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Well, as you can imagine, it can get lonely in a sardine caravan truck by oneself, and I tend to write a lot of emails. Itís like conversation for me. And after having translated from Czech to English for more than ten years, Iíve certainly learned to type quickly, so my letters can get long. And as part of my SEO endeavours to find work and help improve my web rankings, it occurred to me one day that I can use all these outgoing emails as original text to put on the web. Because the search engines like original text. Basically like a blog. Really, Iím not that narcistic. There really is a mad science behind everything I do.

So generally, the following correspondence might not be THAT interesting, but who knows, eh? It should all relate to traveling, so there could be some useful information in there. I generally try to save the more interesting correspondence.

Travel Correspondence Blog - 2008, October 1
Travel Correspondence Blog - 2008, November 3
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translating agency
Translation Agency and Outsourcing

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