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(January 31 to February 2)


Please translate the document i've sent in English and Russian. You can translate into document, not online! French will be in a second step.

here are the translations. Proofread by a separate translator, in each case sent back to the translator so he could review the changes made by the proofreader, and vetted by someone else to make sure nothing is missing and that the formatting is correct. I got a third translator involved in the German to English translation because I wanted to double check the meanings in some cases. As I said before, I don't usually get much work in German translations, which contributed to these delays. I already have people tested from English into French and should be able to get that to you fairly quickly if you would be interested. Sorry for the delay, but just wanted to be confident of the outcome. Please send me your company information which you want on your invoice. Any form of payment preferable to you? I can receive payment by several means, such as Moneybookers, PayPal, or wire transfer.

I will sent to you the proofreading on Friday and the rate will be 0,06EUR per word, does it fit you?

on your application for the Panasonic tender you wrote 0.06 for translations, so I think the same price for a proofread is much too high. I will not be able to compete for the Panasonic tender at such prices. When charging 0.06 for translations, translators usually charge around 0.02 for a proofread. Would this be acceptable for you?

Sorry for the late reply. I had a business trip and went back to office today. I went through the translation and I found the translation is not good. There are many mistakes and the terms are wrong. Apparently, it is not written by a professional. I strongly suggest you to have some native Chinese people experienced in technical field (e.g. our company) to proofread the translation.

here is the proofread of the Chinese. What do you think now? One of the assessors said that your sample was Cantonese, although I believe the customer is looking for Simplified Chinese. What is your opinion on all this? What do you think your total charge would be to proofread the two files?

just shortly now. Which 624 dollars from Vaclav are we talking about? The deal was that he keeps whatever you paid him for his translation work and I get the rest (which you

sorry, must have overlooked this email. I'll change the subject so that I don't overlook it. I just looked at Vaclav's record and it turns out that I budgetted for him 0.02, based on your statement that you had to do a full translation, so the maximum I could give him was the proofreading rate (although most other translators, including for Polish and Hungarian, did not charge 0.05 for translation, so 0.07 for translation and proofread is actually above my budget for the project): I overpaid him for that amount, and that's where the -624 comes from. I distinctly remember emailing with you regarding this, saying that I paid him too much, based on your initial statement that his translation was fine (I asked you to check several times before I went ahead and paid him). Later, when you actually started proofreading, you said you should get the full translation rate, and I told you you will have to collect that 624 because I overpaid him based on your previous statement that his translation was fine. For some payment now, like I said, I can spare a few thousand, like 2, maximum 3, but no way I can afford 8,000 at the moment. Sorry for my screwed up situation. I'll send 3,000 tomorrow. Sorry for overlooking this email.

were still supposed to pay him). I will have to find those emails again, but this is basically what it was. If I remember it correctly, he got some 30,000 CZK which he paid to the translator who spent it on his house. Then you were supposed to pay him some 15 or 18,000 or so and this is the money which I should get (maybe it equalled to those 624 dollars given the exchange rate at the time). Vaclav said he would sacrifice all his profit from the job. But then again he came up with the idea of suing you after that I do not know the result. I have not seen him since. We will have to get back to this. I will check my numbers when I get to it. I am way too busy at the moment and do not feel like messing with the past again. :-) 

Thank you for sending me these texts, and I do apologise for not having replied earlier - if I am too late for this one, please keep my name on your books for the next job! I have chosen two small sections and trust that they will satisfy your client's high expectations. My rate would be Eur 0,07/source word for this job (or this type of job). I look forward to hearing from you soon.

I'd like to discuss a possible discount for this job. I found I had to rack my brains a lot with the proofread, and then I had to hire a second translator because I did not understand a lot of your parts in your translation, so he helped explain those parts. Would 0.07 USD/word be okay? I had a lot of struggle with your translation, but I think the final version should satisfy the customer. You also did not answer my last email about finalising and a few parts I still did not understand, so I had to refer to the second translator.

