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(January 18 - 26)


If you've got someone handling backlinks, then you'll be fine. Blogs are just a fairly easy approach for allowing lots of other people to interact and post their own links, which makes them more willing to link to you. I'm currently doing SEO work for a computer software tutorials manufacturer who is ranked #1 for many of the search terms people would use to look for his services. He already has 3 major sites with approx. 15,000 hits per day... active user forums with anywhere from 200-500 people active at any given time... yet he approached me asking to help him get a blog set up. Bloggers are a tight community, very loyal to other bloggers... What you're doing sounds great, but don't cross blogs off your list of options.

sounds like good ideas and look forward to your further feedback. Just received the first 1200 emails from my girl in Rumania who is surfing and collecting them for me. Would like to sell those as well, since she is categorising everything. I'm doing all the seo work at the moment, but have a more professional in the Ukraine helping me out. Otherwise I'm learning myself and consider it a vast area, with endless knowledge to keep learning from. You know a lot about this blogger stuff? Are you referring to google bombing or something? Looking forward to your feedback on my mass email, as I'd like to start sending those out soon. Need some new customers.

I still have my copy of your letter, so I'll take a look this weekend and see what I can do to streamline it. We seem to live in a world culture of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) nowdays, so brief outlines tend to work best (something I learned when doing direct mail marketing for a Fortune 100 company I worked for). The first parts I would cut entirely are the sections where you talk about what your own company is doing to grow... it makes it seem like you're not yet an established business, reduces your credibility. And you're correct, it's much better in an email marketing letter to have a link saying "For more information, click here." I'll have something back to you by early next week.

I've attached (MS Word) a 1-page rewrite of your initial marketing letter. If you're going to email it, I would only put it in the body of the email -- and not include any attachments. Most people I know (especially on company computer systems) automatically delete any emails with attachments from someone they do not know. If you like the work I've done, you can pay me what you think it is worth. I'm not a greedy person, and I enjoy working with people in a win/win situation.

okay, saved all your info and will bounce it around a few more people before I start sending it out. Some questions first. Should I add something indicating I am willing to sell the email addresses I have been collecting and which I want to approach with my mass email? They are categorised according to industry, and when possible, the personal name or other pertinent information is also stored. I got my programmers to make a great script which can send formatted emails, with attached files if necessary, and fields in the body of the email, and send the mass email to an unlimited number of recipients based on data in an Excel file. The fields in the email could be, for example, [First Name] [Last Name], or [company name], so the approach letter would be more personal and not generic (for example, "Dear Mr. blah blah" instead of "Dear valued client"). So I can help them with their own mass marketing campaign, or sell them my list or the script etc. Concerning the script, I actually want to use that for marketing as well, offering it for free on etc., where the website from where they can download it for free would have its own marketing pitch of our programming services, and link back to my main page and other services. This could in turn help the web ranking of my main pages. What are your thoughts on this? For the mass email, should I make it formatted, to show that Im capable of that, perhaps with some logo or little picture, but designed so that it looks nice also if the person wants to view it in Text Only/Plain Text format, if their email program views it this way by default? For the "for further information, please follow this link", should I link to a new webpage with roughly the same text as my original long winded mass email proposal, or stick to the Services link at If I create a new webpage for the link to in the mass email, I guess I should invest into it and really snaz it up? Perhaps use Flash?

For payment what you accomplished so far, I'd prefer some basic rate and give you the rest based on the results of the marketing campaign once I launch it, because I want you to get what you deserve (some percentage), and I don't have so much cash at the moment. Waddayathink? I already added you to my accounting. Thanks for the great input so far.

Every page source has area < head > < /head >. And in this area there is a tag < meta name="keywords" content=" word1, word2, word3.....">, where "word1-word..." - keywords. Now you have on the main page:  <meta> name="keywords" content="translating,agency">   But I think I've sent a list of prefered keywords for your site. If you want, I can create it again. Keywords is important part of SEO

