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(January 12)


Hello, sorry for the delay of my reply, and we hope you could have had nice holidays. As of now, I'm visiting India with my boss for business, and the internet connection is not good here.... Regarding the sample text, I talked to my boss and he says if you're going to have to pay for the test translation that is going to be done from now, you don't have to pay for them. We guess you already have some test translation that are finished. If only you could send them to us, that will do. Probably we can understand the quality of your translation with them.

Dear Masami Ota

okay. I did not start any samples yet because I was waiting for your reply. Okay, I will go ahead and pay for the translation samples of

Chinese Simplified



German translations


For these languages I have enough translators tested that I feel confident in the quality I can produce for you. But for Malay, Urdu and Persian, if you have the resources to assess quality, I would like your help to choose translators for these languages based on the 100 word sample they have provided for me so far. If you are happy with their smaller sample, then I can pay them to provide you with the larger sample. I expect that I should be able to deliver the translation sample for the above five languages over the next few days. I'd also like the other good quality translators to look at them before sending them to you. If I will be translating for you in general, since you stated you do not want a proofread by a separate translator, my plan was to perform the occasional spot check to keep the translators on their toes. I would do this as part of the price I quote you, which should be around 0.08 USD/word for every case. Have a nice time in India,

Thank you for expressing interest in one of our active projects. For the Panasonic and proofreading project, you will find the full details and instructions at. If the above link is broken in your email, you can either paste it back together in your browser, or follow, to the Download link, in the folder Active Tenders, subfolder Panasonic Project. Because we handle a lot of translation projects and process a lot of sample translations, unfortunately the only way for you to submit your bid is by uploading it through your account with us as explained in the link above. All the samples will be online and eventually selected assessors (often several for each language) will log into their account to rate the various translating samples. Otherwise the logistics required to handle all the emails of translators sending in their translation samples and prices etc by attachment is too complicated and time consuming. We try to ask our translators to perform as few translation samples as possible, and sometimes even pay them for it (when a customer demands to see a translation sample when we already trust the quality of our translators). It is not as painful a process as it first seems. If you have not already registered with us, this will give you the opportunity to do so (only very basic translator information is necessary) so that we can approach you with future work. If you receive work from us, through your account you can also fill in your payment for translation work information and will never have to send us an invoice, so you can save time with this process (all your accounting with us will be visible online for you only). So apologies that we have to ask you to register with us and submit your tender to these projects online, but it should not take you long and will save you time in the future once you do receive work from us. You will be approached for translation samples as rarely as possible.

For solving this problem I suggest to add <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" to <head of all templates. New tenders will be okays, but olds become unreadable. So if you decide to use utf8 make this change after you finish current tender.

Dear Vadim

this is something I thought I did a long time ago. Anyway, it is not there now, and the problem is that I want to keep this tender forever, because 800 translators applied in 37 languages and I want to keep these translation samples as part of their permanent records. You think there could be some way we could convert them to utf-8?

If I am not mistaken, the construction files are the "03" files, while "05" are the installation files. Their total word count (source) is 6799 + 9834. I could definitely take it all on, but that depends on your timeframe. I could have all the files delivered by Tuesday morning (16/01/07). Is that quick enough? I might be able to finish earlier, but I don't want to overestimate, because I'll be working with a new piece of software and it might take a while before I get fully proficient. So, if next Tuesday is fine for you, then I can take it all, otherwise let me now your deadline and I'll tel you how much I can reasonably achieve by then. Another thing is that it would be sensible to have the same translator deal with pieces of the same file. And if you say that the girl has reserved files ending in "8" that's two parts of two different documents. That would cause us more terminology consistency issues than necessary.

Dear Andrey

looks like I forgot to press send on some emails before leaving the internet cafe yesterday. Anyway, to repeat, please send the files as you complete and proofread them after yourself, so that I can pump them into Transit PE and use your memory. If you decide to make further changes later, you can send the file again and I can reimport it. You should choose a file which has a lot of terms that look like they will repeat in other places. If you add a lot of technical terms to the dictionary, if you agree, I can perform an automatic translation where those words will get replaced in the target text. Then I can reprepair some of the files I have already prepared for you, but now those words will already be translated for you (which could be good for abbreviations as well), or at least added to the dictionary, to make things easier for you. And any segments that you translated and are found to repeat in any of the other files will automatically be translated for you. So with Transit it is important to send files one at a time, so I can prepare new files for you. We must coordinate things so that I know which file you are working on when you send me one, or which files you want me to reprepair. Perhaps you could send me what files you have completed now, and work on the other customer translation in between files. But I would need to see a sample from you first, into both English and Russian.


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