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> wow, you are turning into a garden gnome!haha! just teasing you.

looking forward to finding that riverbed and finally planting them all into place. Think they are suffering there just hanging in the air without a basin for water. Worst case scenario I keep buying more plants and just shove them in between. Eventually I can plant them in someone's garden when the roots get too thick and start all over. But my favourite is the mint, cause I can just nibble on that like gum when I'm bored and keep it smaller. It also ads a nice aroma. I asked for Basil too but the guy forgot.

hey, i did your survey on the page you sent me last time... i was a second person..just for the curiosity... who was the first? was it you? well, anyway, that was my guess. i think i answered twice same as the first person and once i hesitated what to chose "what is the most difficult thing for you on your travels" ... between find a place to poop or find a crazy enough travel companion to move in with you... i knew i should have picked the first one but i marked the second and that was the difference

Yah I was the first but just wanted to see if it worked for someone else, because it does not allow the same person to vote twice. What I like about learning about programming is that it is relatively easy to find complete scripts for free. Eventually I learn from how they are set up. I'm doing some interesting projects at the moment. One I recently made was a "share a caravan ride" site for Europe and one for North America. Where caravanners or those with vehicles can make posts offering space for travellers. Hopefully it will be used and that through it I will be able to find travelling companions occasionally. WOuld make my traveling much more fun. Tried to find people for my Greek trip but so far nothing. Even approached youth hostels that I might pay for ads, cause that might be a good place where to find travelers. They could pay me instead and think their trip would be a lot more interesting.

... how are you? I was walking from our place to prazsky hrad and pohorelec and loreta and petrin and it was soooo nice! well, i still envy you the greece!o) good night, kisses;o)k

bananamushsmooches, heh heh


hey bro,

responding to your two previous letters.

Did you say best man?? My goodness, I thought you said groom helper or something. In any case, that is certainly an honour, whatever you choose. I have to admit I'm a bit nervous to make sure the speech is the best in the world. I guess it would be silly to run it across you first but it should be a surprise or something?

Sure, we can rent some suits. Wanted to ask you about that anyway. I gathered my Monster interview clothes, the only nice clothes I got, wouldn't cut it. My mom already wrote about it and demanded some pictures.

Concerning the programming thing, yah, half a cent for anything that goes through the system, then half a cent if they want it vetted as well (the second half would require hiring someone, or I could do it myself until the workload gets enough). My markup has been 3 cents all these years so if enough turnover goes through it it will hopefully be interesting. My latest project is a survey among translators what they charge. My Translator Charges Fees Rates page is almost at the top of google in those such keywords and new applying translators have occasionally asked me what to charge, so this was just another goofball idea to add dynamic elements to my various pages in hopes that it will increase traffic and push me higher up in google etc. Another dynamic element is the goofball surveys at the bottom of my page. Maybe you'd get a kick out of submitting your opinion. But after the translator charges is done I'll get working on the auto translation project thing. Will require analysing the previous guy's work and will certainly be a challenge. Everything is already set up but I just need to create a special administrator class with limited rights. Was thinking recently that this would be a cool way to make cash - I like to call it Mr. Facebook and Mr. Google approach. Making different dynamic web projects and try to monetise them. Definitely creative and a better use of my noodle, and the coolest is I don't really have any customers and don't have to suck any butt!

Looking forward to seein ya and really hope it works out. Latest potential bug in the system is your mom scared me by saying that the Czechs are becoming increasing Natzis with road checks etc. Met some Czechs on the road recently and they said the same. My truck is practically a time bomb on wheels. I sanded it down before I left cause I wanted to paint it, but it was too windy and I eventually gave up on that project, so now it is faded blue and rust in a bunch of spots, and looks like a disaster just waiting for a cop to pull it over. Hope to get it painted in Czech Republic and got all sorts of plans to fix the belly and make it much nicer, and to convert it to French Fry Fuel like I think I said. Then I guess the cops would be happy enough. Hope I keep making cash! This month seems on schedule (about 1200 Euro). Actually made a hundred bucks with my first SEO customer! I'm just his consultant and said I'd want at least 500 bucks for all my SEO tricks, so had to give him about one fifth due to his budget, but he was quite happy and hope in time to squeeze out of him the rest.

