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I recently met someone who claims he has found a natural cure-all. People from all over the world come to him to be healed of cancer and all sorts of horrible skin diseases, and amazingly this natural herb, which you can grow yourself and apply his freely available filtration technique and recipe, WORKS (picture samples and recipe below). I wish I had known about this before my aunt’s recent death from cancer. At least I can make these pages in her honour.


natural-cancer-cure-remedy-treatment_01           But before I tell you what this wonder plant is, we might ask ourselves, why is it illegal? It has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal qualities, and is still used freely for this purpose in various parts of the world.

           The herb is illegal mostly because it cannot be patented and the pharmaceutical industry would not be able to make a profit from it. And not only is it due to lost opportunity of profits for the pharmaceutical industry, because it cures every disease (below are pics of how it cured my plantar wart in ten days flat, after I had been struggling with it for half a year and trying everything possible), it also represents a grave threat to many other industries. It is the same molecule as petroleum and produces superior oil and plastic, and can run your car. It makes much stronger fabric for clothes, or nylon stockings, for example. In five months it can produce five times better quality paper than trees on the same sized plot of land can in fifty. In fact it was legally required to grow in the US to help with the WW2 war effort. It became illegal after a friend of the owner of Dupont, a major plastics producer, published scary lies about the herb throughout his chain of 12 newspapers. Industry would simply lose an immense amount of profits if we could produce so many things in our own backyard.

           At this point many people decide simply not to believe, not to listen to testimonies or read up on scientific reports (plenty of documentation below). For such people I hope they will or know of someone desperate enough to give it a try. You will see for your self. Give it a try, be amazed, spread the news. I have been studying the situation for more than ten years and will now explain why I think it is illegal.


Why this cancer cure is illegal

           Again, many at this point will simply refuse to believe. Just try out the oil on some ailment so you can start thinking about it. About two weeks after 911 I received an email with a somewhat different explanation than what was told in the mainstream media, and it seemed to make much more sense. It is at this point that I started to pay more attention, and seek out alternate sources of news. Ranging from the financial sector, reading reports on how the big financial players play the game, to independent journalists specialising in the U.S.'s military involvement overseas. Watched tons of documentaries, researched my own to occasionally verify certain pieces of information, and uncovered an illusion nothing short of absolutely mind boggling.

natural-cancer-cure-remedy-treatment_02           To understand we need only ask a simple question. Something like 2% of the world's population controls 60% (some say 80%) of its wealth, respectively 1% and 90% in the US, where a lot of the world's power is focused. Even if it was only 60%, you only need 51% to control a company, less with certain manipulations. You are not going to waste your time with mama papa dime operations but always seek out monopoly control and the largest companies. You will try to buy lakes and sources of water, as Nestle recently approached the UN for the rights to do so. You will invest heavily in massive agrobusiness to control the food supply, always using your power and wealth to systematically wipe out as many small farms as possible, relentlessly working towards full, monopolistic control. You will use your wealth to fund lobby groups and campaign contributions, which all go to pay for advertising, so you might as well own that too. 96% of mainstream media is owned by six corporations. Do you not think that if you had so much of the world's wealth you would also have vested interests in controlling the flow of information? This is crucial in controlling a population.

           Did you know that the Rothschild family owns all but three of the central banks in the world (Libya was recently knocked out but all that apparently remains is North Korea and Iran)? And that in 1800 they purchased the Reuters news agency, basically the source of all our news? Go ahead and verify this yourself, but if this is the case then the mainstream is strangely silent, as they are about so many other things. natural-cancer-cure-remedy-treatment_03Did you know that the Federal Reserve is a privately owned company, as is the IRS, both of which were created the same year? Did you know that JFK was the only president who made an effort to disband the Federal Reserve? Look what happened to him. There is no reason why a country cannot print its own currency, like the greenback, based on gold. Why pay a company interest on loans for wars and other things when you can print your own money? The way they seduce and subdue us is extremely intelligent and sophisticated. But they have the resources to hire the most brilliant minds.

           The more I read and study this matter, the more I am amazed of how we have been hoodwinked throughout history. With that much wealth, do you not think it would be easy to hire a group of trained thugs to infiltrate a group of peaceful protestors and start breaking things to make the protesters look bad? Or to get them to wear certain clothes, stir up commotion on both sides of a border, fund small, opposing groups within a country to stir up commotion and eventually profit from the resulting war and following reconstruction?

           The powers in control have been playing this game throughout history, its magnitude confounding, but with the free internet, as long as it lasts, we have the opportunity to educate ourselves and not be dependent on narrow bands of information, easily controllable around the pipeline.


