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Czech Republic
wwoofers wwoofing in Bulgaria
Eco Travel as a Tourist to Organic Farm in Bulgaria Healthy Holiday Tourism for Vegans, Vegetarians and Green Minded Travelers and Tourists
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Seeking company while traveling
Actually found a few travel chicks
A Peaceful Stay in Stoliv Montenegro
Tommy the Party Preacher in Montenegro
Barelling to Bodrum, Turkey
Off to Croatia
On the Coast of Croatia
Entering Montenegro
Bol Panoramic
2007/ 4 pages

Escape from Yalikavak, Turkey
Escaping the heat of Cyrpus
Goofy faces in London
Leapfrogging the Drabby Cyprus Winter
2008/ 1 pages

First friends visiting me to Cyprus
Gone Treeplanting
Mexico Trip - the pilot test in 2003/ 9 pages

my van
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Mexico trip - Getting a driver's licence
US trip - Off to Yosemite and beyond
Mexico trip - Back in Czech
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Global satellite internet
letter to Indians etc.
Letter to Albertan government
Earlier trips through Bulgaria, Turkey and Europe, 2001 and 2002/ 2 pages

Travel Through West Europe
Travel to Bulgaria
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Travel correspondence blog - 2008, October 1
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Road Trip From Plovdiv Bulgaria To Smolyan With Singapore Chicks - June 1, 2011