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Think: Water and Food is Everything, Doctor Does Not Want You to Eat Good


yah, reminds me when I was in Prague and trying to get my money’s worth for all that I had been investing into health insurance my entire life but never went to the hospital. I chose my ears, cause of the ringing sound, and sponged the crap out of them with all sorts of test. They finally said I wasn’t getting blood to my inner ear and suggested some drug which would thin my blood so it could reach it. Sure, worked for a couple of weeks but then back to “normal”. But while there I started thinking about it and asked if it could have anything to do with my wrong posture in front of the computer, and if some sort of exercise to straighten my back etc. could help. In both cases they just rolled their eyes like, “of course”, but for the first ten days I was there no one mentioned anything like this. They’re just trained to prescribe and I’m sure they must get some kickback from it. In the days of old Chinese doctors got paid if you DIDN’T need them. Could be a better system – preventive medicine. So far I’ve managed to solve everything by research and natural means, and prefer to keep it that way.

Wrote to simona about it but she practically blew up and insinuated I’m stupid. She must be a believer in the official 911 story and doesn’t make sense to talk to people like that, but I read an article around the time I started seeing these problems and it made sense. pfft, doctors and their western medicine brainwashing. One time a long time ago I was sick and I actually went to the doctor, before she even finished listening to my symptoms she had the prescription pad in her hands! I was like, “Um, isn’t there something else I can do, something I can eat or whatever to make me better?” she looked at me, seriously, she looked at me like I was fucking crazy. And she’s a good doctor. I think in the end I didn’t fill the prescription, I just was slow and careful until whatever it was left my body. I don’t like dosing up on anything and everything, sometimes you just have a virus and that’s it! it’ll go away in a week or so. Taking too much medicine is bad because in the future it won’t work. I take stuff if I absolutely need it, like if I feel like I’m gonna die, it doesn’t happen often, and I always ask for the low dose. “Drugs really affect me, even Neo Citron and Tylenol is really strong for me so don’t give me the powerful stuff”. They just think I’m nuts, seriously. One thing about Simona, I heard a thing about doctors a super long time ago and I live by this: never tell the doctor what you think is wrong with you. Like if you have headaches or whatever, never say to the doctor “I think I caught this thing” because it totally influences their judgement. Just tell the doctor what’s wrong with you, and if they can’t seem to figure it out or say something that you think is wrong THEN give them your theory. Personally I’m not so sure about your idea of the added chemicals in the vaccine or whatever you said. I don’t know anything about that. I do know that when people come to a completely foreign environment there can be reactions just to everything around you, the plants the water the food everything. I agree that for example the water used to make beer could be questionable, I could totally see that. I think there could be other things, what you breath and such. Bacteria are totally different in that biosphere, there is not that much difference between Czech andCanada, or the parts ofEuropeyou have been in until now. Still fir trees, still north, still winter, etc. where you are now is like tropical fauna that you’ve never been around before, a completely different species of insects and stuff like that. Getting down to basics and natural food is of course a very good idea. I’m surprised you were eating crappy noodle packages, those things are shit no one should EVER eat palm oil its in a lot of packaged food and its not really possible to digest so causes a huge amount of problems. Anyway, you said its getting better so that’s good. I would think it would be environmental, because if it was the vaccine you would have been having a reaction before you even got off the plane, not months later. ——————————-

I’ve read some articles that convinced me that the body is much better at healing itself that we credit it for, but we just need to treat it right. When I was at that retreat this guy lent me this book (although we weren’t supposed to read) about Jesus’s words written by the Essenes and not long ago unearthed, where he placed great emphasis on eating raw, LOCAL fruits and veggies, “food of life”, which have soaked up strength from the sun, water and air, and if we eat bread then to put it out in the sun in a special way but never to cook anything, cause we are killing the food by fire and death, and if we eat that then we are killing our bodies. Heard pretty well the same from many organic eaters lately, hence trying it. But I sure can’t miss up a good ol’ red curry chicken soup hot hot once a day! After that we need to perk our ears and listen to our bodies, no matter how faint the squeek. If I see something is wrong I’ll research it and then maybe see a doctor for an explanation, but I never thought of going for some annual checkup. Teeth maybe, but I think i’ve done that only three times since I leftCanada. I don’t eat so much meat so it  doesn’t get strips under my gums. I now use sensitive toothpaste because of all the acid from the beer I drink, or lemon/lime when I’m fasting. That’s the worst and I gotta smear my teeth with the PHP neutralising toothpaste after every dose, but perhaps there is some natural food which does the same. i found munching on sesame seeds is good, as it is full of calcium and vitamin C, and apparently our teeth were the strongest when we mostly ate nuts, so I imagine it is coating the teeth with something.

