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Discussions Concerning Search Engine Optimization

coolness. Hey, cant believe it but did a random check and found my site at the top of google for “translation service“. Is it like that on your end as well? Been downloading a bunch of software and will try to get more serious with all this. Definitely need the work…

beautiful-Prague_0177 Webpage Can Make Big Bucks Through Google Link Search

Pictures of my travels, here in Prague.

Yeah, I see the link below is 5th from bottom on second page of search

My title is “Translators translation French to English” on my London index page. I change the title , trying diff combinations For I am at top for “Translation service los angeles”

hmm, just did a search for

Translation service los angeles

and found mine on top and yours in third. Must have been doing something right recently. I asked my sister and I was on the fifth page for, and for her top of the third page when she used Apparently quite the discrepancy. In any case, will keep plugging away at it and think it should only improve, because I’ve learned some interesting tricks recently. Think that the software and ebooks should help. If you like I can make you a simple Flash for yourLondonor whatever pages like I did for my SEO page. Kind of like making movies and rather fun. Or perhaps better, I could teach you how to do it yourself and you can play all you want in your spare time. I rather enjoy it.


Be sure to log off Google adwords or Google before you search for your agency. I put in my words and found I was #1, but that is because I clicked that thing on URL when I was signed in and when I searched just a min ago I was logged in. It will show your site #1 if you are logged in and have clieck those arrows

Yah, that’s google very new experiment, which I quite dig. It’s like those diggit bookmark things, where people can vote on pages. If you click on those things you are telling google which sites are important to you – I don’t do that, cause I want neutral results. But perhaps google remembers which pages you visit, so I’ll try logging out and see if it affects the results. Eventually I believe google will incorporate the votes from all people into its regular algorithm, even though it denies this. We’ll see. People power is good I say.


beautiful-Prague_0178 Webpage Can Make Big Bucks Through Google Link Search

Pictures of my travels, here in Prague

heh heh, so now I’ve made an extra 20 bucks for outlinking, this time to my goofball directory. I’ve submitted my pages to 300 directories for 35 bucks, and I see how all of them are desperately trying to get any cash, so it seems strange this guy is offering me an “so much” for this little bitty outlink. Well, better than a kick in the arse and might as well take it, heh heh

so you made 20 bucks already on something that you paid 35 bucks for? that’s pretty good.I’ve got someone who saw my resume online (from like 2 years ago) wanting to interview me for art work. Hope its worth doing! will fill it out tomorrow..

No, the 35 bucks is a separate thing. That is for “backlinks”. The more websites pointing to me the better my pagerank. The 35 bucks submitted my page (70 bucks for two pages) to 300 directories, which are like Yahoo or my But I saw how they all tried to get some money out of me, at most 20 bucks for the link. So the fact that he offered me 20 bucks for my piddly little directory seems promising. He also wrote an article for my computer tips pages, which will link back to his pages. So I am getting free content at the same time. So I’m learning the importance of these various links, and link exchanges, and that it must be done properly to be effective to google (since its new algorithm against the widely used practice).

On another note, downloaded some software and gonna try to set up an auto directory where people can submit their links and it gets handled automatically, as long as they link back to me (which the script checks). Will do that for those who have a zero or nonexistent pagerank, blab blab


Kotor Montenegro Webpage Can Make Big Bucks Through Google Link Search

Pictures of my travels, here in Kotor, Montenegro

oops, didn’t meant to scare you with the subject!

