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    This webpage is hosted by KENAX Translation Agency and is designed to help translators with their translator endeavours.

    We will continue to upgrade this site to aid our translators.

     Translation Companies Blast your CV to 17,000 email addresses of online language translation agencies and companies.
     Translation Jobs Many links to forums and email announcement lists where translators can be informed of translation jobs.
     Time zone table To help translators deliver their work on time, no matter where they are located in reference to their customer.
     Translation agencies
     payment reputation
    Where translators can post and view payment practice and other experiences with different translating agencies and customers. Other useful places where you can view assessments of translating agencies or customers is the BlueBoard pages of, or the pp_dist Payment Practices site on Yahoo Groups. There is also the Translation Payments site, which has its own translation forum.
     Virus protection How to clean your computer of viruses, where you will also find a link how to maximise the performance or your computer and other computer tips.
     Current currency
     exchange rates
    Translation customers often ask translators for their price in a different currency than their local one, and since currency exchange rates frequently fluctuate, it is good to know the latest rate.
    You may also try these pages.
     Translation tips
    Instructions and tips to help translators with their work. - Google Language Tools
    Use the Google Language Tools to translate text or entire web pages. Search specific languages or countries, use the Google interface in your selected language via Preferences, or even visit the Google site in your own country. -
    Use the power of for instant translation service! provides free translation of both text and web pages. Use it for rapid translations where you can get the "gist" of foreign language text and web pages. - Systran Translator
    Use Systran Translator to translate web pages and text. To translate a Web page, just enter or paste the URL. To translate text, type it or paste it. You can enter up to 150 words of text.

    OTHER USEFUL LINKS: Welcome to Translators Town, the global translation job portal connecting clients with freelance translators and translation agencies. Welcome to, the source for information about TRADOS freelance products. This is the place for translators who use TRADOS technology to exchange information and work together.
    WebBudget is a budgeting / billing tool for translators of web pages and for web site owners interested in localizing their sites. WebBudget locates, classifies and counts all translatable text in an Internet file, including all the META tags, BUTTON words, JAVA messages, or ALT words. It also counts entire projects (folders + subfolders), from disk or online.

    At KENAX we always strive to support our translators with ample translator resources. Such as terminological support from our many translation consultants, or the host of online dictionaries we plan to add to these pages over the long term. Many translation agencies perform what we like to refer to as a McDonald's translation service - high turnover with minimal costs. But minimising costs this way can often also mean a lack of support for the translator. Perhaps the translator would like context help or has some questions to the translation agency's customer. But mediating these concerns between the translator and its customer will require extra manpower to handle the increased correspondence, something which many translation agencies lack the capacity for. Not only are the translation resources on this page intended to support our translators while they translate, they indicate our willingness to help them and provide them with the full support they need while providing translations for us.
    Another form of support can be found through our translation tips pages at the top. Translations is not only about text but also has much to do with knowing how to format documents properly and how to use some of the translation software available on the market. But once a project is active, the translator does not always have time to read extensive pages concerning translation tips, in which case we provide them with the translation resources and tools on a point-by-point basis, so that they can deliver their translation in a quality and timely manner.
    Yet another form of providing translation resources is financial. Many translation agencies pay 60 days eom (end of month), meaning that it can take up to 90 days to receive payment for one's hard earned translation if they began the work at the beginning of the month. But we feel that everyone should be fairly paid within 30 days from delivering their translation.
    And lastly, one might include moral support as a form of translation resources. Exercising patience, compassion and general moral support for the translator will create a comfortable atmosphere of cooperation, not one under stress and duress to meet an unrealistic deadline, but one where full support of translation resources in all its dimension can guarantee a quality translation. Something which we are sure our customers appreciate too!

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