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Spanish and Portuguese to English
Translation and Interpreting Project

Feb 14, 2009

This Job is Completed and No Longer Active

Please send your quote by supplying the following information. You will find a link to download the file below.

Details of project:


Locations of interpreting job:

Mexico: Santa Fe, Mexico D.F., C.P. 05348
Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil
Argentina: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Interpreting services are required for all business/working days at each location, 8 hours per day.

Please send in your quote through the email form above, or respond to the email you were approached with. The client wants to shortlist the bidding circle within the next couple of days, so please send in your quotes as soon as you can. They are not binding and I only need to make a preliminary bid to get my foot in the door and the ball rolling.

If you are not responding to a direct email and would like to be approached with future work, please fill in our translator application form.


Some translator responses:


In reference to this Spanish>English translation project, recently posted,

I am fully interested and my best rates will be: 0.06 €/word in Source

Text, being a total of 1,200 € + VAT. Please, if you do agree, let me

know so that we can continue negotiations and flow of data about the

translation and its characteristics (deadlines, way of sending and

delivery of material, etc).




Thanks for your email regarding I am very interested in this translation project. My

rate is USD 0.05/per source word and I offer discounts for reps. I look

forward to working with you.




about 20,000 words translation from Spanish into English


This is the only part of the job I will take on if accepted. My native

language is French.


My rate is 3 cents per word.




My name is Alberto, I\'m a native Portuguese, and I would like to

offer my services as a Portuguese-English translator. I\'m fluent in the

English language, with a Certificate of Proficiency in English from

Cambridge, and an education in science. As I\'m starting in the

translation business, I submit a quote of 0.05 euros per word, that I hope

will compensate for the lack of experience. I\'m fully uncommitted and

willing to dedicate myself solely to this translation project. I look forward to

hearing from you soon.




I am an interpreter and translator for the pair English-Spanish , Spanish-

English and very interested in working for your translation agency. I am a native

Spanish speaker born in Argentina. I have lived and worked in the UK for 8

years working on the linguist field. My rates are: 0,05  argentine pesos

or 0.02 dollar onwards for words source translations. And 50 argentine

pesos for interpreting hour. I am based in Rosario, Argentina and

available for assignments from March 2nd, 2009 onwards.

 I will be glad to send you my C.V. on request.




I am a Spanish to English translator, a native English speaker with a

degree in English Literature. I specialize in legal and financial

translations, and I also have experience translating IT and energy-related

texts. My translation rate is $0.07 USD/word. I am not available for the

interpreting and translation projects you mentioned. Please have a look at my Proz full

member profile and my CV that is posted there, and feel free to contact

me. I hope we can work together. Thanks for your time, and have a great





Thank you for asking me to bind on these translation projects. I am happy to bid on

the two translation projects at US$0.05 NET per word. I am sorry that I

cannot at this time bid for the interpretation projects. Thank you once





I just got back and saw this.  I will be signing on or let me know if

there is anything in addition to applying to get this done.


Should I contact the client directly?  I will charge between .3 and .5

cents per word.




Thank you for your message. In regard to your inquiry, I would be

interested in doing the 20,000 words from Spanish to English, at a rate of

$0.06/word. My native language is Spanish. Please let me know if you are

interested, I would also like to know the time frame this translation project has.




I herewith wish to submit my bid for the above job. My daily output is

3,000 words and I charge 0.06 USD/word. Please see my proz profile for

further information as to my abilities




Your translation Project as advertised through today, February 14th, 2009. I

have native Spanish; excellent English writing. My price per word: US$0.04

(four cents of U.S. Dollars). I am based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.




If you are referrring to a simultaneous interpreting job, I would prefer

not to offer my professional services for the time being. I would be

interested about a consecutive interpreting job, both Spanish to English

and Portuguese to English. In addition, as previously informed to you, I

am deeply interested about the translation jobs, 20,000 words, Spanish to

English 30,000 words, Brazilian Portuguese to English My fees: all things

considered, for the time being, US$0,04 is fine for me. I hereby remain at

your entire disposal.