Anyway, had one of my goofy ideas how to survive. But warning you, it’s pretty goofy! Anyway, I’m sure I already mentioned to you a few times about my google ad revenues. Not much, but occasionally something happens and I make a few bucks. Like a few days ago I added ads to one of my pages and the next day I got four bucks from that page alone! Did you happen to click on the ads? That got me thinking and today I started experimenting, clicking on the highest paying ads myself, and it works! I can do my translations or whatever I’m doing, and every few minutes I go back to the pages, do a little clicking, and right back to work. Today is my first day doing it and it doesn’t seem difficult to get to ten bucks a day, which is roughly what I need to survive. Of course, the plan is to get regular websurfers to do this for me, and in such high quantity that the revenues could be half decent, like advertising on tv or radio, but for now I’ll gladly do it myself. And if you feel ambitious and would like to feel like you are supporting your desperate little son somewhere over there on some island, you can click on some too! I made a little webpage describing how to best do it, and I am just now experimenting with it, so I am sure it will not take long before I find the most effective and efficient means how to accomplish this. But at least I now now I can survive and have hit bottom!


Kotor Montenegro 2 Webpage Can Make Big Bucks Through Google Link Search

Pictures of my travels, here in Kotor, Montenegro

okay, today I’m up to 6.25$ on google adwords and I only clicked on the same page twice during a 24 hour period. Think I will try for three times next. There must be some time frame when they wont let you get away with more. In the same time frame I also tried another high paying job of mine and I got 0 bucks for each click. So I’m focusing on my highest paying page only. I’m thinking I might even be able to do some research and find out who the highest bidders are, write up a bogus webpage to geth their ads on my page, and click happy that way. On the other hand, perhaps the revenues are higher because my page is near the top of google in that related keyword search. Quite possible. If I can click three times a day I could get it up to 10 bucks (not including all my other pages), and if the proxy server thing works, I should be able to get 10 bucks for each proxy, so it could turn into something interesting! Once I get into a rhythm I might be able to make 20 bucks a day or more for about 15 minutes work. Something you might consider, considering your financial situation? That’s 600 bucks a month. Better than a kick in the ass I would think. Will keep ya updated.


So you know how to auto redirect pages? That’s what I did when I stopped using my domain. Everything directed, but important how you go about it too.

no I don’t but figured there must be a way. will search about to find out how when I get a chance to actually transfer everything.

Redirecting is easier than snot and here the code for one of my pages:



<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=windows-1250″>
<title>This page should automatically redirect</title>
<meta name=”description” content=”This page has changed location and should automatically redirect.”>
<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”4;url=”>

<body bgcolor=”#FFFFFF” text=”#000000″ topmargin=”0″ leftmargin=”0″>

&nbsp;&nbsp;This page should automatically redirect to
<a href=””></a>



That would be the code for the entire webpage. Just make sure you copy/paste the new link into all three spaces. Test it yourself – real easy. Once you have that set up then everything is transferred properly, including PR, by the search engines. For example, as I was learning about SEO, I would redirect pages that my webdesigners had made, renaming them from something like: /stuff/jobs/t_index.html to /translations/jobs/Czech-to-English.html. Now all of a sudden I had four important keywords in the address alone, which I would obviously match in the page’s Title (Czech to English Translation Jobs), which would be the same as the Heading 1 text at the top of the page, and the keywords, and throw that in some manner into the Meta Description. That’s how you do it baby!!! So whether your redirecting pages to another server or on the same server, this redirect script is the way to do it.

Kotor Montenegro 3 Webpage Can Make Big Bucks Through Google Link Search

Pictures of my travels, here in Kotor, Montenegro

I just notice that flikr is high up on google searches a lot of the time, so I want to set up an account and interlink stuff, like perhaps a Croatia pictures album pointing to my Croatia webpage etc.

I’m all about whoring myself out on free services. Flickr has a good system of groups too, that you can join and promote your photos even further, more specifically.

Yah, whoring is fun. I like being a slut. Just need to make some money for my skinny little white ass.


so my main webpage dropped to 29th for the keyword search “translation service”, but the goofy youtube video I made is like 15th.  well I heard a thing about being careful about competing with yourself. Also certain mediums are given higher priority; like my blog gets about half its search traffic from Google Images. Also I think because that video is newer than the actual page it might have popped up higher at first? maybe?


