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A German Would Never Work for the Price of Czech Translators


Email correspondence on the subject of translations among translators.

Could you handle Czech <- German pharma text translations for 300 CZK/NP?

Hi Petr I’d have to approach my translators, as I haven’t had translation from or into German for a long time. But over the years I get an increasing number of applicants. Looked in the database and found the following: German to Czech 23, last applicant end of 2008 Czechto German 5, possibly only one of them native German So certainly zadna velka slava. Doesn’t look very hopeful that I’d be confident about producing quality at this price, but one never knows. I also know places where I could advertise for more translators. If you have a lot of work I can go through the procedures of approaching everyone and testing them etc. cau dude, not exactly sure what you are asking but I’m always up for some cooperation.


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Concerning translations from Czech to English of pharmaceutical stuff, I can do this myself for 250 Kc/page but doubt I’d be able to find other translators for this price and still make it interesting for myself. Especially if you want quality. What language combinations were you interested in? If there is a lot of repetitions (of sentences and/or phrases), using my software I can bring the price down. For my travel truck I believe I could accommodate all of you, or help you get cheap accommodation. Best would be to talk about it a bit and work out the details. Karel

Hi Karl! What’s up? No, I apparently wrote the references in the Czech section and I seem to be there the only one… Vacation on Cyprus – sounds great, I have a family though – can you accommodate 2 people and 1 two-years-old? Karl, what are your nowadays activities? I would be glad if we could again get together and perhaps find some cooperation. FYI, I still want to focus on analytic chemistry; guess what, I will have a co-funding for a European project called Oligosynt (you may find info on– just type in “Oligosynt”). This project is related to DNA-microarrays. The finances are relatively small but it is a start – wanna go into more European projects, so if you have an idea, I’d be glad you considering me as a partner. Karl, I am still occasionally doing translations for the chemical university in Prague. Its my minor activity but recently I had been asked to translate approx. 100-150 pgs. I think I would manage it if I could do it full time but I’m afraid of my capacity, since I will parallelly have work on the Oligosynt project + other.


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In the same time, I may get translation work from a pharmaceutical company and I wonder if you’d be willing to cooperate. I.e. you still have a database of translators throughout the world that could translate for a reasonable price, correct? In particular, translators specialized to pharma/medical/chemistry fields? In the same time, you mention some translating technology, which I did not fully understand (you have many links on the web that I really get confused) – you wanted to “license??” to prospective agents, correct? Frankly, translations have never been my major focus, but as the time evolves, I do it and I do want to keep on to some extent. Nevertheless, I do not want to get involved in the development of all the IT and organization (one has to really dedicate to it to be successful) and since I know you have been good in it why not joining forces? Now, I believe it is not a question of capability but will, capacity and price. Can you comment on whether you’d be interested and what capacity you’d have? As for price, I believe I could offer you 250 CZK per NM (I know you used to be more expensive but trust me obtaining work now from the pharma company requires to be competitive (meaning to have a lower price than the competition)). Can you respond whether this is interesting to you. And another question – what languages could we reliably manage? Karl, I am sincerely looking forward to your quick response (I should be submitting my offer to the pharma company asap – the best tdy – I have already procrastinated 1 week as I was doing other things) How are you? Back in Prague?

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English: Knowledge of German language in EU with Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland and Turkey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

nope, still on Cyprus. Just setting up bogus local branches for google through my friends’ addresses around the world. If yer ever up for a cheap vacation, we could have beer at my place. Right now though may possibly make a move to Greece for the winter, working on a friend’s house. Did you write a review on the English or Czech google ad? I don’t think I saw a review from you on the English one. Since I seem to be the first bird on your google ad, you better check whether this is the sort you expected. If you’re based near Riegerovy sady, perhaps, we could sometimes have a beer there. What do you say?

I see, I like your goals. What are the tax rates on Beliz?

well, I once got this job which earned me about a hundred thousand bucks in a month, when the dollar was worth 36 Crowns or something. My accountant said I can go ahead and give about 60% of that to the Czech government, to which I responded, “Yah, right.”

I think the annual taxes in Beliz are about a hundred bucks, no matter how much you make. Rather amiable. The problem is you have to go through a middle person to set it up, and I went through another middle person before that middle person, so I was paying about a thousand a year. But I’ve had so little work the last two years I couldn’t pay anything, and eventually they told me the company no longer exists. But I keep using the number. It all seems like a joke. Especially since I travel around in a truck, use either my Canadian or Czech passport when it’s convenient (now even when crossing borders), have bank accounts in various countries… in short, I’m quite the criminal. k

OK, thanks, let us see. I will meet with my friend, who’s active with pharma companies and let you know. Your company KENAX/you are no longer registered in CZ, correct? Where is your tax registration nowadays?

I’m now registered in both Czech and Beliz. Czech taxes were killing me. But once I pay off what I owe them, I’d like to start bidding on EU translation tenders. Requires that all my taxes are paid up. I usually use my Beliz registration and my Czech one is sleeping peacefully at the moment. k

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