Looks like Misha will be in town as well, so now I have both her and Stef wanting to be my hot dates. Your mom was saying it was going to be expensive for you. I know its rather cheesey of me but I thought I could offer to at least pay back one of the debts, which I think is 6,500Kc for when you went down to Croatia. Assuming the jobs keep coming in and there is no disaster I think I should be able to afford this. I've been offering everyone, like I do with my translators, 1.5% interest per month, which would make it... hmm, maybe we could wait for the interest till later. Not sure if I'll have that much.

Beginning of next month I'll finally be able to make my first charity investment. Decided I was going to set aside 10% of profits (strictly from translation work and not including any other expenses) from the start of this year and already owe quite a bit, but it will feel nice to send 200 Euro to some shelter for children in Nairobi. A friend of a friend manages it and 100% of any money goes to the children. She said that, because of the "crunch", less people have been paying and that my donation came just in time and will allow the kids to stay on 3 meals a day instead of dropping to two, like she planned. She even indicated something about they'd love to see me, which put a little bug in my head and I've even started fantasising about driving down to Alexandria Egypt (once I convert to FFF) and shipping the beast from there. That would certainly be an adventure.

Looking forward to seein ya! k


hey baby, I'm in bumfk Greek village at an internet cafe paying for ridiculously priced crappy beer and cool to be online at the same time!

I got room for 6 extra (on top of me) with super seatbelt action, then more can sneak in the back if they/I wanna take the risk.

Yah, CalMisha hittin town!

I think the Tatra thing would be cool, but that means I go slower to Prague and wait for you to hookup. Or if too complicated for you, I get to Prague faster and time my arrival with you. So lets plan! Everything after is totally flex! I not busy with work at the moment...

Misha? Crazy, died hair, moved to California for a while Misha?!?!?! 'Cause if so, that would be freaking AWESOME!!! My little one will be staying stateside, just me traveling this year (gasp!!!). I would like to hook up with you in the Tatry, that would be very cool...maybe I could take a train to you, and we ride back to Prague and then do little trips?! How many seats (seat belts) have you on this fun bus? We also need to plan some dates for Cesky Raj...when are you going to get stupid busy with stuff in Prague? I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!

makin my way up the greek coast and lovin it. Even got two Prague friends I wanna party with on the way! In Bulgaria will want to clamp down and save up cash, so the later I make it to Czech Republic the better. Turns out my x Misha will be in town right around the time you will, so lots of partying. So, back to logistics, you wanna hook up with me in the Tatry or something and snail back to Prague, or should I just try to make it to prg on the 9th and we do little trips from there? Bringin da kiddo?


I think that the Tatry would be a jewel and if it would be difficult for you to get out there, I'd rather get there in advance and take my time getting to Prague, winding through Morava and Krakow etc., drinking delicious cheap beer. If you can get straight out there then I can drive quicker to Prague, let's say a nice three day trip? Then you will see your mom soon. Otherwise, I'll just wind my way there slower and time my arrive to prg with you. Still time to think about it! Maybe ask your mom! party party party, can't wait myself. :p) (that's my new one - I think a big booger is hanging out of its nose, heh heh).

YAY, I love that Misha, she's hot and awesome and crazy and funny and yeah!!!!! Well, I'll stare at a calendar for a while and make sure about when I can safely leave Prague without pissing off mom (sigh). I'm hoping right away 'cause that would be fine, but...shit babes, how far is the Tatry and how bad would it be to go back, from Prague? I wish I could be sitting in the BFE Greek town, I am so jealous (although, I'm happy not paying copious amounts of money for shitty beer). Let me know if you would rather hook up in Prague, and then we just frolic from there...I definitely wanna get out of town with you, will be great!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see youuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think the easiest is if I pick you up in Bratislava, cause you can catch a quick bus to there, and then we marander abouts, on whatever schedule you dictate. Maybe Misha would be up to joining cause she's got grandparents on the way from there. You can bring whoever you want. I got three tents, extra pillow, extra summer sleeping bag and some blankets (it's a big house y'know!), so we can fine tune those logistics as time approaches. Just make sure you get to Brati when you say you do so I don't have to hang around that boring city waiting for ya!