No, can’t hurt, if each page supports the other, and its all interconnected. Like Simona’s “london pottery” page, the youtube, google business local, and my html page are all pointing to one another. I hope to add to that flikr etc. All interconnected and pointing to one another. Doesn’t really matter which one ends up higher, as there are links to each.


Kotor Montenegro 4 Webpage Can Make Big Bucks Through Google Link Search

Pictures of my travels, here in Kotor, Montenegro

You careful about your keywords thing on all your eagle videos?

yeah I am but I got myself into a bit of a pickle because I registered my domain and did my website long before I started doing the eagle photo thing. So everything became all munched together. I’ve just registered, and will transfer all the eagle stuff there (after this week, which is a nightmare because I have a monster convention to go to, luckily its in town) and I guess I have to redirect all my eagle pages from to the new site. Then I will redesign to look like a proper graphic/web design site.


So you know how to auto redirect pages? That’s what I did when I stopped using my domain. Everything directed, but important how you go about it too.


Also, one thing I learned is that you should make sure your titles and descriptions are different for each page. But you can go something like Title: American eagles 1 American eagles 2

yeah that’s totally what I do, you told me a long time ago not to alt tag all the photos the same, so I just went wild bald eagles 1 to 49 or whatever it is, and juvenile bald eagle 1 to 23 etc etc.

I’m talking about the page now and not the individual pics. When pages have the same title and description, I found google ends up ignoring some of them outright. Not good at all. It’s like they don’t exist.


Stoliv Montenegro Webpage Can Make Big Bucks Through Google Link Search

Stoliv, Montenegro

And always put a weblink back to your main or other page, as my youtube account shows (link from every single video)

hmm, I don’t usually put my website link in the description of my videos, I figure having it featured in my YouTube profile is enough. and one of my tags is ketadesign, which pushes my website higher the more it is propagated on the net (blog, youtube, myspace, flickr tags)

Now, I’d say this is very important. As I mentioned the interlinking above. Each youtube video has room for a description and keyword tags. Definitely use that for your advantage, and add the weblink. Helps fer sure.

Eventually I plan to do something similar with flikr etc.  i haven’t gone to my flickr account in so long I don’t even remember what I put on there.

I just notice that flikr is high up on google searches a lot of the time, so I want to set up an account and interlink stuff, like perhaps aCroatiapictures album pointing to myCroatiawebpage etc.


okay, now not only do I have a very fun offline thing to do once the sun goes down – learning PHP – but during the day I’m setting up my new Reciprocal Link exchange directory at . Will incorporate that into my manual directory . Decided to set up an automated one because I’m being approached by people for a link exchange and who offer a link out from pages that have a zero or nonexistent PR. Waste of my time to even answer their emails. Now they can do it themselves through my fantastic automated system.

If you ever want to know what a page’s PR is and keyword density, I use two good addons for my firefox if you’d like to know them.

The text on these pages reveal some of our search engine optimization tricks. For a full service please feel free to contact us.

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Pages that Link to Translation Work Pay Well on Google


Discussions Concerning Search Engine Optimization

Dear Sir or Madam , I work on a website that offers translation services; for example, legal contracts, official documentation and website translations and after perusing your website I am keen to host an advertisement on your site . I would be interested in placing a one-page advertisement on your website. I will provide a unique text for this advert that will be created by our professional writer for your site, in accordance with your editorial guidelines. It would be fantastic to hear back from you about this. I look forward to your reply.


pictures-of-Thailand_036_1 (Photo credit: tree planting)

I’d like to point out that the two pages you have chosen are linked to from pretty well all of my 700 plus pages. These two are some of my most important pages and I’d like you to reconsider your discount.

