missing and that the formatting of the translation correctly reflects the original. This is referred to as "vetting" and is applied to all our translations. If something is missing or cannot be fixed by the vettor, the translator (or proofreader) is sent an email to fix the problem. Meanwhile, perhaps an appropriate proofreader could be found on a later time zone, such that the translation is completed by the time the original translator wakes up the next morning not possibly accomplished by a translation agency operating on a single time zone.

Not only does this greatly facilitate the management of large projects, but because our staff are mostly chosen in countries with lower standards of living, and because they can be located in rural areas, work in the comfort of their homes and not have to live in expensive cities, we can achieve this great speed and effective service at an extremely competitive price.

To handle issues on individual domestic levels, such as helping us find translators and customers in those countries and managing projects on local levels, we have set up affiliate offices in many countries to help us with this. Therefore, a project manager servicing a customer in, for example, Poland, can draw from our central translator database when dealing with foreign languages and not rely solely on a domestic pool of translators, as is often the case with many translating agencies.

Therefore, not only does a broad and extensive base of translators located all over the world and each translating into their native language, a language they are more familiar with than a translator living abroad because they live in the country they translate into and are therefore more practised and familiar with the any changing norms (because languages are constantly evolving, with changing customs and new concepts and terminology constantly being imported), guarantee the highest degree of quality when managing multi language projects, but our team of project managers and personnel located on various time zones, logging in at various times to keep the translation process running, mean that we can truly offer an effective and quality service (at a competitive price!).

Over time, while advertising for translators in these various countries, in some of them we have also begun collecting a database of other skilled personnel programmers, website designers, graphics artists, typists and transcribers essentially all types of personnel whose work can be transferred over the internet. So far we have used these mostly for our own personal needs, in developing our own virtual office and other tasks, but if you would like help with automating many of your tasks and turning your company into a truly global concern, we can help you with that as well.