I was planning on getting to Prague on your/Misha's arrival. Otherwise I got no other agenda!

Logistics, logistics... Soooo, I arrive at the airport the morning of the 9th of I can ask mom if she minded terribly if that first weekend I abandoned her. SO, if, let's say, I left Prague the 10th to come meet you, what city would I train it to, something like Kosice? I would LOVE to hit Krakow again (loved that place) and mountanous regions suit me well! Give me a "starting point" and a hypothetical travel plan (which city first, second, etc., in how long). I need to picture this in my head a bit more. I was really hoping to go to Krakow this year, so you mentioning it has just made me a very happy woman!!! What date do you need to be in Prague by? Will you have any other travel buddies, or will it just be you and me taking over the Tatras? Do we just sleep in the vehicle? I don't have a sleeping bag or pillow or anything, do I need to scrounge something up while in Prague? As far as length, 3-5 days is awesome, once I'm out and about, I'm in great shape. I'll email mom this moment just to make sure she has no plans that first couple days, and we'll rock it from there...but yeah, just let me know all the crap I just asked you (I'm getting complicated in my old age!!!) EEEEEeeeee, so excited!!!!


in da cafe at the moment. So you not bringin your mobile roaming? Just got gas cash in account so I can be there anytime. Also just got a rush translation though, so lets sms soon from here!

Hey, I'm leaving tomorrow night, so I'll be in Nei Pori thursday morning. My stay is quite short, so I don't think I'll have time to travel too far on this one, but Mount Olympus is quite close to us, so these villages should be too. I'll check into it... It'd be great to spend a whole day there. I'll give you Sasha's Greek number as soon as I have (later on tonight). Later.  As far as meeting, I'd prefer to meet for one

cau dude,  responding to your last mail I read on my mobile. In some village at the moment and not getting much chance to hook up my comp to the internet, so hopefully we could get this sorted before you get to Greece. Is there a number I could reach you at? Once I get paid I can barrel my way north to try and get to you on time. Next to Olympus there are three stars on my map that a local suggested I visit: the villages of Stomlo, Platamonas and Katerini (going from south to north). Wanna meet me in Stomlo and keep going north or should I pick you up and just boot around the hood or something? lookin forward!


sms to abroad shouldn't cost me too much more. Whatever works for you.

The towns I mentioned are all quite near Olympus. I think you would enjoy it if you would go south a little bit, along the coast, with Sasha if she'd like it, and then I drive back north to wherever you are. Perhaps a bit around and stuff. All those beautiful marked places are around Olympus. Or I can just pick you up and drive back south a bit, but the beast is a thirsty guzzler, so I generally try to avoid backtracking. On the other hand I can imagine that it would be a headache for you to figure out how to get south, so perhaps picking you right up would be the best option. Almost there!

Will send you sms now just as I blast off this email, heh heh. Wonder which will get there first...

yeah, i got my phone, but it's Czech so it would cost you more than to sms to Sasha's local number, right? My mob is 777 13 386. I'll get you Sasha's later. I can't find a map of the riviera online... Do you know where I can get one?


just forwarded this email with your address to Misha so maybe you girls will be able to put two brain cells together to make, well, two brain cells, and hopefully enough to organise! Otherwise, I took the beast to a ski village and four of us slept inside, about 20m from the top of the lift! Room for four plus me, then I can squeeze some hot babes next to me, heh heh. I have guests sleep over occasionally and no probs, but the tents are there as back up etc.

Sweet! Yes, Bratislava would be easier, definitely (the logistics to Kosice- I have been looking them up- are a bit terrifying!). Would be great to have Misha- I'll ask Sara if she wants to go, but since she's all pregnant and stuff...I doubt it. Will ask her just to be polite, though. Great about tents, etc, that makes things MUCH easier. Wrote mom, will let you know what's up- I know she wants to whisk me away at some point, just not sure when/how/etc. I told her she was too slow and needs to plan things with me sooner ;) This is going to be GREAT!!!!! Meandering sounds perfect!


you never saw my lovely lovely beast yet? Here's the caravan beautification page. You can drool at the man who will be married soon.

