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Spanish and Portuguese to English
Translation and Interpreting Project 2

Feb 14, 2009

This Job is Completed and No Longer Active

Please send your quote by supplying the following information. You will find a link to download the file below.

Details of project:


Locations of interpreting job:

Mexico: Santa Fe, Mexico D.F., C.P. 05348
Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil
Argentina: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Interpreting services are required for all business/working days at each location, 8 hours per day.

Please send in your quote through the email form above, or respond to the email you were approached with. The client wants to shortlist the bidding circle within the next couple of days, so please send in your quotes as soon as you can. They are not binding and I only need to make a preliminary bid to get my foot in the door and the ball rolling.

If you are not responding to a direct email and would like to be approached with future work, please fill in our translator application form.


Some translator responses:


My rate for the 20,000 word Sp-En translation is 0.06 euros per source

word. My native language is British English.




In response to your ad at, I am sending attached my CV for your

appreciation. My rate for the project would be US$ 0,08 or EU$ 0,07 per

word. Please note that IT is my field of expertise. Thanks in advance for

your time.




I have registered with your agency as a Spanish

to English translator, but I can send through my cv, qualification,

samples or references if you require them.  My tariffs for agencies are

0.04 € per word (approx 0.06 USD).  I can translate up to 2000 per day.




I am very interested in the 30 000 words translation.

I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and studied at an English school and

University in England. I am confident I can do the translation, however I

would like a sample of the job.




Ok, sorry, I did not understand that from your email.

My rate is USD 0.05 per word of translation. So that would be USD 1000 per

20.000 words.




I am a very experienced translator and interpreter, working in this área

specifically since 2000.


I would like to know more details about the job, and I send here my

résumés, as a translator and as an interpreter.


 I also make myself available for any other information you may need.




Enclosed herewith please find attached my C.V. in order to be part of your

team of translators.


Besides being  a Certified Translator, I have worked for some Provincial

Courts by translating all legal documents.    As a freelancer I have

worked for national and international companies in translation of

technical, financial, business, marketing, medical, engineering,

arts/literacy, science, aviation, math, geography, etc. documents and

other areas of knowledge. We also have an office in N.Y.C. in case you

need a future for certified translations holding the original signature to

be rushed in a matter of 48 hours or less.  Usually we charge $0.04 cents

per word in translations below 7000 words.  Longer documents will be

quoted $0.035 cents per word. Certified or sworn translations are quoted

$0.06 cents per word. I am a member. Let us know your interest in

our services and we’ll be glad to help you.




I am available. I can translate from Spanish to English. My native

language is Spanish and the price for translation is 0.06 dollars per

word. I can send you my CV and provide a sample translation.




I work mainly with Portuguese (Brazil) to English pair at UFRJ University

of Rio de Janeiro with Scientific, Marketing and Economical subjects.

I\'ll send you through e-mail my C.V. My rates for translation are 0.05

euro per source word. I could possibly do interpreting in Rio de Janeiro,

subject to availability checking, at a rate of EUR 130 per day.




my quote for the job of 20000 words from Spanish into English is 1500 US$.


Regarding the interpreting assignments, my location is Buenos Aires,

Argentina. And my quote: US$ 150 / 2 hours.




As per your ad please find below the requested information.


My native languages are Spanish and POrtuguese.


My rates for translation from Spanish and Portuguese into English is USD



My rate per hour for interpretation is USD 90 for Argentina. For Brazil

and Mexico is USD 90 + Travel and Living expenses.


If there is any other information I can help you with do not hesitate to

contact me.




Just sent mail through your web page

Rates: EUR 0.05 per source word

Output: 3000 words per day

Availability: Yes





We are a translating team of 4 translators. with more than 6 years of

experience in the following fields: Engineering/technical, IT technologies

and software, Mining, Oil & Petroleum, Social Sciences, Literature,

Marketing, Textiles. Can deliver 6.000 words per day proofreading included

 in the Spanish-English pair  2500 wpd in Brazilian portuguese-English Can

also do interpreting in both pairs depending on the location C.V's of the

team and references of previous jobs availabel upon request. Our rates:

USD 0.04 psw for translating.




