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Try a Day of Water and Vitamin and Think Keep Good Blood, Heart and Body


> sauer cabbage, not sterilized is very god for detox plus extremely
> high amount
> of vit C.

Sounds good. Just keep experimenting and try to stay natural! Your body is natural, so don’t pump chemicals into it. Will only deposit in your cells somewhere and eventually lead to problems, like cancer. Cancer is probably formed from all the chemicals around us, causing cells to mutate.

For my juice I get a 1.5 litre bottle of water. If possible use quality water and not some crap from the tap. Then ten tables spoons of maple syrup, I think 5 sqeezed lemons, and then sprinkle with chilli or cayenne for flavour. Should all be on my site. It’s actually quite tastey! If I had two 1.5 L bottles a day I found I was almost full! Then in the evening you can make yourself delicious garlic soup from chicken or vegetable broth. Delicious and the water fills up your belly, so you feel full. Just not too much hot stuff, otherwise it’ll burn your bum once it comes out after a few days (try not to read my horror story website about the Ultimate Burning Ring of Fire).

If you’re still hungry, you can probably chomp on an apple or fruit. See how long you can go on like this. Maybe 5 days or more? Then, if you want to crank up the steam, try one day of water only, or as long as you can handle it, then back to the juice, and then bring your body back slowly, meaning one day of a hearty salad. Ya gotta go in slow, and out slow. Don’t shock your body. Not good for it. If you do it right you shouldn’t feel any pain at all, but feel light and energetic (cause your body isn’t working hard to break down meat and garbage). I often cant sleep more than 4 or 6 hours a day. Animals instinctively fast when they are injured. Your body has much more energy and it uses it to heal yourself. Good luck! K

can you please advise when you have a moment how do you mix the juice for the fasting… the lemon, maple sirup and chill? what are the measurements. it sounds good to drink it even not being on detox. i think i may try the three day one at the beginning. and i will try to prepare myself for that 3-4 days ahead. i need a discipline! not sure if i manage three days on water only but i will try. when i was sick i didnt eat much at all, just apples and tea and water for about 5 days. i couldnt eat anything how sick i was. Sorry to bother you with this. and thanks for being patience with me. Hope your trip went well and that you are safe and sound wherever you wanted to be. keep in touch. hugs,k p.s. i saw the green stuff of yours …yack!o/


was nice to talk to ya.

Okey dokey, so for my heart I believe the following could help:

– dextrose, ginger root, mutlivitamins, but I think I remember the doctor mentioning in particular B12 and B2 or something like that. I guess just some good multivitamin should do it, as I also read on the internet.

Just did a research on the internet and found the following, the third paragraph after the previous two which said vitamins E and C are important (I remember my Chinese doctor also mentioning C):

But it’s not just the antioxidant vitamins that can play a role in keeping our hearts healthy and strong. The B vitamins are important too. There is some evidence that taking sufficient amounts of folate, or folic acid, every day may help to reduce the risk of heart disease in some people. Folic acid, despite its unusual name, is actually one of the B vitamins. It’s worth considering your intake of vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 too. That’s because, though there is still scientific debate in this area, it seems that people with a low homocysteine level, which is linked to heart disease, also have low levels of vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 in their diets. Find your vitamin B6 in fish, chicken, wholegrain cereal, liver and eggs. Vitamin B12 is in fish, dairy products, meat and yeast extract. As vitamin B12 is not found in foods deriving from plants, very strict vegetarians or vegans sometimes suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency. If this sounds like you, try to develop a taste for yeast extract. Try it on toast, or add some to soups, stews and casseroles.

Found another site and I guess I’ll have to try harder for fish stuff, although I do eat canned mackeral almost regularly. I try to buy vacuum sealed and smoked mackeral when I see it.

Then, for my fasting, the standard Paragone, but each time I forget to mention: Black Walnut Tincture and 4 ornithine capsules.

What am I a doctor prescribing myself? Certainly sounds like it doesn’t it! But if you saw what comes out of my liver every year, you might even yourself consider gooping down cup fulls of olive oil! Tastes pretty gross, but this year at least I have the cold around, which is suppose to make it more bearable. But out of it comes 1 or 2 coffee mugs full of cholesterol balls, which only clog your liver and make it much less efficient. Your liver is in charge of filtering the body. Recently I’ve compared it to driving 1.5 million miles in a car and never changing the gas filter or oil. People seem to understand this concept better than their bodies. It’s the same as an entire lifetime without cleaning the liver/filter. It just gets dirtier and dirtier, and then it doesn’t clean much but the dirt just circulates through your body, like dirt in the oil that ends up between the piston rings and causes all sorts of other problems. Supposed to be done at least twice a year and cannot possibly harm you. But the way I do it is much more powerful. Anyway I think the orinthine capsules are supposed to help me fall asleep faster or something, which is supposed to be quite important. In the past I use to just lie there for hours trying to sleep (I don’t sleep well on my back with my head slightly raised, as per the instructions). Have absolutely no clue what’s the purpose of the tincture, but will let you know if it’s more powerful than previously. I improve it every time and this time I want to try meditating and not working during the 8 day water-only part. A new experiment to see if I can make the experience more spiritual rather than strictly for health reasons. Will be interesting experimentation.

