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(January 9)


just log in to your account at the translator application form, go to the project concerned under the Active Tenders link and you should be able to see whether everything was saved properly. If the project is a multi language one, make sure to choose your language combination as well! If you do not see your sample but are sure you put it there, make sure you chose the correct language combination if it is a multi-language project, or you might try Refreshing (F5) the window. If you forgot your translator login information, you will find a link there to help you determine it. If the above link is broken in your email, you can paste it back together in your browser, or go to, Translators link, and then the Login link. Concerning the Panasonic project, it will take us a while to assess all the samples. In the meantime, we may approach some of you. The assessments of the translation samples should be completed by around the middle of December, 2006. If you would like to learn the results of the assessment of your translation sample(s), please check back with us after this date. If you submitted a sample close to or after this date, please check back with us about two weeks after your submission date. Thank you,

We would need an invoice of all these jobs before the accounting will do the payment for the translation work. No problem to send this invoice by mail. Please do not forget to mention the bank account on which the money can be transferred and we need an IBAN-code too.

Dear Karine.

here are the invoices. In case I did not point it out already, I have been testing a lot of translators recently for a large project and can now offer you services into many languages, for around 0.08 USD/word. All quality and native translators. For example, in Dutch I was fortunate to find one as well, and for the same price.

Thanks. Yeah, I know you have it more wired than I. I have good quotes on several of those languages now, native translators in US even. Guess they want the work so desperately. Everthing around 9 cents per word, some 7. Big question: How much do I mark it up and still win the contract???

This is the question of the universe. I once did a research and it seems your average US agency, at least at the time, charged 20 to 30 cents a word. I couldn't imagine ever winning such a customer, but now that I'm better set up, I hope to pursue customers on all fronts. From a passive point of view, as in high webrankings, companies usually approach a lot of agencies, so they will have a lot of offers. That is why I have been spending a few years setting it up so that I have a high capacity with low overhead. So I charge based on what I feel I need on top of whatever the translator charges (confidential business information that you should respect enough not to even ask). Of course, I don't think I'd feel guilty about price discrimination, if I knew what I could get away with. But that is the whole essence of business: knowing what the customer is willing to pay, what the competition is offering, and why there exists this concept called corporate espionage. I am not at that level yet, and your question is rather silly. Generally your approach seems to me rather kindergarden and wrong. You are shooting for the lowest price like that is a singular strategy. I test my translators and find 85% can be useless or not satisfactory. You are acting like a car salesman. And I don't like your language of "maybe I'll give you this" and "those are offering this much money". I find it insulting, combined with your effort to wean out of me valuable information to help you, practically a direct competitor of mine, to get better set up. I feel you've been pulling my dick from day one and that you are trying all that you can to accomplish this on your own, perhaps with as much free guidance as you can out of me. Translated documents are a different ballgame than interpretation, which I don't even get involved in. I have several stages of quality control, which can be set up with translations and not interpretations, which just spew out of one's mouth and become an instantaneous final product. You seem like you are doing gumby work, but if you win this tender on price alone, power to you. Just make sure they pay you and don't start pointing fingers at all the poor quality they might find later, justifying a 50 or more percent deduction in price, which you might try the same with your translators, and end up with a bad reputation on the net. I hope this is the last free advice I give you as a competitor, or that you ask of me. If you give me enough work I can help you too. later

Dear Sir, I saw your announcement just now on the web site, and if it is not too late I would like to apply for the position. I have been in sales and marketing for the last 25 years. I have lived in Prague for the past 12 years with extensive experience in sales and marketing here. I am sending my CV for your consideration and appraisal.