Hi Karel, thanks for your reply. I am a resident in the UK at the moment,

so interpreting would be suitable if travel arrangements could be agreed

upon. I am from Buenos Aires, so I guess that would be the most suitable

location, where no accomodation would be necessary.


Otherwise, if interpreting arrangements were not possible or suitable, I

would still be definitely interested in the translation section.


This projects looks really interesting, so I'll be looking forward to more

news from you.


Do not hesitate to contact should you need any further information.




Hi Karnen thanks a lot for contacting me. I would be highly interested in

participating in this project.


My rates would be 0.04 GBP per word of translation, and 20 GBP per hour of



I have attached my updated CV and cover letter, hope to hear from you





I am very interested in this translation project : Spanish into English and into

Brazilian Portuguese. I am a Brazilian native speaker translator and

teacher for both Portuguese and English. More than 25 year-experience. You

can ask for my CV and references. My price is US$0,03 per word. Otherwise

I must say I am not interested in interpreting since I live in the South

of Brazil, very far to Rio de Janeiro. Should you need any other info on

me, please feel free to contact me at




It is always great hearing from you.  I hope that all is well and thank

you for contacting me! I am interested in the Spanish to English part of

this translation project and can offer you a rate of US$0.60/source word, as long as

the turnaround is reasonable (about 10 work days).  If the turnaround time

is shorter, than I would have to increase the rate. If you need more

information or have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I hope

to hear from you soon.




Please consider the following price for the 20.000 word translation

(Spanish into English):


Price per word: U$D 0.03

Total Price: U$D 600.-


Look forward to hearing from you.




\"Writing is speaking to the eyes rather than the ears\"


Native/Mother tongue is Spanish

Translation from Spanish > English rate

     $0.05 USD/w


Interpreting Spn > Eng

      $ 25.00 USD/hr

      $175.00 USD/day

For specific information regarding my qualifications, I invite you to

visit my site




Thank you for your message. Please find below my best rate for these

translation projects, taking into consideration the volume of the same.


4 US cents per word ($0.04).


My native language is Spanish; I have been trained both in Mexico and in

the U.S. as a translator and an interpreter and have been working as an

in-house translator for over 12 years now, in various language

combinations and in such different areas as telecommunications,

accounting, and legal matters, among others. My resume is available upon



Please advise as to the languages involved in the interpretation project

in Mexico City.




Thank you for your prompt reply. My standard rate is USD 0.03 per source





I would like to apply for the 20,000 words translation project and

potential interpretation job. I am a certified translator from Argentina

(with University degree in Translation) and I have been working as

simultaneous interpreter for Airbus (aircraft manufacturer) for the last 3

years. Please find my resume attached. Regarding IT experience, even

though I have not interpreted for IT in particular, I consider that having

some material to study in advance will be fine. I am a professional and I

do take every single project as the most important. I have worked for two

years as a Supervisor for a Microsoft offshore campaign, leading a team of

35 call center agents providing technical support to US customers.


For a 20,000 Spanish to English translation, my best quote is USD 970 with

a deadline of 10 days as from reception of the original document. I have

strong experience in translating INTO English, since one of my clients (a

Trust company) gives me all its trust contracts and partnership agreements

to be translated into english.


For an interpretation project of 8 hours a day, during 3 months, my best

rate per hour is USD 25.




I live in Toluca, next to Mexico City. I would be interested in the Santa

Fe, Mexico city location.


And thanks for contacting me again. I recall the last work I did for you

translating the website.


Below please find the quotes you requested. I would be particularly

interested in the interpretation job, since I live very near Santa Fe in

Mexico City and would be available full time as of March 9.