What to do about it


natural-cancer-cure-remedy-treatment_04Using this oil and carrying around a slideshow on your phone can be a good start. There are so many illnesses, viruses and infections that can be healed this way, pulling the carpet from under the pharmaceutical industry (a 500 billion dollar a year industry - which, by the way, stands to explode once the industry's agents have succeeded in overprescribing antibiotics so much to render it useless to super bugs - there is almost always a natural cure!), spreading the news and making people think. The more of us that know about their games of enslaving humanity, the closer we will reach a single consciousness and capable of peacefully stepping back from their system.

       They certainly will not want to let us go and will use all their resources to keep us locked in their fear. They will use their media to paint horrible pictures to convince us to go to war. They will use various arguments to take away our rights in the name of security and protection against the threat they themselves are creating. I have posted the most important and interesting articles I've read on my facebook profile. The ways they are keeping a thumb on humanity is a horrifying crime. So much unnecessary suffering in the world.

       So in addition to getting the word out as fast as possible, before they arrange a world war and shut down the internet, we need to stop feeding their system. Which means not buying from the largest corporations, supporting mama papa operations, and trade directly with other humans without taxes or possibly even currency (or use bitcoins, the people's currency). And consume as little as possible. They will use their advertising to tempt you. It is all the same, evil machine. Throw out your TV and use your free time for constructive means. Read about permaculture to learn how you can grow your own organic vegetables, with four times more productivity than traditional farming (ten times more if you include the various costs of chemicals and oil consumption for transport or processing - note that 70% of Russia's food supply comes from its own backyard), growing it in your kitchen, balcony, sides of and in between apartment buildings, or in a neighbouring forest (Seattle now grows fruit open for consumption in its public parks). The corporate puppet government will always make up some law against this, arguing such nonsense that tomatoes are not attractive to look at, but we just need to start planting and stop listening to what we are being told. Solar panels, full self-sufficiency, unplug from the system and trade freely amongst ourselves. With solar panels, 3D printers, bitcoins and other technology (preferably open up the patent vaults as so much technology was gobbled up and buried by the big companies) we are perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves and don't need big brother breathing down our necks with its surveillance cameras up our arses.

natural-cancer-cure-remedy-treatment_05       The Zeitgeist movement  offers interesting insight, based on a French architect's vision for humanity, new designed cities or communities based on self-sufficiency, as technology now allows us and as should be our God-given right. Which includes freedom to use water falling from the sky (some states do not allow you to capture water), grow food from the land around us, and live in communities of harmony . Why should you be thrown into jail for growing food in a forest? It is absurd. The bugs, worms, birds and other animals freely cross borders and nibble on food around them, so why must we be in such chains? We must throw off these shackles, stop believing their lies and pull the plug from under them. Their system is only possible if enough of us play along. Spend as little as possible and try to trade your skills or products with others. You can use forums to post your skills and match up with others. If you earn money then spend it very wisely, storing the rest in gold buried in the desert. Every dollar you store in the bank is lent out 10 fold, due to the 10% required reserve. So 90% of currency is essentially debt and fuelling mad consumption which is only destroying the planet and enslaving humanity into increasing debt. The more of us who move towards self-sufficiency in this way and move away from a dependence on currency, the less control they will have over us. And stop believing their lies and following their calls to war. There is plenty of land out there for all of us to coexist with one another. It will be a process but the sooner we get there the better, because they do not want us to become aware of this. It is also easy to make our own internet, each person with a router relaying the connection to anyone else in range.


Below are links to different sources where you can verify much about this powerful herb. For myself, after struggling with a plantar wart under my foot for half a year and trying absolutely everything I could think of, I resorted to trying the oil myself and managed to heal it within ten days flat.

How hemp oil cured my plantar wart in ten days flat:

How hemp oil cured my plantar's wart in ten days flat    How hemp oil cured my plantar's wart in ten days flat

You can watch the full transition and the effects of all the different remedies I tried before the hemp oil at treatment of plantar wart using hemp oil. For six months I had to limp and cover it over with duct and electrical tape, but after ten days of this potent substance I was out and about jogging again.

I was so excited that I put the pictures on my phone as a slide show so that I could show them to others. I was somewhat intimidated by the production process below and tried a more simple, not as potent approach of two grams of regular dope, ripped up into small chunks, throw in rice cooker, cover up with organic coconut oil (has more fat than olive oil and better as a treatment against infections), and just let it simmer there for about three days, during the day. Occasionally I would walk by and press the high button. It would stay there for a while and automatically drop back down to low. This way it hovered around a certain temperature. The THC carbonizes at 106°C aC and it should not be heated too much above that. I started using it in a few hours, when the oil was visibly dark. So even in this less potent state it is still powerful. I am experimenting with it on my cavities now, as that is an infection too.

