Bohemian Paradise

So far I have suggested the fancy hotel up the hill. But since that is now fully booked for the weekend of mid August, I have researched the following other options:


HOTEL STEKL – last checked on 13th of July they had room for 24 left. This could perhaps be the best choice, as it just next to the fancy hotel and not too far from the camp.

Hotel Štekl, Hrubá Skála 511 01 Turnov, tel +420 481 389 684, fax +420 481 389 410

Basic prices are between 890-1200Kc for a double room, 1200 for triple room, and 1300 for a 5 person room. Then there are some other options for the less demanding. All prices include breakfast.


Further down the road towards the Sedmihorky train station (all will be visible once I scan in and upload the maps) we then have these two: - deadlink now

Karlovice u Turnova, 511 01 Turnov
tel.: 481 389 170, fax: 481 389 428
[email protected]


MOTEL EVEN  in Sedmihorky
(doesn’t look overly fancy)

511 01 Turnov
Česká republika (CZ)
tel: (+420) 481 321 012
fax: (+420) 481 321 012
[email protected]


In the other direction (other side of the camp) in Neprivec, we have



Closer to camp, Libosovice, there is then

tl. 493 572 263, 724 122 170

But I would only recommend this last option for the truly desperate.