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Earth and Humans

For many thousands of years, humans were a component of natural ecological systems of the earth. When humans began to live a sedentary life, they developed through creation of cultural landscape new ecological systems of their own..

When more than 500 000 years ago humans started to use fire, wood was the most important source of energy. Approximately in the 18th century humans began to use fossil fuels. At that time, first steam machines were developed, signalling the beginning of the technological development. Today, all around the world every existing type of energy is being exploited, which requires large investments. This causes heavy burden on the environment, and this trend is constantly increasing. Toxic matters, originating in the industrial and agricultural wastes, pollute underground waters, soil, and oceans.

Industrial fuel-burning processes used in manufacture of many natural and synthetic materials produce toxic gas emissions, which support the greenhouse effect and produce smog.

Acid rain, which is one of the products of the automobile exhaust gases and of the coal burning, damages our forests and rivers. Forests are dying out, a situation that has a far-reaching impact on plants, people, and animals The balanced state of the waters of the past is losing its equilibrium due to numerous foreign and toxic materials penetrating into the water table. This decimates the fish population, and the situation is so serious, that some of the kinds of commercial fish became extinct.

Humans have to take care in the near future and seek new solutions that would enable us to continue living a quality life on this earth even in the future. By means of regional and extra-regional programs, the search for new ways, which would mitigate the destruction of nature and preserve it as much as possible, goes on.

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