I excitedly showed the slide show to a friend, who reported the next time we met that it wiped out his athletes foot in three days. So any infection.


Just below is the recipe. Feel free to add comments, enjoy and be healthy and happy!


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The below are instructions written by Rick Simpson himself. If you are intimidated by this process like I was, you can try my easier approach directly above, although not as potent.


I usually work with a pound or more of bud from very potent, high quality Indica or Indica dominant Sativa crosses. An ounce of good bud will usually produce 3 to 4 grams of high grade oil, where the amount of oil produced will vary from strain to strain. Therefore you can never be sure how much oil you will produce until you have processed the material you are working with. On average a pound of good bud will produce about 60 grams of high grade oil, sometimes even more. Many people claim that the oil should be amber and transparent, and many times the oils I have produced looked exactly like that. But the color and texture of the oil will depend a great deal on the marijuana strain and solvent you use. Do not be concerned if the oil you produce happens to be darker in color; this does not mean it is any less potent as a medicine.


The process I am about to describe involves washing the starting material twice with a good solvent, such as pure naphtha, to remove the available resin from the plant material. Naphtha has proven to act as a very good solvent and, in Europe, it is often called benzine. The only solvents I have direct experience with are ether, alcohol and naphtha. Ether is my personal favourite and a very effective solvent, but it is expensive and can be difficult to find. The use of ether is better suited for closed distilling devices since it is very volatile and its fumes make it dangerous to work with. Alcohol is not as effective a solvent as ether or naphtha since it is less selective in nature, but still it does work well. Alcohol will dissolve more chlorophyll from the starting material, for which reason oils produced with alcohol will usually be noticeably darker in color. For a solvent to be effective it should be 100% pure, but 100% pure alcohol is expensive and can be difficult to find. Naphtha, on the other hand, is quite cheap and is usually easy to find. Many paint suppliers sell pure naphtha as paint thinners, making it easy to get and my choice of solvent next to ether.


All these solvents, including alcohol, are poisonous in nature, but if you follow these instructions the solvent remaining in the finished oil is not a concern. Once you are done processing the oil and it has cooled to room temperature, it thickens into grease. The finished oil/grease is about as absolutely non-poisonous. Even if there was a trace amount of solvent residue remaining, the oil itself would act upon it to neutralize any harmful effects. I do not recommend the use of butane as a solvent to produce this medication since it is very volatile and would require the use of expensive equipment to neutralize the danger. Also, using butane to produce the oil does not decarboxulate the finished product, so oils produced in this manner would be much less effective for medicinal use.



The starting material must be as dry as possible. It is then placed in a container of good depth to prevent the oil solvent mix from splashing out during the washing process. Once the starting material is placed in the desired container it is dampened with the solvent being used. Be sure the area you are working in is well ventilated and that there are no sparks, open flames or red hot elements in the area. Once the material is dampened crushed it using a length of wood, such as a piece of 2x2. Once crushed add more solvent until the material is completely immersed in it. Work the solvent-immersed material for about three minutes using the length of wood you used to crush it. Slowly pour off the solvent oil mix into another clean container, leaving the starting material in the original container so that it can be washed for a second time.


Again add fresh solvent to the starting material until it is again immersed in the solvent, then work it for three more minutes with the same piece of wood. Pour the solvent oil mixture into the same container holding the solvent oil mixture from the first batch. A third wash on the plant material would produce very little oil with little or no medicinal value. The first wash dissolves 70 to 80% of the available resin from the starting material, where the second wash removes whatever remaining resin of medicinal value.


Use something such as clean water containers with a small opening at the top and insert funnels into the openings, then put large coffee filters in the funnels. Pour the solvent oil mix from the first and second washes into the coffee filters and allow the solvent oil mixture to drain through the filters to remove any unwanted plant material. Once the solvent oil mixture has been filtered it is now ready to boil off the solvent.


Use an inexpensive large rice cooker with an open top that has both high and low heat settings to boil the solvent off the oil. Make sure that the rice cooker is set up in a well ventilated area and place a fan nearby to blow away the fumes as the solvent boils off. Rice cookers are designed to not burn rice as it is cooked, whereby the temperature sensors built in it will automatically put the cooker back on the low heat setting if the temperature within the cooker begins to get too high. When producing oil, if the temperature gets too high it will vaporize the cannabinoids from the oil, which you certainly do not want. This is the reason I strongly recommend the use of a rice cooker to those who have never produced oil before, since it eliminates any danger of this happening, assuming the rice cooker is working properly.