yes, I guess I'd like to focus on this more, and I should still have your previous instructions regarding this. For example, I read that it is better to have fewer meta keywords on each page. I chose "translating,agency" because I realised I was scoring high in these keywords for that page, so I wanted to help it along with this. I also changed the title to Translating Agency, I believe, and I usually do the same for the H1 heading text at the top of the page. For each page that I notice is scoring high on a particular keyword search, I tweak it to help it out in those keywords. But this is just a short term solution and I planned to broaden out the keywords over time. I only have a few pages near the top and I'm just trying to help those pages in those keywords, until I got more pages up there and could start to beef up things in other keywords. I guess I have a few questions regarding this and which have been brewing in my head lately. Should I tweak particular pages, adding important keywords here and there, even though it might make the text sound sillier. Should I add a bunch of keywords at the bottom of the pages, even if the text turns out to be silly or almost nonsensical? I find most customers don't even bother reading the pages but they rather go straight to the contact form, as they are approaching many translating agencies trying to find a good deal. They base their decision mostly only on my responses to their emails: how fast and intelligently I respond, and my prices etc. So I don't even know who would read my website, except perhaps translators who want to get to know something about me, so they can feel confident I will pay them. As I said, I am slowly adding other pages which are translation keyword oriented, such as my previous translation related emails, as they are all original content. And my other programmer is working on a script which will computer generate thousands and thousands of original content webpages. So over time, my entire site should shift towards the desired keywords, and all these generated pages have links at the top and bottom pointing to key pages. Well, that's my strategy so far and I'm interested in your input. I am realising that this is yet another job I will have to farm out once I get enough work. I thought I would have plenty of time to work on seo and new pages but I simply do not, my time being constantly eaten up between various projects I might get and a million emails from translators. Anyway, at least I know what I have to do and what kind of work I will give to others once enough projects start coming in.

Optimal number of keywords for one page is 10-20. If you have less, your site will lose for many search phrases. If you have more (40-50...), search engines can ban your site like a spam. That is why it should select keywords carefully and industriously. And about silly text - it would be better create text at first for visitors, and then for search engines. There is a lot of methods to do it. Actually, you can make visitors to choose exactly your agency, if you have excellent content (text) on the site. best regards,

okay, I will look for your previous email about the keywords and try to adopt it. When you say "then for search engines", do you mean on the same page but further down, where the reader would be less likely to read it? Above you said there are a lot of methods. Any you want to tell me?

Yes, I mean one page:
1. You write text for visitors
2. Change it according to marketing, psychology etc...
3. Optimize it for search angines.

So what do you suggest I do? Should I create a large space after the important text, the text for the potential customer/reader, and then place a bunch of silly sentences at the bottom of the email with important keywords to shift the keyword weight of the page in the right direction, according to the keywords you previously suggested? How many words or kb of text should there be on the page? A maximum of 40 kb?

I noticed in my site stats that someone searched just "keta" and found my site . . . tried it and I'm on page 2! Used to be on page like. .. 36. Haven't really been working on this at all, not sure how I achieved such a massive difference. Need to re-design my site in a huge way. It's boring, don't wanna! Slowly finding legit sources to link to my blog .. . hard going because I think everyone is an idiot! haha

Yah, I'm not finding as much time as I hoped to work on my sites, so this is one job I'll have to farm to others once I get enough work. And do what I can on the side. At least I know what needs to be done, but once one of my programmers finally puts together the shuffle script to generate new/original text content webpages, hopefully it will pump me up higher, as I had not had much progress lately. Tough struggle. Your Keta is probably climbing because if your site scores good points in certain areas, all your workable keywords will improve, even though you are not working on those keywords. The guys at the top are math geniuses, who studied at the best schools, and they constantly tweak the algorithms to take into consideration many factors. Anyway, not sure if you even read my long explanations so I won't bother.

Yes, it would be better to name pictures in such way. And set every picture tag: alt="description of the picture" For example:

<img src="images/goverla_mountain.jpg" alt="The highest mountain in Carpathian - Goverla">

Did you think about or relative services of online journals? You can carry on own journal on the service or setup on your hosting free engine of blog.

I was contemplating opening some free blog accounts and uploading my text and some pictures there, referring to the main html site if people wanna see all the pics, but one things scared me a bit. If I duplicate the content, is there a possibility that the search engines will think the blog came first and penalise my hmtl site? I prefer html and my own site as I can control the presentation better, but I've been told that bloggers prefer blog sites because they can comment on it, and that bloggers are some tight community which can forward or link to other blog sites, but that they tend not to give too much attention to html sites. If there will not be a danger of my site getting penalised, I thought I could duplicate the content on one or more blog sites, always linking back to the main site. What do you think of this strategy? Obviously renaming all the pics etc. with alt tags will be a lot of work, but I'll slowly get working on that.

Google will not ban blogs. And you can change a little some parts of texts or titles. But as I know, Google doesn't ban blogs and journals. Some users has several blogs and have high rankings. But it would be better to not have many same blogs. It's better to have one.

I'm not worried about google banning a blog I might set up but rather that it might harm the rankings of my subdomain, which is technically not a blog but just a bunch of webpages, which would have duplication of the text I would upload to any blog I would set up, even though my upload to the blog site would be much later than when I uploaded the text to my subdomain. I don't think I'd find the time to change the text much, and I heard that the text should be rather substantially changed (not to be penalised), although I do not know by how much. So if I did create what could accurately be classified as a blog, it would probably be a close duplication of my html "blog" (the subdomain I mentioned). Should I move forward with that or what do you think? Any free ones you'd suggest? Or should I pay and get a good one? What do you think of That seems popular and should be a subsidiary of google.

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