Looking through their message they state "...needs to be translated into Bulgarian also." I would consider this in such a way that they want you to translate to all languages mentioned in the document and in addition also translate to Bulgarian. The word "also" in their message should be interpreted in a way that they want something in addition to what's already mentioned in the document. About my fee, I'd still be OK to do this for free. However, if you would like to charge them something for the work done I could do this att half the rate, i.e. USD 10.- lumpsum for the two languages I've done (English - Swedish as well as English - Norwegian, please find attached file). Please let me know if this is OK (without disturbing your relationship with your customer). If you want me to send you a formal invoice, please let me know.

sorry for responding so late. Had a bunch of projects at the same time and now catching up to older emails. Seems you sent me this translation after I wrote below not to take it. I guess you misunderstood the email. Anyway, I already had two translators translate those two languages.

Actually, I read it all and understood that your Customer just wanted to add Bulgarian translation to all other languages, already included in word file. Maybe a little confusing is (repeated?) request for project confirmation... Using the possibility, I even asked the second opinion about the order some English native speaking persons, who were around, and they think the same. So, about price. Then, I think, I can charge you the same 10 USD, if everything with the order is OK, and don't charge nothing, if your Customer will tell you, that this translation wasn't necessary. Just, please, let me know. Can I translate these sentences now?

sorry for the late reply. I was flooded by several projects at the same time and finally found some time to go over old emails. I gather you did not translate anything and everything is fine?

i would like to do the translation. When do you need the translation sample? Immediately? Will 0.04 USD/per word be ok? It is a little bit more difficult to translate from German into English. What is with the proofreading from Panasonic when can I do this one?

finally found some time to go over old emails. I checked out your account and, although your English is not the greatest, your price is good and I may be able to get you some occasional work in that language combination. But for that it would be good if you updated your record below to include that language combination.

How much you pay for DTP (for page)??? As I know the TRANSLATION of 1 page costs mach more then DTP work, and it is more good if you can to save money on TRANSLATION than on DTP, if the noneconomical TRANSLATION will cost in several times more then DTP work. For EXAMPLE, some time ago I worked ander the "Technical Instruction", after the RECOGNITION it, we are count the statistics, it was 1 000 000 symbols (words + signs_without_spaces). As you can see the translation of this document will take several TRANSLATORS. And some time. But I did some work with recognized document, using some macroces, and the statistics were lowered down to 400 000 (I get frodocument just CLEAN TEXT). So we made work much FASTER with a GOOD quality, because the number of translators was a minimum, and the CUSTOMER paid to us for all 1 000 000 symbols, but we had pay to the TRANSLATORS just for 400 000... You can think about this...

finally found some time to go over old emails and I stumbled on this one, where you wanted a different document translated. Within a few hours I will be online and check your other emails, and start on the French and Croatian. That should go much quicker, because I already have these languages tested from English. And if you want to translate to many languages, through English is good also because from German translators tend to be fewer and more expensive.

What should I do with this attached file sent to me? Ignore it and wait until you assign it to me again?

Sorry for taking so long in replying. If it is not too late, I am available to translate the sample for you. Let me know.

I too have been pretty busy lately with several projects. The sample is translated, and I think I found someone to proofread it already, but perhaps you could take a peak at the translation and give me your opinion. You will find it in the usual folder through, Download Pages, Active Tenders, Panasonic project, Big Sample folder. But I just noticed that you specialise in Latin Spanish. For the beginning round the customer wants to focus on EU Spanish, and later on Latin Spanish.

I have just finished the other jobs I had from my other clients. Sorry I could not help you earlier as I had thought I would. Do you need any help with the project now? What would be the deadline?

the project was completed with success, but thank you for your willingness to help. I noticed that you are not in our database below. Please fill in some basic information in the Translator Form so that I can approach you with your language combinations and subjects. And you can submit a sample into Czech for the Panasonic project through the Active Tenders link too if you like.

so the company just sent another round of translations, and indicated that there could be more, but not sure if I can rely on the first translator. Do you have experience with Transit PE? It's a free program and you can make more as a translator. More information below.

