This is a big collage of pictures I cut out from Think magazines in the old days when it was owned by expats and was still cool, and when the whole town was much cooler. Often compared to Paris after the war, when it was being rebuilt, many artists flocked there, and many army boys remained behind to receive full gratitude from joyous Parisian women for saving their beloved country. Well, Prague was similar to the degree that it was receiving a flood of capitalist money and undergoing fervid reconstruction, it attracted the adventurous expat type who ventured past the iron curtain shortly after it was bulldozed down, and beautiful Czech girls were willing to express their affectionate gratitude in hopes that they would be saved from their miserable country (miserable because it had turned grey during 40 years of Communist repression and they imagined all the streets in America were paved in gold, hence marriage as a ticket out of that repression).
Alas, the good ol’ days are over, the adventurous and creative types have left, the girls have grown infinitely wiser, and the city has become about as smug and cosmopolitan/self-sophisticated as Paris is now…
There are links out from the various collage pictures, which you will notice if your mouse arrow turns into a hand.

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My reflections of Prague, the Czech Republic, and its people.