But really, whining problems are not a problem. When they go take a shit at a gas station, I just drive off and leave their luggage by the side of the road, heh heh (discretionary invite is a good idea).

How big is your beast, holy hell? That's a lot of people! Will talk to Sara about this more, hopefully talk her into it.... I'll have money to share fuel costs, also will make sure I don't starve ;) This is so exciting, you have no idea! I'm kinda hesitant about inviting too many people because I don't want a bunch of people turning into retards and whining about their individual needs...just want peace and meandering and cheap beer and awesomeness! and YOU! We haven't done a road trip in for freaking EVER. Don't let your random hot babe drool on me in her sleep though, kay? ;)


hey dude, seems increasingly probable that I'll be in Prague during July/Augustish, and Tomash as well. Would be cool to hook up and bob around in the beast in the Czech countryside. Not sure if I'm quite prepared yet to drive into Germany, considering the illegality of the beast and I generally try to avoid the more anally bureaucratic and meticulous of the EU countries, such as Austria, as they can just take it from me and I would cry like a baby. Otherwise I'd be into scoping out Berlin.

My latest project: convert to French Fry Fuel and not have to worry about gas cash anymore. A real dream come true.


> ej, what's up,

Driving up the Greek coast at the moment, snailing a bit each day, and heading towards Bulgaria. Lovely and peaceful.

no,no, nobody called me to do any of this self help alteration. - yes, I migh be able to pull it of / this maly staff. - is your car still insured or it might cost you a lot. Make sure you are on time paying it.

Insurance is definitely being paid, as every cop in Europe would have a hayday with me, but one of them forgot to return to me my maly technikac (I still have my big one), and I havent been able to renew my annual STK, since my caravan truck is over 3.5 tons. Hope I will have some cash in Czech cause it needs a new paint job and its rusting at the bottom, so perhaps some metal job before that. Other than that I'd say it's in fairly good shape, with new tires, and I pump cash in it occasionally.

I went to play with Petr the other day and whole my body is kinde of aching and I have no idea why since we played only one hour. Tom is still in town and I have not played him for some time / I saw him a few days ago with his hand in cast some kinde of tendon problem.

I'd probably be dead, since only occasionally do I go for a jog or somethin, but would be up for a game fer sure. Will contact once in town. Was just curious if the police have become Natzis with their road checks, as my stepmother was warning me. I usually like to drive along the small village roads anyway. latero


He is reconstructing two houses across Europe, now one in Bulgaria and I think two in Thassos. Last night he wrote me that the only way our hookup will work is if we meet in some town north of Thassos on the 10th of June, but that's kind of far, so we agreed that on Monday I will meet him in his Bulgarian village, where I'm supposed to leave my caravan truck for a week at his house, then we go in his car to Thassos (island in Greece to the east of you), work on it for a week, then go back to Bulgaria for the summer. But on August 1 my brother is getting married in Prague and I'm supposed to be the best man, so I thought I'd hang in Czech for July/Augustish, and originally I was thinking of heading to Sicily, but I think he will still be working on his house in Thassos, so now it seems I may spend the winter in his Thassos house. We'll see how it goes. If I drive down to Thassos after August, hopefully I'll have more time and can finish my perusal of the Greek coast, and visit you. Will you be here around that time? C


I think Misha said she coming around the middle of July and will be there also for a month. What do you mean "does she feel like playing"?

You got a webcam thing for your computer? Off to Bulgaria today and then to a Greek island for a week. Can't wait to convert the truck to FFF so I can drive around even MORE and feel like a super cool traveller. I enjoy the constant change. The engine is a power horse and I'm told I can get another 2 million kilometres out of it. Not sure if I'll live that long though!