 * your price for translation only (0.04 USD per word)

 * your native language (Spanish)

 * your price per hour or day for interpreting ($18 per hour)




Good morning KENAX, I hope you receive this mail on time for bidding, I\'m

very interested on taking on this project. I’m a highly referenced US

certified freelance translator and interpreter. I have plenty experience

with legal translations.



My work includes translating, proofing and editing. I translate and

interpret English UK or US to Spanish and Spanish to English UK or US.

I\'m a native speaker and I have over 7 years of translation experience.

Quality Service, Accuracy and prompt delivery is guaranteed.




The following has also been submitted via your online form.


I can offer a good rate for this work, given the volume, of Euros

0.04/word. Given the volume and duration, the translation can be provided

in installments.


I am English, qualified in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

(B.Sc/M.Eng), and have been studying Portuguese since 1998. I have been

resident in Brazil for extended periods since 2001, where I have permanent

residency through marriage. I am currently resident in the UK and payment

can be made to my UK bank account.


As a translator, I have a portfolio of clients, mainly Brazilian,

particularly in the academic, engineering and import/export fields. I have

a Brazilian work partner, qualified in Law and English, to provide advice

on any complex terms in legal translations.




I live in barcelona, Spain, and I have availability to travel anywhere.

Travel expenses and allowances shall be borne by you or your client.




I am interested in working with you.


price for translation:0.06^ per word


native language: spanish and catalan


price per hour or day for interpreting: 380 ^ per day


I translate from French and English and interpret from and into English




Mexico or Argentina would be preferable. Yes, it includes my flight and

per diem costs. Are you vetting bids for local candidates as a priority? I

understand the length of time the interpreting portion of your job

requires. I trust as the selection process progresses you will be forward

more detailed information on the project as a whole. I do however

appreciate your time. Respectfully submitted, Mary




Good morning! I would like to submit my bid.


20,000 words from Spanish to English


The cost per each 200 words would be $20.- usd


The total cost for this job would be $2,000.- usd


Thanks in advance!!! If you need further information on this bid, please

don't hesitate to contact me and I'll be pleased to help you.




I am writing to you following your job posting on whereby you

require a Spanish to English translator to take charge of a 20.000 word

translation. I am bilingual Spanish-English as I have a degree on English

Applied Linguistics, a postgraduate on Technical Translation, and have

lived in London for two years. I can translate both direct and reverse

translation Spanish-English-Spanish. I am specialized in several fields of

expertise such as Legal, Financial, Technology, Travel, Social Sciences,

Journalism and Literature. Along my career I have received assignments

both from companies and individuals, such as Iberdrola, Telefónica, ONO,

Samsung, Siemens, HP, Accenture, PriceWaterHouseCoopers, David Kremin,

Wincor Nixdorf, etc. Some of the translation agencies I collaborate with

on an ongoing basis include Cosmic Global Limited, Traduservice,

Traducciones Nuevo Mundo, ERKA and Spalvier Group. I can assure you a high

quality output in my translation services, as well as a prompt deadline

and good value for money.


Regarding your translation, I could deliver it in a turnaround of one

week, and my rate per source word for the project would be euro 0.03.


I am sending along my Resume stating my experience, educational

background, career progress and recent project history.


I hope I make a good candidate for the post and look forward to hearing

from you soon,




I would like to offer my services for the job posted on


I am a native English (UK) translator currently living in New York and I

translate from both Spanish and Italian to English, as well as offering

transcription, subtitling and editing services.


I have good experience in various fields of translation including medical,

pharmaceutical, environmental, technical, marketing and legal renditions,

as well as the translation of websites and IT-related topics. I use

Microsoft Office 2003, Trados 7 and numerous other translation programs.


References are available upon request.


My usual rates are 0.065/0.07 euros per source word, negotiable depending

on volume, technicality, formatting, deadlines, etc. I accept payment via

bank transfer, cheque or Paypal.


I have attached a copy of my CV for your interest; alternatively you may

view my full 'proz' profile on the link below. Thanks very much for your

time - I hope to work with you sometime soon.