Make sure there are no sparks, open flames or red hot elements in the area while you are filling the rice cooker or boiling off the solvent because the fumes produced from the solvent are very flammable. I have used this same process thousands of times and have never had a mishap, but for your own safety please follow the instructions. I also caution you to avoid breathing any fumes the solvents produce. Fill the rice cooker until it is about three quarters full – this allows room for the solvent oil mixture to boil off the solvent without spilling over. Put the rice cooker on its high heat setting and begin boiling off the solvent. As the level in the rice cooker drops continue to carefully add the solvent oil mixture you have remaining until nothing remains.


When the level in the rice cooker comes down for the last time and has been reduced to about two inches of solvent oil mixture, add a few drops of water to the solvent oil mixture that remains. When boiling the solvent oil mixture produced from one pound of starting material, add 10 to 12 drops of water. This small amount of water allows the remaining solvent to more readily boil off the oil that remains in the cooker. Once very little remains in the cooker, put on a pair of gloves, pick up the cooker and begin swirling its contents – until the cooker automatically kicks off its high heat setting and goes into low heat.


As the last of the solvent boils off you will hear a crackling sound from what remains in the cooker and you will see a lot of bubbling in the remaining oil. You will also notice what looks like a small amount of smoke or steam emanating from the remaining oil in the rice cooker. Don't be concerned as this is mostly just steam produced from the few drops of water that you added. Once the rice cooker has automatically switched to its low heat setting, take the inner pot out of the cooker and pour its contents into a small, stainless steel container. There will be a small amount remaining in the pot that you will find almost impossible to remove, unless you use something like dry tobacco to absorb it while it is still warm. If you are a smoker such tobacco can be quite interesting to smoke since it is now laced with the oil and can get you quite high. But for medicinal purposes you might use dry bread to absorb the oil and eat small amounts of this bread. But remember that this oil is very potent and can take an hour or more to kick in. Therefore, be careful how much of such bread you consume because it may put you to sleep for quite a few hours, as the raw oil will itself.


Take the oil that you poured into the small stainless container and put it on a low heating device, such as a coffee warmer, to evaporate whatever water remains in the oil. Quite often it only takes a short time to evaporate the remaining water, but some strains produce more natural turpins than others. These turpins can cause the oil on the coffee warmer to bubble for quite some time, and it may take a while for such oils to cease this activity. When the oil on the coffee warmer has stopped bubbling and there is little or no activity visible, remove the oil from the coffee warmer and allow it to cool.


Using plastic applicators or syringes without needles, available in your local drug store, use the syringe plunger to slowly draw the warm oil up into the syringe and allow it to cool. In a short time the oil will become a thick grease. Sometimes the oil can be so thick it can be difficult to force it out of the syringe when cooled. If this happens simply run hot water over the syringe, making it much easier to force out your doses. Sometimes a patient will force out too much oil. If this happens simply pull back on the syringe plunger. It can usually be drawn back into the syringe without much difficulty.


On average, if you have a dry pound of material to start with, it will require about two imperial gallons (9 liters or about 320 fluid ounces) of solvent to perform the two required washes. If you plan to produce the oil from less or more starting material, simply do the math to determine roughly how much solvent is required. From start to finish the entire process usually takes about four hours, after which the medicine is ready for use. These instructions should be easy for anyone, but before you start make sure you have everything you need to do it properly.


At first it may seem daunting to produce your own medicine, but the process is extremely simple. All you have to do is carefully follow the instructions and, once you’ve produced the medication a few times, you will find it about as difficult as making a cup of coffee. Once you have produced your own medication it takes all the mystery out of medicine and you will rarely need to see your doctor, since you have now become your own healer. Welcome to the world of real medicine: medicine that does no harm and is effective for practically all diseases and conditions and a wonderful natural medication you can produce yourself.


Best wishes and good health


Rick Simpson


P.S. We bear no responsibility if this information is misused, and it is provided for educational purposes only.


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Contact who produce and sell the hemp extract  

Read this testimony how someone used hemp oil extract to get rid of warts, a, after struggling for years with all sorts of other approaches. He got his from Wernard from




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You are so right on the target about 2-5% of the population controlling the media and world markets of the world! They don't want a cure for cancer or any other disease. They make money from other people's miseries including wars. I read your page and could not agree with you more! Keep telling people! I do! - Dianne


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