Web Site Design

In addition to the thousands of programmers in my database and who are located in such countries as India, Russia, Romania and the Ukraine, meaning their charge is well below western standards, I too have web design skills.
You may find two examples on my Tocharian Language Jobs page and the Translation Agencies page. I made the banner at the top in Corel Draw and I can certainly get more sophisticated than that, if I invest the time into it.

Recently I've learned flash for a new client and made the following pages using that language: a Czech pub in Cyprus (Česká Slovenská hospoda na kypru); my main entry page (still needs to be upgraded); and a demonstration of "our" translation process (lacks graphics but mostly to show how I manage projects).
For the Czech pub, I filmed and edited the video, took most of the pictures, and my task is to promote their services using my SEO (search engine optimisation) skills (they should be number one on google for such search terms as "Czech pub in Cyprus", "Slovakian restaurant in Cyprus", as well as the Czech and Slovakian translations, which was the primary objective).
I've also learned PHP and how to put together interactive, online databases.


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Graphics Design


Below is a sample of my graphics work, as well as the banners mentioned in the two pages above. I primarily like to use Corel Draw, but I've learned that for such work, especially for the video editing, a Macintosh computer will be required. As it is now, this work is slow on a pc and I hope to secure the purchase of this hardware in the near future. The below picture is something I quickly put together for my aunt, taking pictures of her family album and compiling some of them in this collage. For the purposes of this webpage I added the marketing text. A rather quick job but more time can be spent on such work for customers. Any graphics work can be combined with the Flash programming and general webpage design. For more complicated projects I can refer to my database of programmers and designers, as mentioned above.

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