Yes, I would be happy to do this translation - all depends however on the deadline (as usual :-) I could return it by next Tuesday (if you gave me your go ahead before tomorrow, Friday, afternoon that is). Sorry to be complicated :-)

okay. I just got some other files as well, so I will forward those to you as soon as I get them translated into English.

I'll translate the files when you send me your confirmation, hope to have a reasonable due date.... You ask me if I am able to do that - why? Because of terminology or urgency? Don't worry, I'll do it ok. I'm glad we're working together again!

Denis already grabbed it. I think I was using you for proofreading in the past? Can we try it this time too and next time I'll try switching you guys back and forth so you get some juicy chunks too? How is your marketing? I'll ask Denis to send a sample at the beginning part of his translation so we know what we're up against.

the same customer is sending more work, and it looks like more will follow. Not sure how much, but I'd like to start experimenting with using different people. When you translate, do you also have your own proofreader? In any case, I will always want to have my own separate proofreader, as part of quality control, but just wanted to know how you go about it. Attached you will find the last wave of work, and I'd like to know if you think you can improve on this quality, or how your quality would compare to this. Do you think I should use the proofreader or the translator to proofread your work? Also, I'd like to do the next wave of work in Transit. 40% of it repeats, so I can split the savings with you to make it worth your while to use the program.

That link is in fact broken. I have tried several times but no luck. I was referring to the two new documents when I said Eur 0,07 - I already agreed to USD 0,07 for the last two documents, in my previous email. It is also important for me to know what delivery date you need.

oops, forgot to say the deadline. It is kind of rushing because once it is in English I'll have it translated into three other languages, so I would not want to cause a log jam. I need the repetitions file first, then I proofread that, then I send that to the other language translators and also prepare the rest of the files for you. How soon could you get the repetitions file done?

Don't worry about that from my part. I never got to send you that translation. Meanwhile I have already filled in the payment form, as you requested, so you can proceed with my accounting.

okay, but I don't think you've sent me your charges yet. So far I see that you assessed the translation samples, and you did a small proofread for job 6028. Please tell me your charges for both jobs so that I can punch it into the accounting.

Hello Karel, thanks for letting me know. Did the customer say why they cancelled ? And have you been able to check my sample translation yet ?

it was miscommunication and their staff does not know how to be explicit with instructions. I ranted enough to force the owner to pay me something anyway, and now we are discussing if they want me to continue working with them. They have to learn how to work better, but I know I'm right. Your translation sample scored very high, but for now I am only focusing on 5 languages for Panasonic, because the sample they want is quite large, I'm paying to get it translated and proofread, so I can only handle a few languages at a time. If they start giving me work I'll start testing some other languages. Or if some other customers express interest. Making my first big marketing push so it should hopefully not take too long for that to happen.

once I get the Chinese approach letter translated (the translator suggested I make a Chinese webpage too, which should be exciting, and ask a bunch of other Chinese translators for their opinion, so this could all take a little time), I wanted you to also focus on translating agencies. Which would include filling in all their forms. Below is an example I'd like you to fill in. Obviously you will be asking me for certain information over time, and I'll give you some basics now. You can create a Word file or whatever with basic information about me. Translating agencies can end up giving me lots of work, so it would be good to approach them as well as customers. Basically, I don't want my telephone number or address there. If the form demands something, you can make up something, but try to put a comment that I am not really accessible by phone, but if that is necessary, some special arrangement can be made. I check my email regularly, even off hours. I usually work over the weekends, and off hours when there is work. You might mention something about the project managers working on different time zones so that the agency can feel assured work can get done over their evening time. Just fill it in somehow to make me look good, to get us work that way. For most languages I can charge around 0.08 USD/word, sometimes less, sometimes more. I charge a low flat rate on top of whatever the translators charge, so my prices can vary because of that. It therefore depends on what quality or translator they need at any time. You can tell them I have a lot of translators, and as a selling point, I often mention that I have some excellent Dutch translators who can translate between English and Dutch, native in both directions, and for which I only have to charge 0.08 USD/word. This can usually wow your average agency. Otherwise, I also have non-native speakers who can work for bargain prices, if they don't need native quality but just an informative translation. Perhaps you could also mention that I have thousands of external DTP people. I have lots of experience with Transit, and I have Trados as well. I guess remaining points will require you to write to me, otherwise you can just make things up and get creative if they do not seem so important.

