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Translations of Encyclopedia about Mathematics


Famous Mathematicians

1325-1382 B.C. Nicholas Oresme was born in Germany (France) and laid the foundations for later versions of analytical geometry.
624- to around 547 B.C. Tháles from Milétu (in present Turkey) extensively studied abstract geometric problems, Thale's Law, and forecasted an eclipse of the sun on May 28, 585 B.C.
325-265 B.C. (approx.) Euklides Alexandrije was born in Egypt and wrote "Elements", a document made of 13 books which became the basis of geometry.
287-212 B.C. Archimedes was born in Italian Syracuse, founded hydrostatics and studied geometric static volumes and the calculation of the surface area of objects.
260-190 B.C. (approx.) Apollonius Perg (from Pamfylii – today’s Turkey) was a mathematic and astronomer and studied the systematic theory of conic sections and the shape of paraboles, eclipses and hyperboles.
150-250 B.C. (approx.) Heron Alexandrij, a mathematician and technician, wrote Metrik, which explains how to calculate surface areas and volumes of gemotric shapes.
476-550 Aryabhata sr., an Indian astronomer and mathematician, wrote the book Arabhatíja and determined an approximate value for p .
570-497/496 (approx.) Pythagoras Samos expressed Pythagorem’s theory (known already beforehand)
598-670 Brahmagupta, an Indian astronomer and mathematician, defined the number zero, counted with negative numbers, and resolved roots of quadratic equations.
780-850 Abu Jafar Muhammad ibn Musa al Chorezmí, the creator of algorithms, was born in Baghdad, solved quadratic equations and logarithms, and adopted the Indian decimal notation of numbers, which determines the positional value of figures.
1048-1131 (approx.) Omar al-Chajjaami was born in Nishapur, Iran, was a prominent mathematician and astronomer, and studied third power geometric equations, the theory of proportionality and the postulate of parallels.
1114-1185 Bhaskara II was born in Bidzapur, India, was a prominent mathematician in the 12th century, studied the theory of numbers, used the improved decimal system and made calculations with the number zero and exponential numbers.
1170-1240 Leonardo Pisano (Fibonacci) was the first great western mathematician who, for the first time, published works from Arabian and Indian mathematicians.
1492-1559 Adam Ries was bron in Staffelstein (Germany) and wrote mathematics schoolbooks in 1518 and 1522.
1571-1630 Johannes Kepler wrote the laws of planetary movement and the theory of lenses and telescopes, proved how logarithms work, how to calculate volumes, the rotation of objects, and the theory of regular polygons.
1601-1665 Pierre de Fermat was born in Beaumont–de-Lomage (France) and studied the theory of numbers, geometry, the calculation of probability, infinitesmal numbers, and defined Fermat’s theorum.
1623-1662 Blaise Pascal was born in Paris and studied mathematical and physical geometry, calculus of probabilities, and hydrostatics
1646-1716 Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz created the ideal statement: modern mathematical symbols founded in parallel with Newton’s differential and integral calculus, and developed the binary system.
1654-1705 Jakob Bernoulli was born in Bazilej (Switzerland), was a mathematician and physicist, studied infinitesmal calculus, differential equations, the study of series, variation calculus, Bernoulli numbers, Bernoulli inequality, and Bernoulli theory.
1667-1748 Johan Bernoulli was a mathematician born in Bazilej, taught Leonhardo Eulero, worked on the theory of differential equations and the problem of brachystochrons.
1700-1782 Daniel Bernoulli was born in Groningen (The Netherlands), was a mathematic, physician and physicist, studied differential equations, the theory of series, statistics, the study of probabilities, the theory of mechanics, worked with Euler in Petrohard.
1707-1783 Leonhard Euler was born in Bazilej (Switzerland), was a mathematician, physicist and astronomer, and one of the founders of pure mathematics.
1749-1827 Pierre Simon Marquis de Laplace was born in Beaumont en Auge (France), was a mathematician and physicist of potential theory, studied the calculation of probability, differential equations, and gravitation laws of the solar system.
1763-1813 Joseph-Lous Lagrange was born in Turin (Italy), was the founder of variable numbers and theoretical mechanics, the theory of functions, numbers, and the calculation of probability.
1845-1918 George Cantor (Petrohrad) was a mathematician who studied trigonometric series, axiom of continuity, and the founder of the theory of sets.
1854-1912 Jules Henri Poincaré was born in Nancy (France), founded modern Topologie, studied the theory of fuctions, thermodynamics, electricity and optics.
1872-1970 Bertrand Arthur William Russel was born in Chepstow (England), was a mathematician and philosopher and studied mathematical logics.
1879-1955 Albert Einstein was born in Ulma (German), was a physicist, wrote the theory of relativity, the natural theory of fields and quatum theory.
1924- Benoit Mandelbrot was born in Warsaw (Poland), calculated fractals, complex dynamic systems, Juliina sets.

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