I am an Uruguayan translator. The fee per word is U$S 0.5. I translate

from English to Spanish.




My name is Cecilia. I am an experienced technical translator

and interpreter and I am writing in connection with job posting Please find attached my CV for reference purposes. As

a freelancer, I am available for translation or interpreting assignments,

and in this case my fee is around US$250 to US$350 a day depending on

location (if outside Buenos Aires, I'm willing to travel but all expenses

should be covered), number of hours, number of days, etc. Please do not

hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my profile,

experience, etc., or if more information is required. Hope we can keep in

touch for collaboration on translation projects in the future.




I am interested in translating the 20,000 word IT documents from Spanish

to English. Both languages are my native languages and I have experience

translating material related to IT. I am currently collaborating as a

part-time translator/interpreter for a multinational IT company, involved

in a large translation project.


My rate per target word is 0.05 USD. Please visit for further details about my

background. I have pasted an updated version of my CV after this message.

You may contact me at the telephone numbers or at both the email addresses

listed on my CV if you require references, recommendations, or any other





Please my quote below for the Portuguese to English Translation Job you

advertised on PROZ


30,000 words   - £2,000


(NOTE: For such a large job I would require a down-payment of some form

since it is a company a have not worked for before)


As for the 3 months interpreting - I am based in London, so I do no think

I would be the ideal candidate for you. However if the client is

interested in providing travel expenses to Rio (accommodation not

necessary) - I would be happy to offer my services as interpreter. In

london I usually charge £200 for a full day of consecutive

translation. As this is a long term project I would very open to

negotiating a rate for the entire period. Perhaps £11,500 for the 3





My name is Claudia, I have a degree in Translation and I\'m a

Freelance Translator and proofreader living in Lisbon.


I would like to assist you with your project posted at, should you consider my collaboration as a

freelance translator.


My language pairs are: English-Portuguese-English,

Italian-Portuguese-English and Spanish-Portuguese-English.


I perform as well Web localization, Portuguese Transcription, Editing,

Subtitling and I also have HTML knowledges.


My working main fields are: Web site contents, IT, consumer instruction

manuals, cosmetics, videogames, psychology articles, legal documents and

articles. I also have experience with the following fields: administrative

documents, business and personal correspondence, Marketing and publicity,

press articles, résumés, Literary.


I work with an Asus Pentium IV, processor 3 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 320 GB HDD and

I have an Brother multifunction printer (colour), scanner & Copy, a CD &

DVD writer and a 24 hour high-speed internet connection (18 Mbps). I have

a recent laptop has a second computer.


My most used software are: Windows XP Pro, Office 2003, Trados 7 with

TagEditor, SDLX, Passolo 6.0, Front page and Adobe Professional.


I have a daily output of 3500 words for translation and I offer you a rate

of 0.07 USD per source Word.


My payment terms are 30 days after date of delivery through Paypal,

Moneybookers or bank transfer.


I\'m available many hours per day either by phone, sms, skype or e-mail.

Whenever necessary, I\'m also available for week ends, rush and overnight

work and I\'ve never missed a deadline.




I would like to be considered for the translation work you have advertised




I am an English native who has been living in Seville for 12 years working

in various fields and with vast experience in education and translating as

you will be able to see from my cv.




I have also written text books for schools which I modified from original

Spanish texts to create new materials for the students. I have also

undertaken translation work for students at the University of Sevilla for

PhD materials in Biology and History. I also have experience of using

translation software such as TRADOS and am experienced with PHOTOSHOP. I

have extensive of experience of legal translations and can provide you

with samples of work done should you wish.




I am currently in Buenos Aires, and am available for interpretation work,

in addition to, of course, the translation portion.


My rate per word is 4 cents US dollars per word for IT technical

translation. My hourly rate for interpretation is 25 US dollars per hour.


All rates are negotiable to an extent -- make me an offer!




I already filled the translator application form, I have experience in IT

related topics since I worked in HP for over a year, I also have

certifications from the University of Cambridge. I work fast and good, my

rate is $0.05 USD per word. Thanks for the opportunity.