OH, I wanna be in Greece! You lucky bugger! Actually, found buses too, but haven't seen anything for less than 4 hours- Brno is usually 2, so it makes sense, I'll deal. Talked to mom, and she had a valid point- I should probably get an extra night of sleep before running off, haha. How do you feel about me hopping on the train/bus on the next day June 11th (save myself a little sanity). She's right I'm afraid, arriving the morning of the 9th, I'll not be feeling very well the 10th, but I should be a new person by the 11th. Hope this is coolio on your end! I'm about to get my microphone etc. back, so I'll redownload skype- freaking genius invention, you know that? Have you heard from Misha at all, about when she is coming (and if she feels like playing)? That would be pretty cool! Okay, about to go on a hike, talk to you later, EEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee stephy

hey babe,  I think someone told me once that there is a bus service to Bratislava which takes about two hours and may be cheaper than the train. Possibly some student bus service which is even cheaper. Misha may be the one to talk to about that. Four hours on a train can get boring after a while. On another note I noticed this feature on my new phone "video call", if ya wanna check out some Greek coastline sometime (like through Skype for free), heh heh.


hey dude,

today I'll be going to Bulgaria and tomorrow I hook up with my friend there, then we drive in his van to spend a week working on one of his houses on an island in Greece, then back to Bulgaria and work on his house there. Just as this is happening I learned that my big translation customer's contract with the ministry is coming to an end, so it seems that the amount of translations I have been receiving may dry out. Hopefully not. If so I will pursue new customers, including from French to English, which I hope to migrate to (pays more, I'd enjoy developing my French, and probably enjoy it much more), but it will be good and timely that I have the construction work to fall back on. If during the next month I do not get much translation work, I may consider just taking a bus or something to Prague and staying for a limited time period, perhaps a couple of weeks. In which case by when would you need me there so we can rent the suits etc? If I will find some juicy translation customers etc., my preferred option is to arrive there around the middle of July and stay for a couple of months. Right now I'm emailing with Steph about her busing out to Bratislava on the 11th and we wind our way to Prague through the Tatry, Moravia, Krakow etc. Would really enjoy that. latero


So my construction work has started and so far I must say I'm having a good time! It started with gardening work at one of his Bulgarian houses, in the mountains (found out he has 50 houses across Europe), and then for a week to Thassos in Greece, where he wants to buy a solar heater for hot water. Then back to Bulgaria for the rest of the summer, since its nice and cooler, and back to Thassos for the winter. So far I'm doing various odd jobs and the agreement is that I'll be cooking for everyone and have free food for myself in exchange. This should allow me to possibly save more than when I was translating, especially considering I can stop working any time if some translation comes in, like it has now. And since I'm the cook, he figures I can be in charge of taking the vehicle occasionally to drive to the local village to buy groceries and other needed supplies, and in charge of gardening and general outdoor beautification. Sounds great so far! When he asks me to do something he seems very skilled at asking me in such a way that it does not feel like an order, so the atmosphere is very cool so far. He also has some internet projects he'd like me to help him with so that can turn out to be a money earner as well. In about a week some construction dude is coming down as a project head, then he'll put together a team of cheap Bulgarians, and the real work will begin, so I'm looking forward to learning lots of stuff cause I can see myself doing the same if I ever earn enough in the future.

I'm hoping to put about a thousand Euro into the bank a month, so hopefully that will all pan out and if things run smoothly wouldn't mind hanging out on his various projects for the next year or two! Over and out.


hey babe,

might be a possible change of plans. The contract for the ministry I was translating for is finished apparently, in which case its possible my workload may dry out substantially. I'll see how it looks over the coming month and ask her again towards the end of it. If it looks like I wont be receiving enough, there are two options: one is to bus/plain to Prague and shorten my stay to about two or three weeks so that I can get back to my backup construction job; the other, which seems more likely, is to cut my time there to about the same but drive there using my construction friend's van, which will be a lot cheaper in gas and I can get there faster as well. So if I cut my time shorter I guess I could be in Bratislava around the 24th. Will keep in touch and cross your fingers that I'll keep getting translation work! The van is sleepable in and I'll have a bed there, but it certainly wouldn't be like the glorious palace! k


Some companies say it's not possible and others say it is. Have to research more but I have a hunch it will be possible. In any case it will take me a few months to save up the cash. Crossing my fingers.

