After building up and managing a translation agency for a decade, basically just forwarding files and other management, it occurred to me that I could do the same with other types of work, such as programming, web design, typing/transcription, graphic design, even hand drawn art scanned in and transferred over the internet. So I started advertising for these types of personnel as well.

With the expansion of my translating agency, and occasionally getting very large projects (such as 5 million words from 11 languages into English for Dupont, accomplished within 3 months), I learned ways to automate things and increase my capacity. But since I prefer my own personal freedom, I naturally moved towards setting up a virtual office without internal employees (demo here from the perspective of the Administrator's account). A virtual office where project managers can comfortably log in from different time zones to create a 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) agency. The rest is in my head and we are working on developing things further. The eventual plan would have a system where the work performed by project managers could be recorded. They could get a base salary and/or commission/percentage of active projects. The percentage level could get modified from the default for particular project - such as for large and fast profit producing projects which require extra attention. So I could double up on employees, with extra backup and a different bonus/payment system (and many more ideas which I want to develop <make link?> . Meanwhile, on the other end, the project managers etc. logging in could work from the ease of their home, or on a time zone schedule convenient for them while feasible for us. Casual harmony. People working out of their home, in Siberia or wherever (obviously for much lower wages [we can charge from 10/USD hour for the work required to put this entire website together] than other areas - even if from the comfort of their rural home), for a much lower rate than someone who has to commute two hours a day in the dense city smog.
I believe I am good at taking a concept and turning it to reality through my external programmers. I can help you set up a virtual office (or greatly increase the efficiency of your in-house office), save you tons of money, for quite cheap, and help save the planet at the same time (car fumes <link> )!
Or I have a good knowledge of computers and programs in general, even studying basic programming and logic in university <link?> . I am a one man show who does not want his privacy invaded, and prefer to work at whatever time and day I like. I'm even putting my work on my ppc < , and can probably do the same for many of your employees. Working from a beach, on any schedule, but producing the results you require (or at least a certain percentage of your internal employees). If your employees are happy working for you and can enjoy their freedom, working from their cottage etc., they would most likely be willing to work for less remuneration/pay.
You can communicate to me your situation by email, phone, or video conference, or you can pay for my plane ticket and expenses (I am quite content living modestly), and I can help you improve your system with my database of programmers <link to the languages> .

With the below details, you can log into our translator/HR application form/database (to view a demo version of the Active Tenders section from the perspective of the administrator, click here).

Username: customer
Password: login

Or you can set up your own account by filling in the personal details and pressing Continue.

This system was written in dbase by a programmer located in Siberia, Russia. It is a bit slower <state speed> .

After that there is the Active Projects system, which was written in MySQL. Changes (including new accounts) made to the translator/HR database get updated every half an hour to the Active Projects system.