My Flat in Prague


I originally wrote this page as part of my first lingering efforts to get out of Prague. It was a blast the first eight years, but slowly the village mentality started creeping in and gossip seemed to increasingly abound like moldy mushrooms after a rainy day.
Not only the expats seemed to change, but the locals as well, who underwent an interesting transition from communism to capitalism as I wrote about in my reflections of the Czech Republic.
I made this page for the purpose of exchanging flats with others around the world, but it was difficult to get the timing right, and although many times the offers through Holyswap were interesting, sometimes I really doubted their authenticity and was wondering who I would be giving the keys to my flat to.
Fortunately, eventually I succeeded in my great escape and moved myself and my business into a caravan truck. I like to keep this page to show what a glorious life I supposedly had before moving into a metal sardine can. Many do not understand, but I prefer to be parked on a beach, where I step out onto the sand with bare feet every morning when I brush my teeth, spitting into the ocean and rinsing from a water bottle. I got high speed internet while traveling right on the beach, so I couldnít be happier. Iíve had a lifetime of partying and enjoy getting productive now. Call me an old fart if you will, but not sure if its age but just coming to oneís senses. After all, we all will meet our creator one day, whether we choose to believe it or not, and a more productive life will bring greater resonance. But I do still party occasionally and still enjoy it.

This pageís previous text prior to this most recent upgrade:

Hello, thank you for visiting my page.
Although Prague is arguably the most beautiful city in the world, I have lived here ten years straight with almost no vacation (I am a workaholic). I would like to start visiting other countries, preferably to a warm climate, as close to a beach as possible, for three weeks to two months during the months of Jan/Feb.

The location where I live is one of the most sought after places in the city and about a ten minute walk from the centre. It is surrounded by many parks and much of the streets are lined with trees.

I have prepaid, permanent internet. Sorry that the place was a bit messy when I took these pictures.

Here are some links about this city and country.

If you would be interested in trading flats with me, feel free to write me an email.




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