I can offer a good rate for this work, given the volume, of Euros

0.04/word. Given the volume and duration, the translation can be provided

in installments.


I am English, qualified in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

(B.Sc/M.Eng), and have been studying Portuguese since 1998. I have been

resident in Brazil for extended periods since 2001, where I have permanent

residency through marriage. I am currently resident in the UK and payment

can be made to my UK bank account.


As a translator, I have a portfolio of clients, mainly Brazilian,

particularly in the academic, engineering and import/export fields. I have

a Brazilian work partner, qualified in Law and English, to provide advice

on any complex terms in legal translations.




I'm sorry. I am somewhat confused. I thought the translations were done

online. As to the 30,000 word text, I would ask $500 US. Need

clarificaton on the 3 month interpreting. What countries are involved? I

am not fluent in Portuguese.




I am writing in response to your posting for the above

assignment. I have over 20 years of experience as a Portuguese to English

translator and Portuguese interpreter. My rates for translation start at

.075^/per word. If you are interested in using someone outside of Brazil

for the interpreting portion of the project, I would be available. My

rates for interpreting start at 250^/day, or 32^/hour.


I have pasted a copy of my CV below for your reference. Please contact me

with further details as soon as they become available.




  I saw your message at Proz and I am qualified for the job. I have just

  recently come from an interpreting service in the amazon and Peru.

  Please, refer to my CV and get in contact for further information.




Just to confirm, we are discussing the assignment in Rio de Janeiro,

correct? Also, could you provide further clarifications regarding the

subject matter to be interpreted? I want to make sure that it is within my

fields of expertise.




Thank you! I will try and put together some figures and get back to you

tomorrow. I will be out of the office for the rest of the day. Just to

confirm, we are discussing the assignment in Rio de Janeiro, correct?

Also, could you provide further clarifications regarding the subject

matter to be interpreted?




I actually live in spain, but i am up to moving during the work period to

those locations if i am hired for the job. That depends on how soon the

client makes a decision, so i can begin to organise things.




QUOTE FOR: Spanish and Portuguese to English Translation and Interpreting

Project - Feb 14, 2009


20,000 words Spanish - English: US$ 0.03/word


30,000 words Portuguese - English: US$ 0.03/word


Interpreting service - no bid.




Native language



Price for translation only

0.06 US DOLLAR per word

1100 DOLLAR for 20000 words


Price per hour or day for interpreting

hour: 50 US DOLLAR

day(8 hours availability): 250 US DOLLAR




It would be about usd$450 for a 6-hour day and, as I mentioned, I'd be

happy to do a "package" for the entire job if you could provide me with

more information.


I live in Rio de Janeiro.


Please find my cv attached for your information.




I am a freelancer and I have been working as interpreter/translator for

several years (10) and I would be pleased to offer my services for your

project, as I am Italian and English native speaker w. I am completely

available to make a sample test for you. I have read your job

advertisement and I\'d be interested in it and in any further cooperation

with you.

 I work full-time and I am available even on WEEK-ENDS and public


My rate is 0.05 USD per word: all my services include proofreading and are

supplemented even with TRADOS analysis, TM, clean, and unclean files (if

requested)... For references and a very detailed CV, please visit my

profile on




My name is Emilia and I have been a translator for many years.  My

experience is in more detail in my resume below.  I am fluent in

Portuguese both from Brazil and Portugal as I was born in Portugal but my

parents are Brazilian and I lived in Brazil for some years.  I am also

fluent in English, as I have lived in the US for quite some time now.  I

would welcome an opportunity to do the translation part of this project

for Port. into English.  I can also do Spanish into English.  My rates for

this project would be at .065 USD per source word.  Please contact me

should you find that I match your requirements for this project.




I would like to bid for the project. I am a freelance French/Spanish to

English translator. My asking price is $.2 per source word.




I am writing in return to your request of bid for the translation service

mentioned below.


I am interested in the Brazilian Portuguese and for this volume of words I

can charge U$ 0.07 per word, so this volume will be U$ 2100.00.