I am available immediately for the Spanish or Portuguese to English

translation jobs. I will charge you a rate of 0.03 USD per word. Please

let me know immediately. Thank you and best regards,




To whom it may concern,


Please find below quotes for translation and interpreting


Translation from Brazilian Portuguese to English of a 30,000 word



USD0.07 per word x30,000 words=USD2,100




Dear Sirs I am a certified English Teacher, being Spanish my native

language.  I have 20 years of experience in translating from English into

Spanish.  Attached please find my resume with references in Mexico and in

the US. I also have a degree in International Marketing.   My  rate per

source word is US$0.06, for proofreading is US$0.02 and for Interpreting

is US$25 per hour.  I accept PayPal.   Thank you for considering my





I would like to do the 20,000 word Spanish-English translation.  I am a

native English speaker, available full time, have experience, work

professionally and quickly.  I can provide references and my CV if

necessary and my rates are negotiable. Please let me know which bid will

suit your client and I am likely to agree with the price as I need the





20,000 words from Spanish to English  - US$0.12/word

30,000 words from Brazilian Portuguese to English - US$0.12/word

3 months interpreting for 4 interpreters in 3 locations in South America,

starting March 9 - Please clarify, is it 3 months straight?




I am a freelancer translator since 2003, and I am willing to do the job.

Although I am new at Proz, I assure you I can do the job, and also I am a

very excited to work here.


Anything you need I am at your disposal




Price for whole translation: USD 3,000

My native language: Spanish

I'm NOT an interpreter.




I understand. OK, I will lookout for your mails in my spam bucket. I will

also let my mailer know that yours is not a spam address. I hope that

helps. So, if you need any help, I will be leaving for Mexico on

Wednesday, 04 of March. I will be there until the 31st of March. I will

probably be back on email on the 5th of March.


good luck with your project,


Good idea. Yes, I have had dealings with Indian companies in the

past--both in Mexico and in the US. It is a well-known company, I will

know it. I have been to India and I have worked with many Indian software

engineers. I have also outsourced work to Indian companies, so if they are

anywhere on the radar, I will know them. The only problem will be with

price; they tend to be on the cheap side because they can get very good

resources for very little money in India.


OK, incidental expenses are usually paid by the client. Those are for

taxis, subway tickets, lunch, etc. So, if that is a problem, you can say

this to your client: my price is $100 usd per day, plus 20 USD per day for

incidental expenses. If I am required to work on a weekend, a 20% charge

is added.




Am writing re: your post on ProZ.

- translations ^0,07 (seven eurocents)per word, could vary depending on

the level of technical terminology. - interpreting for a long term job

like this ^350/day (8 hours)dependng on the circumstances.


- I am based in Lisbon (Portugal) but for a long term interpreting job,

could easily relocate temporarily.


- I have 12 years of experience and have worked a lot with Brazilians,

including ministerial level meetings and one presidential visit. I am

originally from India so if this involves working with Indian IT

technicians, can handle Indian accents and culture too.


- I do not specialise in IT, I have a history and arts background but have

worked in several fields, including over a year translating technical

engineering documents with Piaggio S.p.A (Italy).


- I am a \"people person\" and quickly integrate into teams / corporate



- I can send you a detailed CV if and when required.


- I am sending this e-mail simply because it\'s unusual to see a job like

this posted, actual details and availability would need to be worked out

subsequently (especially since I am already pretty much booked for March).

This is just so you have some basic information to formulate your initial

bid. If you can factor in travel and accommodation as well, great.


Good luck with the bid, whether or not we work together. If you require

any further information from me please e-mail me, or my phone number is:




I would like to work in this project. I am a Certified Translator of

English graduated from the National University of La Plata, Bs As,

Argentina in 1995.  I have more than 10 years experience working as a

freelancer. My mother tongue is Spanish and I speak English fluently. I am

registered in the "Colegio de Traductores de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires"

and in the Province of Bs As, registered in the Supreme Court of Justice

of  the Province as expert translator and I am an interpreter for the

Federal Court N 1 of La Plata. I translate from EN to SP and vicerversa in

the legal and  financial fields for the HSBC Bank, several courts (for eg

Court N 1 in Laboral Matters Quilmes, Court of Preliminary Proceedings)

and for the Tortonese Law Firm, (law) and several agencies through proz.