And lastly, a new experiment, based on the Water documentary I wrote to you a while ago. By the way, did you continue with those experiments? If you’re too lazy perhaps you could try one that seems totally crazy: write “hate” on a piece of paper and put it under one of your plants, wait a few months and observe. But what I do now is I meditate a little while holding a bottle  of water I just filled up, giving thanks to the water and saying “let the universe pour its healing energy and loving power into you”, and I imagine that while I’m meditating, breathing with my diaphram and imagining this energy passing through me, my hands and into the bottle of water. So I drink “live” and life giving, healing water, instead of the dead, processed shit water I purchased. A few other goofy articles I read from testimonies of psychics or other people people who have been communicated to by aliens. Several times they touch on water. One said the aliens told them to go over the hill there and fetch a bucket of water. When they came back the aliens were dissappointed and said, “Not  enough”. The guy speculated it was some sort of test, as if to test humanity’s capacity for love, which the water would have soaked up during their journey. In another case the alien said, once they will kick out the evil aliens, expose themselves and help us, that they will teach us the amazing qualities of water and how to make special pipes which can transport it while keeping its life, as opposed to the system we have no that totally kills it by the time it comes out of the tap.

In both cases they just rolled their eyes like, “of course”, but for the first ten days I was there no one mentioned anything like this.

EXACTLY!! I get so mad about stuff like that, if its so fucking obvious why didn’t they say it FIRST!! the thing is that there are some things, basic things, that we must have doctors for. Like I can’t do my annual exam on myself, if you know what I mean. So for me I think its a balance between having your basic physical self checked out once a year for the things they are good at: heart, blood pressure, lumps, . . . and also educate yourself about how to be healthy so you DON’T NEED to go to the doctor. Because once they have you, boy, you’re in for the rest of your life. Once they have you, it never ends. Its so rare that I go to the doctor between my annual checkup, the last time was when I was bit by that feral cat and my hand swelled up like insane, that was in E. Van so like ten years ago. I haven’t been to the dentist in like six years though and I’m kind of worried about that. there’s totally nothing wrong with my teeth or mouth, that I can tell, but they can find things that matter to your general health, like heart stuff. Its so crazy expensive though . . . I gotta figure that out I think because its been too long.


Hey gal, great to hear from you. I think one think you might add to your diet is to buy a geiger counter and measure everything before you buy. Heard Fukushimais a major disaster and hitting the west coast US hard. But yes, recently have read that local raw veggies fruit the best. Such as:
About 2/3rds the way through Jesus describes what we should be eating to avoid any sickness. Amazing stuff. Answering more below.

> Cau Kajo!
> How are you? What is new over there in Asia?
> So here we go… just found out yesterday I am pregnant with baby
> #2, yaaay! Also, Stephanie Vyborny is pregnant with her second baby
> and Lily (Czech Dan’s ex) is expecting her first one… baby booming
> happening indeed!

Coolness. Praying that everyone is happy and that everything will work out, because I’ve always felt in the bones of my conviction that things can get crazy in these times. Happy for you all. 🙂

> My husband and I have just started this new eating trend and I
> thought you might be interested in it. I remember you writing to me
> about your super bean soups/stews you used to cook when living in
> your van and travaling along the coast. We basically started
> juicing. We juice everything. Our juicing adventure was based on
> this documentary called “sick, fat and nearly dead”. Watch it if you
> have some free time. Interesting to watch. Really cool concept. So
> we basically juice everything, mostli veggies and drink it and feel
> pretty good. I eat other foods (healthy though) since I still nurse
> my little baby Zohar and since I am prego now. My husband only
> juices. Well.. we started to also be interested in raw food diet.
> Made some new raw dish today (pesto zucciny pasta) and OMG – so
> freaking delish! We only buy organic stuff. I was thinking since you
> live in a tropical area with tons of fresh fruits and veggies, you
> might benefit from this.

I eat mostly only salad, sometimes a coconut which fell off a tree recently, a little bit of red curry chicken soup, to which I have my knife and chop in garlic, tumeric and ginger. Fill it to the brim and add as much hot chilli peppers as they can cut for me. The Thais just shake their head in disbelief when they see me eat. And I was warned about their hot food!!