I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Attached I am incuding my updated CV for you to check.




Regarding this project, I could deal with the 20,000 words Sp>Eng


As required in the website mentioned in your email, these are my rates:

 your price for translation only: Sp>Eng translation: usd 0.06 p/word your

native language: LAN Sp


Any further information you need, please don´t hesitate to contact me.




I am in Rio de Janeiro city, Brazil. I would like to know more about it,

is it a simultaneous or consecutive interpreting task? Do you have the

company name where the service should be performed? Can you tell me how

much you are expecting to pay per 8h day and maybe we can get an

agreement? Otherwise, I will quote US$ 400 daily or US$ 50 per hour -



Concerning translation, I keep the price, although able to negotiate if



US$ 0,045 - my translation only 

US$ 0,06 - my translation and a proofreading done by a Canadian

translator. The final result is a perfect translation.


I am also a Software Engineer by the way (IT related) and I have deep

knowledge in this subject. For example, I provided translations to 3Com,

Adobe, Compaq, Caere, Creative, Dell, Encad, HP, Intel, Lexmark,

Microsoft, Macromedia, Novell, Sybase, SAP, Texas Instruments, Xerox etc.




Concering 30,000 words from Brazilian English into English. My charge is

the following


US$ 0,045 - my translation only 

US$ 0,06 - my translation and a proofreading done by a Canadian

translator. The final result is a perfect translation.


I have Trados if needed and I have been translating since 1993.


Concerning the interpreting, I definitively would need more information

about it (languages, the kind of interpreting) to give a quote.




My rate for translation is 0.07 ^ / source word. My native language is

Brazilian Portuguese.


I do not work with interpretation.


In case you need additional information, please let me know.




I've been a translator and

interpreter for 18 years. My native language is Latin American Spanish,

but I´m perfectly fluent in English.


My price for the 20,000-word translation into English is US$0.10.


My price per day (8 hours) for interpreting is US$125.


I will be looking forward to hearing from you.




I charge 0.10 dollars per word but as this is a big translation I would

charge 0.05 dollars per word. I can translate a minimum of 5,000 words per

day with over a 97 percent acurrecy. I look forward in hearing from you.




I have 8 years experience in English<>Spanish translations and am very

interested in this project. My price for translation is $0.07 US per

source word My native language is Spanish My price for interpreting is

$50.00 per hour. I do have a Kenax account with more details and





Thank you for emailing me regarding the translation project from Spanish

to English; the latter being my native language.  That is the reason I

have attached my CV to this email.  As you can see from the CV I am

nationally accredited in the field of Spanish to English translation and

furthermore have completed a Masters in both Translation and Interpreting.



With regards to my quote, I would say 0.03 Euros per source word.  A more

definitive bid would be possible if I knew the nature of the translation

as well as the deadline for it. 


Unfortunately I am not in South America at the moment so would not be able

to help out on the interpreting front.


Please feel free to contact me if I can provide you with any more





My standard rate is $0.08USD/word for Spanish-English or English-Spanish

translation. However, I would not be able to start this until March, as my

mother has some health issues I am currently busy helping her with. But I

thought I'd send in this quote, since I don't see the time frame for the

project. I am not interested in the interpreting work at this time.  




In response to your demand, I would like to inform your company about  my

serious commitment in delivering quality spanish to english and  english

to spanish translations. It is my intention to provide  clients with the

best results, yielded from the amalgam of science  and communication



I may establish my rate for the named project at 0.05€ per word, 

having in mind the delivered information, although I'm willing to 

talk about prices and details to be able to reach an agreement.


I was born in Barcelona-Spain though had all my important and primary

studies coursed in English. I did consolidate my language primary  studies

at Benjamin Franklin International School with a Certificate  of

Competence in English, as a second language, from the University  of



Knowledge is comprised of a scientific and communications basis. 

