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Throughout history, mankind has constantly posed knew questions on itself, a task of which was the job of natural science. At first, people were interested in their surroundings, in the composition and functioning of the world they view around them and in its individual parts. It was in fact mechanics which resolved the first physical principles of this world.

Mechanics was born out of physics and is the foundation for further discoveries and new theories. Mechanics concerns such issues as movement, inertia, mass, and the characteristics of mass.

For the ancient person, the result of such considerations often became the simplest of machines.

The ancient researchers and scientists established the simplest of laws but, over time, many of their theories needed to be amended. Through the use of experiments, observations and measurements, theories were born which slowly helped mankind to attain its goals. In this manner, mankind sought to make its work easier.

Then came research on movement. Over a long period of time, science was interested in the movement of heavenly bodies, and many theories were devised to explain how it worked. The ancient Greeks did much to advance the science of physics, above all in the area of mechanics.

Experiments were also conducted with newly discovered substances. At first, experiments were conducted only on substances which were available at the time and were aimed at determining whether certain substances have more suitable qualities for certain tasks. Later on, mankind started producing its own substances and began to better understand why some substances behave differently than others.

It can be stated that, without the developments made by our ancient ancestors, the amazingly complex machinery we benefit from today would not have progressed so far. These thousand year old milestones of scientific knowledge continue to be studied today and will probably never lose their importance.

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