I have started translating the Repetitions file and will probably get it back to you tomorrow evening. Depending on when you get the project back to me it should take me no more than 3 days to finish - probably less but would like to send tip-top quality this time. Please let me have your confirmation of the date you require the translated documents back. Regards,

should have sent an email regarding that right now. Please indicate a time when you think you can send the Repetitions file so that I can plan. I should proofread and finalise it before sending it back to you, otherwise I will be proofreading the same text over and over again.

When I bid for the job you posted on proz at the end of last year, I have provide two versions of translation, one is Simplified Chinese, and the other is Traditional Chinese (not Cantonese). We can do both Simplified and Traditional Chinese translation and proofreading. As I said before, our rate for proofreading is US$ 0.03 per source word. Since this is the first cooperation, we will not charge by word. I will charge US$ 30 for these 2 files. Please reply if the price is ok for you, thank you!

I could only find one record/sample submitted by you. Anyway, could you tell me what you think of the proofread version? I'm attaching it again. I can't just keep throwing money at this, because I am paying for this out of my pocket and it will be a cost. I just want a good quality translation that I can submit as a sample, and once/if the work comes in, we can start discussing details.

okay, the proofreads are in for Panasonic, so please go ahead and finalise the files so that I can hopefully send them to the customer on Monday. It has been long enough and does not look good, but the quality should be good. Some translators translated the buttons, others left them in English. They should probably remain in English, but this would go under "localisation instructions" if we actually begin with real translations. Right now what is important is the actual quality, and the text itself, and that nothing is missing. So treat that with the most importance, and if you can do some minor formatting changes which you think might make things prettier and help win the tender, please go ahead. If we actually get work from them, we will be doing it entirely different. Thank you and looking forward to sending it to Panasonic and crossing my fingers.

please take a look at the proofread, compare it to your translation in Word's Revision tool if you cannot see the changes, and tell me what you think of the final version I'd like to send to the customer on Monday. Crossing my fingers. You will find the files in the usual folder or manually by going to X, Download Pages, Active Tenders, Panasonic project, Big Sample folder, and then to the Proofread subfolder.

And I think we will make the translations in French and Croatian with you. Later in Arabic, Chinese-Mandarin, Japanese etc. So, please, translate the same documents in French and Croatian, too. You will receive tomorrow an onther document to translate in all 4 languages.

the four languages have been farmed out and the translators are busy working. I hope to have everything completed for you by the end of this next week. Since the new stuff has a lot of repeating text, I'd like to get that translated first so as to maintain consistency. And as usual, I'd like to send the proofread back to the translator to look at, and then a vetting process, to make sure nothing is missing. So there are several steps involved to achieve the high quality, and hence I hope you don't mind my suggested time frame. I wanted to ask you concerning the other languages, or the possibility of other documents, so that I can plan. A few months ago I began testing translators for all of Panasonic's work, and have been busy testing more than 800 translators into 37 languages. But with Panasonic we have been focusing more on certain languages for the beginning. If you send me a list of all the languages you are interested in, it will help me know if I should start focusing on some other languages. Or if you will be sending me more documents of different subjects, I might be able to plan things to find different translators for different documents. Just so I can deliver them to you faster, if I could plan things a bit in advance.

I would be interested in assisting you with the translation assessments. I would like to be paid .07 USD/word. Although I have not done translation work professionally, I have had considerable practice in both proofreading and translating German to English and English to German in the university setting.

sorry for the late reply, but I've been swamped with some projects lately. I think you price for assessments is rather high, considering it is even more than the price of 0.05 you stated for translations. Assessing requires only reading a small sample and giving your grade score, plus a comment if necessary. Also, you translation sample has so far been assessed as non-native. What is your native language?

I've actually had some translations from German into English lately, may be getting more, and have had a difficult time finding a suitable translator. Please fill in the form below so that I have your info on file. How are you in marketing? Can you provide a brief 100 word sample of some selected marketing part in the attached file?


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