Here is a link to
>  our favorite guy who reminds me SO MUCH OF YOU!!! He is a health
> freak and seems pretty smart, just like you. Watch this short
> youtube video .. he made over 1,000 videos and they are all fun to
> watch! He is basically
> talking about everything we believe in. My husband is a chiropractor
> and we never vaccinate our child/ren and do not use any drugs
> whatsoever (well.. a bit of good old stinky weed hasn’t caused harm
> to anybody yet, huh? 😉

on this island where I am now there are a lot of what I like to call “yoga heads”. They don’t even walk but drift through the air. Strange breed indeed, but I’m learning from them and they talk a lot about alkaline levels. One suggested I add baking soda to my reverse osmosis water, as that by itself supposedly drains me of minerals. Water is apparently a super wonder.. Check out documentary called Water. I now super bless any water bottle before I drink it (and add zine and vit c for immune system, honey, and the baking soda…). It’s a war out there. The big pharmies want us all sick for their profits! Need to focus on our immunse system and the loving energy of life.
Great chattin with ya gal!
ok, just wanted to share this with you … Take care of yourself, Misa PS: we also love highly alkaline diet which raw food diet and juicing is 🙂
Check out this page, if you have the time, inspired by this great weed rebel who came to visit me long story in bg:
He apparently heals people of cancer and other crazy stuff with this hemp oil. It also makes you lose weight and he has muscles showing on his belly, at some 50+ years, and he doesn’t exercise at all! At one point his ab muscles burst out when the fat layer became too thin, because they were not used to the blanket cover.

WordPress is Everything with Pretty Changes


I’m totally boohoo right now because I was going to use this same style for my personal site,, and now you are making me think its not exciting enough to promote myself as a graphic designer. I guess stealing someone else’s code is not a good idea, but its just SO not the kind of thing I like doing! even with Dreamweaver there is so much coding bs I have to do.

well, I dunno if it’s because you told me that, but when I look at it looks like its stolen or a cheap copy or something. Or like you are trying to look professional but getting about half way there. I think the most important is to be pleasing to the ideas. Actually I find most websites out there pretty boring and poor choice of colours, and often I’m not even that happy with what I make. Personally I think when people read your articles, its nice to have all those warm colours everywhere. Now it kinda feels cold and empty. You used to paint and stuff right? I think you should focus on some sort of graphic portrayal, focusing on the comfort of your readers and not try to impress anyone. You can accomplish a lot with simple tables and nice graphics as backgrounds. If you want to get fancier you can use divs and create layers, with graphics overtop other graphics. But from what I’ve perused on the subject you often have to write exceptions for different browsers, and it starts to be a real pain. So I prefer to stick to simple tables. Often preferably fixed width cause then it looks the same all the time. And fixed font sized. I would focus on using your graphical talent to make nice pictures and stuff in the background. Colour up the page. Once that is done, then you can concentrate on fancy stuff like popout menus, flash and the sort. You could do that after you go live and pretty up your pages later.

I tried Dreamweaver a few times and its too hard for my liking. I use it for only a few things which my other program doesn’t offer. The fancy stuff I find on the internet and practically just copy it in through notepad. k


OK let’s try this, because when I showed it to you before you said it looks clean and good. I just stripped out some of the jangly stuff . . . did I make mine too plain? exceptions to different browsers is already written into the style sheet, which makes me super duper happy. Don’t forget, the content in the centre block is still not there, I am just talking about the actual layout right now.

first of all, if you resize your browser to smaller you can see that it’s a fixed width table. That way everything stays in place where it should.

Second they got a flash to animate the page.

Yes, I’d say it clean and generally gives a good impression, but still feels cold, which can suit something technical, but for your purposes I think it gives too cold of a feeling. Personally I would try to put beautiful pictures of trees and forests and ocean blue in the background, perhaps rotating pictures with different articles. Something close to home and people can feel comfortable with when they read your articles.


Okay, so I got WP up and running and now trying to get a grip of what I am supposed to do.

At one point you wrote:

– And yes, we will provide you with all of the photos, graphics, etc… But it’s up to you to tell us how you need it. For example, I don’t know if those 2 baby photos are 2 separate photos or one big background graphic with the logo and color strip. You need to tell us that once you’ve looked at the code.