Anyway, thanks a bunch, have a happy Christmas, say hi to all da folks, and sell your house! k


okay, just spent my time researching Atrial Fibrillation or Flutter. The latter is milder and not sure which one I got, but I think the vitamin thing and stuff I previously recommended could be the way to go. In short, if the heart flutters like that, it does not pump blood effectively, in which case it can stagnate and possibly form blood clots. Blood clots once created and circulating through the veins can eventually get stuck somewhere and cause problems. Such as in the brain and lead to stroke. Luckily I started noticing this and will start concentrating on this now. Nothing to get worried about cause it only happens occasionally and for very brief moments, but now I’ll keep my attention on it and see if making my heart healthier and stronger (athough it is supposed to be quite strong) will reduce these instances. Aspirin is also a possibility, as it can reduce the chance of forming blood clots, but has other possible negative affects which I’d rather avoid, so will try the natural approach for a while and see the long term affects. Just don’t get worried! I gauge my body and listen to it carefully, unlike most people. So prevention and listening to one’s body is the best approach and I believe I’m catching this at the very beginning, so no probs. Don’t get stressed!


well, know I’ve been getting lazy since I moved into the truck (before that I was highly active in Prague with different types of sports almost every day), but still manage to maintain it a bit. Jog on the beach often. It depends. Recently with the contruction job I was busy all day, so not sure if this is the problem. Anyway, will try the vitamines, ginger and dextrose and see if that makes a difference. Don’t think I have too many impurities due to my cleansing every year. Thanks for the tips!

Salted butter doesn’t need to be in the fridge, but I suppose in some of the places you are it would turn into a puddle if not, so . . . Gross!

The flutterby heart feeling is what I had, usually when I was sitting & studying. Yeah, super many years ago. Turned out to be nothing. Ivo had a lose valve in his heart his whole life, had to get it fixed a few years ago. That’s the kind of thing that is hereditary but you are also born with it so they would have detected it.

There are two easy things you can do to feel better right now: activity and drinking water. Plain water. As we get older everything is harder on the body and the heart bears the brunt of it, trying to bring good blood to the other organs. 8 regular sized glasses of water a day plus one for every cup of coffee or drink of alcohol. Beer is easier on the kidneys than other booze but is very high in fat and calories.

One way to keep tabs on how well your body is filtering is to check your skin. Its the body’s largest organ and sustained impurities will show up in skin problems.

My blood also clots quickly but I’ve never worried about that happening inside an artery. Stroke however is a concern but not yet. You said you had low blood pressure, me too, so stroke is not likely. Keep the salt down and the water up.

I think activity is critical for this, above all else. And since your physicality seems similar to mine I would say you need a lot of it. Even at 30 I could go on some serious hike or other day-long big activity without even feeling anything, now I do the next day! Less than other people but still. It takes longer for muscles to recover, used to be able to sleep it off. My breathing is good so I know muscles are getting oxygen (not starved).

Granted I was at a disadvantage because of all the extra weight, still got some of it, but now have built up my stamina so I can keep up intensity (get heart beating fast for a long time) AND not be sore the next day. Do you know how long it takes?? 2.5 hours a day, 4 days a week. That’s how much this body needs to maintain! I think maybe because we were so active when we were kids. Also my resting heart rate is low so it takes more work for longer to get it up and keep it up. Count you heartbeats when you first wake up, before you get out of bed. I think 70 is low, can’t remember, it wouldn’t be hard for you to find out for your age group.

Low blood pressure + low resting heart rate = no stroke probably.

I go 4 times a week to my exercise place for an hour, work up a gentle sweat; breathing heavy but not panting, can still talk. Another 4 times a week I walk a trail above the beach that has steep up & down hill parts. Takes about an hour and a half, depending on how many doggies I stop to pet. For this I really focus on going hard, breathe really deep to the bottom of my lungs. It counteracts all the other hours of the day sitting at the computer.

Breathing exercises are really good by the way, I did Pilates for a year using a book with pictures & descriptions, it felt like I had just had a massage when I was done!

They used to say 20 minutes jogging or cycling = 1 hour walking. Now they say one hour a day minimum, doesn’t matter what it is.