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This page lists the people who travelled with me as part of my Cheap Travel Europe Tour Guide page and starting from the most recent.

Travel companion 01 Craig, a Prague wedding photographer and who used to live with me in Prague, visited for a full two months and I have to admit it was a challenge to put up with his snoring. I think in the future I'll ask such guests to sleep in one of my tents. But it was fun hanging out with him and we drove around the entire island of Cyprus together. He liked to play a lot of video games and watch movies with the super surround sound stereo. Fortunately there was enough light for the solar panels to power both our laptops. Here we are parked on a quite secluded beach on the Turkish side while he plays his game, his monitor shielded from the light of the sun with my laptop sunscreen.
Travel companion 01 My sister visited for about a week. One of her big demands was to have a fire by the beach every night, which we accomplished without a problem. She also enjoyed spending most of the time away from cities so that she could see all the stars in the sky. Here I was using a beach wind screen I purchased for a few pounds when I was visiting England. She was also visiting me in Cyprus.
She likes to take pictures of birds and nature and she contributed her own lengthy travel testimonial here.
Travel companion 01 This is a nice couple who were anthropologists in Israel. He was an Orthodox Jew from Argentina, but because she was a Christian American they could not get married there, so they flew to Cyprus for that and stayed at various couch surfing friends (their profile here). It was nice talking to them about God and we even played a bit of music.
Travel companion 01 The guy on the right is a couch surfer from Ireland and he picked up a friend on the street who was staying at a squat in Nicosia, Cyprus. We jammed some music in the truck and were parked in front of a sidewalk in Polis Cyprus. We partied hard with the disco lights on, bangin on the drums and blowing into the trumpet, and amused ourselves with the funny looks people gave us as they walked by. When it was time to go the squatter was fairly reluctant to leave, but I did not want a repeat of my traumatic experience in Montenegro.
Travel companion 01 I got into contact with the girl in the middle through, picked her up in Dubrovnik Croatia, and we picked up the three hitch-hiking Polish people along the way. Drove almost to Albania and some local farmer treated us in his house and gave us some goat's milk. Which I used to cook spaghetti. They were all rather scared at first, but then their eyes and palettes were opened to my fantastic cooking.
Travel companion 01 Started off the trip in Prague with my brother and sister, who wanted to spend some time in Croatia, after which my bro went for a year to Argentina and my sis went to New York to study business.

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