(telecommunications, software, contracts, technical issues, tenders,

technical specifications, etc) I have translated contracts, lease

contracts, employment surveys, insurance policies, decrees, laws,

regulations, memorandums, articles of incorporation, deeds, personal

certificates, personal documentation, etc. I have worked for Customs and

translated material from the DEA (USA) for the Federal Court N 1 of La

Plata. (drug dealing case) I have wide experience in telecommunications. I

worked for TASA,  and work on regular basis for two companies in Israel

about Telecommunications and IT technology (ASDL, ethernet, MAC, tenders

for Claro Chile, Nextel México, Amdocs, etc). I have also proofreaded for

TASA, Telecom, Amdocs, ECI, etc, and for mobile phones (lebara, mxit). and

translated several government projects to implement e ID cards and E

passports and other IT projects. More than 300000 words translated in the

IT and technology area. I have recently finished a 22000 word project on

WAP technology, mobile web content and new technologies. I  have

translated several manuals (DVDs, TVs, Mobiles, printers, Glucometers,

insulin pumps, and other medical devices,  and safety use instructions of

dialyzers for a company in Hong Kong. As regards interpreting I work as an

interpreter for the federal Court and I worked as an interpreter for

exporters and in business meetings. And for the Hong Kong Trade Center. My

areas of specialization are law, foreign trade, medicine, finance,

engineering, IT, telecommunications, education, psychology, environment

and pharmacy. I have TRADOS and I can translate about 3000 words a day.

My rate is USD 0.06 and USD 0.02 for proofreading. Interpreting hour USD

35 Best regards




Long time since I heard from you! I am happy to see you have another



I would very much like to take care of this project. My rates are

US$0.10 per source word for translation, which includes proofing, and I

would do the interpreting but being based in Canada I cannot take that



Even though Spanish is my native tongue, I have lived, studied and

worked in Canada and the United States for more than 10 years, and I do

consider English my second native tongue. For over 10 years I have

translated into English for many law offices and pharmaceutical

laboratories, in every-day basis, with great success.


I look forward to your replay, and I hope you will choose me to work on

this project.




My name is Dana and i am interested in the translation of the 20,000 words

from Spanish to English, I just got an acount on you page and you will

find more information about me there. I hope you will take me into

consideration for this job and make me a part of your team of

professionals. My price is of 0.05USD/word and i translate around 4000 -

5000 words/day.




My name is Sandu Dana and i would love to make part of your team and start

working on the 20000 words translation from Spanish to English. My price

is of 0,035euro/word and I Translate around 4000-4500words a day depends

on how hard is the text.


I hope you will take me too into consideration for this translation job

and have a very good colaboration


I wish you all a good weekend




I am interested only in the project "30,000 words from Brazilian

Portuguese to English" and my rate for translation is US$ 0.06 / source



My native language is Brazilian Portuguese.


My delivery time for this project is 7 work days


If it is possible (and of your interest), I can take the project "20,000

words from Spanish to English" to deliver in 5 work days after the above





I am a professional free lance translator interested in the translation

project friom EN-ES. I have  a master degree in Translation and cads tools

and I have been working in this sector for more than ten years.


I obtained two master degree in Spain: I am absolutely bilingual and all

my text will be revised by a professiona Spanish linguistic.


My rates are 0, 03 cents of euro for the translation service ( included

the proofreading if I translate from Spanish Italian into English and 0,

015 cents of euro for the proof reading. I am attaching a copy of my c.v

for your reference and one sample text.




I would like to apply for job advertised in for translator

Spanish to English.


Rate in US$ per word 0.04.


I will send CV on demand.