This is my first time doing this and I’ve spent the last several days studying link exchanges. Did you say you wanted a link out from within my existing text or something (it is no problem for me to add more text, since I write fast and a lot), or is this a banner ad on the side? Do you pay one year in advance? Or can we break it down by month so I can try it out and see if it will negatively affect my rankings? Although I assume not because the two pages I would be linking to are translation related and have a fairly high PR.


pictures-of-Thailand_036_36 (Photo credit: tree planting)

Would you consider more outlinks on other pages? All my pages are original content text, and I have recently started focusing on monetising them, where for a few years I was focusing more on the writing aspect and interlinking them. Do you have any suggestions how I can proceed? During my readings the last few days I learned that a lot of link exchange packages, especially those which use scripts and link out to spammers or something, can severely negatively affect my overall PR. Especially after some recent google upgrade. So I want to be careful. Obviously if some of these packages negatively affect my PR the outlinks I will have sold to you will become less attractive, for which reason your help would be appreciated.

Let’ have another link in this page: Place me links in the upper part of the website. About the price I want some discount in the price, as links are now going to be placed in the inner pages not in the homepage. I will pay you US $ 250 for 3 links, this is little bit compromise and I think you will accept this. For now let’s know me your thoughts.


pictures-of-Thailand_035_3_16 (Photo credit: tree planting)

Okay, how about these: translating/translation-tips/translation- tips.html Number one on google for Translation Tips, PR2 You mentioned – Translation Agency, PR3, I could also suggest: translations/translation-resources.html 19 on google for Translation Resources, PR2, translations/translation-jobs.html PR2 translating/languages/languages-of-the-world.html PR2 PR2 – but I guess that isn’t educational related enough Other PR2 pages you might consider: >


pictures-of-Thailand_034_33A (Photo credit: tree planting)

Show me site that will have content specific and will Have minimum pr 2 . Yes the price was US $ 100 per year .

Subject: RE: Interested in placing one Full page advertisement I work as a third party for my clients. All are Education clients.

Hi Harry, so six outlinks in total was it? Three from and three from the Translation Tips? I’d rather not link out from the main 001 page because I am trying to get high in Translation related keywords with that particular page. Did you say a hundred dollars per year per link? I can also link out from a directory I’ve started which I am using for link exchanges. No charge but just a link exchange? I am also developing individual pages for each language, which seems education related.

I will want the links to be placed on this : and if you will not be interested in linking me from this page you can link me from this inner page also ing/translation-tips/translation-tips.html . For now let me know how much is your expectation per link per year. Waiting for your reply on this .


pictures-of-Thailand_034_4_01 (Photo credit: tree planting)

What would the ads promote? I am a bit pensive of adding it to my main entry page, as it may affect my keyword rankings, but it is possible. I also own the sister site at the bottom of this page ( and that has beneath it roughly 700 pages of original text. Are you only interested in the main entry pages? I spend almost full time on SEO and hope to give the various pages an html facelift. Eventually have others doing this work for me.

This will be a text link and not a Banner. The text link having 2 to 3 words maximum. And for this I will pay you per link/year US $ 100 and if you agree to this price then I will place 2 or more links . For now let me know your thoughts ..


I am starting to get regular requests Oh Karel I’m so glad. I would hate to see you lose all the work you’ve done over the decades in building the translating company. I wasn’t really sure where you were going with all the SEO and alternate websites and stuff. I always considered the translating your bread and butter, and was worried you may be letting go of it to focus on other things. So this is really great, and I hope it grows into a steady flow of income! It’s Friday, so I’ll drink a beer for you tonight.