Finally hooked up with my house reconstruction friend and quite liking the work. Turns out I'll be the cook for the dudes, so my food will be paid for, and I can switch to translations anytime something comes in, so I have a feeling I'll be able to put at least a thousand Euro into the bank every month, savings! So it quite saves my arse and looking forward to getting back on my feet.

Already did the Greek tour for about a month and it was lovely. Fernando hooked up with me for a small leg. Then accidentally (heh heh) drove through Macedonia, was for a few days in the Bulgarian mountains at one of his houses (very beautiful), now for a week on the island of Thassos in Greece, then back to Bulgaria for the rest of the summer, and Thassos over the winter (follow the better weather). Think I might be hanging with him for a year or two and then should be firmly on my feet, as well as knowing how I could reconstruct my own pile of rubble in the future. By that time should hopefully have converted to FFF, so my costs should be negligible. I'm also migrating to French to English translations as a base/backup income, for which there is much greater demand and it pays twice as much, so hopefully no more poor bloke for me!

I thought you said you couldn't convert to french fry fuel in your last email. Maybe you found a way around it; if so, good luck! I will most likely visit Prague for work in July (wedding photos) and I'll give you a shout. What happened to Greece?


I miss letters from you, I do not know where you are, when you go back to Praha let Ciki know you are coming and my computer is on strike I am on some "administrator" program and it only works half capacity. Was great last year when you came. I miss you very much. Keta is grieving for har RAZ who gave up last week. 18 years !!!!!!!!!!! she was so sad. Jana is in France, hope she enjoys it. she will go anywhewere to be with friends. I am very sad, she pretends it is fine but it is not. want to hear from you soon. . mamamamamamqxxxxxxxooooooooooo

Well, it would motivate me to write more if I got more feedback from you. I recently sent a whole bunch of letters - did ya get them?

Now in Thassos and working a couple of hours a day on the garden and translations in between. The Bulgarian mountains where he has about 6 houses is absolutely beautiful. My translation customer just wrote that she included my name in her recent bid on another ministry contract, so seems like she's happy with my work and would be cool to keep getting more. That way I know I'll have enough cash to cover gas to get to Czech, otherwise I may have to fly or something. Would like to hang in Czech for a couple of months this summer, and put the truck into proper shape.

For your computer I would suggest you get a good backup and I can show you how. That way, if it goes kaput, or you want to buy a new laptop, you just install the backup and everything is already set up, with everything intact.

Just checked on google and I'm happy to learn that I'm 8/36 million for "cheap travel Europe" and 10/883 mil! for "travel europe tour guide".

Now just to get some travel mates! k


so the more I think about it the more it seems likely that I wont be taking the big beast (boohoo) but rather a smaller Ford Transit. Highly short of the glamorous beast, but better than nothing. Will try to cut my trip short so that I'm gone from here a maximum of one month, so about one week on the road total (half a week either direction). I'll throw my bed in the back and can be a gentleman and sleep on the front seats and let you take the back bed. Just wanted to know if you were still up for the trip considering the scaled down circumstances. I think I could be in Bratislava around the 18th or something and will try not to dillydally my way too much to Prague. Maybe a two day trip tops. laterbabe


Hi Ryan,

I've had a few guests in the past so we will see. Write to me as your date approaches. Karel

It all sounds very exciting! I'm not sure how soon I'll be in a position to do something like this but it sounds pretty close along the lines of what I'd like to do. September is probably the earliest I'd be able to make it overseas but everything is still very conceptual. If this is something you do permanently, I was thinking I'd keep your contact information for the future? I'm not sure if this is anything you've done before or would be willing to try but I'd be willing to work if possible in anyway that may be necessary, I doubt it would have any relevance but I'm almost done college here in Canada for Mechanical Engineering.


Hi Sado,

during that time I already have an agenda but may be able to delay it if your boss would be willing to pay around 150 Euro a day including gas, accommodation and food. Then I can drive him where he wants, as long as the amount of km is not excessive.

Hi, I\'m searching for a travel guide for my boss (Morris) for the countries of Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, and Croatia. The trip would be sometime in August and would be about a week per country. If you\'re interested or have any information on someone who would be, please let me know.


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