A UK national, I have more than 10 years experience in translating and

editing and have lived in Latin America for more than 20 years.




Thanks for your email, unfortunately I couldn't access the site. I can

work with you either in Brazil or Argentina on the dates of your choice.

Please let me know if you need any other info.




I am interested in the project you have posted. I am a native speaker of

the Spanish Language and a Literary and Sworn Translator of the English

Language, member of the Association of Sworn Translators of the city of

Buenos Aires, Argentina (CTPCBA For the past

five years, I have been working as a Freelance Translator, engaged in all

kind of translation projects, from IT texts, web sites, to resumes and

legal documents, to guides about tourism. Last year, I have translated

into Spanish a project about tourism for the city of Boston as well as the

website of a hosting offshore company. Besides, I have translated into

English the website of Khu Technologies, an information security company

based in Buenos Aires ( My rate is USD 0.04 per word.

Below, you will find my complete Résumé. Hoping to be part of

your project, I thank you very much in advance. Sincerely,




I am a freelance translator and my language pairs include Spanish to



My rate is $0.05


I am reliable, fast and accurate.  I do accept PayPal or Bank Transfer.


If needed, I can provide you with a translation test and references.


Attached you will find my resume/CV.


Let me know if I can help you out.




I have found your ad on TranslatorPub and became very interested in

working for you on your 30.000 word project. I already inserted my contact

and professional information on your website; feel free to contact me if

you have any questions.    Kind Regards, hoping to hear from you soon,




I received your add at for a Brazilian Portuguese translator for

the IT area. I´ve been working on a Dell project currently, as you may see

on my attached CV. I'd like very much to join this team you are putting

together, for the translation , not interpreting job. My rate is USD

0.07/word. Looking forward to your response.




Thank you for your e-mail. My rate for Spanish to German translation is

8 cents CDN per word. My rate for interpreting is $35 CDN per hour.




I am a Certified Translator working in the German to Spanish translation translator (Mother

Tongue: Spanish) language pair. My areas of expertise include IT among



 I am quite interested in this job so I\'m letting you know my rate for

 the ENG>SP Translation: $590 USD.


I am committed to offering high standards of quality and fast turnaround





I saw you contact information about the job in Proz.

I can do translation from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English.

I am a native speaker Spanish. I can help you with that part of the job. I

am an interpreter and I was born in Mexico, but I can\'t travel at that

time. I am an engineer and I can do a good professional quality job.




I would like to be considered for the translation work, but I would need

for information to give you an accurate quote (deadline, terms, etc.). In

general, my rates vary between ^0.07 and ^0.10.




Bilingual half Spanish half American interpreter and translator.

I have a degree in translation and interpreting form UPCO, Madrid, and an

MA in conference interpreting from ISTI, Brussels. More info and formal

email address available upon request and verification of reliability. I am

available for travelling and I could cover the round ticket from Europe to

South/Central America - I have airline company benefits-. Daily rate for

8h interpreting is usually 400$, but can be negotiated in relation to days

of work (eg: 1000USD/ week of interpreting). Translation rate:

0,09USD/word of original text- also negotiable in relation to volume).




I am writing to you in respect of the subject above. I would like to

submit my quote as per the two different jobs available. For Thirty

thousand words, the price is US$ 850.00 all inclusive and per the

interpreting work, the daily rate is US$ 150.00. My native language is

Portuguese. I was born in Brazil, but also am a British citizen and am as

fluent in English as in Portuguese.




250 usd per day (Interpretation)

.10 USD per source word (translation)

Mexico City based

Mexican Spanish native




As per our recent e-mail exchange, my rate for the interpreting assignment

in question is US$350.00 a day. I can go to any of the three locations

mentioned on the ad, although I believe you need the Portuguese

Interpreter for Rio de Janeiro, where I live. As I mentioned, I can also

find another interpreter with the same qualifications for this assignment.


For the translation, which would be also shared among very qualified

translators -- in case of a tight deadline only -- the fee is US$.15 a

target word.


translating agency