– We will be changing the logo, photos and the top color strip. We will also change the navigation links and the layout of the homepage. Everything else will stay the same.

but I don’t remember you sending me any of this.

I checked out

and looked into your ftp folder and found


Should I download this from your server and install it on Sweetmilk, and hunt around for the relevant pics etc? I suppose I should get this done before playing around with the results.

Right now I’ll download the xlanguages, study it, and familiarise myself with the rest. k


okay dude, did some research and found the following:

which blatantly says that this practice is strongly unadvisable. The procedures on WordPress’s own site are also a bit daunting and indicate that it is not advisable. Especially if you will want me to hack in to the themes and make custom changes, which I am capable of.

But I understand how you cannot “go live” during development, so I suggest the following for this and future cases.

Install the files into some folder and KEEP THEM THERE. Don’t choose a name like Test but rather some short SEO associated keyword, as I suggested.

Then, once completed, all you need to do is set the root index file as the main entry point, and everything else stays the same. Maybe your programmers have done it many times in the past, but maybe your programmers don’t understand php so well, or didn’t make more complicated custom changes, and are operating within WordPress’s interface alone. For this project I already stopped operating within WordPress’s online interface because I quickly realised that it was only making changes to the underlying php files, which I can do much faster offline. It’s simply a slow and gumby way how to go about it.

What I propose is that I simply get this first project working and we can both judge how to continue. From my perspective I have to admit I get quite irritated when having to work in some gumby fashion, or when people who know less than I insinuate that I don’t know what I’m doing. Look at the ending of all WordPress files – they all end in .php! I know what I’m talking about. And there is no reason to transfer all the files into the root directory when wanting to ride over the root index file. Here is WordPress’s own instructions:

Giving WordPress its Own Directory While Leaving the WordPress Index File in the Root Directory

more at:

This makes a lot more sense, but again, the proper way to do it is to choose a carefully thought out folder name for SEO purposes and not just choose Test.

Will get working on it now. p


yokay. I myself didn’t like it but it’s the widget that comes with the plug in and I guess incorporated with the theme. I too figured the client would want it under the header in a strip or something. The rest is just css and prettying things up. Spent a fair amount today reading up comments on the plugin. Overall pretty good, but a lot of conflicts with other plugins, so try to avoid using other ones. That’s one problem with this WP approach, is that plugins etc. can often conflict. Then you need a real hacker to figure out a solution, and the time spent on it ends up being more than just designing the whole thing from scratch (not to mention that such hacker skills are more rare than html/css etc.).

I suggest we do things in upgrades, preferably rather than sending little tidbits of requests but all at once, like in a wave? I like to focus on one thing at a time and I’m more productive that way. p

Hey, good job… It seems like you’re on a roll now, good.

The only thing is that these flags should go somewhere on top. I would prefer to put ‘en | cz’ instead of flags, but the client prefers flags. I will convince him to not use flags… So can you please use text instead. Just like this please: en | cz

Please use the same font and color as the side menu but perhaps one size smaller. You can place it right under the header stripe, either on the left or right.

I’ll send the design… easier that way 🙂


So for my new WordPress work learned that it works on php, so everything I’ve learned up to now has definitely helped me. I figure WP was made for bozos who don’t know programming and just wanna use templates, plugins and widgets to get their ass wiped for them. But then my boss friend wants this and that done, so I hack into the php and change the theme and everything in a custom way. But I guess the advantage is that, once genious me actually sets it up, the bozo customer can add pages or make changes itself without much skills.

Now my eyes have turned to place something on a page and I was finally forced to learn divs with css positioning, and its EASIER THAN SNOT!!!


okay, copied in the text and must say I was pleasantly surprised to see how WP automatically converted everything nicely straight from Word.

It wouldn’t let me separate headings with two hard enters, but that’s okay cause using headings is better anyway.

So I suggest looking at the Product Description page. I changed the first Challenges title to an h2 heading, which can then be controlled easily in the style sheet. The customer can then use this h2 heading for his Czech or other pages and everything will be uniform. Other number headings are of course possible for different styles.

So far pretty easy stuff!

Everything else can then easily be fine tuned according to CSS. Such as the point/bullet form:
– making the lines closer together
– using any image to repace the little arrow on the left side
– indenting etc.

So I’d welcome feedback before piddling around with this. I can use my own judgement but not sure what “executive authority” I have regarding design and formatting choices. So rather than launch into anything would prefer your feedback first.