Ranging from Computer Science, Management, Physics and Astronomy, 

Design, including Eco-Architecture, and psychology. I've been in the

space and environmental activism and sustainable development research

sectors for the last 6 years, working for a prominent think tank  based in



I have also coursed specialty studies on lecture, audience, writing  and

communication, as-well as other relevant cognitive-process  pedagogy

studies that definitively improved my vision of  communication. Experience

with international organizations (non- profit), campaigning, transnational

peace movements and other  scientific related circles. I've also worked on

sales and   advertising. I've been translating documents, essay and other

data  for the last 7 year. (spanish- english, both ways). My fluent and

rich vocabulary in english is certainly balanced with my native  spanish

skills. My translation services have yielded excellent  results for the

las 6 years, targeting clientes from various  industries and sectors

throughout the US, Canada and Latin America.


I'm definitively prepared to manage specific projects and ready to 

demonstrate my skills.

Please feel free to contact me for any inquiry on personal o 

professional details.




You will not find?many Translators/Interpreters?with more experience.

(Certified in the USA)


I am responding to the job posted on Proz.:

Three (3) month interpreting (S. America) and?20K translation.


Please, be so kind as to review my CV (Enclosed in MS WORD).




I saw your ad at


My professional services translation experience (5 years), my University

degrees in Sociology and Historical Sciences, my educational background of

both French and English language (7 years)and both Spanish and Italian (4

years)as well as my work experience as Portuguese teacher and Journalist,

afforded me the opportunity to become familiar with this job.


In addition, I provide below a brief overview of my ability to match your

specific needs: - feature writing (Portugal) - copy-editing (Portugal) -

newsletters (Canada) - press releases (Canada) - touristy guides (Canada)

- sociological studies (EU Comission) - project of Art and Culture (Italy)

- legal documents (Portugal, Luxembourg)) - certificates and extracts

(Russian) - bibliographies (Portugal) - research and writing a weekly

cultural magazine (Portugal) - research and writing books (Portugal) -

manuals:   tech/ engineering  (China); H&M (Sweden); Honeywell DVR

Operations   Manual (USA); medical (USA); architecture, sculpture and

painting (Italy); - e-learning (IBM) - cultural paperback (Luxembourg)) -

human resources: Labour Code (Inditex Group) - websites (UK) - medical

studies (UK, USA) - bank products (Luxembourg) - general documents,

questionnaires and notices (EU) - cosmetic products for \"Bottega Verde\"


Rate: 0.08 USD per source word


Looking forward to hear from you,




I've just received a quotation for interpreting in Brazil. The

interpreters I may contact charge US$500/business day, for six hours of

work a day. They live in Brazil. I believed this same colleague would

quote translation too but she referred me to another colleague. Do you

want me to contact her?




Mexico, but am

waiting for the answer of some more colleagues. In the meantime, let's see

the rates for Argentina and one option for Mexico.


In general, we interpreters charge by the hour or day, but I think it may

be a bit high for them. My rate by the day would be US$300. However, as it

is a job for four months, I think it is a better choice to charge a flat

rate for the month, which I suggest as US$2000/month. This involves

working Mon through Fri, 8 hs  a day. To this, a US$50/hourly rate for

every extra hour should be added. Please choose whatever you deem more

suitable or maybe you can present both possibilities and let the client

decide. These rates apply to either one interpreter the whole day or two

interpreters, one in the morning and another one in the afternoon,

depending on the intensity of the interpreting work. If the job involves

interpreting non-stop, a lot, most of the days, then two people should be

involved, and the rate of course would double. That's why it is important

to know the details of the job. Additionally, I would like to sign a

contract with the client since I would be committing much of my working

time and this involves making changes in connection with my other clients.



As to Mexico, one of my colleagues would be willing to relocate there for

the four months. The rates would be the same, but relocation expenses

should be added, i.e. travel and accommodation expenses. I don't know if

they would be willing to pay for that....


If you think these rates are not good for your markup, please let me know

and we can discuss them further. I will be out of the office now for a few

hours but of course you can write to me in the meantime.


Let's keep our fingers crossed!