Dear Kent G. Rodgers

thank you for expressing interest in helping me with my upcoming marketing campaign. Attached you will find the cover letter I have prepared for my mass email approach. It is possible that I may modify it slightly for the different categories of industries I plan to approach. First for some background information for you. The cover letter should explain a lot. I may also want modifications to the text of the website, but this is less important, as I find most potential customers probably dont spend so much time reading the website as they do approaching as many of such providers with a mass email, so that they can get a lot of email offers and choose a service which suits them. So the text on the website is more geared for basic information, plus a lot of air for SEO purposes (search engine optimisation getting to the top of web rankings). In whic h case it should have a certain number of keyword repetitions, and be modified occasionally. Therefore, the only work I can offer you at the moment is to help me with this approach letter, but because I plan to be approaching many potential customers, I can at least make this small amount of work m ore interesting for you by offering you some commission on the results it generates for me. I realise that one can spend the moon on marketing, and that it pays off in the results that it can produce. I want as high a percentage of success from these emails as possible, which is why I have devised this approach. I want to wow the reader. Capture their attention. Ive already been told that my initial letter is too long winded something I am often blamed of. I guess it is a product of translating all these years and typing so fast. Anyway, I tried to be concise in the approach letter and ex plain all the services "we" provide. And I almost prefer to use the same standard approach letter for all recipients than modify them according to the various industries I plan to approach, because the person reading the letter might think of someone they know who is in need of some of the other se rvices. My plan is to also prepare the same or similar information in a PDF file, sort of as a sample of the DTP work my people are capable of, and attach it to the same approach email. So this is more than just some simple copy editing job, to only improve on some text I have written, but Id like help with a marketing approach in general. I can pay some modest payment for the work done up front, with the commission to follow. All depends on what you can offer me, of course. You can check out to see what my translators say about me, in case you fear that I am some fly by night operation. I have spent several years preparing for this launch and everything is now ready. If you can help me on some other marketing front I did not think of, I can definitely make it worthwhile for you in terms of profit sharing. But I do not know how to go about testing you. Perhaps you could give me some basic tips, and then take a small portion of the approach letter and improve it. I really do not know. This is not the same as when I test translators with their one hundred word translation samples. So I am open to your suggestions.

Dear <first and last name of person, or company name> ,

we have found your contact details on the internet and would like to approach you with our services. To mention them briefly:

For a more detailed explanation of these services, please refer to the Services link at our website, or to the attached file.

The reason why we offer such a broad range of services is because, while searching for translators for our various translation projects over the past decade and more, our advertisements would also include a search for the above personnel. Especially in lower cost countries, such as China, Rumania, the Ukraine, Russia and India. Personnel living in these countries have much lower costs and therefore can charge much less than those living in, for example, the west. But they are certainly skilled and educated, and we can show you many examples of their work.

Furthermore, the fact that many of them work at home, possibly in a rural community, means they can charge even less than those living in the bigger cities, where companies offering the same services would usually be located.

This is one of the reasons why we prefer to work externally with all our personnel, which is achieved through our virtual office, developed for this very purpose. The virtual office operates on a central computer server, into which our project managers located on various time zones can login, so that we are able to keep operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is important for our translation services, since our clients and translators are located all over the world, and require support and communication with at all times. As you might expect, the project managers are also located in lower cost countries, such that we are able to offer you very competitive rates of around

0.08 USD/word

for most of our languages. Such a constantly running system is also crucial when managing very large and multiple language projects which need to be accomplished within a short time period, and with which we have had much experience.

If you would like to see a virtual tour of our online office, so that we can show you what our programmers have accomplished for us and to give you an idea how, in a similar manner, we can help streamline your own business, please feel free to write us with any questions.

Our extensive database of human resources also includes very affordable SEO experts, who have recently begun helping us with our own web rankings. On the date we have approached you with this letter, we are currently in around (it tends to fluctuate slightly on a daily basis) 10th position on google for the keyword search "translating resources", 20th for "translating agency" and 30th for "translating agencies" (the last for our purchased domain This should improve over time, and we intend on being successful in many other keywords. We would enjoy helping you in this area as well.

And lastly, so that we could have approached you with our services, some of our internet researchers have been surfing the web collecting email addresses of companies and categorising them according to industry and other factors. If you would like to approach some of these companies with your own services, we could help you with that as well. Or even to find country representatives for some of your export markets.

The internet is a marvelous invention and brings the world to your doorstep. Please feel free to inform us of any of your needs. I can analyse how you operate and, with the vast resources at my disposal, I may find a way how to reduce your costs and make things run better.


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