this may seem like the most bizarre letter to you, but Iím a Czech Canadian (planted half a million trees in British Colombia over six years) who presently owns a translation agency and is following his dream to travel around the world, living out of my van, while continuing to work through the internet. I am presently in Seattle buying a van and the necessary hardware, and was investigating the possibility of buying a mobile satellite with which to hook up to the internet through. Unfortunately, I will only be in North America until the 10th of March and no one can give me a guaranteed answer that their satellite equipment will work in the rest of the world. I plan to launch my world trip from Prague, Czech Republic, around fall of this year, and a few US providers said they might have coverage by that time in Europe and the Middle East. In case it will not be feasible for me to get a satellite dish here (the main reason I wanted to buy a satellite dish is because there is almost no mobile telephone connection --through which I can hook up to the internet-- along the west coast of the US until Northern California), do you think I would be able to occasionally hook up to the internet through a land based line, or a wifi connection, in your parts? The land based call would be to a local AT&T internet roaming number, and I should have a booster antenna to catch your wifi connection. Having planted so many trees and loving nature in general, I would love to be able to drive right along the coast and check out the old growth forests and nature in general.

I usually only need to check my internet once every hour and a half, for emailing purposes (I write all my emails offline, so the connection would only need to be a couple of minutes).

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you,

Karel from Prague