Do you know what country the IT company is from? I'm finding out with a

Portuguese >English interpreter but she is away on holidays. I hope she

can answer soon. When do you have to submit the info? Tomorrow? I think it

will be more difficult to find someone in Mexico, but I'll keep on trying.




Thank you very much for approaching me with this project. It does sound



Before thinking of a rate, could you tell me some more details about the

project, especially the interpreting portion? Would interpreting involve

accompanying people to meetings, simultaneous interpreting for

conferences, accompanying businessmen to dinner, etc.?


As to translation (only the Sp>Eng), I believe U$S0.075/source word is a

good rate. Is it good for your markup?


If you need, I can find out about the Portuguese>English translation

portion and maybe interpreting in Brazil.


I will be looking forward to your news.




I'm interesting by the project for interpreters in South America.


Yours Truly,


Rate 50$ USA/hour. I can also do translation on site..




As per your request, here sre my rates.


Translation from Portuguese into English - $0.06 per word

Interpreting - US$ 500 per day per interpreter.

These rates are essentially foe Portuguese into English only although I

can also cater for the Spanish needs. All interpreters and translators are

Brazil based so transport and lodging are yet to be negotiated.




I enclose my cv in response to you request for a translator from Spanish

to English for a project of 20,000 words. As you can see, I have worked

professionally in the IT sector, and also have extensive experience as a

professional translator. My rate for this volume of translation is ?0,06

per word.




Below you'll find my translation rates expressed in dollars; I don't work

as interpreter. *20,000 words from Spanish to English =  $0,03 per source





Thanks for sending me the request of your new client. I'm very interested

in working in the project, but I dont live in Buenos Aires, can I I

participate of the project living in another place of the country?. Below

I send you the my the information you asked for the job. Price for

translation only: US $0.05 price per word, or Price per day of

translation: US $60 My native language is spanish, and I work with

English-Spanish, Spanish-English translations. I hope I can receive more

information about this and about other projects you are working on.




I am willing and able to collaborate with you. I am a Mexican translator

with 22 years of interpretation and translation experience. I translated

IT and computing books for more than seven years for Prentice-Hall and

McGraw Hill. I also translated PC Magazine from English into Spanish for

ten years. Besides, I have also translated for IBM and Entel PCs. These

are the IT books I have translated.


My rate is $3,200.00 (Mexican pesos) for the eight hours session plus $500

for every additional hour. I am looking forward to hear from you. Best





My price for translation only:

0.06 cents per word (USD)


My native language: Both: English & Spanish. Highly educated in both


My price per hour or day for interpreting: Forwarding a bid of $25/hr -





20,000 words from Spanish to English = USD 860

30,000 words from Brazilian Portuguese to English =USD 1715




I have among my customers some companies in Massachussetts and Austria who

develop software.


My prices for translation are $0.06 per word,

Interpretation $50 per hour or $360 per day

My native language is Spanish.


If you need, I can also contact the other three interpreters, Spanish and

Portuguese, as well as translators.


My CV is enclosed.




I am interested in the translation and interpreting job you have

advertised at


I am highly qualified and experienced. I have a Degree in English

Philology and second Degree in Hispanic Philology. I also got the

Certificate of Proficiency in English (grade A). U have been working as a

freelance translator and interpreter for over 6 years and among my clients

are Google, Vistatec, Transperfect, Arista Interactiva etc.


I spent 3 years in Ireland, working as a Spanish teacher and freelance



My translation rate is 0,06 euros/source and my interpreting rate is 600

euros/day (negotiable, of course).




First, my apologies for not having answered sooner, i hope i'm still on

time :)


Would like to tell you that I'm available for translating both the 20,000

text from Spanish to English and the 30,000 word text from Brazilian

Portuguese to English.


I'm a Portuguese native speaker and I also know very well the spanish

language (s), hence, please send me the preliminary bid so that we can

continue the negotiations.


Looking forward to hear from you,




I am able to cooperate with you with the translation project you offer. My

rate is 0,04 usd per word, my daily output 3,000 words and my last

reference is Angie Leon Salas, Kentucky University, Community Tools Box.


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