Right on and thanks. Yah, the SEO stuff was precisely a way how to find my own customers, especially international ones, so that I don’t have to rely on those dork Czechs, who always tear apart my translations and nickpick over bullshit and small points. They simply do not like letting me translate loosely and try to get me to translate Czechglish and closer to their sacred original, which is professionally insulting to me and which I refuse to do. Dealing with them can be a pain, I’m sick of their smugness, and many times they just don’t pay. So this SEO stuff was aimed at freeing myself from them. Especially stupid Czech translation agencies, which are the worst of all. I’m done with their stupid mentality. But while doing and learning all this stuff, it occurred to me that I could make money from it too. It has definitely been an interesting learning experience, and I feel that once I click in high enough on google, orders will be coming in all directions at once: translations for me, translations for my other translators, DTP, SEO, webpage design, programming… you name it.


pictures-of-Thailand_037_1_04 (Photo credit: tree planting)

I’ve been masterminding it this way for several years, but you can imagine there was a lot to learn and experiment with. I imagine that many people must have thought I’m just wasting my time, but they just don’t see what I see, or the vision and overall strategy in my head. When I try to explain something like this to Jana and mom, they just roll their eyes, see that I have tattered clothes, and cant see anything beyond that. “He’s not making money, so he must be simply wrong.” Naïve and simple way of looking at things, but then again, for two people who I must have spent 3 days teaching how to copy/paste, or in the case of Jana, repeat over and over and over and over again how to check her email, I can only forgive them their ignorance. It’s not their fault. So I just quietly work away, as any perservering entrepeneur does, and wait for the day when my vision becomes reality, and then all the little folks around say, “congratulations. How did you do it? Connections through your daddy or something?”


+0200 Subject: success! cau dudes, had to share this with someone. So it seems that my Czech to English translations translator CV page is now near the top of google, ranking for example something like 6th for “Czech to English translator“. I am starting to get regular requests so I will focus more on this page, because I stopped about a month ago. Hopefully it will get higher. Now that I am getting requests from people in the west I can slowly start considering to raise my prices. People in the west are generally much happier with my service, because they know what English is supposed to sound like and are not dorks like Czechs who may know some English and complain that I have translated “so loosely”; and most importantly, they’re not assholes and most of the time actually pay me. So my plan now is to focus on this page more to get it higher. Once and if I start to get a lot of work, I will keep focusing on this, and eventually take some of my earnings to pay people to do the same for the billion other language combinations my agency offers, now that I know how to do it. A long term and expensive project but well worth it. This is a strategy I developed while treeplanting. Simple and practical. I guess for the past two years I’ve been focusing on my main translation page, which is in a much more competitive bracket. Even though I have gotten fairly high on google for “translation service”, it is better for me to focus on less competitive keywords like “Czech to Polish” or “German to English translations“, and work from the bottom up. Once the individual pages get high up in their individual keywords, by each of them pointing to my main page everything will slowly climb upwards in all the important keywords. A lot of work but I see the other big companies are doing the same thing. The important point is that I get translations for me, so I can build on something from the bottom. I don’t like the work but I can make good money at it, and then pay some expats etc. in Prague orShanghai to work on the other pages, because it really is a lot of work. Anyway, just wanted to share this latest success. latero



pictures-of-Thailand_037_E (Photo credit: tree planting)

oh my goodness, I just did a random check and was shocked to find my 001yourtranslationservice thing number one on google for the keyword “translation service”. Can you check how it looks on your end? Seems like my strategies are working. Anyway, started downloading a bunch of software and think it will only get better. Also some ebooks on the subject. If I make money one day will buy the software that I found useful. Anyway, really curious all that I will learn and accomplish over the next month.

mmmm, sorry man, on you’re on the middle of page 5 (which is still pretty good, I mean you’re competing against Google Translate and stuff), but for you’re right at the top of page 3 which is pretty fantastic. [Turns out that I must not be logged into google to yield the same results for others, so use a different browser, like Opera for example, to research this alone. Never follow/click on any of the results, otherwise that browser too will start to remember what you like and distort the results accordingly.] I’m off to Cancun for just a few days very early tomorrow morning, back at midnight Wednesday. Won’t be checking email or doing anything remotely work-related while I’m gone.yeahyeahyeahyeahYEAH fun and sun for me!-Keta From:

Strange about the difference. Surprisingly a lot. Anyway, think things will only be going uphill from here so maybe I’ll ask you again in a few months.

Have a good one in the sun!

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