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Translations of Encyclopedia


Following you will find some interesting translations provided by our translators. They may or may have not been performed for our own customers or projects managed by us, but we found them interesting nevertheless.

Development of the Czech Republic beer market during 2002 and 2003. Not part of the encyclopedia, but interesting previous translations nevertheless.


Translations of an encyclopedia of Botany

Translations of an encyclopedia of Chemistry:

What is Chemistry, Chemistry’s Beginnings, Important events in the history of chemistry

Nobel Prize winners, The History of Chemistry

The idea of the atom, Molecules and Moles, Chemical symbols

Atoms and compounds, Periodic table of the elements and chemical symbols, States of matter and the gas laws, Mixtures and pure materials

Chemical Reactions and Energy, Formation of ions, Electron pairs, covalent bonds; Acids, Bases, Salts

Enthalpy and reaction heat, Galvanisation and Galvanic cells, Metals and their compounds, Metals, Oxidation

Production of iron and aluminum, The composition of air and its pollutants, Water and hydrogen; Alkaline metals, Alkaline earth metals, sodium; Halogens

Simple organic compounds containing carbon, hydrocarbons with functional groups; Alkanes, alkenes, alkynes; Noble gases, halogen-substituted alkanes; Natural gas, coal; Oil, fossil fuels and raw materials; Carboxylic acids and esters

Alcohols; Bicarboxylic and hydroxycarboxylic acids; Ethers

Proteins, fats and sugars; Fats and oils; Sugars; Proteins, the building blocks of life;

Chemistry and technology; Sulphur, sulphuric acid and its salts; Phosphorus, phosporic acid and its salts; Ammonia and ammonium-containing compounds; Nitrogen and its compounds

Inorganic carbon compounds; Carbonic acid and carbonates; The compounds of silicon; Synthetic macromolecules


Translations of an encyclopedia of Geology:

Earth Sciences; History of Earth Sciences

Earth's History; The Earliest Time Period of the Earth (Precambrian); The Paleozoic Period of the Earth

Mesozoic of the earth

The Cenozoic of the earth

The earth's structure

Moon, the earth's companion

Earth's magnetism


The tide

Earth the Planet

Origin of the continents

Convective flow and movement of the crust

Tectonic boundaries


Structure and types of volcanoes

Volcanoes Around the World

Volcanic Phenomena


Cause of Earthquakes

Seismic Waves

Occurrence and Prediction


Rocks and Minerals

Igneous Rocks; Sedimentary Rocks; Metamorphic Rocks; Rock Cycle

Glaciers and Ice; Moraines; Landscape Shapes; Ice Ages (Glaciation)

Rocks, Mountains, and Valleys; Origins of the Mountains (Orogenesis); Types of Mountain Ranges

Weathering and Erosion; Caves; Hot and Cold Deserts

Rocks, Mountains, and Valleys

Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers

Ocean Floor

Ocean Currents

Mid-Ocean Ridge; Islands; Atolls and Coral Reefs

Coasts and Shores

Origin of the Rivers

Origin and Types of the Lakes

Atmosphere and Weather

Structure of the Atmosphere

How Clouds Form

Cloud Types

Rain, Snow, and Hail




Climate Zones

Natural Phenomena

Mineral Wealth

Ore Deposits

Salt Deposits

Solid Fuels

Earth and Humans

Hole in the Ozone Layer and Greenhouse Effect

Air Pollution and Dying Forests


Translations of an encyclopedia of Mathematics:


The History of Mathematics

Famous Mathematicians

Numbers and Symbols; Numbering Systems

Natural and Whole Numbers

Rational Numbers: Fractions, Decimal Numbers

Real Numbers; Prime and Composite Numbers; Exponents and Roots

Length Measurements

Surface Measurements; Volume and Hollow Measurements

Units and Measurement



Multiplication; Basic Arithmetical Functions with Whole Numbers, Decimal Numbers and Fractions


Counting with Decimal Numbers; Counting with Fractions

Counting with Quantities; Terms

Equations, Equations with Variables, Inequalities

Principles of Computing with Powers

Abscissae, Rays and Bisectors; Plain; Angle

Display, Rotation and Symmetry; Quadrangle

Other Polygons; Circles

Volume and Surface Areas of Polyhedrons; Volume and Surface Areas of Round Objects; Platonic Objects

Goniometric Functions; Computing Angles and Sides of Triangles

Trigonometric Functions and their Procedures

Rule of Three Sum


Percent and Interest


Equations with Fractions

Linear Equations

Quadratic Equations

Binomial Functions

Exponential Equations

Functions with Roots


Vector Calculus

Quantities and Logics

Sets and Logical Connections

Assertion Logics

Boolean Algebra and Logical Circuits

Dilemma and Paradoxes


Stochastics; Statistics



To calculate the distance, S,
along a curve C between points A and B.

Theory of Games


Dynamic Systems


Integral Calculus

Differential Calculus, Derivative


Translations of an encyclopedia of Physics:


The History and Inventors of Physics

Greek Antiquity

Classical Physics

Milestones in the Advancement of Physics

Physical Units and Quantities

Nobel Prize Winners


Basic Concepts of Mechanics


Simple Machinery

Work, Output, Energy

Machinery Like Equipment Used to Transform Energy

Mechanics of Liquids and Gases


Simple Motions

Electricity and Magnetism


Electrical Circuits and the Effects of Current

Current and Charge

Electrical Circuits - Quantities and Laws

Electrical Voltage and Resistance

Parallel and Series Connection

Electricity in the Home

A Charge and its Movement in a Magnetic Field

Transformers and Generators


Semiconductors and Semiconductor Diodes


Control and Regulation


Light Travel

Reflection of Light

Laws of Light Reflection

Light Refraction


The Eye

Photographic Equipment

Optical Equipment and the Human Eye


Spectral Colours



Heat Expansion of Objects

Quantity of Heat, Its Measurement, Thermodynamics

Change in a Substance’s Phase

Heat Transfer


Energy - The Basic Concept in Natural Science and Technology

Thermal Power Stations and Incinerators

Conventional Electrical Power Plants

Nuclear Power Plants

Problems with Using Nuclear Energy

Alternative Sources of Energy


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